Something Else and A Few Other Things

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So I guess that's that. Clearly, people don't mind getting paid to read my shit.
But all I can do is wonder...

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Something Else

A Few Other Things

I wonder...

We always hear, "We need marketing."

So I did some marketing.

Probably not the kind of marketing you're used to seeing but that doesn't matter. This isn't radio, television, Youtube, or a newspaper. It's my blog!

Much of my previous post, the "marketing" which also doubled as a form of entertainment, was actually published way back on April 12, 2017. The rehashed recent version came with a few minor tweaks and some additions.

I got a loud response the first time, back in the 2017. The recent response was much louder. Far more people showed up, and it's supposedly quiet around this blockchain these days.


Shared a few words in private with a friend today.

I was told that post was a lot of fun. I was asked why I didn't buy votes and boost it up nice and high.

Well for one, that's not my job. That's the curator's job, that's what the curators are paid to do. Hopefully once we all get a raise, we'll do a better job. I'm not saying everyone should put my work on the trending page, I'm speaking in general. I assume people will want to try harder once they get paid more. Seems to be working on Palnet and a few other tribes.

Secondly, what's the point of marketing this place in front of this place? I'd just be preaching to the choir. No point in buying votes, enriching people who won't even look at it, so the rest of us can sit back and say, "Yup. We know."

When you're marketing, you have to know your market; pick targets. Take aim — fire.

I was taking the shotgun approach; wanted a good spread.

Picture a man standing on top of a high rise, downtown. Windy day. He starts throwing flyers. They go everywhere. People can see. It's snowing bright colors. Many will pick them up once they land, just to see what the hell is going on.

I left one simple request at the bottom of that post.

Don't forget to share.

This platform has always had a shortage of link sharing content consumers.

"We need marketing."

This is a content production platform. Marketing is simple. Share links.

We don't need to make expensive official advertisements about blockchain this and happy that; though a strong mainstream media campaign will come in handy some day. But in the meantime...

One could publish a good post about ducks, and if someone really fucking likes ducks, they could share that shit with their duck loving friends.

Then the duck lovers can't resist. They have no choice but to click and BOOM. They're here. They might stay awhile, browse around. That sign up button might get pushed.

As content producers and content consumers here, we don't need to act like we're inside a prison.

Our work should be all over the internet.

Every single content production platform, from National Geographic's website, news networks both mainstream and alternative, Youtube; everything. They all benefit from link sharing content consumers.

This is why I never view social media platforms as competition to a place like we have here. Content production platforms and social media go hand in hand.

Would this post you're reading now be a good share to the outside? Probably not. This is more of an internal memo than anything else. Are your posts internal memos or do they have potential to travel abroad? It's a mistake to share internal memos. Sharing and spamming are two different things. Never forget that. As much as we like internal memos and need them to exist here, the outside eyes wouldn't be able to make any sense of it, and would label it spam, making us all look bad. Something to think about.

About the art?

I don't know.

It's new. I just thought it looked cool.

Have a nice day.

All art and images seen here were produced digitally, by me.
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"Sharing is caring."

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This art can divide society into two categories: the perverts, and the animal lovers. Surprisingly, I am more of a pervert than an animal lover, because it took me a bit to see a goat. Although seeing saggy sizeable man boobs instead of a goat face might not make a pervert. A freak, yes; pervert, no.

I just survived a half an hour without internet. Only to come back to a comment that's made me do the nose laugh almost snort thing. Damn you see some crazy shit. LOL!

I see a goat and a pig wrapped in blankets. Then the goat starts getting bunny ears...........what sorcery is this?

I see that now too! Bunny/goat must be wrapped up for a trip to the vet.

what sorcery is this?

I don't know if it's a gift or a curse.

I was looking at that almost pink fluorescent satin material lying in gentle folds.

Gentle folds makes me think of vaginas. Maybe I am a pervert...

It all depends on the lighting. If it's lit right, it's art!

That nose laugh makes me think of that goat snorting...or man boobs jiggling. Glad you made it through that half an hour, internet-less times are tough :)

Wow, that is SO NOT what I saw. LoL. I saw a person making a raspberry/bubblegum flavor two scoop ice cream cone that got distracted, you must have walked by him.

Now that sounds lovely. I'm going to try to take myself to that icecream place.

I lean pervert.

I respect that. To lean pervert is probably the best way to lean.

I respect that. To
Lean pervert is probably
The best way to lean.

                 - ginnyannette

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

hey, I haven't logged into FB for a very long time, but decided to check. I have about 700 "friends" there. I scrolled for 10 minutes and didn't see one shared link - is it just me or are they repressing shares as it is not their advertising? There were plenty of sponsored links.

I have no idea what Facebook is up to these days but when I visit, I do see a few links to articles shared by friends. Far too many dull memes. Maybe a good video but it's usually a sponsored link. They might be trying to corner the market in a way. I really don't know. I know the links I share sometimes show up on their feeds, but I'll usually write a status message and place the link below in a comment.

The share to external i hard here for me as, I don't use other social media - where do I share it to? :D
I also think that many people hide here so they don't want to be associated with it. It is a weird space in that way.

I'm not talking about us sharing our own stuff on our own networks. I'm saying there's a serious shortage of link sharing content consumers. People sharing stuff produced by others.

Yep, I know. It is just that I am also a consumer here, but don't share much. One thing I do see the "promoted to trending" is good for is applications looking for a steem user base. They should remember that the base is small though so external users are a must for success these days.

I honesty don't have an issue with developers promoting in that fashion but the page does a bad reputation now, many refuse to look. Also, much of what is promoted would ONLY appeal to this user base. Outside eyes can't even understand much of the language being spoken. "Simply sign in with keychain." "Delegate." Can't use that stuff like a flyer travelling around the outside.

Yep, it is all internally focused.In time the applications will have to understand that Steem is not their market potential for users.

It's tough to be the one man band. Developers aren't the best marketers and don't always succeed naturally in business. Some have a knack for it all though. Or a good team is always an asset as well.

Nothing here is easy, for anyone. Ever notice that?

Nothing here is easy, for anyone. Ever notice that?

I have noticed. It takes a community - most people seem to not want to be part of a successful one yet, they want to benefit from one.

On the topic of marketing I've just listen to the opening podcast of The SteemLeo Show. I hope they will continue because audio content is easy to consume and there isn't any real podcast about Steem out there. Not on @dsound or @dtube but on outside mainstream platform like iTunes.

I haven't tuned in yet. I'll probably check that out when I have a more stable internet connection. I'm roughin' it these days.

Interesting way of getting us to bump your post and its resulted in upvote Anna resteeming. Good writing again by the way.

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This post or the last post? Huh! Sorry, I've confused myself.

Confucius is but a mere man.

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This is a content production platform. Marketing is simple. Share links.

The funny thing is that most of the people who say we need marketing despise or hate centralized media!!!!!

Now where are we supposed to market if most of us here do not have Twitter and Facebook accounts or do not use them???

I also realized that I have been writing internal memos of late, I need t change.

The truth is the people we need are not on TV , but on social media(Facebook, Twitter).

It is, therefore, better for folks to stop making noise of how Steemit lacks marketing when they themselves have never shared any Steemit related post on their social media!!

We all need to take collective responsibilty and share these links out.

I keep sharing these links and I thank @stephenkendal @nathanmars @exyle @kenny-crane @jongolson and a few others( you wanted me to say many others hahaha, no !) for keeping steem(it) active on Twitter.

I think I've been writing a few too many internals as well, lately. A few doors opened though, with all of these new tribes, and more on the way. I'd really like to get back to focusing on creative works though. I'm not sure why I'm spending so much time yapping...

I used to use Stumbleupon to drive outside eyes here. That worked really well. It was a platform designed specifically for sharing and collecting links. It's gone now. I bet there's a good replacement out there but then that means starting from scratch, building a following, yadda yadda yadda.

We just need to somehow attract more link sharing consumers, and then they can just do their thing.

It is good your posts are getting more eyeballs of late.

I will continue sharing articles to my Twitter as always.

I'm impressed with this community. Some really good turnouts lately indeed. I was always buried under the Steemit way of full robot control. These other tribes offered some organic visibility and that's where I tend to shine. And I've met some new people as well which is huge.

But yeah, keep doing what you're doing.

Another good one, nonames, right on. 👍🏿 Quite awhile ago, speaking of the art you don’t know about, you told me what program you’re using. I have an iPad, that’s the extent of my devices, well, plus this iPhone I’m currently typing with—what I meant by extent was “ios.”

Anyhow, I recently got the digital pen for the iPad and have practiced a little bit with it on the factory notepad. I’ve seen several apps ranging around free to $10.99’ish. Any suggestions? Thanks.

If I used Apple products, I'd be a better help. I don't even know what those little things are capable of. I would always start with something free though. I made the mistake of spending money on something I'll rarely use now, since an opensource option seemed to do everything I wanted and more, plus it was free.

With that kind of setup I think you're better off asking google what's good. I bet there's some powerful free stuff out there.

maybe they need to change trending to the number of comments received, or a weighted system of 50/50 votes/comments. I have no other social media outlets, I some times will watch a youtube, and when people business give a facebook page if I can't see their page right off the bat I close and move on to the next thing i was gonna do.

Comments could easily be manipulated, and those who really need to be on the trending page with every post would screw that up, too. LOL!

Perhaps the piece of art is a sagging boob. I do not know. But I agree that all the platforms work together and we need to share and market. We have lost body muscle (good followers) and need to tighten up together as a platform, (rather than be fragmented) to be able to kick ass. Only then will we see that sagging boob firm up and be sexy and perky.

There's a lot of boob action in this post for some strange reason. Maybe I was intentionally attempting to stimulate the subliminal realms...

We'll never know.

Its true. People dont share enough content from here. I have never been the type to share content. I dont know why but i do so very rarely. However, I do see the importance of it.

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One of the problems is the fact we're all a bunch of producers trying to fill the role of consumer at the same time. Gotta find a way to get those consumers here. The sharing stuff just comes with the territory when they show up. There's only so much time in a day to fill all these roles on our own. Close to impossible.

What about going to Twitter and Instagram and tell the people that do not know about Steem, that there is Steem?

What are going to tell them?

That they can make money. I am trying, I do not if I will be successful, but I will try

Having some fun and making money on the side might be a better angle. Every time people show up for the money, and only the money, things don't work out.

Greetings @nonameslefttouse

Excellent analysis on marketing in social networks.

With your permission, and based on the result of the study shown in these lines, I share this publication.

Please pay attention. Sharing this post wouldn't make any sense whatsoever.

Well said. Have a duck.


What the duck are you up to these days?

Trying to make a living, and posting-wise, showing off some stuffs here: . Many more duck lovers there, you see.

That's a nice looking site. Do they pay?


These points should be convertible to NRVE later this month, and NRVE is tradable. We'll see. I have no idea if Narrative is going to be big, or even make it, but it is Out There. Enter at your own risk.

Congratulations @nonameslefttouse!
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