Hive Secondary Airdrop: For Proxied Voters

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By voting for this proposal, you are voting to airdrop Hive funds (mirrored to Steem balance snapshot) for:

  • Voters who were proxied to accounts which voted for 2 or more sock puppet witnesses on Steem in the time leading up to the Hive hardfork, listed below
  • "abduhawab",
  • List and code source also available here:

This proposal will NOT airdrop directly to these accounts if it passes, but will result in an additional drop being done at the time of Hardfork 24. Votes will be measured against a companion "No Airdrop" proposal, which can be found here:

Remember: to pass with a community vote, this airdrop proposal does not need to reach a higher vote total than the return proposal- just a higher vote total than the "No Airdrop" proposal at the end of the 8 day voting period.

For more information, read the in-depth post about the secondary airdrop and community decision process on the main @hiveio account:

You can use multiple interfaces to interact with proposals to the DHF.

Three of the best options available currently are, the interface, and the

Hive.Blog interface /
. These are all different ways to view the same proposals, so feel free to use whichever you feel most comfortable with.

Hive Secondary Airdrop: For Proxied Voters is Proposal #102


As one of the victims of malicious actions performed by Steem witnesses, that prevented me from controlling my assets (rewards for my 4 years of work dedicated to Steem), I'm going to vote for Proposal #103: "Hive Secondary Airdrop: No Additional Airdrops".

“This is a classic ideological split: the people who actively want a centralized chain can stay on Steem, the ones that don't will build Hive.”

Current voting is about two groups, and since there are obvious bad actors there, it's also obvious choice for me.

I see no reason to reward people who are actively working against what we build here.

That being said if there are honest mistakes I'm open to consider individual proposals when they arise.

Given that:

  • funds of 8 accounts are frozen on the Steem blockchain
  • blogs of 11 accounts are actively censored
  • attempts are made by Steemit inc to further censor information they don't like
    (source: Steem Censorship Report)

And given that:

  • both groups in Proposal #101 and #102 include users voting for witnesses running Steem softfork v0.22.888, thereby supporting the above mentioned disapproved actions

I'm going to vote for Proposal #103: "Hive Secondary Airdrop: No Additional Airdrops",

This stance is valid unless Steem softfork v0.22.8888 is rolled back, in which case I might reconsider my decision.

I am open to reconsidering individual proposals if any.

duz6p5.jpgThis has become so convoluted and ridiculous! This whole mess will turn people off!! My parents made a silly mistake and clicked two buttons wrong and now they have been disqualified for over $5000!! They are 65+ years old and I’ve pushed them into crypto over the last 5 years and this situation has them questioning the ENTIRE CRYPTO MARKET! We need BOOMERS TO BELIEVE in crypto and to see it as a fair playing field! I was upset to hear that @thebigsweed and @farm-mom were disqualified for picking two wrong witnesses by mistake! What they are guilty of is trying to support hive in their witness building campaign but made a minor mistake. At this point they were so turned off, after posting every day and using the platform for the right reasons, that they were going to GIVE UP! After a long discussion about how upset they would be if the @hive price SKYROCKETED, I was able to talk them into buying hive at $0.13 and thank god I did because if not they would have left crypto forever!! This vote will either be the rebirth or the death of hive. To add insult to injury it looks like they have been named in the top 100 people being sued by the real HIVE BLOCKCHAIN COMPANY!! TWO WORDS HOLY FUCK!! So Needless to say I’ll be watching this vote very closely!

@ryan313, I would advise you to introduce an individual proposal on behalf of your parents where you thoroughly expose your arguments.
Try to be as objective and detailed as possible (facts) and don't let the emotions overwhelm you.
Be concise too, as out of context information are useless.
This is the best way to deal with individual cases.

Ok thanks!👍

Your personal experience is going to have zero effect on whether Hive is a success or not. To make this assertion that a few people not getting airdropped is going to kill the platform is laughable.

That being said I would support a proposal for your parents,
as would many others.

Keep vouching for them and don't give up if this vote fails,
because in all likelihood it's going to.

This of course is my opinion... which I am entitled to. What about pending lawsuit you involved in that .... also seems like a deal breaker?!

lol cmon man.
A pending lawsuit?
you are grasping at straws.

What country am I in?
What's my name?
How are you going to sue @edicted?
What role did @edicted play in the fork?

Nothing illegal has happened.

Not only did nothing illegal happen because there is zero regulation,
even if there was regulation nothing illegal happened.

No, You are not entitled to your opinion

Why do you think you are entitled to an opinion?
Because you've been brainwashed with that idea so the elite can manipulate the masses using republic governance structures and mass media propaganda campaigns.


I get that this is a big issue for you personally,
but that doesn't make it a big deal in the grand scheme of things.
You should know the difference.

No the pending lawsuit suit against hive from a Hive Blockchain chain company??

Not me vs. you silly! My parents are listed on a list of 100 accounts that HIVE BLOCKCHAIN are coming after because we stole their name....HIVE

lol seriously? how?
Dude those guys are morons don't worry about them.
What exactly are your parents supposed to "cease and desist"?
Where is this list?
Why would random accounts be targeted?
That is so weird.

Idk I told my folks same thing sounds crazy!! I sent you the article tell me what you think.. 🙏🏻

I agree with you. That is why I support the Airdrop to Proxy voters. Here's my explanation which your story perfectly illustrates:

My mistake was to choose a proxy, it turned out that the proxy did not support witnesses in accordance with my wishes, they chose sock puppet witnesses on Steem. What should I do to get out of this "blacklist" and my name is no longer tainted. Because this is not purely my fault.

You have some support, but probably not enough to overcome the forces against. If your account name is tainted, make a new one
This is an important point. The stake from your account was used in an attack. Just from the chain record, we have no idea of knowing who was ignorant of the proxied actions or who supported them

These will probably have to come up as individual proposals, and I would support anyone acknowledging they understand what happened: their stake was used in an attack because they trusted a proxy that did not deserve the trust
To be clear - my stake is tiny and probably wouldn't help those proposals. I'm honestly not sure the support would be there, but it would be sensible

The understanding is the critical piece. We'd have to at least be able to make a judgment call about the likelihood of that stake resuming the attack

As far as your name being tainted - I wouldn't sweat it. The consequence of losing in politics (getting everything downvoted) in DPoS is tumbling your stake through an exchange and into another account

I'll keep an eye out for individual proposals. They'd get some support. Sorry things went that way for you. It's lame

This is a valid point. This confirms my suspicion that many people didn't fully understand the voting system and the consequences. I'd vote for giving you the airdrop....

I hope steemians missing from the first air drop share their thoughts and perspective.

Do they understand that voting for a single actor to control a bunch of witnesses constitutes an attack and results in having stake forked out?

And to Hive: If an attack takes place again in the future, are we in a good position to keep the name when attacking stake is removed? (fork in place)

Also, there are many people who probably proxied, but didn't know what they were doing. these people should not be punished.

DPoS cares about stake not people. We have no way of knowing how many accounts someone controls and which of those accounts controlled stake used to attack the chain.

I agree with the sentiment, but I don't think we can evaluate it from that perspective

It was understood for a long time that the cost of attacking a DPoS chain is your tokens. It would help to know how many proxying users are aware of that before considering the airdrop

It'd also be nice to know if that would be feasible on Hive - to fork out the attacking stake without "moving"

Basically - what is the risk of it happening again, and how well can Hive deal with it if an attack comes again

I think we can evaluate it from that perspective for this one reason: sentiment determines almost everything, and money is just a belief system. One of the core reasons people on Steem justify blocking people's funds is a tit-for-tat mentality. Remove any wrongdoing, let all the people have the airdrop, then Steem's entire argument goes to shreds, and they have nothing to stand on. If they dump Hive, then so be it. We will buy it.

I don't think anyone should worry about dumping. Totally with you - would be stoked for some cheap hive :)

The concern for me is more about the attacking stake. Will that stake continue its attack?

I agree with the sentiment stuff, but there's not much point in being chill if it means the chain gets killed off

if someone has great motivation for attacking, they will simply buy hive and attack it. What is your definition of "attack" exactly?

A single actor controlling consensus is a successful attack on a DPoS blockchain. Essentially, any time we have a single actor controlling multiple top 20 witness nodes, we have an attack in progress. Once it reaches 11 nodes, the attack succeeds (I might be wrong about the number, it might be 13)
Pretty classic DPoS scenario, but we have to talk about it with strange vocabulary for reasons I don't quite understand :)
Basically, we can't determine who controls what accounts, and stake is all that matters in voting. The expected action from the attack is to fork out the tokens used in the attack. This was described way back in the early graphene days. Before protoshares was even live. Things are getting really muddled because of the emotional responses, twists in vocabulary, and the expected, messy cleanup that comes after the fork.
I think the weakness we're seeing now is that those who unwittingly participated in the attack and understand what they should do next time are in a very weak position to get their stake back. They don't start with any stake, and they've been vilified

and yes, someone could buy enough hive to attack, but they should understand very clearly now that the money will be wasted. I suspect the rebranding on this fork was due to some complications with Steemit, Inc and exchanges. In the future, I expect we'll be able to "fork in place" and remove the attacking stake

Oh, and my other point: people are everything too. Dpos is just a system for people. Dpos is just a tool.

Think of it this way:

John has 8 accounts

2 of them have 5HP and voted to support the attacking actor
3 of them have 200HP and voted to support the attacking actor
1 has 200,000HP and voted to support the attacking actor
2 have 150,000HP and voted to try and remove the attacking actor

If we think about this situation in terms of stake, it's pretty clear: remove the attacking stake

How would we address John's actions as a person?

I feel like the best thing to do is to give the proxied voters the airdrop...
not only would it be best for Hive, but it would be great for relations, and people would have a better feeling towards Hive. By not giving, it will make Hive look just as bad as's better to give, and be generous as it shows that Hive is way better than steem censorship.

This does make some sense. Could we agree to airdrop and then not allow any power downs for at least 12 months or something like that I wonder.

putting restrictions on that isn't compatible with "money ownership." if they dump Hive, so be it. then we buy it from them.

Speaking from a victim point of view, I admittedly believe it is truly my own fault. It is my greed to have proxied one of the witness as he offer higher payout to my delegation by using him as proxy, and all that happened way before the take over ordeal.


I also admit it's my own fault for not being sensitive enough of the situation and did not withdraw my proxy vote on time. By the time I saw the post of the airdrop snapshot, things are already too late. I know the question is going to be, which side am I on if there's a new fork coming? Trust me, this time there will be no side. I see what I believe, people with no witness vote at all still gets the airdrop. Do they care about steem or hive at all? I don't know, I only know I cared for the wrong group for the wrong reason at the wrong time.

I will be more than happy to receive if my airdrop being lifted. But if it doesn't, all I can do is accept the fate and bite the bullet, which I already do. In the end it was my mistake. Thanks to @firstamendment whom offering delegation to allow me continue my activity here right after the fork.

Probably the works of @pfunk, but there is a list of people who should be getting their air drop regardless of the proposal if I am reading it correctly. Your name is on it.

This article is very interesting and informations should have been included in the main description of the proposal. Knowing about the software bug I would had to vote for #101 and #102 because innocent users should never suffer under any sort of group punishment.

At day three of following the comments I think the proposal is a badly worded mess and I lean towards abstain.

Nope. My name is not in it. Dailystats and dailychina is belongs to someone's alias used to trail voting purposes. Anyway, I still can't thank enough for offering help in the first place.

oops, I confused you for one of three people I mentioned in another post-didn't forget you, just got a name mixed up thinking it was you. I confused you for dftba, My bad. @crimsonclad

wow, thanks for your honesty. I was curious if people were getting bribed to vote for Justin's witnesses. Not surprised at all about that, but thanks for divulging this information, that took guts.

What can I say. Hive didn't take anything away from me. I'm just being unlucky, matching all the criteria of being skipped from the airdrop. At this point, I already gave up on the airdrop. Thanks for commenting.

Wow, that's a lot of people.

Another good reason why I will never, ever proxy my witness votes for a system I love. I want to protect my own rights and freedoms by making sure similar minded people are looking out for my best interests.

Just like I would never trust anyone to vote for me for a ballot or an election.

Better to remove a candidate who misrepresents themselves dishonestly, than have a proxy misrepresent the interests of all of their contributors to the wrong candidates, and they don't even know it! We can't call it innocent voter fraud if people were aware they chose to waive their right to vote by choosing to be absent-minded.

Gotta do your own research and stay aware of what the government is actively doing when it affects us. Naivety is not an excuse if you could have done something to prevent calamity with simple, common knowledge facts available to everyone at the time.

One step closer to cutting ties to the steem block chain and running on our own.

Gotta love how the Zzan accounts are mixed in with people who made honest mistakes.


“That it is better 100 guilty Persons should escape than that one innocent Person should suffer, is a Maxim that has been long and generally approved.”Benjamin Franklin

We should just help those who are innocent and leave the rest of the vultures to rot.

No reason to save malicious whales when we can bring innocent minnows and dolphins back through other means.

it would not make sense for the main account to "pick and choose" people based on emotions, who it knows, or who it likes, since it's a decentralized group that's making a baseline for the community to start at. The main lists are indications of who did way, as evidenced on the blockchain.

It's up to us as a community now to vote for what we feel is right, and to help separate out the real users from the shitty ones. I wouldn't want that dictated to us- this basically says "here's the info- vote as you see fit, or throw more options into the ring." I personally feel like that's the way we make sure that the community can support those who should be embraced and supported, even with mistakes. It's been a crazy time and it's too easy to write each other off, but giving in to those who've harmed you isn't right either~

It’s fine. I was just a bit annoyed with the composition of the list.

I agree with you. And it's much better to let your enemies have a taste of generosity than to have your friend imprisoned. There's no way to know just how many people made honest mistakes. Better to make more friends than anger the innocents.

Yep,I hope this can help me out of the problem as I see my name on the list. I didnt really know that it would cause a problem to me. I do hope anyone kindly help me out.

I think you'll be fine. Just let this voting period pass and get your individual proposal out. That's more likely to gain support than this general list.

thank for your support @enforcer48

i support you getting an airdop, so make some noise, a lot of noise to get it.

Thank for your support @hivepeople.

This could be the fairest choice...

So if we want to vote for a proposal, we just vote for the post, right?

You will have to vote the specific proposal you want to support.
You find all three of them here:

I think you do it in the proposal area.
There is only an upvote button for it.

No. Proposals are different than posts

also... what is up!? been a while, man :)

For anyone not familiar with proxy.token (an account responsible for many of these accounts being listed here). Be sure to watch his presentation from steemfest

There is a five minute cool down time between top level posts. We have to wait for the same rules as everyone else when making posts! :) Please be patient.

Ah thanks :-) didn't know you published your posts in a row :-) Now they are visible...