Hiveinvite update - community contributions!

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Hiveinvite now has a new logo and is styled in the official Hive colors!


Thanks a lot to @zaxan for the graphics and @louis88 for the css work. The rewards of this post will be shared 50/50 between the two of them.

There are a few open issues

  • Invites don't get deleted after creation
  • No manual delete option
  • Translations sometimes require one or multiple reloads to be shown instead of placeholders
  • Keychain support

The first two will be fixed today probably, and I hope to quickly find the cause for number 3. After that it can be advertised as a free onboarding option without hesitation.
Keychain is a whole lot more work, but is on the top of the list for future improvements.

If you want to support me working on more infrastructure projects for Hive, consider voting for my witness!


Cool new design and attractive red color. Seems to be working fine. I can't believe I can claim 105 account at a go. But I have never seen it go all the way to 100, usually stops around half way. It is still great... no complaints.


Cool that someone tackles this!

I'm sorry, but i need to say that. I think the Logo looks pretty aggressive and this could be the wrong message on a subconscious level. Its not even the red color which is agressive and 'loud' but the spiky wings and the sting. I hope @zaxan does understand my criticism as constructive. Im not saying that it looks bad at all! Its just the subconscious details what concerned me a little. ;)

Logodesigners who know the effect of colors and shapes will understand what i mean. I recently created a Hive Logo too, but i noticed hive too late and the devs already had a logo. If you think my critics are good and you want to, you can use my Logo too. I can even change colors, font and add the Hiveinvite Text if you want. ;)

If you want to stick with your actual logo or redesign it by yourself, i have no problem at all. Just want to give you the option to make a decision based on my critics. 😘👍

Personally I like the origami and think what catches me is mainly that I want the wings to feel more connected and proportioned. The connected / flow should help with your "aggressive" take on it.

Hi - I'm thinking about doing a little sign off for my WordPress blog that invites people to claim an account on Hive using one of my free tickets, I want to give a brief blurb about Hive and then say 'please click this link' to claim a free account with a 10 HP delegation...

Is it possible to have a link to a page with just all my invites on, if I just have one link to one claim, then I'll have to keep changing it as people open accounts.

If you get what I mean!

I think what I want is the 'Create a link that is valid for multiple account creations'

Would that do it, I think combined with email verification.

Links that are valid for multiple account creations are already possible. If you add email verification it becomes visible on the /public.html though.

Ah OK - Is it possible to have a verification layer without it appearing on the public site?

I'd just like some way of preventing (or at least making it more difficult for) one person to claim all accounts while keeping my account offers exclusive to certain people.

Hi @pharesim sorry maybe you already know it, I would like to report a bug I just tried to create a couple accounts, both of them end up being without the first letter in the name after I confirm the transaction.

Here’s an example

The name should have been “livio” but after creating it, it’s “ivio”.

That has never happened before. Next time you create an account, can you make a screenshot of the button maybe?

I did it with my personal mail and it actually worked fine for me...I'll talk to the guys and see if I can figure out what happened on their side.

They didn't accept the request immediately though like I did in this test, a couple of days passed, I don't know if this could be the problem.




Any progress on that manual delete option? I just set up a batch of tokens and I did not realize they'd all list out as individual links... I thought it would show one listing with (x) accounts remaining. I feel bad "spamming" the invite page, especially since I was setting up the link specifically for my community.

I was thinking I'd get a singular link that was good for a certain number of invites, so that I could share it in a pinned post on my community page and link people to that, share it across other social media, etc. Failing that, it would be great if the Open Invites page was searchable/sortable so if need be I could just tell folks to go there and find my name... Right now it unfortunately dominates... but if it gets busier I could see that being an issue.

Any chance that the verification form could be structured as a choose (x) options? For instance, I'd like to be able to verify someone by FB, Instagram, or Twitter... but not make them submit all three. The way it's currently structured I guess I'd have to make different links for different verifications.

I just set up a batch of tokens and I did not realize they'd all list out as individual links

There is an option to create single links valid for multiple invites, you just missed it. Don't worry, happens a lot.
I didn't add a delete option at that stage intentionally (to not send out links by mail that right after aren't valid any more), but they will expire by default after 7 days. If they annoy you a lot, I can delete them from the database directly.

Any chance that the verification form could be structured as a choose (x) options?

That's a good idea!

I thought I had that option checked, but perhaps I misread the form in some way. I also opted for a 90 day expiration but I’m not sure if that came through as well. If you’d be willing to take a moment to batch delete that’d be great. I’ll test some setups with smaller quantities!

No problem, deleted them.
There are two options, one to create multiple links, and one for a link that is valid for multiple account creations :)

Ahh, much better, thank you! I think the mistake I made was I didn't click both checkboxes. For whatever reason my mind assumed when I chose the "public invite" option it would also become a stacked multi-account link.

For now, I set up individual offers depending on the applicants social media of choice, and also aggregated them in a post here that I can direct folks to as a starting point.

Just sharing as I try to work through my ideas for onboarding, hopefully others can chime in with suggestions or take some inspiration how this system can work.