I feel so free! I left my job that I didn't like ! and now I do what I LOVE!

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never ever!

do what you don't love.
you will not survive for the long term and if you will,
All your joy of life will come down!
I loved my previous job very much,
I became interested in the crypto world and established a YouTube channel related to it.

It was hot at the time(last September).
Everyone started talking about Bitcoin.
I decided I was going for it, a course for digital currency trading.

I felt so bad about my decision but I thought I would go through this period.
After all, I like to teach (apparently I love teaching children and not adults who want to get rich)
I can say that I love education

I moved to the role of "adviser", and I keep work on what I love teaching childrens.now crypto teaching isn't my main work.

Every day my wife saw how sad I was.
The salary at the bank was much higher than the previous one and still sad face!

But what is it worth ?!

It is not worth when you feel inside you rotting!
Unfortunately, most of my private students have been canceled.
But not bad.
You can start over.

I'm going on a new path! With a smile on my face!

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Good on you, brother! Steem on hard. <3

Tomorrow i have my graduation, but I don't know why I feel even more sad. I just feel like nothing much will change about my life, most jobs too are like schools and all my life i used to hate school. Maybe am regretting why i never dropped out early when i had the chance. I feel caged and someone tommorow is going yo hand a piece of paper after toiling for all these years.
I will never do what i don't love again.
Atleast i will use my creativity to turn what i love into money generating source.
Life can be a new place if i decide to do what i want, i can feel it inside.

Naturally sometimes, we cling to something that we do not like for the fact of giving pleasure to others, especially your parents ... I think you always have to do what we like, something we feel comfortable with. .. we will always get used to a routine, but whenever you do not like it you must have the courage to stop and say: Enough is enough! and do what you love most. It costs a lot and we even feel strange when we abandon that "bondage" but it is the best for our wellbeing ... being free is the best thing. Good post friend @amiramnoam, best regards.

Completely according to @rosquilla, especially because I am a living example of what it explains. I studied a career that I did not like just because my parents were afraid to send me to study abroad. During the University I obtained good grades but I always felt that this was not my thing. The best thing I got from this experience were the friends I met and that there I found the one who is now my husband.

Once graduated I had jobs that caused me a lot of stress (because I demanded a lot) and this definitely was not good indicative. But ... and see that there is always a but in life, teaching came to my life (and although I taught in the area where I graduated, interdaction with students made me happy).

Today after 18 years of graduation and 15 giving classes I can say that I still love the feed-back inside the classroom, although I have understood that I have not totally given what makes me completely happy. I am in that search, but see how it is necessary to go through what we went through to understand what makes us unhappy or simply to go prepare and become stronger until we find what we are looking for.

We are told to go to school, go to college, get a job, get married, get kids, retire. And we do it without knowing why. Great comment @rosquilla, following YOU!

Don't get married! That's the best advice I can give you. It took being married for me to become against marriage, but oh my gosh, don't do it. Marriage ruins a relationship. You will be much happier with your significant other if you don't say "I do." You will also be keeping the state out of your personal relationship, which is always a good thing.

wise words, steph! i agree that marriage is a destroyer of relationships. it makes people complacent and lazy. in my relationship, i actually asked him to be my boyfriend (!) -- not forever, just for the summer... and at the end of the summer, we reevaluated and recommitted. now we do that at the end of every season, but without assuming the answer will be yes! it keeps us on our toes, and keeps us in an constant state of courtship! we've done this every season for 8+ years so far, and i must say, it seems far more fun to be his girlfriend than a "wife." i really value that we both want to be with each other forever, and yet don't feel the need to externally validate it with a marriage license. it's so freeing...

What a wonderful idea. All of the commitment and companionship with none of the obligation. Everyone should do this. The world would be a much happier place.

Good now bro you have a great I mean steemit. If you work hard you get more money. I really like your comment. Thanks

Hey mate, do not sweat it. I found my way at 5th year of studies and it was only partialy connected to them. Studied Automatics and Robotics, but it wasn't fun due to much theoretical knowledge and lack of practical lessons. I graduated them but immediately shifted my attenion for programming with focus on Web Development, best desicision ever. :)

i never dropped out early when i had the chance.

This is what's called L-I-F-E! ;+) Don't be so hard on yourself. It sounds like you need a vacation from everything (school/work) for a couple of weeks.

The beauty of finishing...staying with a process to the end; means you'll never have that 'what if' conversation with yourself, imaging how life would've been different if only...

Know that your 'bliss' is what God wants for you, too! If you ask Him, He will be with you at every juncture.

I will never do what i don't love again.

Never say never. It's quite okay to do what you don't 'love' for a season, as long as it is with integrity. Many a star has had to wait tables to pay the bills until the door of opportunity opened for them.

You can always do 'what you love' after the 9-5; but, without an income, misery becomes a worrisome friend.

So, is college next? It sounds like you could stand to take a year off and work a generic gig, while you line your ducks up for 'what you want to do'. By all means, AVOID THE STUDENT-LOAN NOOSE of SLAVERY! ;+)

Life isn't a one stop forevermore adventure. For most, there will be many paths to income...What you want to do in your 20s may look totally different to your dreams in your 30s, ...on and on.

If I can encourage you in one thing: As with your education, NEVER, EVER give up. For the race is not given to the swift; but to those who persevere to the end. (Ecclesiastes 9:11)

Best regards; and, as a small token of applause for your huge accomplishment, I leave you with a tip!

Its a good realization in proper time. I completed my graduation and post graduation 6/7 years earlier and joined in a job for money only. So, I am suffering now. So, don't take a career which you don't like now and will not in future. good luck.

change the way you think, reinvent what you used to do, therefore it will change the output of your habit.

We have to look for what we express ourselves in all the details of our lives
Thank you for sharing your words with us

I have a similar personal story @amiramnoam.
I really love my job too, but I love being entrepreneur more and building myself smartly after getting enough experience.

To do what you love perfectly, you need:

  • Experience: and you can get from training or learning or from an expert.
  • Patience: wait and give yourself some time to gain results, don't be hurry, because building business or community need some time.

I agree with with you when you said that you moved to Crypto earlier, a Great decision you made.

Because investing in Crypto is this Century opportunity and I believe in the next few years, Crypto will create a full limitless innovative new world with many opportunities everywhere.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, happy to read it :)

Love the way what you do brother..You inspire us to a lot of things be it your artform or be it your write ups .All is inspirational


FOR THE first time in history people will say CONGRATULATIONS for leaving jobs !!! 😅

All thanks to steemit 😎

I also left my job for my passion once. It was a struggle after that for 3 years until I found steemit. Congrats to you.

Keep it up

I took the risk and quit my job and moved to Barbados... scariest move ever but so worthwhile!

We should do What give us inner peace and satisfaction. I think you took the right decision. my friend.

I'm with you, I've been working at jobs I could get at the time, and over the last couple years I have not always been working, but working in a job you do not like only leads to misery. I got my eyes set on a goal that started some time back, and I've been taking small little steps along the way to get there. At some point so, I am going to be joining you, and actually start doing something I love rather than something I must for work.

Haha! We're on the same boat I guess except that I didn't left my job. I actually left school for a while to see if I can have great future here in steemit since I can see great potential with people in this platform. I see lots of intellegent people are here not just to earn but to share what they got as well. I think, with given time, steemit will be the best social media platform on the planet.

I agree, great comment. Just a matter of time! Following you @gvincentjosephm!

Congratulations to you and good luck :-)

I left a job I enjoyed in December and am now working from home too.

At first, it was very unsettling but giving back to the community and helping others is far better that working for money pinching people in my opinion.

I wish you much luck

Right! Make no sense, be sad with all the money in the world.
Don't worry , be happy.

Congratulations, quiting a job you don't love is one of the happiest moments in life. Take that and turn it into inspiration to do great things moving forward!

If you do something that you don't love, you will not be happy, no matter how much you earn. This is the truth.

We need money to live, but we are not living for money.

Great post! I definitely agree with you that everyone should do what makes them happy, or else they will not find inner peace and satisfaction. However, I think it's important that people realize that every job they do will include things they don't enjoy, which is totally okay. By keeping this in mind, it will keep us grounded in what we decide to do and help us work through tough times. :)

I like to teach (apparently I love teaching children and not adults who want to get rich)

I have been teaching in Korea for the past 20 years and wouldn't trade it for all your Steem plus bitcoin although it may be a security to fall back on. I have a lot of fun but teaching in Israeli school might even be better. Although my wife went to graduate school she is happy to serve the church and help the kids. We live off my income as a school teacher and have learned to get by and love each other. That is really important.

Congratulations @amiramnoam.
You did the right thing and I hope you enjoy it for a long time.
If I made a killing in crypto or on Steemit I would continue to live the same life I live today.

the right decision to give up world affairs. Have fun @amiramnoam

That's a good thing.Do what you love to do and give it your very best. Whether it's business or baseball, or the theater, or any field. If you don't love what you're doing and you can't give it your best, get out of it.

Great comment, I agree. Following you now @markzuckerbergs

I admire the great decision you made, many times we feel imprisoned developing functions in a job that we do not like and we must have power and determination as well as great "balls" to make that decision you made, you are an example and I congratulate you for it . Coming Soon
I'll take your example.

sounds familiar. wish you all the luck on your new adventure.

My bEst wishes To You...hope you live a happy Life :D

Such an awesome attitude! so glad to hear things are going well x

This is totally true!! I quit a 4 year job as a recruiter, hated it, but found something I love, and sticking with it! :)

I look forward to celebrating a similar decision in the future. Congratulations on becoming free to do what you like!

Good look

You left job and i'm looking for job

I wrote a post about a month ago about being a raft in the ocean of life. Am glad you decided to be the captain of your own ship and step up to steer it in the direction wish you desire. It's not going to be easy at times but if you hold on you will get there.

amazing post @amiramnoam.
thanks for sharing.

Do whatever make you happy life are short

Ahannn so nice..

You wake up wanting to go there.
And when you get back, you can't wait for the next day.
That s what you mean you love your job...

Satisfaction is not with salary and money. if you help some needy person and saw happiness on his face there is no such satisfaction is life. you are great persona may you live long and happy with your wife and children @amiramnoam

Yes i agree with you because if we didn't like anything that we are doing then their is no point to keep that thing continue because financially satisfaction is not everything.

And i also like that you like to teach Childrens not adults because of their less desire of learning and great attraction is only earning quick cash.

Yes, it doesn't matter if the money is big, if you do what you don't love, there's definitely no way you're going to enjoy your life. It's important to find your passion and make money with that!

sometimes you need to back yourself to achieve something
if you love what you are doing you are already successfull

I'm glad for you @amiramnoam. You should do what ever you love to do. There is absolutely no point of doing something you didn't like. Life is short so just enjoy it.

When I read YOUR POST I felt like I wanna Hug you and tell you: Congratulations

Congratulations for your achievement! Being financially free is a joy, I’m working towards it as well and I hope I will make it like you! :D

@amiramnoam ...speechless i am!!!! .....what only i can say is.....INSPIRATION INSPIRATION INSPIRATION.... Ur posts are always great

everything that has happened is the best choice from the best, so rest assured your decision is right and will produce results later, believe me @amiramnoam

Great that you have chosen for your own happiness instead of extra $$$!

Good too see you found something you love to do makes life a lot more enjoyable

You're absolutely right! You should definitely make sure that you love what you do! It might not be easy for everyone to find something you really enjoy doing, but in the end that's the most important thing! So whatever you choose, you should be happy with it - at the end of the day you've spent most of the time doing something you don't like if you're not careful in choosing! And that would just be a waste of time and strength! :)

Here here. I was trapped in what I thought was life for years.. working any available job just to get by and leaving hobbies and talents for the evening times and weekend. Is that it I thought???

I suppressed the feeling of what if , and, I want.. for ages. It didn't matter as I was always doing jobs which were credible to humanity.
My heart was content but my soul was not!!

So I finally cracked after all of these years and booked that one-way ticket out of that persistently festering environment.

I now live in Cambodia where I play my guitar every day :)
The weather is nice too ;)
Lovely :)

Good luck.
what you are looking for, you will definitely get.
do not give up @amiramnoam

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