How to use Steemit to make your website more visible on search engines

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When you want to make your website more friendly for search engines, there are two ways you can do that. You can either work on the onsite SEO. Onsite optimization can be achieved in many ways. For example by placing appropriate keywords throughout your page.

However you can develop search engine friendliness of your website also with offsite measures. The most effective way to develop SEO with offsite measures is to put backlinks that refer to your website on highly respected external pages.

Not all backlinks to your website count for SEO

What most people do not know is that not all backlinks count for SEO. In order to know whether a link is increasing your SEO, you need to look at the source code. In Google Chrome you can see the source code simply by putting view-source: just before the url. You will then see the code that the browser interprets. A link has several components. Not all the components are compulsory and you can have much shorter forms. A link in code looks like that:

 <a href='' target='_blank' rel='nofollow noopener' 
title='This link will take you away from'>visible text in browser</a> 

The importance of the nofollow attribute

When you have the attribute rel='nofollow' in a link, this means that search engines will jump it and therefore such a link will have no impact on SEO. Only links without the nofollow attribute matter for SEO.

In Steemit most links have the 'nofollow' attribute. But not all of them...

What matters for the weight of backlinks is the importance of the website it is placed on

The idea of offsite SEO is to put backlinks to your website on other pages. The higher the ranking of the page the link is placed upon, the more it will contribute to your SEO.

Steemit is a perfect place to put backlinks to your website

According to Alexa which ranks websites according to traffic and inbound links, steemit's rank is around 4'000 of all the websites on the internet! Close to steemit, we find websites of very big newspapers for example. Having backlinks to your website on steemit can have a very big impact on SEO.

Alexa ranking of steemit compared with websites of important newspapers:

Title of websiteAlexa Ranking


How to take away the nofollow attribute of your links on steemit

By some empirical tests and some research, I tried to figure out how it was possible to take away the nofollow attribute from your links on steemit. Because without the nofollow attribute, the backlinks actually count for SEO and because of Steemit's importance, they contribute in a significant way for SEO.

I examined the source code of around 20 steemit posts and found out that there is a threshold above which the links in the posts loose their nofollow attribute. It is directly related to the value of the post. It seems that this threshold lies at around 13 $. All posts that have a value higher than 13 $ do not have the nofollow attribute!

Posts with high value don't have the nofollow attribute in their links

For companies steemit can help to boost the visibility of their website on search engines

Companies can publish articles on steemit and implement backlinks to their own website. Using upvote bots or services like smartsteem, they can then bring the value of a post above 13 $. Having reached such a value, they will have the certainty that all the links in the post will be counting for SEO. So why not start your own company blog on steemit?


Thank you for reading my post. Feel free to upvote, comment, resteem or follow (@achim03).

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Dear @achim03, thank you for sharing these useful informations and thanks to set a bounty in our Steem-bounty family.
I got your contact from @crypto.piotr and i agree you are very good writer.
It is very interesting that post over 13 dollars have visibility over Steemit, but it means i should make a post with title of my company web page and than i can find it in google search before web page?

Hi @intellihandling,

If you write a post on steemit about your company and use your company name in your title and subtitles then the chances are big that your steemit post will be above your own website in google search!

Probably that is not what you want. You could write an article about something surrounding your company and link your company website into this article. When the post has a value over $13, the link will be visible for search engines and it will help the visiblity on google of your website. Hope this makes sense :-)

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I actually had not thought of this; and it is a no brainer. I have some affiliate marketing sites and the current meta is to make a million Web 2.0's with content and backlinks. has a PA of 41 and a DA of 84. If you plan in advance you could have multiple links coming from a seperate account.

Hi @danile666,
You are totally right about that! Thanks a lot for your comment.

Fascinating read. Thanks for the insite. So how do we get to $13 without using bots?

You get lots of followers with high SP.

hi @metzli

Who would not like to have followers with high SP :)

Cheers, Piotr

Hi @clayrawlings,
Thank you for your comment and the resteem. It is greatly appreciated!

You point out an important aspect of this $13 threshold: it is quite difficult to achieve it without using bots or similar services. One solution would be to have higher steem prices but this is not really in our control. I believe that what @metzli suggest is indeed a possible answer which is however not so easy to achieve either. To get a post above $13 you definitely need good relationships on steemit ;-)

My higher voted post was more than $50 last year, and I still was an ant, no high sp, I got a blocktrades and oracle vote😃 with a cartoon about Ned.. It shows things are not impossible😉👼

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Thanks a lot for the resteem!

Agree with you @clayrawlings. That was indeed fascinatign read.

ps. Im not sure if any "commoner" can ever get to $13 without using bots :/


Wow, on Alexa, washingtontimes is lower than steemit :) nice! So if I understand this right...If we would put our links of steemit posts on twitter, facebook, other bloggs and websites (I don't mean like spamming, but like anything that's referring to the title) ... steem would rank higher? I think Alexa has pretty big impact and role. Specially when people look where to write about their business. And thank you @crypto.piotr for sharing good content. Re-steem!

Hi @worldfinances,
Thank you for your comment and the resteem. I think you got that right. I believe that Alexa uses parameters like number of visits, visit duration and number of inbound links to rank a website. So yes, the more links refer to articles on steemit, the better it will be for its Alexa ranking.

Interesting! I think I would be happy to have posts above 13$ SEO relevance or not! Looks like busy is a good steembased platform to use based on the information you published, or have i misinterpreted that?

By the way I found this post thanks to @crypto.piotr and I'm adding you to my follow list.

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You are right that a 13$ post is always welcome ;-). has actually also quite an interesting Alexa ranking. One should never forget that a post on steemit is also a post on busy, on ulog, on steemd, on partiko, ... so with one post you can reach many platforms which increases additionaly the value of such posts.

Thanks for the resteem. I appreciate ;-)

What a great article! Thank you very much for your research. Since you gave us the idea to start a company blog on steemit, we really started to like this platform. As you suggested and with your help, we brought our latest post above the value of $13 and it worked, the nofollow tags disapeared!

It's still early to say what the impact on our company website will be in terms of search engine ranking, but it certainly will be a positive one !

Gruess us Biel

Hi @lasercity,
Thank you very much for taking the time to read the article and post a comment! We'll keep in touch ;-)

Of course !

Dear @lasercity

the idea to start a company blog on steemit, we really started to like this platform

Could you tell us more about your company blog? What is it about? Anything related to blockchain?


Actually the steemit "seo machine" is very powerful! I was wondering about this topic, a smart way to implement steemit on my small guest house web page. Your post is the simple answer if I have understand : write a post about your company and put a link to it in your website. So easy, right?
:) Sometime easiest things are the most obvious

Hi @itegoarcanadei,
You got that right. Thank you for your comment.

To promote a website, steemit is quite wonderful. You could start a little blog about your guest house. You could speak about the guest house but also about the region or the activities that you can do there. On all the posts you link your own website in the footer for example or in the text. It is not even necessary to bring the posts above $13.

Because of steemits ranking, all the posts are automatically well placed on search engines. So if you use good keywords in your posts they will be even more visible than your own website. When people search relevant keywords on google, they find your steemit posts and since on each post you have a backlink to your website, you might get quite a lot of visitors organically.

Great! Thank you very much! I think that if take this opportunity in the right way, I can have good things for my business. Steem blockchain is a really big opportunity for all of us. Just yesterday I put on my website homepage the "we accept steem as payment" sticker! :)
Good that I don't have to rise my posts to 13$... Would be pretty difficult for me right now 😅

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I love the "we accept steem as payments" sticker :-). Let's wait till people realize that there is no other payment service worldwide that is as fast and as cheap as steem!

It should happen right now!

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I love to see how responsive you are @itegoarcanadei :)

Hello again my friends @achim03 and @crypto.piotr I have already posted on steem blockchain something about this topic... In italian language... Sooner or later I will also in my bad english and in my good spanish. I was wondering that main keywords around my guest house topic (furthermore about all tourism sector) are pretty inflationated by big websites such as or tripadvisor, thus in this case could be pretty hard getting a good google seo position trough this kind of steemit blog post...

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dear @itegoarcanadei

Thanks for replying to my previous comment.

I believe we never had a chance to get to know each other. Please meeting you.


Solid explanation @achim03


Thanks mate ;-)

Great comment @itegoarcanadei.

Pretty much you understood things right. Only forgot about the fact that your post value need to be higher than 13$


Wow that is really good info to know it really feels like that number should go lower. $13 happened more back when steem was wroth a buck now it happens half as often. Thanks for the info.

Hi @stever82,
It is definitely easier to reach the $13 with higher steem prices. Hope we will go back there soon ;-). Hey thank you very much for the comment and the tipu upvote !

hmm, interesting.. Never really thought all that much about SEO. But interesting to learn a bit more about the gears and levers behind the scenes..

Hi @darrenfj,
Thank you very much for stopping by and your comment!

That makes sense. For the average person that is nearly unattainable. Wonder if it's they want to 'keep it quiet' so to speak. I've seen numerous articles in which would draw people in if the posting appeared elsewhere.

Hi @tryskele,
Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. At the moment it is really difficult to reach the 13$. With higher steem prices it might become easier however.

This is a really interesting threshold - great work doing the testing! It might be important to note the internal steem price while you were testing, because the coded threshold is more likely to be in STU than USD.

Personally I use the @steembasicincome subsciption service to raise the 'minimum threshold' of my blogs, it has an automated system that let's me see the size of my next upvote. I think in the future we will see more systems compete with each other for upvote subscribers.

Hi @ecoinstant,
You are probably right about the treshold being in STU rather than in USD. For my research I used articles of different time horizons to try to see whether it was linked to Steem rather to USD and I found out that the $13 threshold was valid all the time and I deducted that it was not linked to Steem price.

@steembasicincome is a great service that I'm using as well. I think that the blockchain has still a lot of undiscovered potential how it can be used for many different tasks.

Thank you for your comment!

The last couple months have actually been a great time for experiments, because of what some call 'the haircut' the internal price of steem was held almost nearly constant at the lower limit defined by the SBD debt mechanism. The 'market' price was low, getting down to 21 cents, but over that period the internal market only slowly went from 40 cents to 38 (as people converted SBDs).

I'm a follower now, so I'll keep an eye out for more of your work!

Nice, will be great to keep in touch!

i have yet to get a post to the $13 mark.. that would take a lot of investment to purchase vote bots..

good information and research on the topic. thanks for sharing that tidbit of info. more power!

Hi @dillagr,

Thanks for stopping by and for giving your comment!

no worries.. our common friend @crypto.piotr led me to your post.

This was super informative, I had no idea. Now I just need to hit the $13 mark in every post. Thank you for the info.

Hi @for91days,
Thank you very much for your kind feed-back!

It also came to me as a nice surprise @for91days :)

Thank you @crypto.piotr for recommending @achim03 's post. This is what social media needs to professionalize and to extend its instruments. Great contribution not only for attention economy in general but also with a disruptive blink to old economy social media manager which should finally learn that twitter, facebook and instagram times are over ;) Good job!

Dear @sciencevienna

which should finally learn that twitter, facebook and instagram times are over

Golden times of those platforms is over, but I don't think we will witness any of it dying. Same as still exist somewhere in the shadows.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting this post. Hope you found it's content valuable and worth your time.


indeed. I sometimes use yahoo finance just to see, what's happening on wall street :)

Thx for being always so responsive @worldfinances

Friend of mine is looking for crypto writers and social media marketers. Perhaps you or someone you know would be interested in such a position (check out my latest post).


Hi @sciencevienna,
Thank you for your comment and your feed-back. The blockchain technology will definitely change things in the social media landscape...

Hey @achim03, This is a very interesting post on SEO and steemit. Great research. Thanks. I will tweet it on my tweeter account.

Hi @devann,
Thanks a lot for the feed-back and the tweet!

Here is the link to the tweet:

That's wonderful thanks a lot and thank you as well for resteeming the post!

Hi @achim03

Finally i managed to allocate some time to read carefully your publication and Im starting with reading comments already. Great piece of work buddy.

Seriously mindblowing. I never would expect that there may be a difference between post which has value lower than 13usd or higher. Would you be able to show example of this piece of code ? So interesting :)

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. And I hope you're satisfied with engagement results :) I love it!


Hi @crypto.piotr,
The proof comes from this post which has a value of around 14$ now. This is a screen capture of the source code of this article:

The smartsteem link in this post has now a rel="noopener" but it is a "do follow" link. So it is relevant for search engines.

Thank you very much for your help with this post. The engagement was truely amazing. I wouldn't have imagined that there would be so many comments :-).

Best regards,

Hello dear @achimo03, your research is very good and interesting, really a great idea for all those people who have a company.

Companies can post articles in steemit and implement backlinks to their own website. Using upvote bots or services like smartsteem, they can provide the value of a publication above $ 13. Once this value is reached, they will be sure that all the links in the publication will count for SEO. So, why not start your own company blog on steemit?

Undoubtedly a very important fact, but we who are not entrepreneurs, only ask visibility for people to read the content of our publications, receive upvote and generate some reuse, although if we have a publication above that amount 13 $ Maybe we can get more upvote.

Thanks for sharing that information.

Thanks also to our great friend @crypto.piotr for recommending you to be read and supported.

This community continues to grow!

Pr Euclides Villegas

Hi @fucho80,

Thank you very much for your comment. In fact visibility and SEO are very much linked together. Even for people who do not own a company, principles of SEO can help to increase visibility. Nowadays everybody can have a website, even a free one where we can promote our texts or projects. If we apply concepts of SEO it will help us greatly.

I understand, well it is a tool to be able to count on this.

Thank you for your research. I've seen several of my posts show up as top search results for some of the keywords and steemit is a really powerful monster when it comes to SEO. I mean I barely had many visitors or comments to those posts. Yet the results were petty good.

Hi @vimukthi,

You are definitely right. Steemit is a SEO monster. If you use keywords correctly in titles, subtiltes and throughout the text, even without upvotes and comments, your post might have a very high visibility on google thanks to steemits ranking. I think that many people haven't realized the power of this and there is still a lot of potential to develop this aspect and use Steemit for SEO.

Thanks a lot for your comment and for the resteem!

First of all let me give thanks to @crypto.piotr for sharing me this wonderful article.

My idea about this is:

An advertisement company could be establish as a business model on the steemit blockchain. The company will focus on big publication businesses.

As this model works for this companies, then campaign to promote steem blockchain can be done to other industries.

Dear @guruvaj

Big thx for your comment and accepting my invitation to this post :) I hope you enjoyed Achim publication as much as I did.

Cheers, Piotr

Hi @guruvaj,
Thank you for your comment. I think you just discovered a very interesting business model! It could promote companies on steemit and at the same time increase the backlinking of their website... Very interesting!

Great research and great article! Well, $13 is a decent amount, I didn't know about this one. Maybe it's a little bit high amount for someone, but if it helps with the algorithm, this "tool" might be worthy. And if you use some proper bot, your bucks won't run away.
PS. I was informed about the article by @crypto.piotr.

Hi @ritxi,
Thank you for your comment. At the current steem price it is indeed quite difficult to achieve a $13 post value but hopefully Steem will go up again.

Dear @ritxi

Thank you for accepting my invitation and your comment :)


Very interesting read @achim03! I had no idea that the nofollow was contingent on a post's reward here. That's an important piece of information as we are trying to develop our Steemit presence as part of a broader "awareness generation" effort for our non-profit organization.

I appreciate this bit of information... you learn something new every day! Oh, and I ended up finding your blog via @crypto.piotr.

Bright Blessings!

Hi @whitelightxpress,
I'm happy this post could help you. Thank you very much for stopping by and leaving your comment!

Dear @whitelightxpress

Thank you for accepting my invitation and your comment :)


Yeah that sounds quiet good.

Anyway i will be happy if there will be more businesses on steemit promoting they service.

On other social media website they can make a advertisement but of course it will cost for them some amount. While here they can promote themself for free actually they even can earn while they make a promotion.

But of course they need some effort to manage they account😁

But the 13 dollar for a business is nothing and of course they will have around 15% income on that.

Me i am also planing to push my posts over that magica 13$ amount so hope it will be more visible😊

Thanks for this really informative post and have a nice day mate😉

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Hi @gabbynhice,
Thank you for your comment and also for your resteem. I appreciate ;-).
I think that you are right about pointing out that steemit is a platform that can help businesses. There are some sevrvices that sell backlinks on important websites and such backlinks cost way more than 13$ !

In addition on steemit the investment is not lost. You get a big part back or even more than what you invested.

Very interesting post, unfortunately, I don't have a website, but who knows, I might have one in the future!!

Hi @rynow,
Thank you for stopping by. It's never too late to start your own website ;-)

Hello, how serious and free is that free email course that you are advertising? Because in my experience, nothing in this life is for free!

Hi @elektropunkz,
In this course I show some basic ways to start to earn bitcoins and altcoins with websites that give away coins for free. It's free to join the course. You will get one e-mail a day for about 10 days but you can unsubscribe at any time. Hey thanks for the resteem!

Your welcome, and 🙏 for the explanation mate. Have a great day

Thanks to @ crypto.piotr for recommending the publication of @ achim03 . This is what social networks need to become more professional and expand their tools.

Everyone should know that the times of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are over. This post about SEO and steemit. Great research. Thank you. I will tweet it in my tweeter account.

Hi @surika,
Thank you for your kind feed-back !

Dear @surika

Thank you for accepting my invitation and your comment :)


Wow!! Thank you for this facts and ideas! Upvoted and resteemed!
Greets Robert

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Hi @robertgelbmann,
Thank you for you comment and for the resteem. I appreciate :-)

Wow, I thought it would be more complicated. Now, I know what to look for when putting backlinks on posts. If you use a backlink with a no follow, does that also have no affect on the traffic aka visitors that page or website is getting?

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Hi @lightestofideas,

Thank you for your comment. If your link has a nofollow attribute it means that crawlers from search engines won't follow or index this link. This means that it will be invisible for search engines but it stays visible for human beings. So even links with nofollow attributes will bring you visitors.

You can use the quality of steemits own SEO by using good keywords in title, subtitle and throughout the text to make your post very visible on google. Even if your post won't have a value above $13, your links will be visible for human eyes and you might get a lot of visitors.

Hello interesting post friend, since I do not know almost any SEO I still have some doubts, to promote a blog or personal page that would have to place the URL in my steemit post and have more than $ 13 in votes?

Hi @hendersonp,
Thank you for your comment. Promoting a post to over $13 is only worthwhile if you have your own website that you want to bring higher up in google ranking. However there are also many other ways in making your website do that just by using good titles and subtitles on your website.

I myself have been slowly building and tips like this are acutally really helpful. I was not going to but will now also link steempress to my website to create even more linking.
You indeed need to put a bit of votes on a post to get 13 dollars worth of value but if you consider it as investment (if you lose a bit) then its ok in the end if your traffic increases.
Thanks for the tips

Hi @felander,
Thank you very much for your comment. I'm happy it could help you a bit. I took a peak at your website which is very interesting. You can do a lot to improve your google ranking on your website itself. Just one thing that might help you a lot would be that you make sure that on every page you have the main title surrounded by h1 tags.

<h1>Title of page</h1>

To rank well in google it is always respective to keywords that people use in their search. So it is very important to have the keywords that define a subject in the url, the h1 tag and also in the h2 and h3 tags. Then it would also be good to have these keywords throughout the text.

Let me make an example with the page

  • The url is great since it cointains already the keywords hard-wallets
  • The title of the page looks to be "THE BIGGEST WALLETS ON ONE PAGE" - in terms of design it looks great but it should be surrounded by h1 tags. So the robot knows that this is the main title of this page. At the moment on this page the h1 tags go around "Not your password, not your crypto".
  • Additional subtitles with h2 tags should also contain the keywords "hard wallet"
  • Then you can use these keywords to describe pictures as well.

These so called onsite measures will help you to increase your organic traffic very much. It may be time consuming but you just have to do it once and then you have results for a long time. The external linking will then increase the effect additionally.

Sorry this comment became a bit too long. Hope you don't mind ;-)

thanks a lot , I really do not mind long comments, especially if they are this helpful. I have been tweaking my SEO now slowly but it takes some time to set everything up indeed. Good tip about the titles, will put that in as well
Its my first website and kind of an experiment, hopefully it will bring some extra income in the future when its done

Amazing explanation achim

Dear @felander

I noticed you're from Switzerland, which is well known as crypto-paradise.

Is using crypto as a form of payment in your country already very popular?

ps. Interesting website. Did you manage to find a way to monetize your presence online?


hey Piotr
Well i am a co founder of cryptoworldzug ( and we try to spread the word to the locals even though in the world this place is known as the crypto valley.
I am trying to build up the website and putting in affiliate links. Hopefully this will earn me some extra income when the bear turns bull and more people are looking for information.
That is why now is the time to get my site ranking higher slowly in the search engines.
But it is a lot of work, fleshing out the content, optimising the SEO and the layout especially since this is really the first time doing something like this.
But I figure if I can rank high enough it might be worth it. Any feedback on the site is welcome by the way

Hi @crypto.piotr,
Thanks a lot for pointing out that @felander is from Switzerland!
Nice to see a "Landsman" on Steemit ;-)

gruezi... I am an imported one though. Originally from Belgium

Dear @felander

I've tried but it doesnt seem to be working :(


Dear @felander

I'm very pleased to meet you. Would you mind sharing your real (or fake) name? I'm Piotr.

Thank you for sharing with me. I must admit that I admire your goals and I would like to ask you one more question: do you have any strategy that would allow your presence on Steemit reach those goals ?

But I figure if I can rank high enough it might be worth it. Any feedback on the site is welcome by the way

I dont really have much of a feedback on your site, but I could potentially help you get some extra exposure within our small crypto community.

just look again at last post by @achim03 and you will see what our community is capable of :) (check out amount of engaging and valuable comments).


Great & unique article my friend @achim03. You explained everything in detail as well as in simple language. This will help so many for sure.

Looks like you are SEO expert as well. Will wait for more article series regarding this.

Thank you @crypto.piotr for referring me such a great article.

Hi @flash07,
Thanks a lot for your feed-back, your comment and especially for the resteem!

Dear @flash07

Thank you for accepting my invitation and your comment :)


Always here to support you my friend @crypto.piotr.

@achim03 I had done some research on this over a year ago and found similar results. Yes the $13 threshhold does work.
Secondly I would like to add this to your research. It may be cumbersome for a person to check the source code everytime.
So with chrome browser I use extensions like no follow and Automatic backlink checker.
Hope this helps

Hi @thetimetravelerz,
Thanks a lot for your feed-back. This could indeed make the research much easier :-)

Wow man!!! great!!! i like it!! Thank you im going to try it

hi @sfcq240788,

I'm happy you liked it ;-) Thanks a lot for the resteem !

Hey dear friend @achim03 thank you for sharing these useful informations.Honestly, I have no much knowledge and idea about this topic so I would like to be mute . I hope you will not be angry on me.I have read twice your post , definitely you are good authour and Analyzer but I think if we have no much knowledge about the subject it is better to keep silent.
By resteeming this post I would like to say thank to my friend @crypto.piotr who is working and making every effort to strengthen community.
Thank you

Hi @certain,
Thank you very much for your comment and for resteeming this post. I appreciate it!

Dear @certain

Thank you for accepting my invitation and your comment :)


And maybe who knows Steemit will become a major player in terms of promoting services/websites in the future.

Hi @diogosantos,
I read recently that steemit wants to introduce ads on the platform. It would be an idea to sell posts with backlinks rather than ads...

Yep, exactly.
Only time will tell, but both of the ideas seem to have a good base to take Steemit a step further and more sustainable.

Is this just a theory or it's proven and you have some example with empirical data?

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Hy @boyanpro,
I can't claim that it is proven beyond any doubt. I checked the source code of around 30 articles on steemit from different time horizons and this confirmed the theory. Thanks for your comment and the resteem! It is greatly appreciated.

I had no idea!!! Great Post!!!

Hi @knircky,
Thank you for your comment and your feed-back

hi @achim03

I came across this blog through @crypto.piotr

Thank you for sharing this useful information.

Following you and upvoted your article!


Dear @questionthetrend

Big thx for your comment and accepting my invitation to this post :) I hope you enjoyed Achim publication as much as I did.

Cheers, Piotr

Thank you @crypto.piotr

You are doing great as a leader, forming a nice community here on steemit!

Thanks for referring nice authors like Achim..


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Dear @questionthetrend

Thank you for this amazing comment buddy. Appreciate it a lot.

Good fiend of mine posted lately interesting publication: "Bitcoin was NOT in a bubble ...". I got to know him personally and Im doing my best to help him get some exposure and promote his quality work.

Perhaps you could show your support and drop some valuable comment? :) I would appreciate.



Hi @questionthetrend,
Thanks a lot for taking the time and leaving a comment!

@achim03, this is interesting. I read about SEO and how it is difficult. I still don't understand, but The fact is by listing a website through a steem post is really amazing. It seems like cryptocurrency helps the internet grow. I thought that promoting Steem was more important, but having really good Steem articles bump up the rating of a website. Should different cryptocurrencies compete, or would it be better if the groups joined to ally the different cryptos together?

Hi @dm312,
Thank you for your comment. I'm sorry but I don't understand what you meant with:

Should different cryptocurrencies compete, or would it be better if the groups joined to ally the different cryptos together?
Can you elucidate? Thanks.

I was just rambling and forgot what I said. Oops I am a good lol

This is a very interesting post @achim03.
I came here through a very good friend @crypto.piotr - he shared the link to your post to me. I really learnt a lot especially on how to view the source code of a link.

Although I think you should give the full meaning of ur acronyms e.g SEO (even in parentheses) so people with little knowledge abt this topic can flow well with ur post and enjoy reading it.

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Hi @kryptarion,
Thank you for your feed-back and the suggestion about acronyms. I will keept that in mind for my future posts.

Hi @kryptarion

I would like to thanyou for accepting my invitation and your kind comment :) I hope you enjoyed Achim publication as much as I did.


Yes I did. He wrote a very good post

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From your publication I left two things clear:
• the first: there is a lot that I do not know about the blockchain, its operation and alternatives to earn money-
• the second: the great importance of obtaining votes above $ 13.
As for the technical presentation, I did not understand well. My area is literature and education.
My experience in the blockchain, as a business, is limited to tracking some captchas and publications in Steemit. Lately I'm only in Steemit, because it allows me to write stories, poems and recommendations for people to live better.

I think I should read your post again and watch the video, to understand a little more.
Thanks for the publication and also thanks to @ crypto.piotr for recommending the reading.

Hi @mllg,
Thank you very much for stopping by and reading my post. I understand that this technical talk might not be everybody's cup of tea;-)

Hi! That's funny how you express the idea, jajaj might not be everybody's cup of tea. It's true, specialities have their own keys to be undestantood.
Thanks a lot, @achim03

Thats very interesting the 13 dollar limit does this apply to all dapps as well since then you could actually have your blog syndicated across Steemt, Busy, Steempeak, Ulog and a few more sites depending on the type of content you push out which would be really poweful for your SEO

Hi @chekohler,
This is a very good point. When we publish something on steemit, we publish it into the blockchain and our article becomes visible on all interfaces that use the blockchain as source like, steempeak or ulog. I tried to check it out and many interfaces render the blockchain not serverside. This means that when you check the source code, you only see some javascript. It's therefore impossible to know what is visible for google either. Or at least I don't know how to do it :-).
Busy renders the blockchain server side and therefore the linkstructure is also visible in the source code. However all links are redirected over busy itself. I don't know what impact that has on SEO. Thanks a lot for this interesting question.

I would kill to know what you know @achim03 :)

Mindblowing explanations. Love it.

Great post mate this is so key now the internet is now the norm if you and your business are not using or using it properly it you are missing out of lots of potential. Thanks again @crypto.piotr for getting me here

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Hi @steemingmark,

You are totally right. Especially with the new adblockers everywhere it becomes much more difficult for business to promote their services through advertising. Without SEO businesses are missing out an opportunity to promote their business in a sustainable manner.

Thanks great point about ad blockers! I love sustainability!

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Hi @steemingmark

I would like to thank you for accepting my invitation and your kind comment :) I hope you enjoyed Achim publication as much as I did.


No problem thanks again

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Someone sent me a message in a transaction about this post. What a shot in the dark, but I'm glad they took it. Great post!

This someone is me @oh-high-mark :)

Thank you for stopping by and visiting this post. Hope you found it's content valuable and worth your time.


Hi @oh-high-mark,
I'm happy you got this message and you could find your way to my post ;-). Thanks for your comment!

During rally Steemit was among 2000 most visited sites so it is probable that it gets much higgher again on Alexa. I found your interesting post thanks to @crypto.piotr

Hi @hairyfairy,
Thank you very much for stopping by and your comment!

Hi @hairyfairy

I would like to thank you for accepting my invitation and your kind comment :) I hope you enjoyed Achim publication as much as I did.


I never thought of it that steem can be used like this too. You have done so much research of SEO and website visibility. Liked to see steemit listed in Alexa top list and it clearly shows that steemit has a great potential and we just need to work on it to make the most out of it. Thanks dear @crypto.piotr for suggesting me to read this post. Appreciate your efforts @achim03

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Hi @alokkumar121,
Thank you very much for leaving your comment. I think steemit has a lot of potential and its up to all of us to invite friends and relatives to help develop it. The more users the platform has the better it is for all of us.

I completely agree with you @achim03

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Hi @alokkumar121

I would like to thank you for accepting my invitation and your kind comment :) I hope you enjoyed Achim publication as much as I did.


Hi @crypto.piotr yes I enjoyed a lot reading this and this was something I wasn't aware of. Thanka to you for sharing such nice posts with and appreciate your efforts. I know you are putting lot of efforts to choose the amazing post and share. Please keep sharing. Take care

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Dear @alokkumar121

I know you are putting lot of efforts to choose the amazing post and share.

I'm sorry for such a late reply. I only realized now that I've missed your previous comment somehow.

If you ever need my help with building some exposure to your publications then please give me a shout :)

Good fiend of mine posted lately interesting publication: "Bitcoin was NOT in a bubble ...". I got to know him personally and Im doing my best to help him get some exposure and promote his quality work.

Perhaps you could show your support and drop some valuable comment? :) I would appreciate.



Hi @achim03,

this is a real helpful information. I will try to use this to set some back links from my company account on steemit to boost my company website.

Hi @detlev,
I think this is a good idea. Anyway you can't do anything wrong by doing so. Thanks for your comment!

Thank you for your interesting article.
For beginners, this is a good guide.
Steemit has a lot of options.
Thank you for sharing.

Hi @chruuselbeeri,
You must be from Switzerland according to your name ;-). Thank you very much for stopping by and leaving a comment. Schöne Abe!

Very important information. Thank you very much!

Thanks for your visit and your comment!

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