How Much Do Looks Matter?

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How Much Do Looks Matter?

A friend of mine use to tell me I have a tendency to judge people by their looks rather than their personality or intelligence or integrity or something; I dunno, I wasn't really paying attention because she wasn't that attractive. Perhaps you're a believer of the old adage 'it's not the looks but what's on the inside that counts'. Well, unless you mean the inside of one's wallet, I'm afraid looks do matter, and they matter a lot. Good looks bring a lot of advantages, in fact, I've heard some people are so good looking they get to have sex for free!

Not convinced? Here's a short list of privileges that research have shown to be enjoyed by attractive people. As always, whether or not something made my list is partially based on how interesting I found the fact to be, but mostly determined by my ability to come up with a joke on the subject matter.

Admit it, you instinctively swiped right didn't you?

Advantages Enjoyed by Attractive People

  • Annoyingly, research shows that attractive people are seen as more trustworthy, more intelligent, more healthy and even more attractive than less attractive people. Well that sucks, not only do I have a greater need to drug my future mates, they're likely to be more suspicious of me doing it too!

  • Scientist theorize attractive children are more likely to be healthier which partially explains why parents instinctively give more attention to attractive children than their less attractive counterparts. I wouldn't say my brother is any more attractive than me, but dad certainly favored him growing up, probably because he didn't resemble the postman as much as I did.

  • Attractive men are less likely to be found guilty in criminal proceedings by judges and members of the jury. However, this sort of balances out because if convicted, they're more likely to have trouble holding onto their soap in the prison showers.

  • A study has found that even very young children prefer to play with kids who were more attractive. The same group of researchers are now exploring whether this also holds true for Catholic priests.

Yeah, I had to be pretty careful googling for pictures like this one, so I did it on my brother's laptop just in case...

  • Teachers give preferential treatment to more attractive students. Well, the reciprocal is certainly true as well; I mean who didn't fantasize about hooking up with their hot arts teacher? Aside from kids who are home schooled of course; I'm guessing they probably wouldn't unless they're from the south.

  • Attractive women are 36% chance more likely to land a job than those who are less attractive but equally qualified. That's so unfair: I knew I was just as good a pole dancer as Candi!

  • Similarly, attractive men are paid more on average, which is pretty unfair if you think about it, because they're also the ones who are more likely to get a discount at the brothel than the rest of us.

  • It'll come as no surprise then, that being attractive helps political candidates win over voters. Which must then imply that the only thing that can adequately compensate for being born with a face like an orangutan's scrotum is having tiny fucking hands.

So there you have it, pretty much from the moment of birth, attractive people get everything they want. On a related note, Scarlett Johansson would love it if you upvote this post right now.

How about you? Do looks matter to you? As for me, I don't really care either way, I find most girls to be equally susceptible to roofies regardless of how they look.

8 Scientifically Proven Reasons Life's Better If You're Beautiful
15 Shocking Facts About Being Attractive
Unfair Advantages of Being Attractive

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Oh, looks like I'm late to the party again....(thinking out loud: I'll just rock up like I'm too attractive to arrive on time :)

With No Humor and No Game....I Still Have the Stare
source: pinterest

To be honest @dj123, I have the attention span of a lemur. So this post is kinda too long for me. But the way that man is staring into my soul... I gotta tell you, my panties got a little wet, and now I have to go back and read the post that inspired such a mustached man to love me from afar.

Keep up the good work.

haha.....glad you enjoyed the mustache.

That about sums up all the guile and game I can muster when I see someone's not as powerful as zoolander but sometimes I might even get a tongue poked back at me ;P

Who among us doesn't enjoy a bit of tongue action every now and again...

Hahaha... my story is something similar and funny... I posted a profile pic on FB when I was 17 as a volleyball player.. and a student classmate of my grand nephew sent me a message wanting to get to know me and asked for my phone number... then I told him whether he could afford to call international because I am in Europe and he´s in the Philippines... So I asked him whether he wanted to really get acquainted with me and told him that I am the granny of his classmate... oh my!!! I imagined him becoming pale from embarrassment when he knew the real me... LOL!!! He deleted his request to be FB friends with me... You see, people are only attracted when they see someone pretty not knowing what´s behind the person herself.

haha that's like me trying to wink

yes...but first you have to grow a mustache to go with that wink ;{D

ok you convinced me.... it's an excellent mustache worthy of my upvote.

I'm sorry I just couldn't make it through this article. For some reason I got stuck staring at the first picture and just couldn't seem to get that right-swipe function to work!

Truth be told this was another pretty hilarious post. I would recommend you stay away from the roofies though. Karma has a way of coming back to you for that sort of shit, especially when you bend over and reach for the soap! lol

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It's all about the Fibonacci of your face. So long as you fit this "Golden Ratio" you're considered to be beautiful and trustworthy. It's found in everything in nature.

Khm, beautiful and trustworthy you said?:)

I'm dead. That's just hilarious

Ja das ist Lustig

LOL! Don't think he fits the criteria ;-)

lol perfection

lmao...looks like it fits the ratio

Hahaha his head looks like a snail!

Facepalm of all time!

Oh god I died LOL

bahahaha, that is the funniest post I have seen all day. LOL

Lol, this is the golden ratio 🤣🤣


is it just me or did you just make the left bigger than the right?

haha someone had to go and do it lmao


So have I become more or less trustworthy as I age?

Will being beautiful get me more followers?

In that case I may be destined for Steemit Failure... lol

lol! Well, your a you got my vote :-)

Thanks... I'll take all the votes I can get... :)


I'm voting more trustworthy, to that end I have come up with a case study to evaluate the practicality of Steemit as a conduit for accruing wealth..

Steemit Quest For One Million ... Time required to build a $1,000,000.00 Steemit Account

Glad someone posted this. An interesting study in human/natural preferance for mathmatical ratios like this.

nah, i don't buy that. people may look good on the outside, but there is an aura around people that have the better attitude towards life.

i think i matters if that makes yu confortable and proud

That's something very interesting! Nice to know due to Fibonnaci I'm more attractive than I thought!

You're mathamatically perfect! lol!!

Damn, that fibonacci dude is everywere

It's also used in reading charts for stocks and currency exchanges.

Interesting post.

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Looks doesn't matter at all....thanks for the post

I certainly can attest that we Filipinos are a "Do Looks Matter" people. Attractive people get good jobs easier here in my country even if your portfolio says you are dumb.

I think people all over the world are like that to an extent :)

Lol! More attractive people are seen as more attractive than less attractive people. That's a top-notch finding right there. 😭


ugly + rich = handsome

haha I'm glad you enjoyed that gag
was probably my favorite line in there, but I couldn't quite deliver it that well

ugly + rich = walking atm

"Yeah, I had to be pretty careful googling for pictures like this one, so I did it on my brother's laptop just in case..." Hahaha. Love your humor all the way through and you are having a strong point here. Apparently we are wired by our culture and natural traits to choose the "beautiful". Lucky that our definition of what's beautiful does indeed vary quite a lot, at least to some degree.

haha thanks for actually having a read through it :)
I bet you're in a 1% minority

If it's entertaining enough, otherwise I'm a lazy ass like anybody else. lol.

It doesnt matter if you post many times a day, provided your contents are awesome. And makes a fantastic impact.

@Cornholio hi there buddy? 😝😝😝

@trafalgar. I gave this a very serious thought when I had decided to marry a pretty blond. My reasoning was that our kids should get her looks and my brains (since I am about as attractive as Jaba the hut. Lol). The I came across George Bernard Shaws doubt about what would happen if the reverse happened and the kids got my looks and her brains(?). Lol. As a result, I decided to stop worrying about all this and try keeping some of my sperm frozen for the times when they will be able to guarantee genetic propagation of specific characteristics of a particular parent in progeny. 😄😄😎

Thanks for enlightening us about the scientific research on this topic. Upvoted full.



thanks vm, glad you enjoyed it

@vm2904 I'm dying here lol 😂
I must say I'm seen a lot of unattractive people have beautiful children.

looks doesn't matter, only the amount of steem power you have.. lol

haha fingers crossed you're right

so be carefull, look about this:
I guess you had a nokia 10 years ago.. what will happen with BTC in 10 years from now

Based on all of that, I'm completely Stuffed!!!
Somebody once described me as "ugly as a hat full of arseholes".
Anyway, so far it doesn't seem to have been too much of a problem, I'm enjoying life, with not too many setbacks!!

maybe like a really pretty hat full of arseholes then

Mate, that's got to be one of the most cryptic comments I've seen...... it's just not possible to have a "pretty" hat full of arseholes......Lol.

There's hope!

There's always hope! Actually, now that you mention it, I don't reckon I scrub up too bad for an old bloke?

@plumey lol every sock has a pair ...

The best tip from Reddit I've ever gotten on how to succeed in life was this:

  1. Be attractive.
  2. Don't be unattractive.

I've always hated that sentence. It's just a lame excuse for not getting what you want in life. IMHO everybody can achieve whatever they want. Everybody can date a Victorias Secret model. Everybody can be successful. But if you approach life with this attitude, you are most certainly going to lose. Try to improve everyday and you will end up where you want to be.

Not necessarily correct. I was in the airport the other day watching the Victorias Secret video on the big screen. Later that night I was in the middle of a date with 3 of the models when I suddenly became short of breath and nearly died. (There's nothing worse than waking up with the Missus smothering you with your own pillow!)

Seems like a valid reason to do sports ;)

Hehe No wonder Steemit is taking over

sounds like a pro tip
too bad I'm a dick so even if I get plastic surgery I can never satisfy 2.

so true!:))

Looks matter, and exceptionally good looking people can use that.

But there are many very successful people who do not generally have "good looks."

What matters more is how one presents themselves. A good hair style ("good" depends entirely on the type of hair, ALL kinds of hair will have a good style, some will be harder to attain than others), clean and good-smelling skin, clean and well-chosen clothes, etc.
People who obviously do not take care of themselves, who have hair that is not taken care of, who are dirty or smelling, who wear clothes that are unkempt, will not be treated as well as people who obviously take care of themselves. This may or may not be fair, but it happens.

Therefore, I would say that "presentation" matters more than "looks" even though looks do matter.

A great looking person who presents poorly is likely to get a worse reception than an ugly person who presents well.

well I'm just hoping that as an ugly person who presents poorly, the two negatives cancel each other out :)

A great looking person competing with an ugly person, and both of them present equally well, will have an advantage. That means, that the ugly person has to work harder to get ahead. Luckily, that is entirely possible to do. There's a couple of old quotes about this:

A woman has to work twice as hard as a man to be considered half as good. Luckily, this is not hard.

Haha ... life would be so much easier with two negatives cancel each other out. It happens in the world of math -1 x -1 = 1, though. Let me know if you find it in another world or universe. ;-)

Leben Digital! 0110011000111011110111110001111101010000000111100000001010100000111111110111011011000000000000000000000000000000011111110000000000000000000000000000000000000000001111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111.......................................................................

I agree that personal hygiene is a very attractive quality.

you are absolutely right,,, I am this kind of person that does not care about apparences at all,,, and once I go to any nice coffeeshop or good Restaurant I receive a little harsh treatment,, I know It is because of the way I appear,,, lately I get used to it.
but when I finish and give a nice tip to the waiter or waitress,, guess what,, they remember me because I am different, this is the first thing,,, and nobody expected to get a tip from somebody who looks like me.
when I come back to the same place another time,, maybe a week or two weeks later,, I notice that the treatment gets better than the first time,, I even feel that I am the best treated client in the place..
this is really what happens to me all the time I promise... and I really liked it this way..
anyway everyone is a human being and we have equal rights as per GOD and as per Governments as well.

I personally agree more with this. Whatever my "base" looks are, I get treated better when I clean up than when I venture out in an overlarge T shirt and flip flops. If you've ever seen photos that compare the way celebs look when they're all made up for cameras and when they're caught unawares, you'll see that most people can get prettied up quite a bit.

I absolutely agree. The way you look won't help you (or it will help you only in certain situations) unless you have other qualities and how you "present" yourself is really important.

Hahaha you‘re awesome.
This is the very first post read from You and I love the combination of informative and sarcasmic.
I‘m looking forward to read more of you, starting now.
Related to the topic:
I think in general we have unconciously a netter firdt Impression and more open minded to attractive people.
But when it comes to character I think ugly people like You and me can convince trough humor and other good qualities ;-P

thanks a lot, glad you enjoyed it


There's a reason why the cosmetic industry is making bank! It matters to a lot of people. Best wishes, - @splendorhub

ahh, we men are easily fooled

everytime! and then u get used to the girl and then u get in love and then u get in a relationship with someone who if u met without make up u would say" omg so ugly" that's life:))

@vivqp such is life :)

@trafalgar I’d like to nominate you for the bw photography challenge, are you up for it?

Matters much more for strangers. It wears down over time and doesn't really matter all that much anymore with familiarisation. That's in-person. Fortunately with the internet and blockchain stuff happening now, the playing field is better right now, which reminds me of an excerpt:-

In the Information Society, no one who is truly able will be detained by the ill-formed opinions of others. It will not matter what most of the people on earth might think of your race, your looks, your age, your sexual proclivities, or the way you wear your hair. In the cybereconomy, they will never see you. The ugly, the fat, the old, the disabled will vie with the young and beautiful on equal terms in utterly color-blind anonymity on the new frontiers of cyberspace.

yes, I suppose anonymity can even the playing field

although judging by the number of swipe lefts I get, I'm not sure if, on balance, the internet really played into my favor :(

Hahaha. If you put on a cartoon face.. anyway, tinder is a different ballgame. I tried it once, nothing happened for a full day even as I right swiped everything, so I deleted my account as I couldn't take the embarrassment

hahaha kevin you poor bastard
you needed to show them your crypto net worth!

Kevin, that's what you get for putting on a handkerchief covered face on your tinder look like you about kidnap someone or at best rob a bank :D

mmmm wait, chick dig (successful) bank robber.

mental note: start a company call "golder" for the financially sexy.

can put your stock profile, or your tax return, or steem wallet page, covering half the face.....that should get them swapping right.

Hey at least it promotes Steem right?

I see people exploit their good looks all the time. Our instincts are hard to overcome, but we should really judge people by how they act rather than how they look

People immediately think I'm an asshole because of my crappy looks which is really unfair
I mean sure I am an asshole, but they had no way of knowing yet!

Stimmt --absolut Richtig

I find looks to be important but I solve it by turning off the light when it's "bed time"

Jokes aside it is a fact that looks do give advantages. In the same time many pretty people know this fact and thus might not try as hard as other to have a nice personality, they rely solely on their looks. This might work for sometime, but age sooner or later catches up with us, and then it will be good to have a partner with an awesome personality so you can look passed the saggy boobs.

simple is sometimes the best solution

also asking them to keep quite if they have a screechy or annoying high pitch, unattractive voice also helps (or gag them and tell them it's part of the bdsm intro bonding thingie to increase intimacy)

Ah, that's very considerate of you to turn off the lights for your wife's sake
Just goes to show that looks aren't everything!

people who are good looking are the only ones who says looks doesn't matter. so yeah, it does matter.....

nah looks don't matter
bah it didn't work i'm still ugly :p

There is a trade off, pretty women are not trusted by other women and they attract aggressive psychos...carry a gun if you are an attractive culture guns level the playing field.... psychopath men are carful when they know you are packing. Insecure women are a waste of time no matter how pretty they are😉

Hmm, I need to find myself an insecure, pretty woman who's not packing a gun
sounds challenging...

Trust me on this an insecure woman is a huge energy drain ugly or pretty, same goes for to be alone if one cannot find someone that is of good character.

Where I grew up in Oregon predators like bears and cougars ran wild and we all needed a good rifle and shotgun. We all still sleep with a shotgun under our beds. Having guns close kept people, bears, and cougars in check.

hi @reddust....when i first read

Where I grew up in Oregon predators like bears and cougars ran wild

I stopped and thought.....ok cougars I know.....them sexy hot milfy ones.....but bear, what are bears.....I thought they were like burly hairy yet cuddly gay guys or something......and then I thought how bad can wild bears ben then.....scratching my head......then I continued reading.....haha.

good reply, i like it.

I heard 'omg have you read 'trafs' latest post' from the other room..

It's 3 days old I shouted back... Found it eventually.

This is 12 @traf posts all rolled into one... shame on them for condensing laughter into one blog.

Although, I can't believe you are asking this question seriously as it's so bloody obvious as to what the answer is!

ya I figured people don't really have time to read long paragraphs and just want to get to the jokes along with a bit of trivia information on the subject

Playing around with these longer forms, not sure which direction to go

Anyway, I'm busy trying to flirt my way out of a speeding ticket...

Playing around with these longer forms, not sure which direction to go..

Always take the low road, there's way more comedy value this way 😁

There is no doubt that looks matter a lot :) And there is nothing you can do about it. I see it for example when I am browsing for introductions to find resteems for @welcoming. I am way more positive before reading when the post is suited by an attractive picture - It's doesn't have to be an attractive person, a bright smile is also great - But if its is, even more of course!

A picture/looks just get in our head even before we can read a text/talk to a person - so we already have an opinion before even hearing a word/reading a sentence.

But it's logical, since attractive behaviors often lead to looking more attractive. Of course, some people look better than others.

But everybody looks better healthy and happy than sick and depressed.

Ah you shallow man, bet you found my cartoon profile irresistible :)

Sry man, I am just a gold digger and here for your money!

@theaustrianguy you will do well on my 'tinder' replacement 'golder' see my reply to kevinwong.

Looks certainly make a difference! It's a biological imperative. But the question I have is why hasn't the self selecting gene pool been washed of all the ugly, deformed, misshapen, stupid , etc.? Is it that the beautiful have lower reproductive rates? How can that be when our notion of beautify is supposedly rooted in reproductive selectivity (things like large pelvis, voluptuous lips, broad shoulders, healthy cheek color, etc.)
I posit that we ugly SOBs are simply smarter! All you pretty folks just think you have an advantage because we want you to think that. Just look at who's doing the studies. It's us geeks who are not known for our drop-dead beauty (except for the few we salt within our ranks to throw you off) When was the last time you heard of a STEM beauty pageant?
So, just keep on thinking you're on top of it all; you're right where we want you.

well said! Need more defenders of us uglies around here!

The external appearance of a human being is very important and everyone, whether a woman or a man, should pay attention to it. But even more important, I find the inner values (the inner beauty) But no matter how you see it, when we stand one day before the Creator, we are all the same again, just as beautiful.

@homeartpictures I agree with you. Outer beauty fades, inner beauty never dies :)

but the great equalizer I must say is that everybody dies, lol :)

haha well said
although if you've met some of the people I have, you'll know that some people are ugly both inside and out

yes, this kind of people are there. And I already met some of them. lol *

I do think look matters when you don’t know the person. People with good looking has a lot advantage at the beginning but the perception could change with time goes by when you know more about them. Time is the best touchstone.

That's why I'm a very persistent stalker

For sure they matter when you are young and free (for men), and the size of your wallet later on..

for women.. always :)

Steem Will help solving that last problem lol

:))) that's funny and also very sad

haha sounds pretty harsh for women :)

well I’m a man and getting older so I see :). Sometimes the ugly (make & female) just have to settle (with each other). Rarely people get married despite what they look like and the wallet size. If they did, they would probably opt for the wallet later on and find something else. These are gross generalizations so of course there are cases of people marrying good people, but that’s more a rarity. For the sake of conversation I have to stereotype a little.

I'm all about the pheromones man! That and Axe Body Spray, that shit gets me going. Between my excellent Journalism and winning personality and being an international super model.....I just KNOW that some Whale is going to save my ass from having to write more than (Wow, good job!) on Steemit from now on :)

Yes but I once sprayed down there..the results were not what I expected. I told her to put out the cigarette first. - All hair gone.

Comeon @battleaxe

you and I know there is a key element missing in this whole conversation, ok, I'll speak in your axe spray language,

you get 1 clue,

and only 1 guess


Axe Extra Potent: When you know the pheromones were not lying

This reminds me of the time that I realized the only reason I used to be considered a "couchsurfer" instead of "fucking homeless" was my beautiful smile. It's a good thing I got my shit together before I got ugly!

ya, can't imagine you doing too well these days what with a pineapple for a face and all

"I never roofed, I roofied"

Said by Bill Cosby once.

too bad for him he was sort of an isolated case at that moment and couldn't hide behind Weinstein and friends

December is "Bang an Ugly Person" month. Actually, it's not, it's just my attempt to try to get a little action. I'd even settle for a day rather than a whole month.

I guess everyone else at work just calls it the 'go and fuck yourself swenger' month :)

LOL. Other months when people tell me that, I say, "No, that's December".

......nice comeback @swenger. It's currently go f......


....I thought you were going to say January....really!

hahaha.......shit harsh shit....but good reply

It'll come as no surprise then, that being attractive helps political candidates win over voters. Which must then imply that the only thing that can adequately compensate for being born with a face like an orangutan's scrotum is having tiny fucking hands.>


An important and relevant terminology for what you describe in this article, as I've heard it, is called lookism. Lookism is discriminatory treatment against unattractive people. In fact, in the US in the 70s, there used to exist laws that prevented people from appearing in public if they were deemed "too ugly."

In recent years, it seems like the mobility for physical appearance alterations has increased (makeup, plastic surgery, etc.) but I believe it's created a system where beauty and class has become intertwined - only the rich can afford expensive surgeries, makeup, beauty products, and the right grooming tools to look a certain way.

In this regard, I fear that lookism is becoming a proxy for classism, which is why I personally always try to avoid basing judgment on individuals on appearance (agreed, however, that this is a highly complex issue).

yeah fuck lookism!
in fact, not a big fan of smellism either, just because I only shower every other thursday doesn't mean I should be treated any differently!

Having been ugly my whole life, I'd say you are right when you say, "Attractive people get everything they want".

They get superficial relationships.
They get sexually assaulted.
They get abducted more frequently.
They get anorexia.
They have to have plastic surgery to keep from looking like the rest of us.
They usually have more marriages to keep them busy.
If you're a guy you usually have to pay child support to several women.

So ugly bastards, let's raise our glasses to ourselves and toast.

We can have guilt free sex by dumping our baggage and no one will care!

And the best part? It's cheap as hell to buy another bag to put over our heads.


yup! I gotta spend some time cutting holes in those paper bags from mcdonalds before sex as well

your bulging distracting-ly attractive muscle makes this reply hard to read much less imagine.....I feel compelled by your icon so I will just believe whatever you say


Not at all.

well, coming from the guy who's known to use force instead, I'm not surprised you feel that way

my lord vader, why the sad panda face?

Admit it, you instinctively swiped right didn't you?

nope, she looks like she invest too much time in her outward appearance. people that do this generally don't have much inward beauty, because if they did, they wouldn't spend so much time covering themselves up.

ok, now that your wife has stopped looking over your shoulder, you can admit you liked what you saw :)

nope, i really not a fan of such things, a real turn off.

i've been with some beautiful women, but in the end it was their life, and i found that sad.

i'm not saying it is impossible to look like that and not be hollow inside, but i've found it more often than not.

It's true that look does matter.

For a newborn, it's completely the gene. But as we age, I found out it's mixed with our appearance and personality to deliver a final look.

The look may give an advantage for the first impression, but it's the personality and willingness to sacrifice that maintains a lasting relationship.

this post is intelligently written and got the funny out of me rotfling so I guess you're attractive enough? but then I read that you don't think so - so whatever..
define attractive .. hmm.. would Picasso's paintings of his lovers pass that? shall I just spell attractive then? seems easier to do than to define

do looks matter to me? yes - but only when it comes to who am going to be sharing the bed with I dont want to have nightmares
as for hanging around with - also .. I want to stand out so let the uglies come along (just kidding)

seriously now.. yes it does!!! but if they're beautiful inside out then consider me adhesive to those kind of people I don't like hanging around with just shrimps :D

thanks a lot, glad you enjoyed it
guess i'm not the only shallow one coming up with excuses haha

@trafalgar so it depends to what's the case. if we are talking about making a new friends nobody has to give a damn about the looks, i don't give a damn about the looks. now as far as it concerns a girlfriend it's only natural that looks matter as it's the first thing you see either you want it or not, in my perspective the character matter most but ofc if i don't like the looks i cant be with that person, i can be as a friend.

finally even at the job section it depends. you want a programmer? nobody gives a damn about how it looks, want a sales person for let's say women make up , then ofc looks matters as the consumers believe so too.

oh sure, if it's about some person on the other side of the planet who i'll never meet, I don't give a damn about their looks either :)

It is always about the combination: looks + inner qualities + personality + chemistry + Jacobson organ (can you smell and stand the persons genes or not), way of thinking and expressing it, body language, social behavior.

hmm glad you explained that part about the jacobson organ because that would not have been my first guess ;)

for me it doesn't matter... living a good life... with good deeds and good attitude... what is inside of you is beautiful.. added to that God never created ugly... it is us who labelled it to others.

damn, well in my case what's inside me is ugly too!

If I meet you in person, I still say you are beautiful...
You are beautiful inside and out...
Even you think you're not, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

Every impressions starts on the outer look of a person and follows the inside. How we showcase ourselves in public is something that is important and such includes the total being of our personality. And yes, how a person look, do matter.

yeah, although I hate shallow people other than myself :p

I wouldn't call it shallow :)

Hey @trafalgar, can you post a picture of yourself? I need to know if I should take you seriously or not. 😁

haha... nice :) didn't you see his pic before he put up the comic boy..... he looks like a korean pop star.

You're a funny guy!
You really are a funny guy!

They matter a lot....a lot a lot

Dead... at that bit about attractive males and "dropping the soap" Bravo!

In as much as looks matters, i dont agree that looks should be a yardstick for judging or selecting people for a job or position or for attention. Some of the points stated i agree with, especially how things work, but it turns out the not very attractive persons got some good traits and talents in them when given a chance.
But in real life, an attractive person gets attention much more before a not too attractive person does. So i will agree with your post @trafalgar, but i still will not use looks as a yardstick for judging or rating anyone.

yes, that's fair enough