The following bot owners support promoting scammy trash on Steemit.

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@postpromoter @smartsteem @rocky1 @appreciator @upme @buildawhale @promobot @jerrybanfield

What do all of these users/bots have in common?

They allow their "service" to be used to promote scammy trash like @joeparys to the top of our Trending page.

Is the the kind of trash you think new users should see when they visit Steemit?

I don't.

Don't you think it's time the bot owners take some responsibility for the shit they're allowing to be promoted?

I do.

(Promoting using all of the bots above - this should be fun)


This report may interest you. The numbers are pretty ridiculous.

What I'm wondering: if this guy Joe Parys is making $250000 per year teaching on Udemy, why is he wasting his precious time on Steemit ? What is he doing here ? Shouldn't he rather spend time becoming even more proficient at what he obviously masters - teaching on Udemy - rather than wasting precious hours in order to ... bring more competition for himself ? Isn't that rather the opposite of what he should be doing ?


I guess I'll take my question directly with him :-)

Maybe he’s trying to promote his business. Seems like a pretty effective way to do it as well, especially since @berniesanders is now giving him an extra slot on the trending page.

You gotta have a bit of faith in people man! There are more smart people than dumbasses out here. Unless by giving them a slot you mean, exposing people to the fakery and who is supportive of that fake content.

I like what @sneaky-ninja and probably a few other bid-bots are doing to monitor the content they upvote whether after the fact or by having blacklistings that are also reviewed.

i AM a bit surprised to see @appreciator and @smartsteem listed as well. both these operations claim to have whitelists and blacklists and even a degree of manual curation efforts. Come to think of it, going through the smartsteem whitelisted accounts, I found the ratings a bit strange. Some dead accounts and so many with 3 stars that I really can't sell my votes to. After sifting through the whitelist, I think I have left just 20 out of 118 checked.

Don’t have faith in anyone unless proven otherwise. And frankly all the complaining about bid bots on here is ironic considering that literally 100% of the people who use this site do it because contributors are rewarded financially.

Furthermore, there is no such thing as bad publicity. Anyone who skimmed homeboy’s post about his udemy course (an overt advertisement) might read this one because the tone is completely different. Yet the thumbnail is a screenshot of the post. And now there are literally hundreds of comments discussing him, his business and his udemy course. Is this better than his post disappearing into obscurity in a few days? Absolutely.

I doubt old Bernie is a paid shill, but this is a common and extremely effective way to market a company. Happens all the time on Reddit. A company will post a funny picture and there will be a can of Pepsi in the background, for example. Has nothing to do with the content, but just the fact that it’s there reminds people that it exists.

That said, why is everyone jumping down this guy’s throat for advertising his course? I agree that he probably could have put a little more effort into his post. Maybe given a better explanation of how he made the money, or what specifically we would learn in the course.

But the guy is offering to teach you how to make money which is literally the reason everyone uses this fucking stupid website in the first place. $250k in two years is pretty amazing if true. Why is the reaction so negative?

Why is this automatically considered a scam just because he guy is out here trying to promote his business? Do you know how hard it is to create a course for udemy, let alone get thousands of people to purchase it and leave a review? Do you think that shit just magically happens overnight?

I think what Steemit really suffers from is a lack of hustle. People are so lazy and entitled over here and feel they deserve to be rewarded for their subpar content that no publisher would even pay $20 for. Aside from a few developers and authors, few people on here think big enough to use the steemit system to their advantage. Say what you want about @jerrybanfield for example, but the guy has a popular YouTube channel, is a steemit personality, has his own vote bot and probably makes money in a dozen other ways as well.

That in and of itself is admirable because it is not an easy thing to do. It takes massive amounts of time and work to get to that level. And yes I understand that most of the content on here is not @yallapapi levels of amazing, but whose fault is that? Jerry’s? This udemy guy’s?

No. It’s ultimate all of your fault. The trending page is just one page on this entire website. There are thousands to choose from. The best content does not go there, the most heavily promoted does. I find it ironic that Bernie even used vote bots to promote this post as well, but honestly I’m not surprised by anything on steemit anymore.

Instead of looking at what others have and saying it’s not fair, why not learn from them and copy what they do? There is a reason why you see the same people over and over on Trending: because they understand how the system works and are using it to their advantage. Nothing is stopping you or anyone else from doing the same.

If it’s an issue of money, then you need to think of other ways to solve your problem. Promote off steemit. Reach out to whales/personalities and work out a deal where they promote one of your posts in exchange for something you do for them. Create an engagement group where everyone upvotes each other’s posts for better visibility. Start a fund that curates the best content. Something.

This culture of entitlement and anti-entrepreneurship in here is just downright pathetic. People expect things to be easy for them, they want to be handed everything. The second someone establishes an advantage it’s all of a sudden “abusing the system.” No it’s not.

Commercials on tv are not abusing the system. Ads in a newspaper are not abuse. Sponsorships for sports teams are not abuse. This is how business is done. This is how you have a computer to read my stupid comment and electricity to power your house.

Jerry banfield is subpar trash.

@nonameslefttouse you're the hero we need right now.

@yallapapi, No, bid botting is not the same as an advertisement. We've been through this before. Bit botting is more subtle and deceptive. You know when you are watching a fucking commercial.

I thougt we have been through this before with you discussion with him. Why do you continue to exume the same dead talking points.

You are just another devious marketer that hopes to exploit people's psychology while offering little value.

Please, stop trying to take advantage of people. I would be glad to support you if you stop using a methodology based on hype (smoke and mirrors).


I think you take an assumption and run too far away with it. I am here to read good content, create good content, and curate so as to keep the place nice and clean. If I don't like or want hustle, I don't support it. Bid-bots who are doing that, should be called out for doing so and we can all see who is who. Then we get to choose. If an newspaper publishes nonsense, I don't buy it. I am ENTITLED to choose.

Of course you're entitled to choose. But like I said before, we are all on Steemit to make money. All of us. 100%. Nobody is here because the technology is superior or because it's the only game in town. There are other platforms that are more established with bigger audiences, more features, etc. We are here for the money.

So if you're already here to make money, why not make the most of it? That's what I don't understand. How are people having trouble making this connection?

I'm not saying we're ONLY here for the money. But if all of a sudden we switched to a Reddit-like system of "karma" for rating content instead of crypto, how many people do you think would stick around?

If people want to advertise the fact that they are using bid bots, that's up to them. I've been very up front about my use of bots from the beginning. In fact, I would even say that my first set of of posts that hit the Trending page and colorfully explained this phenomenon is what inspired this recent outrage.

You can buy whatever newspaper you want. And you don't have to read the ads if you don't want. You can skim right over them if that's your thing. But sometimes you see an ad for something that interests you or that you actually need. And you didn't even know you needed it.

Take this guy's course for example. Before today I never even considered signing up for a Udemy course on how to make money... from making Udemy courses? But after all this I'll probably at least go over there and see what this guy's about. It's not the end of the world. And of all the posts on there I find it strange that Mr Bernie decided to go after this guy. He is at least advertising a service that could potentially help people improve their financial situation (which is, once again, the main reason all of us use Steemit and not another platform).

Plenty of other targets to go after. In fact, why is nobody saying anything about @berniesanders using paid bots to promote his articles? He's making a profit from this post as well. I can't imagine that it took him very long to write. But because it presses a certain button that triggers a lot of the users on here, people either forget about that or choose to ignore it.

Not hating on the guy. We all have to get our name out there some how. And that's exactly what we're doing on here. For example, this is not a private message between you and I. We are talking on a forum where we both have an audience to argue our points. Some people will agree with me and vice versa. We build our cred slowly over time and solidify any supporters we already have.

Why does nobody like to talk about this openly when it's obvious that everyone does it? Using the bots is the same. You want people to put a disclaimer in their posts that say they're using bid bots? Do you think that's going to change anything?

The only reason people care is that the people who have money are making more money, ostensibly at the expense of people who "choose" not to use bid bots when in all likelihood it's just because they don't have the expendable income to do so. In the past I've said that in a not-so-nice way, but let's call it what it is.

If you have an ecommerce store that sells something and you put an ad on Facebook, are you now a bad person because your ad gets more visibility than a random post by someone that didn't pay to advertise their content? I don't get it.

"So if you're already here to make money, why not make the most of it? That's what I don't understand. How are people having trouble making this connection?"

You will go crazy trying to answer this question.

It's like everyone here is autistic about game theory.

It's like everyone here is autistic about game theory.

Or maybe they are thinking that if you you can starve a lion long enough, it'll start eating grass. I also notice that these people who are "Autistic" about game theory tend to be communist leaning.

Most of these people aren't even honest with themselves. Won't admit they are here for money but happily kiss whale ass for upvotes then look down their noses at you for being upfront and paying for your upvote. Smh

I don't have the exact same opinion about bid-bots as many of those here. I believe there are good and bad bots. I want to support and use those bid-bot owners who don't promote poor content. This means, i wish to see a transparent process in place to place hustlers, spammers, scam artists etc, on a black list. Why? Not because i begrudge them a right to scam people. It is because I want to use a platform which also has longevity for me to make money perhaps or for me to reach an audience, -well into the furture. Scammy trash content serves only those unscrupulous scammers and the bid-bots who supplied them a means to get rich scamming people. There are other places to scam people. They can even stay here, but the community will eventually clean things up. Important thing is, it must be done transparently and everyone ought to have power to do it.

I don't disagree. But a professional marketer advertising his Udemy course is not "scammy trash." He's not scamming anyone. A scam is where he takes the money and disappears. He is marketing his course. A very successful course by the looks of it.

"Everyone" does not do it. There are some - like me - who think using bots to buy popularity and votes is outright bribery that ends in theft of the rewards pool, diversion of attention, and adding totally useless clutter to the daily traffic. Thieves always justify their malfeasance so they can continue ripping the system off. Create a bot-killer and see how many people surprise you with the amount of money they suddenly have available to fund it.


I wrote something similar below. Yours is better.

The world is to varied, diverse....what interest one doesn't interest another. You are right about that. I may pass up ten, fifteen articles in my feed or on trending until I hit on something that interest me. We have to respect everyone's contribution to grow as a community and be inclusive. I can see being a little more concerning towards people who would try and make big bucks by repeatedly posting nonsense just for the sake of posting something. Like someone who would go online to find memes to post without at least trying to create their own, or similar things along that line.

wow! and this is how you get advertised man. Seriously this post is a good way of advertising the Udemy guy like you said.
Sadly most people will not think of that. lol

You know how else business is done?....when they are inclusive to all levels of intellect. This is why Steemit will never reach the status FB has achieved in life. I find it incredibly insulting that one who simple has a learning disability but tries his best could find themselves shunned and alienated simply for trying. It makes my blood boil knowing someone would label a learning handicap as being lazy and expecting things to come easy.

I love your viewpoint and it was worth a "follow".

Thank you, I have a son who had a unspecified learning disability. I always told him trying was better than not trying at all, if you spend your time worrying about what other people are going to think you will only hold yourself back.

I am more a blogger then content producer. Been blogging for three years now, sort of addicted to it, it's something I enjoy doing. Putting time right now into writing and creating just isn't worth the payout for the time involved. I do try and find something to write about once a week but it's varied with a simply least until it's a little more worth it. Thank you for the follow.

Couldn't have said it better. You earned a follow.

Don’t have faith in anyone unless proven otherwise.

Nice to see others who believe in this philosophy.


that's like saying

don't believe a stranger gaving you a winning lottery ticket until you cash it out


a car has 4 wheels

daem....folks really easily impress by #guppyschool

I didn't even know you could do that! Now I've got to figure out how to manage my upvotes on smarsteem more granularly. Right now I have it set to 3 starts (excellent quality, I think) and just assumed that was a reliable filter for at least filtering out spam. If you happen to see this, can you tell me where you were able to pick and choose who your upvotes are going to (or aren't going to) one by one?

Hi - yes. I advise that you DO do that. The stars system seems pretty broke, with many of the 3 star accounts being dead or publishing low quality content imo. I am not sure the ratings are even updated at all, and if so - it certainly appears it hasn't happened for the 2 weeks or so that I have been logging in there.

You do it by selecting whitelist, then save it after going through the list of about 150 users on the whitelist. Be sure to select my @trumanity account ;-) around Page number 50+ or so - my @oneazania account is not whitelisted (close unashamed self-promo).

You can also find it by going directly to the SELL YOUR VOTES section, Choose Users (middle selection) - see the link with this text

(Save Settings first!) Click on 'Users' or follow this link to choose the Users you want to vote on.

Make sure you save everything (bottom right hand side button).

If all goes well, you see a tiny confirmation message at the top of the page - I often get errors - try different browsers - rinse and repeat ;-)

EDIT: it took me a good hour to go through the list. Also, found your account on page 8 - your comment here drew my attention to the need to uncheck the one below yours and check yours ;-)

Sadly, simply being a smart person doesn't make them good. It's often relatively smart people who scam others en-masse. It's often relatively smart people who hack others.

Though they may be smart, that could only work against us.

Right? Some people don't realize that the more attention they give these account, the more publicity they give this case all attention is good attention and effective for the most part

He doesn't claim to make that per year, it is since 2015, and it is from a whopping 74 'courses', he's here to get more suckers to give him 9.99


I saw his attention-grabbing headline and was immediately put-off. Didn't bother to read his post, to me the headline was intentionally set to mislead people into believing that he did that in 1 year.

I'm not sure coming and advertising "your other business" is the spirit of this platform. I know I would quickly leave if this Joe Parys was successful and as a consequence more "Joe Paryses" showed up and started flogging snake-oil all over the place ...

I don't think there's anything wrong in promoting a business on Steemit, however like you mentioned, it's the flavour of the post, from the headline to the visual design of it, it screams scam.

To be fair to him though, seeing as I don't actually know the guy or have checked out his courses. is a bonafide, top quality site, so it's possible his courses are valuable, he just has a terrible way of presenting them.


I agree with your comments on Udemy.

I think we all know the answer to that.

Of course, it was tongue-in-cheek ... :-)

hahahahahaha maybe is try to gather new idea

You are damn right!

What, he can't do more than one thing?

How is his post even objectively trash? Wouldn't one need to examine the methods within for efficacy before simply calling this garbage?

I don't get people around here. Is making money from home teaching shit not of interest to some people? I assumed it was.

Just because something doesn't interest me, doesn't mean I have to dog-pile it.

I once had a "guy" contacted me on Facebook messenger out of the blue (not my friend nor anything, no idea how I got contacted but I suppose he somehow bought the right to write me from the Zuck). He started asking me questions about stock market investments - what I'm invested in. He touted a couple of run-of-the-mill blue chip stocks like Nike, Intel, GE, asked me whether I was invested in crypto. He wasn't genuinely interested in my answers because when I said that I mostly look at French stocks, which I know and understand better he ignored my answer.

Long story short, after he "gained trust" (or so he thought probably) he shared with me his big secret: a one-of-a-kind automatic trading algorithm which was bringing him returns of 15% per WEEK with no effort. He just sat back and pocketed the money.

Quiz: How was that "even objectively scammy trash?" How do you even recognize a scam ?
Answer: when someone comes over and pretends to offer to one or more perfect strangers a unique recipe to make a lot of money from an activity that is not widely known for generating that kind of returns.

Like the "Nigerian Prince wife / banker / attorney" who offers you the $3 000 000 of the deceased Nigerian Prince if only you'll send him $3000 upfront in fees.

It must be the same Nigerian Prince (or recently Secretary to the Minister) I encountered. It was fun to watch the transparent plot develop. BTW read your "The day the steam blew off" and am following.

Thank you! Followed back, I'll read more of your posts as soon as I get a bit of time
Steem on! :)

Bots are controlling everywhere, including steem...

Interesting! I only use bid bots very casually with small boosts of like a couple dollars, but when I do now, I will be more picky

@berniesanders is right. Bots have become a big problem on Steem and this scammy sounding shit is one side of it.

Amazing number of follower

I think capability matters the most. Udemy or steemit deserves specialization and efficiency.

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@berniesanders i believe @smartsteem is very strict bot and they have own downvote system and blacklist trashers and abusers

Pretty sure bernie's kinda done his homework on this one.
(Even though half-assed, I know you B!)

I am also surprised - but I spent the weekend studying the whitelisted accounts and by-and-large they don't deserve the ratings they have received. Perhaps they need to be reviewed (which is a big job). A lot of spammy plagiarising accounts also get upvotes from smartsteem big bot (even though they are not on their whitelist). They do have a black list and a system where users can have posts reviewed for blacklisting - but it is such an unwieldy job. I (want to) believe in smartsteem that they might bring the system up to scratch eventually though.

It makes you wonder. I was doing the same thing and found one "person" who joined STEEM in January and is following over 330,000 others! I just got a human friend to join and her first two instant postings were bots offering to sell her their services. A VERY bad impression for a newcomer.

Trade Wars Just Beginning... In A Fight Over An Indefinitely Shrinking Pie.

Next Generation Jerry is incoming

just followed you from this comment I like your username and profile pic haha nice look

I completely agree with you !! i am quite new here on steemit but i am feeling very disappointed with what i continously see on the trending section. Always same people with mainly same trash with no real value (most of the time just scams) but only bot boosted/upvoted post. I really would be more than interested if there was a way to flag/report bots in order to block their activity.

Even if we get rid of bots, we still have a problem with spam accounts...You've read this on the trending page right?

yes unfortunately i did read about spam accounts.....if steemit do not find a way to stop them then this will be the end for the platform at least there should be some moderators that have the permission to block accounts and also the possibility to every individual to flag an account then when a certain threshold is reached the account gets closed automatically

Agreed! An excellent solution.

Bernie makes a lot of sense in many of his posts. Is this really @ned?

It is boring to see the trending page with the same people - people who can afford to buy upvotes. Just saying. ☺

I'm under that 50% mark now

Two issues with this tool:
1.) Doesn't give a preview of what the posts actually is.
2.) I don't have enough steem power to hurt the shitposters.

I primarily use minnowbooster as its the only bot that has an interface that makes sense and also gives a decent return. I like a few others, but they are all starting to suck pretty bad these days. I think I'm done with bid bots for a while unless I really want to promote something.

I recently stopped delegating my steem power, I thought it had equal value to me and the community but it did not work out. On cancelling the agreement the cooling off period is seven days (steem power stays off limits to me), but the payments stopped immediately.

I really got duped into thinking Jerry was dead serious with his personal motivations and campaigns regarding the sincerity of the Steem project(s) he initiated. That prayer t-shirt alone got me by bringing in some kind of next level credibility. Prayer baby, you can never go wrong. LOL


To Jerry's credit, he has put out a few videos that are RIGHT ON. You might not know it, but Jerry tries, even if he misses the mark a lot. He actually has an excellent video that highlights the abuse of the Trending page in a VERY gentle, and non-confrontational way. I thought his tactics in this video were excellent; something to be replicated, not mocked.

Anyone who likes Jerry Scamfield is a moron.

Yes, I upvoted rawdawg at 100%, Jerry.
Are you going to silence my voice by flagging my posts?
Let's see how good of a witness you are, shall we?

(Shouldn't have ignored my question on your live chat bby, you pussied out and this is what people think you deserve. Nothing personal. You're just following bad practices. Become a good human being like me first (a good "Steemian" always comes 2nd) and then you have a good chance.
Also people, look at my bio.)


Who are you talking to? Yourself?

I knew dicks won't be able to see that name even after using the largest header there is. I just knew it.

Let's try to have a healthy conversation instead - what point about my comment do you disagree on, @artopium? You're an even bigger dick and a cunt if you say "all of it".


You might want to look into anger management.

Hmm. Sounds like you attempted to insult me. But did you watch the video? Probably not.

I will repeat myself, anyone who likes, supports, or thinks Jerry Scamfield’s work should be replicated is a fucking moron. I will never support a self promoter who uses religion and other nefarious means to prey on gullible and naive people. Maybe you should do a little more research on the person you so freely support jackass.

I am thoroughly against Banfield my damn self, so reading this shit put a hell of a smirk on my face. I love the play on his name LOL it's classic. Fact is, Banfield is a talentless fucking crook who attacks someone's weakness "inadvertently" to play them for financial gain. He is a shitbag, whether he creates calm, non violent videos or not. He does not deserve the spotlight he has.....especially his youtube videos with his own created music that sound like someone running a cat in heat through a fucking woodchipper. Do not feed the animals, do not support Banfield!

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Great minds think alike apparently. :)

Indeed they do my friend. I'm now following your blog!

Love that twist on the name; very creative and subtle.

I was like "who is this guy and why is he so angry?" It seems Jerry personally screwed you over or something. Hey man, it's cool. We all get screwed over from time to time. But then I looked at your profile and it all made sense. Good luck with all your hating and stuff.... @rawwwwwdawwwwg

I wouldn't bother trying to take an unbiased or open-minded position on Jerry with certain posters. They are almost religiously opposed to him for reasons that are never fully explained.

Watched the video that was a sneaky up-voter. Agree with you.

With all due respect to Jerry's unparalleled fluency to speak spontaneously on any of his field of interests--therefore hold the attention of a large audience, nonetheless I am beginning to believe Jerry also has the gift to become a sensational Born Again pastor.


@introvertspeaks I'm done after that LMAO Pastor Jerry out Peter Popoff Banfield is coming for ya

Sleeping tip at work.


LMFAO I'm dead after reading that one LOLOLOL

I have had these thoughts from the jump...

The post reminds me a bit of Matt Trainer. It is cheesy as heck, but I can't really see anything that a bot owner could point at and say why they wouldn't support it. What grounds would you like them to use?

People need to pull out their little, tiny, ittybitty, flags.

I agree.
The only response to this specific post...if the bot owners so chose...would be to remove their vote or at least a % of it for disagreement on rewards.
Outside of course individuals flagging it for being crap...which I myself did.

We need more people like these two above.
100% agreed.

Been using my 0.01 downvotes a lot lately. Can't wait for it to hit 0.02.

The bot owners can defend themselves successfully - only when they create their own rules as to what is not allowed to be promoted.

But do we see any strict rules?
Nada hombre.

I was surprised to see how quickly they all caved in to the aggressive campaign led by a solitary feral cat to enforce a 3.5 day limit on paid-for upvotes. That limit apparently was to allow enough time for cleaners to come in and downvote before pay-out.. weak argument if you ask me. It sounds like nuking an entire city to get rid of criminals.

Notwithstanding such a weak argument, they mostly caved - why? If you hit their customers and hence their potential to make money, their jelly-fish bodies take a new form. All except for 2 or three major bid-bots who didn't cave in to tyranny.

The people who sell steempower delegation to these bots are just as culpable, arn't they?

I recognise this guy. I watched his Youtube. He just recycles material. He couldn't explain how steembot tracker works. He makes half-baked tutorials. I learnt more than him from talking to people in Discord.

These guys are acting irresponsibly promoting shitposts!

So you send them 100+ SBD to advertise your shitpost. That'll show 'em.

That's the point. He writes a shitpost to demonstrate that these bots upvote shitposts. This post is so shit, it's going to take a week to get the smell out of my house.

I can't even laugh at the irony. Living contradiction.

(Promoting using all of the bots above - this should be fun)

That was kind of the point. Write a shit post then send sbd to shitpost supporting bots to prove his point that they upvote shit.

Not sure if he put what I quoted before or after your comment though.

They are the arms dealers of Steemit ;)

I think steemit should block bots and not be allowed on the platform.

It’s not fair. Lol

It’s not fair.

Life is not fair, it's just one of those things.

... but ... but.. this is the blockchain era!

“To live without loving is to not really live.” - Molière

@cleverbot @banjo

Dude why are you flagging @transparencybot? It's hard enough to find minnows willing to stand up to #rewardpoolrape as you call it, do you really think its a good idea to scare the few who do? Some of what you argue is valid and I want to get behind but I really don't understand what your goal is other than to cause drama and make sure no one is big enough to stand up to you. Please prove me wrong.

Or are you going to flag me for saying this?

I don't need to prove shit to you, that bot and it's large, bold, obnoxious message is nothing but spam.

Well now that Bernie has spoken I guess us minnows with different opinions should sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up right?

Got it. Thanks.

I don't give a shit what you do, you don't have enough SP to affect anything anyways.

Unfortunately this "Trending Page" never was of interest! I check the "new" stuff and visit the blogs of the people I am interested in.
Would be cool to have a feature to group several profiles to lets say "crypto stuff", "cat pictures", "porn stars", "development" ..
Really cool stuff is reblogged anyway by someone I follow.

I don’t know about Jerry, he seems like a nice guy but he also promotes his stuff, so there’s that.

I do see some bot owners promote the most stupidest shit I’ve seen and because of that promotion they earn like 10x as much as I do. Really pisses you off. So yes I would like for bot owners to start taking responsibility for what they promote.

hello! #steemian please tell what happened with #randowhale when his service will start.

I do believe that bots are bad for the community, and that they should be run MUCH more carefully, I think that @buildawhale is leading the way in at least trying to stop promoting plaigarism with the bot and stopping abuse of it.

@themarkymark, owner of @buildawhale has worked to stop rewarding plaigarism, just check out some of his posts:

You should check out @thehumanbot. If bid bots have to exist, they should all be like @thehumanbot.

As a minnow, I would love for bots like @buildawhale to stop voting, so that I could have a larger share of the reward pool. But for now, to be able to succeed on Steemit, I have to use some bid bots.

I rarely bid larger than 0.5 SBD and have never bid larger than 2 SBD.

I especially support @thehumanbot’s cause, and yours. Steem does not need bid bots, and it should not have them.

I have voted on my own comment, but only to make sure that you would notice it.

It'll be funny to see those vote bot's reactions when they see they have voted a post that is completely against them...

Thank you.

I like @themarkymark too and think he is quality. He still has my witness vote, though I do think bid bots are a problem and the presence of "good" ones probably just muddies the water.

I would love to hear your opinion about my suggestion (or prediction) for the Trending page. Can you have a read on the last part?

Also I just delegated to Dmania and I'm influencing the bot to reward original content and avoid plagiarised shitty ones as much as I can with my support power. I'm encouraging the community to create original memes for little to no reward to myself. I hope you support my initiative!

Supporting Original Memes

if you create your own memes mention my name and i’ll upvote the good ones

I don't always flag but If I flag then the meme meets one of these criteria:

  • begging for upvote or memes about "dmania upvote" or "supporters upvote"
  • clear copy/plagiarism
  • I don't understand the meme (not in English, abusers' inside joke, or just doesn't make sense)
  • You promoted your post in #wall-of-shame discord channel

    if you think your original meme is good just mention @LifeAEF in your comment

I guess you're doing a good work. Good job(?)

I'm not looking for a compliment @yesaye

Neither am I giving you a complete one; I've yet to research your claims. But since you've commented with detail and are actually doing something good, do keep half of the compliment for now until I'm done researching. ;)

@yesaye hey, if you haven't read this then I recommend reading at least the last two paragraphs

I didn't even know you could do that! Now I've got to figure out how to manage my upvotes on smarsteem more granularly. Right now I have it set to 3 starts (excellent quality, I think) and just assumed that was a reliable filter for at least filtering out spam. If you happen to see this, can you tell me where you were able to pick and choose who your upvotes are going to (or aren't going to) one by one?

Omg, I hate a lot of the bots around here. They constantly follow and then unfollow, spamming my Busy notifications.

Do you have Steemify? Because I’ve had that promoted post follow and unfollow me like every single day, it ticks me off how he’s clogging my notifications.

I use Busy. And yes, that @promotedpost bs literally does it everyday!

Aaah busy! Is there a mobile application for that yet?

Keep the community clean of scammers !

I agree with you bots are annoying, no one tries

his name is business in blockchain steam Mr. @berniesanders

Reporting for steemcleaners I see a lot of that shit and saddly cannot report it, as it is just shit and not plagiarism.
@postpromoter and @rocky1 are always included in that sort of farming

That sort of thing is outside of their scope. That was the impetus of starting @flagawhale. It's a differenct approach but emphasis is on reward manipulation like Haejin for example.

Even without the bots, you have collusive voting so there's that. Very complex issues may require more sophisticated solutions but the manipulators are so well entrenched. For someone like me to catch up, seems like the only way is to drink the bid bot Kool Aid. But do the ends justify the means. That's the question I have yet to draw a conclusion.

Yes, I cry a lot, when I see all that high reward spam here, that I cannot report, because it is just simple farming. especially on dtube..

I don't know why,
but to me that guy looks so Tevonj-ish
Maybe the awefull facial expressions, yuk

You got a 8.74% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @ngc!

Want to promote your posts too? Check out the Steem Bot Tracker website for more info. If you would like to support the development of @postpromoter and the bot tracker please vote for @yabapmatt for witness!

Ok, just LOL.

Well that's just a burn to yourself.

I am new to this platform ... how could I use your bots to reach the trending page on this platform?
Could you please help me Bernie!
Thankyou and Cheers! And $180 SBDs that's a lot of money, keep rocking!

But if it gives you money on internet, than it's not evil.

I'd say let them promote their crap and deal with the downvotes. Once they're not making a profit on their posts, they'll stop buying upvotes.

Or is that just wishful thinking? Will they just be replaced by new people buying upvotes?

Also, what is bad content, everybody has different ideas about what bad content really is. You dislike Jerry Banfield, but someone else might like his content. Is it up to bot owners to decide what good and bad content is? (aside from really obvious spam etc. )

Sure, maybe some likes the content: He may vote!
But if the majority of votes are simply fake it is nothing else but paid advertisement and I deal with the idea developing a steemit-adblocker to get rid of that BS

Once their reputation score exceeds yours, your downvote can't even touch them. And when you can buy automatic votes and therefore reputation, you can outstrip honest creative users really fast.

Once they're not making a profit on their posts, they'll stop buying upvotes.

This seems unlikely to happen without intervention, so I think that's what @berniesanders and others are trying to do.

Once their reputation score exceeds yours, your downvote can't even touch them.

This is true. BIG PROBLEM. Scammers gain rep every day and honest folks lose the power to stop it.

We need to make a case for the witnesses / devs to buff downvotes so this is no longer a thing. There were reasons they made the system asymmetrical but think we have reached a point where it needs to be evaluated in light of present abuses.

I'm new to this whole thing but have been thinking a lot about the flag issue. Shouldn't all flags have equal weight, or at least a basic minimum? If three people at 30 Rep flag a 78 Rep, shouldn't that be (-30-30-30=-90) instead of SUM(30<78,30<78,30<78)=NOTHING?

The weight of your flag is only based on your sp.... Nothing to do with rep at all

That's incorrect.
You may not be able to change their rep but you can still effect the revenue regardless

Huh, I thought rep determined the weight of your vote as much as SP. What's rep for, then?

Rep is mostly just an anti-spam sanity check for it makes it easy for the community to mute really spammy accounts.

And rep does affect rep, but in an exponential way that makes it basically impossible for a low-rep account to change the rep of a high-rep account.

Gotcha, thanks. So if I'm understanding this right, I can flag posts that I believe are just abusing bots to siphon big payouts off the system, and my 23 SP might reduce the payout a smidge. If a lot of people band together, we might even reduce the payout a lot. But if it is a high-rep account, that person could basically destroy my rep if they so chose and I couldn't do a thing, right?
What determines reputation score, anyway?

Yeah, that's about right. Flagging is unfortunately quite political.

I haven't worked out the exact formula for reputation, but it's essentially your account's reputation-weighted all-time cumulative author rewards. Every time you get an upvote, your rep goes up a tiny bit, and the amount it goes up is bigger if the voter has large rep and/or large SP. Same goes for downvotes.

There is no dependency for the rep-gain on the reputation of the voter, only the vote value (SP/VP/%) matter. An upvote from a high-rep account changes your rep in the same way as the same upvote value from a low-but-positive-rep account. Upvotes from negative-rep accounts don't increase the author reputation. Downvotes only affect the reputation if the voter rep is higher than the author rep.
The raw reputation is basically your lifetime sum of rshares >> 6 with the above rules applied. The value shown on steemit is generated with logarithmic function from this raw sum of rshares.

I once thought to use a bot ( I was new here), but now I realize that also the less good information comes at the top. I am in favor of upvoting the good and correct information, and not using these bots.
Or am I thinking wrong ?

平台好多诈骗, 拒绝诈骗, 拒绝机器人

That's why humans are still more intelligent than bot. Those who's in trending page are just whales who's acting all nice and sweet.

Unfortunately there is a lot of individualism.