Hive Secondary Airdrop: For Individual Voters

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By voting for this proposal, you are voting to airdrop Hive funds (mirrored to Steem balance snapshot) for:

  • Individual voters who chose to vote directly for 2 or more sock puppet witnesses on Steem in the time leading up to the Hive hardfork, listed below
  • "akinome",
  • List and code source also available here:

This proposal will NOT airdrop directly to these accounts if it passes, but will result in an additional drop being done at the time of Hardfork 24. Votes will be measured against a companion "No Airdrop" proposal, which can be found here:

Remember: to pass with a community vote, this airdrop proposal does not need to reach a higher vote total than the return proposal- just a higher vote total than the "No Airdrop" proposal at the end of the 8 day voting period.

For more information, read the in-depth post about the secondary airdrop and community decision process on the main @hiveio account:

You can use multiple interfaces to interact with proposals to the DHF.

Three of the best options available currently are, the interface, and the

Hive.Blog interface /
. These are all different ways to view the same proposals, so feel free to use whichever you feel most comfortable with.

Hive Secondary Airdrop: For Individual Voters is Proposal #101


As one of the victims of malicious actions performed by Steem witnesses, that prevented me from controlling my assets (rewards for my 4 years of work dedicated to Steem), I'm going to vote for Proposal #103: "Hive Secondary Airdrop: No Additional Airdrops".

“This is a classic ideological split: the people who actively want a centralized chain can stay on Steem, the ones that don't will build Hive.”

Current voting is about two groups, and since there are obvious bad actors there, it's also obvious choice for me.

I see no reason to reward people who are actively working against what we build here.

That being said if there are honest mistakes I'm open to consider individual proposals when they arise.

As one of the victims of malicious actions performed by Hive witnesses, I must ask:

How come no one will acknowledge that it is not black and white? Some people voted for decentralization by keeping two factions competing (myself proxied, and my father directly). We have been here for four years, and this is the thanks we get. I am sure you are familiar about the old play on the word assume. It is not cut and dry, and this blacklist lives in direct contradiction to the principles Hive claims to hold.

In regards to coming to Hive or staying on Steem, I am going to go where I have a stake. That is Steem right now. I actually have power to change something there. Meanwhile, Hive has disowned and shamed me. I wish this whole blacklist had never happened. It is simply immoral and immature on the part of the Hive developers. But sure, vote with the assumption that everyone who voted differently than you is evil. That will definitely bring me over to hive (sarcasm). Robbing hundreds of people of their stake (through a blockchain filled to the brim with fictional transactions might I add) also looks great to prospective investors!

Given that:

  • funds of 8 accounts are frozen on the Steem blockchain
  • blogs of 11 accounts are actively censored
  • attempts are made by Steemit inc to further censor information they don't like
    (source: Steem Censorship Report)

And given that:

  • both groups in Proposal #101 and #102 include users voting for witnesses running Steem softfork v0.22.888, thereby supporting the above mentioned disapproved actions

I'm going to vote for Proposal #103: "Hive Secondary Airdrop: No Additional Airdrops",

This stance is valid unless Steem softfork v0.22.8888 is rolled back, in which case I might reconsider my decision.

I am open to reconsidering individual proposals if any.

Some of us have nothing to do with that soft fork. I agree it should be rolled back, but you shouldn't hold my stake (or anyone's for that matter) hostage to do it. I am not voting for that fork, and I have been a loyal user for four years.


You have
@farm-mom and the @thebigsweed (two very real and small accounts that made an error) listed in there with the witnesses who took over Steem? What??

This list shows the exclusions that all performed the same set of actions- they were chosen by code according to a minimum set of criteria, not based on who they are or what they did based on personal knowledge or feelings.

For example, I wouldn't vote for this proposal, but I would happy help support and vote for each of them. :) There have been a number of posts up to this point that have explained these first groups, and that there is nothing stopping any of us from helping people who may be exceptions to get their airdrop.

Picking and choosing people based on "what we know about them" would be a really bad way to do this, in my opinion, so I'm glad that's not the way it has shaken out- given what we're seeing happening on this exact topic elsewhere. So far, everything has been done and can be matched directly back to actions on the blockchain, and is open to the community to have a hand in voting.

they were chosen by code according to a minimum set of criteria

But even in that minimum set was a bug and innocent accounts where added to the exclusion list. There had been quite the discussion on that one.

“That it is better 100 guilty Persons should escape than that one innocent Person should suffer, is a Maxim that has been long and generally approved.”Benjamin Franklin

Then use that chance to vote on this proposal and try to convince others to do the same!

I'm planning to but I'll wait a day or too for the comments to role in. Just to be shure.

Hi @flugschwein!
Er sprach eben oben von einem "bug".
Für die Betroffenen des Skript-Fehlers muss ja nicht abgestimmt werden. Für diejenigen steht ja fest, dass sie den Airdrop nachträglich erhalten werden.

Genau, für die steht das schon fest. Ich finde trotzdem, dass nur der Steemit Inc. Stake eingefroren/verschoben werden hätte sollen. Dabei ist es mir auch nicht wichtig ob da Spammer oder so drunter sind, das ist eher eine grundsätzliche Frage.

and that there is nothing stopping any of us from helping people who may be exceptions to get their airdrop.

How - more proposals?

correct. Anyone can make one now with details why they should be voted for apart from the group~

This will allow [the no airdrop proposal] to serve as the companion to any individual proposals or groups that may come up after the main voting ... saves anyone who chooses to create an additional "for" vote the cost of creating an additional "against"

For some, the groups will be enough, for others, not even close. This is where we as a community now have to do, undo, alter, or support the positions that make the most sense.

Unless I don't get how it works, I don't think many proposals for individuals will get enough support to get enacted.

I'm not really getting the disconnect here. Why can't we make a proposal for or with those few people, plead a good case, and do the doorknocking? That's basically how everything on hive is getting done... just doing it.

I know phare and luke alone mentioned wanting to support only individual appeals that were actually appeals~ We have a baseline chosen by code to make sure people have the transparent actions available as part of their decision making. No one would vote for 300 proposals and the community doesn't know and can't quantify them. But what we can do is simply create the ones that we know as a group (or individuals) that need to be considered separately and make them happen.

Good morning @tarazkp, thank you so much for your support, it means a lot to me.
But I gotta tell ya, I don't need all this stress and drama. I joined steemit to have some fun and connect with others around the world. It was a new world for this ole lady, truly enjoyed the give and take, the new "friends", the sense of community. I felt I was learning new things everyday, loved it!!
Now ???? I need a break
I wish you continued success, again THANK YOU!!

Greetings HIVE community.

My account (@lupafilotaxia), is listed here.

Like the rest, my account was not included in the Hive Airdrop, and this has had me worried all this time.

I ask you to support this proposal. In my case, I was unfortunately included, as I kept my 22 witnesses marked for some time, and when I completed the 30 by mistake I included incorrect witnesses, when my main witnesses notified me, I proceeded to remove the incorrect witnesses.

I have supported the community, for 2 years, and not only have I invested time, shared content, but I have also invested modest resources, but which are undoubtedly a large part of the effort of my work.

I decided to write these short lines, precisely to ask you to support this proposal.

Same problem man!

First of all I want to say that there should be more than these 3 options!
For my case I didn't know I was voting for bad people, throughout my existing on the community I always heard people talking about the witnesses are the good guys and trying to improve our community.... I grew up thinking that way, so when I heard that there's a person who is trying to overcome the steem community, I saw a message from berrnie saying we must vote for witnesses to save steem and we have to fill all of our 30 slot, so I did, I went to the voting list and voted randomly on bunch of them (expect the witnesses I already know like gtg, blocktrades.....) I even made a promotion for the new blockchain among the arab community (made a video and it's still on my blog). After I got excluded from the hive Airdrop, I start searching for the problem, then I knew it's because of voting for bad witnesses, I didn't know which are which, so I went to remove my votes!!

Hope someone read this and tell me what he thinks! Thanks!!

Hi dude i'm one on the list of this post.
First sorry for my english, i'm good to read english and translate to italian but write with correct english grammar could be a problem :D

From the announcement of the exclusion list i don't make any whine or polemics i'm wait for this moment for explain some things

I want talk about my cases and and after with a general approach

I'm my cases i stop to write in steemit a long time ago, i just "work" as a curator in the italian community, every day, i read some post, listen some video, choose who is better and prepare an abstract for our digest, EVERY DAY, around 2 year, no matter is i had to work a lot of i have a concert or is christmas, every day i make my work.
I stop to write because i don't like Ned Management, and when Justin Sud is appear i a good notice for me, Everything is better than Ned Management (with ned i think we reach 0 value in a year), when i vote for Justin Witness i don't the abuse he make for pumpup his witness, i think was a good idea vote 50/50 for old witness and new witness, i "pray" for a deal.
In the past day of my vote i not follow a lot steem discussion, i just make my "work" in Steem and my real work in real life, i had something less than 2000sp i'm a little fish, in the bigger decision my stake don't worth anything.
When Hive is announced is a surprise for me, i return to read what's happen and why the fork is necessary and in that moment i know the abuse and the centralizion made from JS, but the fork is announced and i don't remove any vote, hive i the new community, and after i read about my exclusion :( .
yeah account on Hive is not frozen and i have all the steem (powering down just after hive launch and help a friend to sell all the steem) is steemit wallet, but i work hard in the italian community, i feel Hive is the better place for the Italian Community but with my stack to 0 is demoralizing for continue, and that is not because i love JS, but because is make 50/50 vote for the witness BEFORE knowing what happening, i think is correct exclude who vote 20 "sockpup" and make flame and approve JS politics, but i simply not active in that moment (you can check in my hostory i cast only automatic vote, no post and only one comment in that period) and i think that is my place.

For general purpose, i think exclude some ppl is not the better solution, there are some linguistic barrier, all is happened very fast and we not of us have the some quality of information.

I thought was going to be a case by case basis. It makes no sense to do the voting this way...

Then vote for the no airdrops proposal and let the individuals make their own appeals - as a proposal.

That is how I voted.


3 accounts owned by one total loon. I can't vote on this proposal for this reason alone.

Good! I agree with your choice.

Shit those are really fucked up ones.

I want to vote for @farm-mom and @thebigsweed. Two of the most generous and supportive people I know.

Let's make some posts or collect up what might already be written and make them a proposal then :) easy enough to start doorknocking and help separate out the few cases to be considered above and beyond what's here as a starting point~

I'm on it! I have no idea how or why they voted the way they did, but I do know they have always loved 'Steem' as much we do.

It does not surprise me to see you here banging your drum for what we both feel is unjust. As is always the case with @melinda010100, you can always be found when someone needs a hand. At this point, I would just like to send my sincerest thanks for all you have done and continue to do for so many people.

Just hearing about this latest issue where #farm-mom and I are being sued by #hive has put both of us on the edge.
At this point in time with everything we already have on our plate, it is probably time to step back for a while.
I will take the time to explain to the community what we were doing and what our intentions were when we got all screwed up voting for witnesses.
Be safe my friend and it has been a pleasure getting to know you, you are an amazing individual.

Now is a good time to go work in your garden @thebigsweed! Be patient and let the people who we need to do the sorting get this sorted! ❤️ Hive is filled with good people, like @crimsonclad, and I fully trust that all this will get happily resolved.

Thanks @melinda010100, we will do a lot of other things that we enjoy doing here and put all of this other stuff on the back burner for a while. You are right in saying that @hive is filled with good people, and that has been our experience as well. We will keep in touch and check out how things are going. Hopefully this matter can be resolved and we can all move forward.

Good morning @melinda010100, thanks for all your support, you are a good 'friend'.
We were on vacation at the time all this stuff with steem takeover started. We really wanted to support the witness campaign, so for the FIRST TIME, I voted for witnesses. I never did before because I really didn't understand what they were. But I tried to follow the lead of other steemians that had posted on the matter. MY BAD. The last thing I needed was all the drama and stress that followed, continues to follow me even now.
I have tried very hard to support others and just enjoy my new friendships in the community.

But now, I am in tears. Which is ridiculous, there are so many other things for me to cry over, like worries about my family getting sick with this virus. Being isolated from them and my 'real' FRIENDS.
I just want you to know how much I appreciate all the guidance you have shared with me, all the support you have given me. I truly enjoyed spending time with you conversing and sharing fun stuff.
I will try to still read your posts because you always have great content, but I need a break from all of this, it's just not worth it.
Sending hugs!!!

@farm-mom Don't be discouraged. This will all work out, with the help of people like @crimsonclad, who is one of our concensus witnesses (followbtcnews). I'm certain that there are people here who know more about that 'lawsuit' issue than I do who will explain that to all of us, but hang in there and soon you will be back to creating your lovely blogs, without the stress of all of this nonsense.

shoot me a dm with anything you have or need (and maybe a bit of talking to them), as I'm talking to a few other people and am making some plans for tomorrow. I appreciate you!

Thanks for the support.. they are my parents and I got them involved in crypto/Steem ... so your help to resolve this crazy mess is greatly appreciated!!
My son @owenmaxj3 and me @ryan313

My daughter @avabasketball3

They wanted to support hive communities but technically made innocent mistake!

Write a proposal... great idea link me please!!

I feel this is a debate we should never have had to have. Give them their Hive and ask for a heart-felt sincere apology.

I was hoping for an individual proposal system. But it is what it is. For those interested, this is my story:

This is super well written. I'd happily contribute a few HBD for you to attach a proposal to this post, and then vote it.

Oh that's an idea I'd totally be ok with (though I'd pay the HBD myself 😉). Though I'm not sure if everyone would be happy with individual proposals after a group proposal. more stuff to theorize about I guess.

Thanks a lot @crimsonclad not only for this but also for helping me out with the questions I had in the beginning, I probably wouldn't have come to Hive without it

I'm serious! Your post is the perfect example of ready to be made into a proposal and considered separately. This is literally at the heart of Hive and the whole point of finding a balance between all of the opinions on what Hive needs to look like.

Lots of people, including @gtg and others are looking for these, above and beyond the starting groups. I would love to send you a couple bucks anyways, and do the thing. It's not about what makes people happy- that's WHY there's a vote. There are a LOT of different opinions and many want some people to get some, many want no people to get some, many want maybe one person, and some want everyone to go away. Consensus can't always seek happiness, but balance and a general sense of what the most people can agree on. That's what voting is for. Let's do it! DM me if you want, but otherwise, don't be surprised if you see "Hive Secondary Airdrop: For @ForeverAverage" appear, pointing back to that post. :)

Damn crimsonclad you know how to make someone's day.

Consensus can't always seek happiness, but balance and a general sense of what the most people can agree on

You're so right, it's a bit difficult to see it since it's about me, but I know I'd agree with that statement anytime if I was watching from the sideline. Maybe it will inspire some people to file an individual proposal as well. I'm sure there are others that have a story like that as well

I'll dm you first thing tomorrow morning if that's fine(it's past midnight here). But the whole sending a couple bucks thing isn't something I'll just settle on ;)

please do. I actually am planning to make one of these proposals myself, so in this case, let's talk before I do and see where we end up!

Ah those people who deliberately sided with Justin...

Well, a couple of them at least thought they were doing the right thing and supporting the real Steem witnesses.

Perhaps. The decision is in the hands of the community now, we need to put this behind us and move forward. Can't spend eternity evaluating each case. If they really want to support Hive, they should power down their STEEM, sell it and buy Hive (while it's still cheap).



These two were mentioned in the Hive discord at the very first announcement of the "no airdrop list" - an obvious mistake on their part, an older couple - who thought they were doing the right thing - perhaps

@tarazkp I would just like to thank you for your continued efforts in support of both #farm-mom and me. Others have different opinions which they are entitled to, but without ever hearing from those who were excluded from the airdrop, it just doesn't seem to be fair.
In addition to this mess, I just recently learned that #farm-mom and I are being sued in a class-action lawsuit. I'm not sure how this transpired, but enough is enough.
Despite both of us really enjoying posting, commenting, and replying to so many wonderful people, the negatives are starting to outweigh the positives and it is time for a break.

Stay safe my friend, it has been a pleasure meeting both you and your brother @galenkp

Hey Sweed, this is bad news however you both need to think of yourselves and your well-being ahead of the blockchain of course. A break from here may be what you need to get things moving in the right direction in the real world.

All the best with your legal issues moving forward. Please keep us updated along the way if you would like, or drop in afterwards to let us know how you went.

Best regards to you and @farm-mom.

Hello my Aussie friend, things are so crazy right now that I am going away quietly.

You have been so supportive, so I say thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I am just not cut out to deal with all this drama and stress.
We always said, when it's not fun any more, just drop out.
Well I think I am at that point, so stay healthy and be happy.
You and Faith are just such lovely people, wishing you all the best.

Hey mom (not my official one, but she's passed, so you can be my unofficial one...) Lol.

Life is difficult enough without adding pressures and stress to it needlessly so if you feel you need a break, temporary or permanent, then that is the best thing. As I said to Sweed, you have to look out for yourselves. I also agree with the not fun statement...If it is not a pleasure, has no life-value or enjoyment then it's not worth doing...Especially if it's something that can be avoided.

Thank you for your nice words and all the best moving forward. I don't know what the law suit is all about but I wish you all the best with it and more importantly that you and your family stay strong and keep it all moving forward.

Going on the link, it is listing you as one of the complainants - the person suing - not being sued. As I said, it looks like trolling.

I wouldn't take that very seriously.

I said "perhaps" because people can spin all sorts of stories to justify their bad deeds. I didn't follow much of this drama, busy with upkeeping my Hive servers. But "perhaps" a few can be truthful.

@drakos, that is easy to say and to pass judgment before even hearing what the concerns of others that were excluded from the airdrop tells me much of what kind of person you are.
You say that we can't spend eternity evaluating each case, why is that, you just want to sweep the dirt under the carpet, good luck. If this matter is not addressed and straightened, the PR nightmare will continue to fester and #hive will be Steem 2.
just one other thing before I go, your suggestion on how those of us can support hive is exactly what we were doing, powering down steem and buying hive. In addition to that farm-mom and I also invested $$$$ in order to get up and running and support hive.
People made mistakes and I guess your time is too valuable to spend it on us minnows!!
Your attitude reminds me very much of the real world, I GOT MINE F--K THE REST OF YOU SLOBS.

Well I guess you'll have kinder words when you find that I'm supporting the proposal to airdrop your ass 😁

I was under the understanding that we'd be doing this on a case by case basis - that each person would get a chance to state their case etc.

It does not matter if somebody voted for the wrong witness accidentally or intentionally. It caused the same amount of damage that can never be undone.

We have the power to forgive these people, but we can never undo the mess caused by those who supported Justin Sun's actions.

I agree each of these accounts should be weighed individually, and not massed together to decide if they should all receive an airdrop.

Personally I chose to boycott steemit and all its primary interfaces as soon as Hive became an option, and I am suspicious of anyone still investing time, energy, and funds in steem. I consider it a competitor that is still actively trying to shut us all down. In this case, I do not support anyone trying to serve two masters.

Some people thought it would help peaceful resolution by supporting witnesses on both sides, and look at how that worked out. This is a case where you don't want to be on the losing side, or neutral side of a war, because you are attributed the blame of the victors.

Let's say steem shut down, what will be the Fate of those who didn't get the Airdrop and spent couple years trying to make steem an income? (voted on sock puppet accidentally or on purpose).

I would say it's too late to sue for damages.

The Trojan Horse was welcomed into the gates, and now Troy is gone.

Being that I'm one of the people who was unfairly excluded from the airdrop, I vote for proposal #101. If this proposal doesn't pass I understand that cases may be heard on an individual base.

Here is a post that I did on steem on the morning of the airdrop after realizing that both @farm-mom and I were excluded.
Please keep in mind that I was furious at the time.

If any further explanation is needed I'll be happy to fill in the blanks.
Prior to being asked to join the ranks of those Steemians looking to unseat Justin Sun's sockpuppets, neither of us had voted for more than a witness or two in the two years blogging on steem.

I would like to vote for proposal #101

No, we should vote on individuals as there are some names who actively supported takeover. There is no chace i will give my vote to support reward individuals who not only suck a dick, but rather proactively stole tokens from top witnesses. Wonder who I'm talking about? I'll give you a hint. Steemhunt...
Trevonjb? Really? No fucking chance.

I support this secondary airdrop proposal #101