My first half-marathon ✅

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I've started investing in my health after living a not-sustainable life (lots of smoking & unhealthy diets) for years.

COVID-19 forced us to work from home, and that gave me a lot of extra time to fix things, considering I was losing a lot of time on transportation, before.

I've quit smoking first, then started eating healthy stuff instead of garbage food.


My weight graph over the last year until now, from ATH 108KG to ATL 80 KG.

I did start running a little bit late because obviously I was over-weighted and I needed to lose some weight first. Following a ketogenic diet with lifting and periodic walking, cycling (this is a national thing around here) helped me lose my weight into a normal BMIBody Mass Index, so I've started running four months ago.

I still remember the first week, I was unable to run even 500 meters without having a little rest. Now, four months later, I've completed a half-marathon run (21 kilometers, 13 miles).


Well, it's not the best pace, but my goal is to able to complete a half-marathon run regardless of the pace.

My next target is improving the pace and heart-rate zones for a couple of more half marathons, later maybe, I may try a full marathon, who knows? 😎

How are the quarantine and work-from-home life going for you? Did you manage to improve your health?

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Quit smoking and lost 18kg, that is fucking awesome! Well done dude!


This is another insane number to me, it is as flat as a pancake round your way!

Oh yeah, I been doing a lot of home workouts this past year and feel they are much better than the gym. Check out HIIT on youtube and have a go at some of those. They are different to jogging and will give your knees a rest.

p.s. Don't start with this one :)

Do you do her trainings?
I'm more the outdoor sports person, but people around me follow her challenges / daily trainings. I've been told that 'super sweaty' isn't a false promise :D

I do this one, only found her a few weeks ago. The first time I was sweating and thinking how long left after 10 mins - you are pretty shattered at the end and would say this is the toughest of any I've been doing this past year.

Outside is nice though, been cycling today and did a run yesterday. The HIIT routines are better for total body and building muscle, I highly recommend!

sounds like a challenge 💪

Feel free! Let me know how you get on :D



This is another insane number to me, it is as flat as a pancake round your way!

I know, right. That's how Netherlands works. 🤣

Check out HIIT on youtube and have a go at some of those. They are different to jogging and will give your knees a rest.

Will do, thanks for the suggestion. 👍

lol, my math is shocking, that's even more amazing!

What do you friends/family say when they see you, I bet they are like wtf happened?!

I've made sure they see my progress over time. :)

We're now laughing at old photos.

Quality :)

I bet people that didn't see you in over a year don't recognize you, awesome stuff!

Well, it will be a shocker for colleagues, for sure. If we ever go back to the office. :)

Should be interesting - who's the new guy in IT? :D

I'm hoping I never have to go back to the office, it's starting to get warmer here in Mallorca - beach after work, yes please!

That’s great you got into it! That’s also a really good time. How do your joints and stuff feel? I ran a half marathon years ago and it was a remarkable experience! One thing you have to be carful of is overtraining. I did too much too quick and I have a partially torn meniscus now. No more running for me lol.

Keep up the exercising, and stay away of smoking!

Thanks! I feel great, having a good recovery. Joints are also OK, but tomorrow may hit harder. Let's see :)

Sorry to hear about the meniscus problem, I try not to over-train and always recover well after workouts.

Yeah that’s good rest days are important. Did you feel the runners high? I didn’t until I did the half marathon. It’s a very strange feeling!

for me, it depends on the path. If the running route is a route that I know and I don't need to check navigation or signs, I reach to runners' high pretty easily. And I agree it's a strange/great feeling :)

However, if it's a trail that I run the first time, I cannot get the runners high. I guess it related to my mind is being anxious about not losing the route. :)

Wow, impressive weight loss and congratulations on the half marathon! That's a great achievement, keep it up!
With almost a year in home office now I'm happy to be at roughly the same weight as before. A little bit more sports probably wouldn't hurt :)


I'm happy to be at roughly the same weight as before. A

Well, that's something. :) Considering we're staying at home and moving less.

Absolutely awesome job and congratulations on your fitness goals. there is nothing more important than taking care of yourself.

You are very welcome

Wow that's great, you have a good training plan, the best thing you could have done was to quit smoking, so your lungs are in better working order and you have more stamina. Congrats!

I agree. quitting smoking was a great break-through. Thanks for the kind words. 💪

Wow, congratulations on completely changing your lifestyle and all goals you have reached so far. Covid has some good sides after all ;) And also a really nice pace for your first half marathon! It is just insane that you went from no running to a half marathon in 4 months and also loosing 28 kg is a huge achievement.

Gongrats again and cheers !BEER

Thanks, mate. I need to stay stable now :) It's easy to re-gain the lost weight back.

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Wow, that is impressive stuff. There is something to be said for the unhealthy lifestyle but after a while it does catch up!

Will double check my witness votes, I am sure you are already in but if not the half marathon bit cinched it ;0)

Thanks meesterboom,

You already support my witness. Much appreciated :)

but after a while it does catch up!

That's actually amazing. The body recovers very fast even though I didn't treat it very well in the past.

It does indeed. I quit smoking for good a year or so ago and I felt the difference right away but now can't even picture going back. Long may it stay that way for you!

Thats an amazing set of achievements. Congrats!


High respect, really top, but don't overexert yourself 👍:))