Proposal: On-going Hive chain development; new features, testing, and developer support

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Proposal: On-going Hive chain development; new features, testing, and developer support

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Funding Details

With the assistance of the (hopefully soon to be renamed) @steem.dao, I will be able to dedicate more time to working on Hive instead of seeking funding or working on other projects to sustain my open-source development contributions.

For this reason, I am seeking 275 HBD per day for the duration of 2020 to continually add new features, fix security issues, update/upgrade libraries, and provide developer support to the Hive community.

The funds will be used to pay for my time developing on the Hive blockchain. I will contribute new features to the core blockchain code as well as provide testing and support for existing features or the eventual SMT hard fork. (Yes, SMT will still be coming)

I will also work to create tutorials and guides for developers to more quickly get up to speed with Hive development. As a part of this effort, I will provide a dockerized development environment with example scripts and verbose documentation. This dockerized environment will be beneficial to novice and expert developers alike.

Some tasks on the horizon for Hive development:

  • focus on github issues and fix/close important ones
  • perform testing and necessary fixes to Hive blockchain created by initial hard fork
  • work with devs to get all dev libraries ported to Hive
  • setup a public testnet that can mirror the mainnet
  • draft a technical doc for decaying witness votes
  • draft a technical doc for atomic cross-chain transfers

How This Benefits Hive

Graphene based, DPoS blockchains, such as Hive, have become a passion of mine the past few years. I have spent a lot of time with various blockchain projects learning what it is they are looking for and gaining insights into how Hive can help deliver that for them.

Since Hive is a community based blockchain, we will need a myriad of community based developers. I have been contributing to open source projects and teams for the majority of my career as a software developer. By supporting this proposal, I will commit my time, knowledge, and skills to the Hive blockchain on a daily basis, year round.

About @netuoso

  • I have been on Steem since June 2016 and I wrote the soft fork 0.22.2 code that helped inspire the Hive blockchain and am now a Hive witness
  • I am a professional software developer of 8+ years that has extensive blockchain based experience directly relating to C/C++, Node, and Python.
  • I work as a blockchain developer on Graphene based blockchains such as Hive, EOS, and Steem.
  • I have contributed to several popular Steem projects: (Condenser, Jussi, Steem-JS, Vessel, Radiator, Beem, DSteem), as well as having created/hosted my own, (MSP3k, SteemCreate, Steem-API Rails Gem, Steem PacMan)

Support This Proposal


Will this encompass and replace your existing Vessel proposal as well? If not, how do you see your division of time between the two proposals?

I usually spend 6-8 hours on my day job, and 2-4 hours on my personal work.

With Vessel development, which I am continuing as I have already released Vessel working for Hive and will continue to add new features, I plan to spend roughly 5-10 hours per week on that and 10-15 hours per week on blockchain development.

I also frequently work on the weekend and at night (I just can't quit).

In reality, I am asking for far less for the combination of Vessel and blockchain development than I could get with the same amount of time at a normal job. I am dedicated to Hive and its future so I am putting some of my risk into receiving tokens that may or may not have value in the future as compensation.

If stakeholders wish to fund one or the other of my proposals they can definitely do so with their votes. I am at the mercy of the community for receiving compensation from the Hive Fund.

Thanks for the reply and the breakdown. I hope the Hive token is incredibly successful and bolsters the development fund so I can look at it from less of a scarcity perspective! I have no doubt you’d be working under market rate with a highly speculative form of payment to boot! But combined it is a size able 10% of current DAO capacity and I’m interested to see what other developers and marketers submit proposals in the days to come. These are going to be some more difficult choices to make than even witness voting.

It is only 10% of the currently daily pay based on the current HBD amount in the DAO.

Soon, all of the HIVE in the DAO will be converted to HBD and will be made available for proposals as well! Plenty of development work will be able to get funded by the token amount in the DAO.

At the current price of HIVE/HBD, the @steem.dao has 15,006,636.9 HBD to be converted from the HIVE balance. This will happen slowly overtime in a coming hard fork.


Soon, all of the HIVE in the DAO will be converted to HBD

Is that decided already? That’s a lot of debt.

Yes it will happen slowly over a period of time.

Also, there is discussion to have the @steem.dao HBD balance not be processed during the debt calculation.

Cool, thanks for the info. And good news on the debt calculation discussion as daily printing of HBD for DAO in itself already represents a massive amount of debt.

So only the HBD that is in circulation would count for the debt ratio?

That's a possible implementation, yes. Still needs to be discussed and modeled.

Excellent. I’d noticed the increased “balance sheet” already, but knew it wasn’t enough to account for all the Steemit Inc. stake I’d heard had been moved to the DAO. Thanks for the explanation!

Glad to hear SMTs will still be coming. They are so close. It would be great to finish that project out and to beat Steem to it.

Maybe we should rebrand it to HMTs? Hive Media Tokens.

I'd put money SMT (or probably HMT) will come out before they hit Steem (at this point, I doubt they will).

Steem will probably turn into a tron sidechain now that Sun has full control

Judging by the current uptime, I suspect it will go the way of Vit (it has been down for 21 days and they have no clue how to fix it because all the witnesses are incompetent and just circle jerk).

I need steemd ported... that's a good one... cleaner than most "user friendly carp front".

Kind of funny that Tron people are incompetent, kind of like government lol.

Judging by the current uptime, I suspect it will go the way of Vit (it has been down for 21 days and they have no clue how to fix it because all the witnesses are incompetent and just circle jerk).

Sure. You can have my vote.

A link directly to your proposal here:

Also we FULLY support this sort of work!! Looking forward to lots of great developers getting money for help on the chain.

Awesome, thanks! PeakD is the best site on Hive so far!

Yes I am 100% in favour of your proposal. We need developers like you to make sure the software stays up to date and get enhanced over time. I hope the documentation will be updated soon as currently it is very difficult for a noob developer like me to get started.

One thing I am most looking forward to is improving the process for Hive developers to quickly get up to speed. Stay tuned and I promise there will be some good stuff coming

Hi @tarekadam. Perhaps as a noob develeper the Matrix-8 Platform (to be built on Hive) might interest you, to practice on. Development has not been started on yet. You can find out about it here:

Please ask if you have any questions.

You got my vote, you should be a top 20 since you are a key member in voicing your words from the community standpoint.

I will definitely support your proposal. I think this is what is needed. You need to be paid enough so that you can make it your full time job.

I like your idea of having better documentation that will be beneficial to everyone from beginners to advanced programmers. I'm starting to learn Python and Javascript by myself, and have very little experience apart from a few BASIC programmes that I did in the '90s. I find that the current documentation isn't very clear for someone like me, and I think perhaps even more experienced programmers might scratch their head a bit when reading the docs as well. 😀

Happy to contribute to the development of the chain by providing my support. :^)

I support this proposal.

This sounds like a good proposal to me. I voted for it.

thanks for the hard work, I hope you will have the amount you need in your proposal..

Wow the SMT will still be coming? That's a bold one there, thanks for the proposal

Great news, thanks and following.

Lets build community here in 2020 and beyond.

Man I hope HMTs come before SMTs that would be such a great achievement for the community!

Would be great to see SMT's come.

Thumbs up! =) helping businesses come to HIVE faster and easily is very important for HIVE in my view. That's a good strategy for long term mass adoption that we already have proof from many other top 10 (market cap) blockchains.

I also would like to stress the importance of HMTs... HIVE needs this very hardly... The reason for it is two-fold... the acknowledgement that things get eventually done (the faster the better, but of course that's not always possible), and the customizations/opportunities it will create for the blockchain.

HIVE is edging on one of the most challenging governance blockchains I know of... HMTs with what we have will create mass businesses interest. Coupled with everyone trying to help those businesses... I think lots of great things will come out of it.

Thanks for the support with Vessel too. Proof that well-written stuff lasts...

I am going to vote this proposal and support it 100%. HMT will make hive the best smart contact blockchain since transaction is free and real fast.

Would love to hear a bit more about what decaying witness votes entails @netuoso. Seems like a critical future development for governance voting.

A lot of work needs to be put into that design and technical document before any coding for sure. But I have notes from many discussions that will guide me.

Not sure how it will look yet

All the same I will support your proposal. You and the community dev team have been fantastic.

Hopefully, we can read a lot more once the document comes out since I plan on being more invested on Hive than I ever was on Steem.

Hi @netuoso! This is the first post of yours that I read and I dare to comment, first of all: Thank you very much for all the work you have been doing so that the community could get to where we are now, really Hive is a very exciting project and I am completely happy to be part of this incredible community, I am aware that you have contributed a lot to this project and I appreciate that you are giving your knowledge and experience to dedicate yourself 100% to this project, so you have my support (although unfortunately it doesn't mean much) <3

This year I started working on an interesting project and, with the recent departure of Hive, I think it would be completely incredible to implement it in this network (since I don't want to work on Steem anymore either). Is there any way to talk to you further? I think you will be very interested and I would really like to have your support.

Swing by the HiveDevs community,, and post in there. I am always curating on the posts made in there (and deleting the off-topic spam).

Thanks for your hardwork for the Hive community.

supported ! thanks for bringing more value to this chain

I'm supporting you.. and thanks for the good work!

I fully support it!

(Yes, SMT will still be coming)


Love that You guys are working nonstop to really make this a great place for content creators to come and share what we do best.

Hi @netuoso. Thanks so much for all your work to get Hive going. I support you (and will vote your proposal) also for your future work.

I do question the amount you are asking though, and i write without judgement.

Let's say HBD are on average 80 cents (and this is of course an assumption), then 275 HBD works out to be $6,700 USD per month.

Now i am living a fairly simple life in Bulgaria, with no dependents and i own my home outright (actually the house with barn on 1/3rd acre only cost me $8,000 + approx $25,000 to renovate - renovation still in progress), and i can live a pretty comfortable life on just $500 per month (excluding holidays/visits to family in UK).

Now of course living where you do, i expect you have vastly higher expenses and if i remember rightly you have a family to support. But even so, $6,700 per month (assuming HBD price) would appear excessive. Perhaps it is market value for your expertise. I don't know. But perhaps you might re-consider the amount you are asking.

Con amor

corrections due to my silly confusions

My own opinion on the amount is hidden here, but we'd probably need to be more nuanced than simply 'n price/month x 12'. --> compare with lifestyle.

What I would like to see, however, is a proper budgeting process that 'investors' can track. Not that I don't trust netuoso but people will want to know where their stake is going for sure.

At the end of the day, I think we're paying for expertise, rather than one's ability to survive on the funds. I can't say if this is too much or not enough, but generally, if you skimp out on the costs, you lose the quality, so the assumption here is netuoso is the best we have.

Hi @mobbs. Thanks for your reply. It is good to clarify the difference between HIVE and HBD (which Hive proposals are awared in). HIVE may be around 17 cents at the moment, but HBD (Hive Based Dollar) is designed to be close to $1. I have assumed less. I'm not sure where to look to see what it is now.

Yep you are right, I was totally tripped up by something I've known about for years. I think the new names on Hive slipped by me heh. I corrected the post to make it more relevant and less dumb =D

Yes. I voted the proposal (earlier).

Thanks for the update.

Hi, I see your reply below also and want to remind you that HBD will not be guaranteed to be worth $1 of HIVE. When the HIVE price is low and the debt ratio high, a haircut rule goes into place and the "peg" can be considered broken. There are things the users on the network can do to improve the peg and value of HBD if this happens, but again its still a risk.

As far as compensation for these tasks, I based them off an estimated number of hours that will be required for each. With this proposal, I expect to spend roughly 15-25 hours per week; sometimes more, sometimes less. This also comes with response to emergency fixes or work required outside of my normal timezone.

My progress and work will be documented as Hive posts as well as via my Github profile where I will be contributed work to the repository.

As you said, cost of living and value of job skills are highly variable in different parts of the world. If the stakeholders and voters are concerned regarding the cost of the work, then it is absolutely their choice to abstain from voting. I hope people do their own research before making a decision regarding proposal voting or even witness voting.

Thanks for your reply brother. Keep up the wonderful work.

If this proposal gets approved, how can we be assured that the proposed work you've mentioned here are done?

Just by following my progress and updates. Looking at my github commits and posts I make on Hive.

As the proposal is ongoing, voters can evaluate and remove their votes if they wish for funding to be paused or stopped.

Got that buddy. Thanks for the clarification.

Oh wow, Steem Pac-Man. Didn't know about that one.

Hello, I am an inexperienced developer. I am trying to find the dsteem libraries adapted to hive. will they exist?
With the current dsteem I can vote, but not other functions

With the current dsteem library you can still use the STEEM/SBD symbols for the assets and it will work. I think a fix has been pushed and it waiting to be merged and published.

I've been fighting this for hours ... I can't get it to work. I imagine that complete and functional libraries have not yet been published. I will hope that they are published so as not to waste time.
By the way, can you change Hive to HBD in your desktop wallet?

You have my full support man.

Hey, @netuoso, I don't intend to undermine neither your competence nor your dedication to #hive but don't we need as a community to get more detailed plan with a clear goals and timings to provide a funding?

For example imagine that we have two choices: some feature is committed to be released in 1 month with 300 HBD payment or in 3 month with 50?

Hey there. Indeed a more detailed roadmap and timeline are coming. In these early days things are moving fast and there is really no set timeline for new features until every bug and issue has been worked out and removed, the DAO needs a hard fork to allow its auto conversion process to take place, more testing, etc.

For an immediate timeline, I can say that I will have another public RPC node up within about 2 weeks. This will give me time to prepare a stable and scalable infrastructure and will help other nodes reduce their bandwidth as well as improve the stability and decentralization of the Hive network.

The cost of running these full nodes can get rather expensive in hardware, bandwidth, and developer time.

Thanks for your answer.

Do we have a board to track and discuss current bugs/project/challenges facing #hive? Github or jira or something? will probably be a good place for issues tracking

Why do you think more people (and especially larger stakeholders) aren't voting your proposal? Lack of coordination of who will do what, or lack of agreement about what next steps are most important, or something else?

Lol if I could read the minds of people and know why they do, or don't do, stuff I would be a billionaire.

I can only suggest that you find the large stakeholders that aren't voting and ask them. :)

Although, I will say this: It has been said that the developers and stakeholders are just trying to take the SteemIt stake from the Proposal System. Some people have made proposals asking for a lot of money in exchange for the proposed work they would do. I personally do not feel that I am asking for much for the work I have done and will continue to do, but if others feel that it is too much they may abstain from voting.

That's the point of the proposal system though. Voters can choose to vote or not and if the proposal creator feels it necessary to delete and recreate the proposal with modifications they can do that too.

Since I feel the proposals I have are fairly priced, I will leave them active and voters can add or remove their votes as they please. That, of course, is another benefit of the proposal system and why I asked for the payout to occur over the course of the year and not all at one time; voters can always remove their voted to have the payout cease.

Well, I find the non-voting rather strange because obviously the blockchain needs maintenance and development. So yes, I understand there may be disagreements on the amount you're asking for, but since this proposal is so critical to the continuation of the blockchain, presumably there would be discussions on the price (if need be) so adjustments, if any, can happen and the necessary work can proceed.

I myself don't know how to estimate the proper amount when it comes to your proposal but I know the work scope covers some of the fundamentals for the blockchain's continuing operation so I voted for it.

I think if proposals are asking for too much, then competing offers that accomplish roughly the same work for less money will start showing up. The danger I see is if certain people get entrenched in their positions so they become irreplaceable. Antidotes to that would be transparency, more documentation, less barriers to entry, etc.

It's about time ...
"draft a technical doc for decaying witness votes"

I support your project.