COVID Planet

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Gott im himmel?! Was is das?!

I growled Germanically in the direction of the front door from my armchair.

There had been a noise as if something had been pushed through the letterbox and landed on the floor.

I snorted. I knew better than to fall for such twaddle. That's what they wanted me to think.

Gently, I pushed the near-empty pizza box from my lap and got up from the armchair. Pizza crust crumbs showered like dead man's skin from my torso onto the floor.

Ha, something for the Good Lady to hoover later.

I laughed then stopped.

No, she wouldn't be able to hoover it up later because I had locked her in the garage for decontamination.

She had been furious of course, shouting all manner of shit about me going too far and how there will be repercussions.

I shook my head sadly.

It was not through choice I had thrown a blanket over her head and hustled her out to the garage. Oh no, not at all. When I had heard her on the phone talking about the Gates at the school I knew she must have been compromised.

How far did the malign tentacles of the Gates Foundation reach? They were in my daughter's school?

And so, I had thrust her into the garage which I had freshly lined with tinfoil, quartz crystals and Guava skins.

It was known as a healing chamber, I had seen it in a YouTube video which starred a man with a beard that looked like someone had wiped their arse with his face.

He had told me all about the lies we were being fed by the internet.

I believed him utterly.

In fact, when he yelled, open your eyes, people?! - I had nearly fallen off my chair in shock.

Because I had thought my eyes were already open.

With a mammoth effort I had attempted to open them further. Through the tears, I had clicked a random square on my screen which led me to another video.

The man in this video (how come they are always men?) told me that I should be proud of myself for doing my own research.

A small part of me wanted to squeak that this wasn't research, I was simply watching a funny video but I squashed that thought down.

Of course it was research. This was researching 2020 style.

This man, who didn't have a beard like a skidmark showed me lots of diagrams that visibly demonstrated that there was a giant rogue planet in our solar system which was the source of COVID.

I was intrigued.

How the hell could this Planet X be the source of COVID? How did that work? And why was he now telling us not to wear masks?


Yelled the man in the video.

And so, I found myself in the hall staring at an envelope on the floor which looked as if it had just come through the letterbox (a likely story) with a wife locked up in my outside garage decontamination chamber.

I bent forward to pick up the letter then paused.

Was it a letter or was that what they wanted me to believe?


I said sneeringly at no-one in particular.

Grinning wryly, I sashayed away from the letter and into the lounge.

It was probably time to get the missus out of the garage anyway.


Well there is a need for a good decon chamber. There is no hiding from this virus. Now even the Trumps got it. Seems like we are all going to face it and either get thru it or not.

I saw that this morning, I was like ooooo, its hitting home now!!

This time I'm not going to laugh, I think about the good lady and I feel sad, maybe I'm getting old, but don't believe everything you see on the internet and go running to get the good lady out, it will be that I'm falling in love with her, it's a joke, but she is wonderful, I want a good lady like yours, you are very lucky.
Happy Saturday:)

Hehe, luckily she was safe! This time... :0D

There are so many theories around this damn virus , but truth or not I know that this virus made our government more rich and more corrupt, while others are starving..... now that is just damn sad. Wish it was just a myth, but I think people are sick of this whole thing and doing as they please and hoping for the best.

I wish it was a myth as well. Our government is inept and just cant make up its mind on how it wants to deal with it. I am looking to the day I can do the shopping without a mask!

O me too - we can actually go on outings now again or to restaurants, but I do not even want to go because the whole mask thing irritates the hell out of me

O me too - we can actually go on outings now again or to restaurants, but I do not even want to go because the whole mask thing irritates the hell out of me

O me too - we can actually go on outings now again or to restaurants, but I do not even want to go because the whole mask thing irritates the hell out of me

How much it is costing to build a buncker across the pond? Are cheap modular options available?

I am sure you know there is a community here who likes to build bunker and stock up even during 'normal' times. They are having a field day for sure.

I say we could be in the market for a modular bunker :)

I would love a modular bunker!

I was actually looking at getting a modular outdoor office/casual space. It looks awesome. The only problem being it would have to be sited on the location of my daughters playhouse!

LOL! That would be counterproductive. I have no scenario at home to have 3 office space! All we have is a corner in the bed room... and the lady of the house occupies that for her office space. My older daughter has a office space/ desk in her bedroom... that leaves me anywhere inside the walk-in closet.... garage.... underneath the parked car.... whatever works! I so much want to go back to the office!

I have claimed the attic!! I pretend I don't like it just so that none of them realise I really like it and try to claim it from me! We are working from home till at least next April apparently and then looking at a blended model which I think will suit. I don't like full time WFH but I like the idea of some of it

Out attic is unfinished! But perhaps we should consider finishing it...

Better a separate apartment!!! :) :)

Finish it! Finish it and claim it!!

Prior preparation avoids poor performance, or so they say.

Or, past performance doesn't guarantee future results ;) :)

That's also true...Or...No preparation or past performance doesn't matter in this entitled society. :)

I check your profile every day, but nothing.... not a note or a joke or a beer or some cheer hahaha. Are you okay - must we send help? Have you been grounded by the good lady or what is going on?

Hola!! I have been sparse on life events!! Nothing is happening with our repeated lockdowns. I can't find a scenario to buy funny about!! But I'm totally fine, thanks for asking :0) hope you are well too

Yes fine thank you - taking one day at a time

Hello dear friend @meesterboom good night
What a great idea to make the decontamination chamber
The things that want us to grow on this virus are incredible, now it comes from another planet
Have a good night dear friend

The outer worlds are a scary place to some!!! Lol :0)

When one has been locked in at home for a wee bit too long. 👽

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Heh heh, exactly like that my friend!!!


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Actually googled it, interesting. 😁

Think I'm gonna watch a MIB movie tonight.

Have a great weekend pal!

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lined with tinfoil, quartz crystals and Guava skins

The accepted method of creating a healing-chamber. It is known.

These are the FACTS it's true!! :0D

Wasn't the garage rigged to be a man-cave? She's in there drinking all your booze and wondering what to do with the baby oil and tissue! :O

Our garage is tiny.... and full of junk

No A/C there either!

Hahahaha!! Come to Scotland, no need for Aircon!!

Hells bells!! My stash, that's how she will be decontaminating herself!!!! :0D

Hmmm this would give people ideas: we need a real decontaminatiom room. Oh the ordeal of making a new useless room inside a home. This sounds funny, but somewhere, some might go to great lenghts to make sure that they have a sanitized partner😂👀

I can imagine that somewhere someone will be ! hhehe!

Aliens brought COVID, there's no doubt about it. It's the Martians.

I believe that to be the case. A mask on the YouTube's said so!!!

Decon chambers to replace Bomb shelters :)

I knew there was more to Planet X.

Hope the Pizza was tasty!

Pizza is always tasty! :OD

haha damdam what planet can couse covid19 :D

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