Ulog ~ 2 ~ The Sweetness of My Life

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What's Up STEEM Family?

Photo on 2018-05-21 at 11.01 AM #3.jpg

It's Lyndsay back with my second #ulog. A lot of you know what I'm doing here in my apron. Yep, making buns...again. We haven't bought bread in well over a year now and it feels so great to know my children are eating foods without all the preservatives. I mean...why the hell does it take store bread weeks to dry out or go mouldy? Creepy...


Pics of a few of the steps. Definitely forgot to take photos of the finished product lol, sorry no carb porn for you all today. The boys were ravenous and gobbled a bunch down steaming hot from the oven, nothing makes me happier than when the kids go crazy for my baking.


A Little "Behind the Curtain" Action

This is my station right now as I #ulog it up! Everything a girl could ask for, a peaceful quiet room, flowers, and a huge ass cup of coffee.


Meet Our Pregnant Cat, Edgar

Expecting her to POP any day now!


It's really hard to tell from photos how pregnant she is, but if you were here you'd laugh your ars off, she looks like she swallowed a cantaloupe.


I've been reading up as this is my first experience with a pregnant animal, chickens were pretty straight forward, I mean mother hens don't need anything, they just want you to get the hell away from their babies lol.

Seems Edgar will be the same way I just need to watch for if she abandons one and we will have some cat milk on hand just incase. We're taking bets in the house how many she will have, my guess is 4. Stryder guessed 8! HAHAHHA!! Thank goodness for Eddie and all his high school girlfriends, I think we've got homes for 8 kittens or more.


And even though Edgar's all knocked up she's still killing mice like a crazy woman. She ate one whole the other night in front of us...I was gagging and complimenting her at the same time. Last night she brought in another present. I hope when she has her kittens she keeps up the good work. She's the biggest blessing ever, such an incredible animal...I know the mice absolutely disagree and hope she's out of commission for a while after giving birth.


Do you think her extra digits help? I wonder how many of her babies will have 6 claws...any bets?

Being Mom

I had the boys home today, the end of our awesome 4 day weekend, we spent a lot of the day outside basking in the warmth and I really look forward to summer holidays with these guys just relaxing and playing every day. No schedules, no bed times...ahhh...


Going to the Church for a rip.




My little sweetheart @KiedisBowes picked me some flowers and made them into a beautiful arrangement. His surprise for me, must have worked on it outside for half an hour. Coming in occasionally asking for tape and paper, and I have no clue where he found that metal rod...

Dad Got Home

And I gladly handed over my stick so he could play hockey with the boys instead of me, man I'm scared to death of Stryder's slap shot...especially with all the rocks on our driveway...eek.



So Much Beauty

What would a day in my life be without noticing the beauty that surrounds me everywhere I look? I can't help but see every vibrant colour and shape and want to capture it...


My Mother's Day Tulips



I feel so happy every time I look out my windows and see apple tree blossoms.


Best. View. Ever. It's better in real life I promise, you can't see the dirty windows as much in real life, cleaning windows is at the bottom of my #lifegoals list.



I thought these trees were dead...well wasn't I wrong! Brand new life springing out of their weathered trunks. I thought the contrast with the blue sky was amazing.



And What About These Two Men?


As Don Cherry would say: What a Beauty!


@EddieBowes & Big Smokie


The rest of the flock are doing very well, we just keep throwing straw into their run every couple days and they happily scratch through it trying to find hidden treats. Give chickens enough straw and they don't even notice they're not free ranging.


Well that wraps up another day in the life of the homesteading housewife. It's pretty boring for me because I live this every day, yet hopefully you found some amusement in this #ulog.

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WTF!? Where is the picture of the finished buns?

Y’know Homey likes the finished article.......


You’re just a bloody tease!

Now you see how she REALLY is lmao

Bwa hahahaa nothing wrong with having to use your imagination once in a while :)

What is this #ulog thing all about? I've seen a few people use the tag

Hello Lyndsay,
Didn't realize we both were homesteading. I have seen you around the flag wars.I have not read a post of yours yet. My wife @lovenfreedom has been baking Organic sourdough bread for us for 7 years now. Its a big job so I can really appreciate what you are doing for your family.
Beautiful part of the world you live in? Were getting hot and humid here already whew!
Have you heard of Azurestandard?

BTW was that a rooster your son was holding? He didn't have much comb? What kind of chicken was he?

Hi @iamstan, I used to make sourdough and accidentally used up all of my starter one day when I was really tired haha I need to get on making a new one! I haven't heard of Azurestandard before, no.

The rooster is an Easter Egger. No waddle really either, just a cool beard!

@lyndsaybowes have you had the opportunity to meet the steemit doofus league. They keep adding new accounts daily and are down voting anyone who has downvoted @camillesteemer. I guess she is legion all by herself. You can see 4 of the accounts that downvoted im my comment above yours here.

Oh wow, just pathetic hahaha! Good thing their accounts suck so much hey?

Not to mention they don't know how to use steemit. Got this from @steemflagrewards its too funny.

Ok. stop now making my old brain learn yet another new thing. U log? huh. and I was hoping you would come over and clean my windows. I hate doing it, but they are so bad with the construction from across the road that I can not see my beautiful sunset or the waves catching the sparkly rays of sunshine. So therefore it become very high on my list. hee. and what is a no bidbot..hmmm

Yes, #ulog, so simple and easy, consider it to be like a journal or diary entry. The more vulnerable and authentic the better. I haven't dived deep yet, but it's coming baby!! hahahaha!!! I'll be shedding some skin soon!!

Let's just forget all about windows and just live outside hahaha! Bring that sweet homemade bug repellant with us and we'll be set.

No bidbot tag, for people who don't use bid bots (promo bots). Do you know what a bid bot is?

I think so yes and no. I thought bots were like robots and not human and not good. I like clean windows. I will let the guy do them. I sit on the couch a lot you know. :))) U log..you mean like reveal your soul stuff.

Hey, Lyndsay! Nice post! No photos of your famous buns! I feel cheated. :{ But I can't blame the boys for eating them fresh out of the oven! BTW It is not only the chemicals they add to preserve store-bought bread, here they also irradiate it! So, if you eat enough do you glow in the dark?

Pregnant cats can be strange. We have had several that just go off and have their kittens in a safe place by themselves and we have had two that wanted a midwife (or mid-husband) holding their paw during birth! Can't wait to see cute cuddly baby kittens!

Awwww!! I hope I can be a midwife!! Eeeek how exciting to think she may wake me up for help! <3 <3 <3

Good God, irradiate bread? Noooooo!!!!!

Haven't heard anything about Edgar the cat in a while and the next thing I read is that she's pregnant.

Hope to read more from you guys.

I know right hahaha!! She got knocked up the first week after she got given to us... hmmmm... I do believe her old owner knew something we didn't!! Giving us a cat in heat LOL!! No regrets though, she's the greatest blessing in our lives right now. One hell of a mouser. Gonna get her spayed as soon as the kittens are weaned.

Good to see you Enforcer48!!!!

Awww, Mama Edgar. 😻 You better show us kitten photos! 😸

Heh heh heh...you know me better than that!

I guess 3/4 of the kittens will be polydactyls. (Photo is of Yuan's toe beans just because)

Awwww YAY!! I'm gonna pretend he's giving me a high 5! <3 <3 <3


Everything? Allow me to quote the Kottonmouth Kings... "Where's the weed at..."

Great #ulog ... i'm betting 5 on the kitten count..

Oooh YAY!! 5 is what Brendan picked too, so you'll both be winners together!

Where's the weed? Damn bro, you are right...

Mmmm homemade bread, you're killing me here in my no-carb land :) I bet it's wonderful. I used to make my own bread it was always a joy to go from ingredients to delicous food and that hot piece with butter melting...OK I had better stop.

You have such a lovely run for your chickens. I just have a little makeshift yard now for mine, with no top, but so far no chicken deaths. Mother hen is still on her eggs, but we shall see. The other hens push her over to lay more in her next and I'm worried they will smash the quail eggs I've given her, which is probably what happened last time, as I though it was she that did it, but I caught the crazy Polish in there bossing her about. Oh Chickens, the tough society they live in!

I'm so jealous of kittens! I love watching animal births and their child rearing. I used to breed Italian greyhounds and our sweet Sophie (who we lossed last Christmas) had the best accidental litter with out little chihuahua Monty and it was so much fun watching them raise the puppies together. I wished I could have kept them all!

I can't wait to see kitty pictures. Will you keep them? They are good to have as 'barn cats' if you have a barn. It seems the stables I'd always ride at growing up always had a little cadre of barn cats, super friendly but lived in the outbuildings and wherever they liked and kept the mice population at bay.

Awww...little greyhounds...that would be so cute!! Hey you won't be jealous of my buns if I showed you what they do to me LOL!!

I hate how everyone has to lay eggs with the broody mama! It's so annoying and HURTS when you try and get the eggs from under her, I send Eddie in LOL he's used to being pecked and bitten :) :) :) I don't know what I'm going to do when he goes visiting his grandparents this summer....gonna have to get some gloves!

We'll be finding homes for the kittens, so far some of the kids' friends are working on their parents to let them hahaha!! If we had a barn I would for sure keep some of them, but I don't think they'd like living in the chicken coop, they'd probably go feral lolol :)

A nice account! Cat are fairly simple to cope with when giving birth they generally do it all. Important thing it not to touch the kittens too early messes up their smell and bonding experience. Enjoy

My wife was only saying to me the other day that the bread I make doesn't keep for long .. my answer was along the lines "that you should be more worried that the supermarket crap does"! Although I must admit that my bread making skills have let to scale the high tide mark of your buns! :)

Yet another beautiful slice of life in a post my friend .. thank you for sharing!

You have to freeze it right away, that's what I've learned, only keep out what you will eat that day, and pull slices, or buns out of the freezer as needed <3 <3 Your wife is one lucky woman!!

So romantic your @kidiesbowes😍😍
And everything you do @lyndsaybowes, you like enjoy evething that you do as a mother and manage all of home works, I love like the way you are😊

I love you too Neilur, thank you for blessing my blog with your presence. I'll be following you to see your first #ulog!

It is my pleasure @lyndsaybowes🤗
Of course I will post it as possible as soon😉 and hope its can't make you disappoited about the result later😊

I could never be disappointed in you!!

Oh wow, what a sweet life indeed! I'm envious, you got apple tree blossoms!

We're having problems with bobcat and foxes so our ladies aren't out free-ranging yet. So hubby is mowing grass and throwing it in their run. We raked up dried leaves too and threw it in their coop so they can scratch and dig around.

Yep, homemade baked bread is really good. We weren't buying bread for what...like 4 years until I killed my sourdough starter. Ugh. Now I'm having to start over again.

Great ulog! I wrote my 2nd one 2 days ago :)

Thanks so much for reading @lovenfreedom <3 Your hens sound like the are living in paradise with all of that grass and the leaves. Better to be safe than sorry with the predators! We have ours in the run in the summer to keep them out of our veggie gardens, luckily we don't have predators near our spot.

I can totally relate to the sourdough thing, I need to acquire another one myself after an incident ... hahahha!!

I used up all my starter since I went bake crazy before I went to labor. Then when I made another one, I killed it. Arggh.

This is my 3rd attempt at making a starter. But having some problems with my recipe so if you have any simple sourdough please throw them my way :)

I'm considering buying one online...they seem really difficult to make from scratch. The last one I had was gifted to me by a friend.

Give chickens enough straw and they don't even notice they're not free ranging.

And even if they're free ranging, they'll go after straw rather than be free!

This is a delightful post with lovely photos--your men are quite handsome, and I really like the shot of the apple blossoms through the window :)

Thanks so much for checking out our day MtnMeadowMomma! <3 <3

Great post, and it's nice to see you finally have flowers instead of the jagged, frozen ice 👍🏽👍🏽

Yes, fugging FINALLY!!!!!! I was getting pretty hard pressed there to show new stuff! Now that it's flower season, I'll have a lot more variety to capture.

Hello Smokie , I love it.

Ooh! Pretty pics! 😍
We had a cat once that had a litter of kittens. She jumped up in our bed and wanted cuddles when it was time to deliver. It does depend on the kitty's personality though. Some like to be left alone. I hope Edgar lets you help her when its time. It's a beautiful experience. 💜

Oooh my goodness *SQUEEALS!!! I really hope she involves me in the process, I don't even care if they poop and pee on me!!

that beautiful! always sharing many photos, the cat is very lazy, nature is very flourishing, beautiful are your children God bless you

i love my sister @lyndsaybowes always in energetic, make us inspired to always do, i like lynda still make that bread. although I actually wanted to taste it but because of our different continents that made me unable to taste the delicious bread of a lynda sister. hopefully lynda successful and healthy always.

so what is with that living room. where are all the toys and things. it looks peaceful and calm in that living room. flowers help. what do you do about the cat. I know my auntie always had cats that had kittens. There was always a special box with soft flannel blankets for her and the kittens. After that I know nothing. I say she has four. We have a pet deer now. :)))

We have a box all set up for her, yep, she loves it!

Pet deer, do tell?

Originally, mommy came with baby. For the past while since we have been back only baby comes. Everyday, front, back, side of house. Visited when Michael was here. Is not that timid really. Sits in among the small bushes at the back of the house behind the little bedroom. Stands there and eats the leaves from the bushes. Came home home yesterday and she was standing by large rock near driveway. I rolled down the window and talked to her. She looked at me with those soft brown eyes. What should we call her?

That's sooooo cool I hope I see her next time we're there <3 <3 Maybe she'll have moved into the spare room by then hahahaha :) Name...hmmmm...I'm sure you'll come up with something awesome!

How long will bread last for without all that junk in it?

A couple days and she's dried right out!

We freeze ours and thaw it out when we want some. Keeps for a long time that way. You should try it then you can make bigger batches and its not so often your kneading bread.

I'm ulogger let's success together in #ulog

You are celebrity, we are your fans..

I want some bread😟

I would love to share some with you!

You are so domesticated. 😁 Only joking... Glad you didn't bother with the windows,,, just go outside much more fun. Not sure which looks more like you Eddie or the chicken 💜💜

Bwa hahahhahaa!! Eddie is my little twin...but Smokie, hey nowwww...

Ha ha was going to say something about Mother hen... But decided against it 😃

What does ulog stand for? :3

And eeee so many flowers ♡ Heavenly AF!

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How long will bread last for without all that junk in it?

your post always fantastic

happy to see you that you are active again on steemit

I never left my bro, I post almost every day!

cherry blossom japanese national flower