I'm Done Posting On Hive

The downvoting completely ruins the value of Hive by allowing self centered people to dominate and exploit everyone else. This guarantees the long term viability of Hive is zero and therefore I am finishing wasting my time here. I invite you to join me in selling every bit of Hive you can and find something better to do with your time!

If you want to stay connected, you can find me https://jerrybanfield.com/

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Having only been here a short time I've only seen downvoting from what I assume is someone's sockpuppet acct.
But I can see it being a nuisance.
Will not posting to Hive save you much in the way of time and effort?

It looks like he just copy/pastes. Most of the posts are links to youtube or twitch. My opinion is that even though he's getting downvoted, he should just do 0 payout posts. That way, at least people are still coming from here to his content somewhere else. Now he will lose all those people.

I think it is not good to drive people away from Hive like this. Hive should want to grow, but at the same time people should not despair just because they're not getting payouts. You can still monetize your content in other ways.

If I got a dollar for every time some pseudo-influencer came here threatening to quit unless they get their way all while attempting to disrupt something like the token value, I wouldn't be rich, but at least I'd be getting paid to listen to this bullshit.

When folks threaten to quit, the best thing to do is hold the door open for them. He's not being driven off. He's choosing to leave in dramatic fashion. It's nothing new. Could just as easily make the attempt to resolve their own personal issues. The decentralized nature of the platform affords everyone that opportunity. Most don't know what to do with that much freedom. 41000 followers unwilling or uninterested in countering one or two downvotes sheds far more light on his own personal problems. His choices obviously led him here to this point. Following the same pattern, he chooses to blame the platform rather than his approach. That's the easy out and 100% his own choice.

I was just looking at his posts, and there's a majority of upvotes.
I'll admit, I'm somewhat ignorant when it comes to Hive's structure & I find it to be much more complex than any other social site I've used with the proposals, witnesses, etc.

Do downvotes have a disproportionate effect or something?

Do downvotes have a disproportionate effect or something?

No. Stake based; Hive Power (HP). More HP equates to more 'say' in where rewards go. The reward pool is shared with everyone and maintained by stakeholders. Even if you have 1HP in your account, you are a stakeholder, with minimum impact. And with the combination of voting power (VP) and voting mana (VM) one can hand out far more effective upvotes than downvotes.

With this scenario seen above (the post), I didn't feel it was necessary to 'reward' that behavior. With my stake currently, my votes in either direction at full VP are worth roughly $1.70. If others felt the behavior seen above should be rewarded, they can counter that downvote of mine, easily. More of them, than me.

That makes sense, but then again I must ask why he feels so negatively affected by relatively low downvote ratio?
Perhaps they are from high stake users?

I must ask why he feels so negatively affected

I can't speak for him; I have no clue. I do know he has a bad reputation. Reputation matters.

Downvotes aren't the end of the world. Some people do overreact. I think he was doing fine until he made a proposal which was firmly rejected, so he did a complete 180 and went from loving it to hating it with the flip of a switch, possibly proving his intentions were not pure and authentic to begin with, but I don't know.

At the end of the day, people are free to come and go and make any decisions they want. So he did. As did I.

High stake members have the most to lose, correct? And here this guy is attempting to take from everyone by attempting to lure people into dumping. Yet he feels downvoting him is unfair? The things that make you go HMMMM...

Amen to that, I totally agree with everything you said sir.
Haha, good thing I read the comments because his post had be buffled.
I consider myself a newbie here on hive but I am loving it here. the interactions are great but because I did my part as well. You can't expect people to go to all your posts when you don't even inter-act with theirs. How will someone know you if you don't even bother to talk to them and be friends with them.

I just look at hive as my own neighborhood. In order for my neighbors to know me and be friends with me, I must first take the initiative for them to know who I am and that I exist.😄😉

Oh by the way, I am just expressing my own thoughts as a newbie here on how to be accepted and my posts be noticed. I wish to thank you kind sir @jerrybanfield for upvoting on my late post which got me to his profile so I can thank him personally. Meant a lot sir.
Grateful for you dropping by my humble post.🥰😍

In other words... work for Hive and do it for free? That's what I keep hearing. Why would anyone in their right minds decide to do this when they could put their valuable time attention (and influence) elsewhere? Places that actually respect and are deserving of the content that's been published. This isn't a winning formula... especially when the blockchain is competing with other viable options. But hey... what do I know. That's just my opinion right?

One this is sure...

Jerry mentioned the downvote... and I think that's a string worth pulling.


That's a Hive based platform that doesn't have downvotes with their own token. It's been around for quite awhile. People are also free to make their own, on Hive. That option has been made available, for a long time, and allows members to shape their Hive experience as they see fit, while keeping something like their list of followers intact, affording them the ability to leverage the entire Hive ecosystem in their favor. There are several tokenized communities on Hive.

Why is it, whenever Blurt people come here to trash on Hive, those kind of details are suspiciously left out?

If someone goes to Blurt for the sole purpose of avoiding downvotes, they have to start from scratch. No following and a very small market to tap into.

Hive has games, more games on the way, NFT platforms, all kinds of apps, or dapps. New projects on the way, constantly.

WTF man?

I hope you realize majority of members here know this stuff. https://hive.io/eco

All those people, all that work, and all those projects, are what you're shitting on when you guys come here to be assholes posing as saviors, hoping to attract interest in Blurt, which is a cesspool of despair nowadays because of your piss poor, misguided, hateful attitudes.

Believe me... there are good reasons to leave Hive and start over. I for one am excited to do this! I choose to bring my best ideas to Blurt. Why is that? Because I don't believe that Hive deserves them. So! Yes! I relish the opportunity to start over on Blurt. These are exciting times and I believe that a lot of good is going to come from our efforts over there. 🙂

Then go there and do that. Actions speak louder than words and so far there's been no action from you guys, and your words mean nothing.

Sorry to hear Jerry. You aren't bad people.

Take it Easy man. Cheers.

by allowing self centered people to dominate and exploit everyone else

You'd sell votes to plagiarists and scammers, effectively pushing solid organic actual content down and out of sight so junk could rank high on something like a trending page. Someone buying votes to push others aside in essence is the exact same thing as downvoting since the end result is nearly the same. And at that time, the vote selling pushed thousands of good folks away. Can you explain your role in all that without sounding like a self centered human out to dominate and exploit others? No. Can you explain those ancient delegations I see in your wallet? I know how that all came to be. You're more than happy to take advantage of inactive account delegations, from folks that might not even be aware Hive exists, to help pad your wallet. Can you explain that without sounding like a self centered human out to dominate and exploit others? No.

And now you want others to sell their property because something is inconveniencing, you? Can you explain that without sounding like a self centered human out to dominate and exploit others? No.

Ironically, your behavior (not only you) from the past and the mess that made created the need to have the downvotes in their current form, today.

I downvoted this post because you insist it'll be worth zilch so therefore it shouldn't be a problem. That's what you wanted.

Come and join myriad.social Jerry. It only goes by tips and there is not possibility of downvote. A mechanism I think you'll like.

My first time learning of this! Now I'm glad I came across this post.

Med o...

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I am finishing wasting my time here.

Let's hope.

Jerry. Good luck to you. Seriously. Enjoy life.


Hello @jerrybanfield,
My friend, I don't know you personally. Blogging is something to do with a peaceful mind. Now you can understand Hive is the last place you should select for that. Please try Blurt .. the same platform style with no downvotes. Free writing and an awsome community. Love to see u there.

All the best to you kind sir. I always say,. let's look for the good on everything.
Thank you for the upvote and for you taking the time to read my post. Truly meant a lot to a newbie like me. Btw, that was my first post.

I second the motion @jerrybanfield! See you over on Blurt! 🙌

also voted /

You think he'll fall for it? Like all those other folks that lost their money because of the shit you guys do?

Look at this bullshit. Sourced from the post you linked.

Screenshot (66).png

Lies. Straight up lies. Go to the cleanenergygarro account, as of this writing you'll see it was active two days ago. Not even a downvote in sight on the blog. "Locked out for opinions..." ?????????

That's not how this works, and everyone knows that.

This is gross. Are you people allergic to honesty? Prone to gullibility? Which is it?
Both? Hoping to find more suckers for your little games?

Day one of your next wave of bullshit and I already exposed you guys for the frauds you are. And if I pointed this out over there, you'd just mute me, which would effectively censor me, so you can get away with duping people.

Getting downvotted for opinions or anything else is a shitty regular occurance on both hive and steemit. End of story.

Can t and does not happen on Blurt.


Hive's future, I believe, is already written on the wall. The downvote has already done plenty of social damage... and it's proponents are to blind to realize it as they attempt to normalize it's use.

  • The downvote (in it's current structure) is all but destroying Hive's marketability.

  • It's being used to signal self-censorship of thought throughout the blockchain (feedback and innovation is therefore not fully realized or possible).

  • It is being used to do what I call "Downvote SPAM", AND as a result, this systemic abuse is also driving away perfectly good investment and creative content.

  • It undermines the foundations of what crypto is really about. Full ownership and the ability to maintain the sovereign rights that make all things of worth work. It gives larger accounts the ability to own (this is a coder term that I'm using) smaller accounts ability to earn.
    This creates an unfriendly environment where no one in their right minds can invite their friends, family, or famous.

I belive that Hive is ultimately going nowhere fast because of all these underlying (and seemingly unexamined?) reasons and in my mind has become the epitome of social disfunction.

Who knew that a main feature, like the downvote, could encapsulate so many undermining problems and create so much counter productive results?!

But I have a feeling you already have sussed this out for yourself...

I headed over to Blurt for a fresh start... I hope you will join me over there @jerrybanfield! 🙌

Comet Ranker

You're another one with connections to Blurt. Large stakeholder with integrity issues working on a smear campaign against Hive with your boys. Evidence of collusion can be found on Blurt. You're here to inject your narrative into the fray all while attempting to conceal the ulterior motive.

One of the main tactics being deployed is seeking out people in vulnerable and possibly desperate situations, while posing as saviors, and eventually suggesting the target bring their money with them over to Blurt. Doesn't matter what they did in the past, if you see someone being downvoted, you'll pounce. Nowhere else will these tactics be deployed.

It's more about getting your money back. You folks will say anything to make Hive look bad in the eyes of those who would like to hear those words. They get lured over then screwed over. That's been happening for months.

Sensationalism has no place in honest words. You sound more like an advertisement than a human with legitimate concerns. Very typical of you, Wil.

This sudden "interest" in Jerry is not based in authenticity. It's not a coincidence two Blurt witnesses (a pathological liar+thief and a troll) and now you show up seemingly out of nowhere to suddenly 'care' about someone, all while injecting the same old washed up and lopsided script you always use.

For someone who knows little about me... you sure have a lot to say. Pretty unfounded and opinionated. I'm wondering why you seem to care so much?


You left a trail of breadcrumbs proving you're a psycho troll. Go home where you belong.