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Recently, @wesphilbin started a new project which he hopes will inspire people on the blockchain. He also hopes that others will be motivated to participate as well. So, let's get the ball rolling, shall we...?

This new project is called the Thoughtful Daily Post and can range from sharing a favorite quote or writing an in-depth piece of a positive nature, whatever you feel is within your grasp on any particular day! The outline of the project can be read here, in his original post:

When trying to decide what I might be able to contribute for #thoughtfuldailypost, I remembered a sticker which I saw recently on the rear-window of a vehicle nearby. The owner of the vehicle is apparently a dog lover, and had a bit of wisdom to share from that perspective:


The wisdom here, of course, is to strive for more tail-wagging happiness in our lives and spread that happiness to other people rather than "barking" at them for all the things that we perceive is wrong. Happiness comes from within, so it is something we must cultivate, not something we can buy.

There are so many people here on the blockchain that are already living-proof of that principle, and I think it would be wonderful to see them participate in #thoughtfuldailypost, at least on an occasional basis as I hope to remember to do! So, to help get the ball rolling, I am going to tag a few people that might appreciate this:

@artemisnorth @bluefinstudios @brisby @clayboyn @derekrichardson @dfinney @dhavey @dkkarolien @dreemsteem @dswigle @enginewitty @eveningart @freedompoint @freedomtowrite @inthenow @jackmiller @jamerussell @juliakponsford @jaynie @katrina-ariel @mamma-dukes @mariannewest @melinda010100 @mfxae86 @pennsif @poeticsnake @saffisara @sgt-dan @shadowspub @snook @soyrosa @staceyjean @thehive @zord189

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Thank you for sharing this @thekittygirl. I think the sticker says it all, it's a great choice. @wesphilbin incredible idea.

Saw you posted this earlier at @pypt #pypt
thanks for doing your part in #thoughtfuldailypost

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Lovely thoughtful returns

So many of these folk are from the #powerhousecreatives (formerly @steemitbloggers) who have to be one of the most positive and active communities on Steemit. This community is really my Steemit "hood" and full of my "homies" :D

That's such a great idea. Spreading positivity is contagious- thanks for the tag, I'm definitely in xxx

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You are correct!! Positivity breeds positivity... or is that... pneumonia, hmm...


I just wanted others to see... hey, this guy cares about what I am posting! He is being #thoughtful... I just wish I had some way to share the love... #TDP!! (otherwise known as #thoughtfuldailypost) Appreciate the kind words, truly...

Oh this is a great idea! and if it's done on PALnet or with the #Palnet hashtag will keep the PALnet and steem feeds full of good readings!

thanks for the link and potential inspriation

ruff ruff!

Ack! So many tags to remember, that I forgot PALnet! Thanks for the reminder!


From the man who brought you #awesome-sauce and #resteemed for that extra smokey flavor comes...
#PALNET... Hey... are you following me?

You are right, spreading this like wildfire would be awesome, though... I hope I can keep up on the replies haha! Thank you for your kind words, and supportive stance... and... smokey flavor :)

I'm going to try.... But I do a morning post already that normally takes the stuffing out of me... And all the challenges on here.. I need a diary just for steemit.. 😂 😉❤️

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I completely get you - I have a Steemit life and a Life life - it's a bit of an issue sometimes lol


Hello again!! I also understand my friend... I have converged with the top leading scientists and marketing moguls, to bring this new and improved version... #TDP!!

What happened to my fireworks!!

All kidding aside, I really do understand... When I had my first major MS flare up, almost the same time period I first joined Steemit, it was rough... I was away for some time. Then came back to a whole new world it seemed... I don't want anyone to feel like it's just ANOTHER TAG to have to remember. If just the "idea" is remembered, then I am happy... Thank you for even stopping in to comment on @thekittygirl's post :)

Hello, to you too!

I don't want anyone to feel like it's just ANOTHER TAG to have to remember.

I get you. And, I think it's a great way to announce when one has had a really good day (or not) and there is something to be grateful for.

Like paid work with nice clients - even if it's not on Steemit :(

Be well @wesphilbin

Agreed!! Yes... thoughtful can be good and bad... just hope when it's bad, we can rise up and create positive energy!

🎇 🎇🎇🎇 @wesphilbin in answer to where's your fireworks for your brilliant idea 💡 I present you with them here. 😍 I've indeed used #tdp instead of the cumbersome but beautiful longer version. Thank you for keeping us on our toes. 😊

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no more cool code for you

Haha! I don't want ANYONE to feel like they are pressured, or forced to do something. VERY much NOT my intent, I promise... Just a little extra to help spread the love... positive engagement... you know #TDP

Nooooooooo don't take away the cool codes... Please please please... I'll behave and use the tag. I promise. 👍👌😌😉 Do we just use #TDP? 🤔 I can easily include in my morning post. 😁

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I know it had been mentioned, that the entire thing... #thoughtfuldailypost was indeed, rather wordy... so trying to use the #tdp as a companion to it... either way, thank you for the support!

I absolutely Looove this idea and I know there are so many out here who's ready to give up and feel no motivation.
What better way to show them that there are soo many things to be thankful for... Many amazing people who inspire, and that we all in this together and hopefully they will find their motivation to stay.

Thank you for tagging me and from tomorrow... I'm in 😉👍
Have no idea what to write yet tho, but I absolutely loved your choice here with that sign.
Says alot!
Thank you for being so amazing and inspiering..Love you ❤️

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I absolutely Looove this idea and I know there are so many out here who's ready to give up and feel no motivation.

That is exactly one of the reasons that I thought the #TDP or #thoughtfuldailypost would be a positive initiative! I have joined many of the groups and initiatives I am in now because I think there is a need to have positive vibes sent out across the block-chain waves... ya know? Just like your comment of:

Many amazing people who inspire, and that we all in this together and hopefully they will find their motivation to stay.

That is why I felt honored, to be able to join the @steemterminal, and give new Steemians, a look at what "could be"... combined with being a writer for the @steembasicincome group... share and spread that love!! Appreciate you wanting to help share this initiative... thank you very much my friend...

nice logo

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Offcourse I will join and tag people to get the tag wellknown on the blockchain @wesphilbin great job starting a new hype!


Thank you!! And really... thank you for putting the idea in my head, for a #TDP!!

What a marvelous idea! Thanks for thinking to include me @thekittygirl , and thanks for thinking up such a great tag @wesphilbin!


Appreciated dear friend! Maybe this will spread some much needed positive energy around yes? I hope so anyway!

Good philosophy, see the good in others instead of the faults all the time. Be like a bee that goes for the nectar and not like a fly in the dirt.



We are human, and make mistakes... but that's ok! I hoped people that were struggling, like me, could use this as a focal point... #TDP... maybe they decided to look up the true meaning? Definition? Maybe it made someone think...hey, this is a good idea... created a positive wave? All one need do, is turn the TV on, and you can see the faults in others, yes? Hopefully, this #thoughtfuldailypost will turn the negative energy into positive... great reply... pleasure meeting you!

Good to be in touch, let's push back at the negative with our positive mood and with humour.

I can never get enough of "feel good" :)
And I do like that sticker quote <33

Amen to the Amen!!

That sticker quote is also priceless yes? It is indeed good, to have others sending positive energy, whether in a #TDP or just in general... things seem to flow O SO much better, when the negativity is held at bay!! Appreciate your chiming in my friend!!

And we do need some of that around here...
But then again, anywhere I suppose

It's a pleasure @wesphilbin 😊

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I am honored to have this simple idea go so far across the block-chain sea... congratulations @thekittygirl for including my idea in something that was chosen for the Rally Upvote...

Awesome Idea!


No more than your #trackoftheday my friend... #thoughtfuldailypost is just another way to help spread love and positive engagement... if anything, it might make someone smile that was having a bad day... appreciate your kind words!

This is a great idea, and I love the way you take the pressure off by suggesting that one does it from time to time!

Another nice initiative, looking forward to reading more positive vibes from the community :)


Can never have too much positive, aye? Appreciate the kind words my friend... who knows where the #TDP will go!

No it's always good to have too much than not enough 🙂

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This is very needed after HF 21=))


I know right!

I won't even begin to pretend, that I know the ins and outs... but I DO know that positive energy helps!! And if people can slap a #TDP up... and get some kind of relief, knowing that others are doing it too? How cool would that be? Thanks for the positive vibes, my friend...

This is indeed a great idea! Unfortunately, I am still busy to actively participate. But I will certainly re steem to let the world know about this.


No worries... like I said, not a competition of any means... real life comes first... it has a way of interrupting, yes? You came and posted a reply... the idea is in your mind, and hopefully, it gave you a positive energy boost!! If so... then my crazy tag worked...
Love and light...

A great idea and your thoughtful daily quote is priceless.


She really got across to many people on that one, aye? It fit right in with my mindset on the #thoughtfuldailypost ... be good to each other... not hard!! SMile... say hello... be #thoughtful... lord knows we need more positive energy!! Thank you for the kind thoughts, my friend...

great post @thekittygirl .. I love Wes he is such a beautiful soul.

The wisdom here, of course, is to strive for more tail-wagging happiness in our lives and spread that happiness to other people rather than "barking" at them for all the things that we perceive is wrong

so true.


Thank you... truly... for such thoughtful and kind words. @thekittygirl hit the nail on the head with this reply...yes? Appreciate you, and thank you for feeling the #TDP is something to be proud of...

This is such a wicked awesomesauce project, @thekittygirl! Definitely going to jump in at some point soon. Also...


OMG, I love MoodKitty!!! 💖 Makes me want to "squeeeee!"  like a little kid! 😁

I'm so glad, @thekittygirl! When I found it I knew it would be perfect for you! Here's the link to the original (without the added text) on Giphy -


Anyone who uses awesomesauce in a post... is OK by me Haha!! Appreciate the kind words and support my friend...Thank you so much...

LOL! You're very welcome, @wesphilbin. Hope you're having a wicked awesomesauce weekend! 😉 😂 😊

This is a great idea. I started something on my own as well though I haven't really been active in promoting it but it's my own twist.
Do check out one of my post on Life's No Secret :)


Well... they do say; great minds think alike right?! Anything that helps to promote a positive change, is a good thing... I will definitely look at your initiative...

Love and light to you my friend...

Oh, yes!!! Thank you for tagging me! I would be happy to participate in the #thoughtfuldailypost - it seems like such another great idea! I love things that inspire others to help keep it a happy place to be, even in the down times.

Thank you again and I will try to incorporate it into a regular piece when time permits. Thanks for helping spread the love.

Upped and Steemed


Always a good thing to spread the love and principles of positive engagement... MOST importantly in the down times... thank you again...

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Wag More Bark Less

Actually right though... it must be cultivated, as you said... not random dropping of 20 blog posts a day, or making the biggest and most'est Coolest image, that anyone has ever seen... anyway... thank you, my friend...

We should all "wag" more @thekittygirl 💕

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Indeed!!! Such a wonderful take on my #thoughtfuldailypost... right in-line with my sentiment...

It is indeed a good idea as everyone needs a bit of sunshine in their lives and I hope that this can grow!


Appreciate the kind thoughts... truly! Sunshine in lives... positive energy... As I mentioned in my @appics post today... I actually had a dream... vision if you will, of opening several buildings... locations... something similar, where everyone could come, relax, get something to eat, read a book, talk with others... face to face... In this dream, I called these buildings... organizations "The Terminal"... which I feel is a direct link to spending time in the @steemterminal helping others... if I ever win the lotto!!

Love and light my friend! Appreciate your kind words and support...

Looks like a 'my type' of writing initiative. Will have a look. Thanks for sharing.


Don't look TOO hard!! The positive energy might blind you! :) I appreciate your willingness to want to investigate... means a lot my friend...

Thank you... look forward to seeing your elevation of awesomeness!!

This is an exciting new development! Love the tag. I am excited to see what people come up with, and look forward to participating as well. I'm absolutely about thinking positively, healing the woes of our society, and helping to make the world a better place.


Yes!!! if this was an organization... you would have front row parking!! All kidding aside... well not kidding but... I just love your mindset... I truly do! I have had many people in my life, that say, "you are so positive, you make me sick!!"... I don't know how to take that really lol...

But with many trying to help create positive energy... who then can stop us!! Appreciate your kind reply, and thank you for the heartfelt sentiment, and support...

It’s easy to get discouraged. But it takes bravery and tenacity to remain positive. I believe anyone can be happy and positive if they put their mind to it!

True words and a great way to start the day. I was doing this kind of stuff at my office circulating "thought of the day" to entire Office DL

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As I mentioned above... great minds think alike!! I hope you were able to make a positive impact at your office space... appreciate the kind words as well.

Indeed got good vibes from our bosses ....they were quite impressed for bringing positive energy at work

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I like the idea of the thoughtful daily post so I'm glad you wrote about it and I learned about it from you. And I like your quote and words of wisdom about it.


I am glad you find this a positive initiative, my friend! And what better of a person to help spread the love of the #thoughtfuldaailypost, than @thekittygirl! Also... her quote and positive words, are right in-line with my feelings on the initiative...

Appreciate your kindness and support!

Howdy thekittygirl! I think this is a great post for the tag, well done!


@thekittygirl certainly did, present a WONDERFUL addition and companion, to my #tdp... thanks for dropping by to commend her... well deserved!!

Howdy sir wesphilbin! I agree and you are very welcome! Keep up the good work.

wagging LOL


Indeed!! wagging, beats ragging... yes?

Good to see you, my friend...

For sure!!! 😀

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Love the sticker and the message, Kittygirl!💜 Thanks for thinking of me and I'll try to post something not food related (at least for the first one but I make no promises about content regarding swans 😉).

dog wagging.gif
See? I'm following directions. 😁


Lol... hey, no worries! You know... you can be thoughtful about food AND swans!!

Just don't confuse the two, for the same!!

😂 I think you're safe from reading any eating swans for dinner posts from me. (No promises on not luring a group of swans to sit at my table for an awesome pic though. 😉)

Thanks for sharing on Pimp Your Post Thursday

hah... wag more... I love it :D

that made me smile!

thanks for sharing on #pypt

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Thank you for sharing this. I will look at it soon.