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There's a first time for everything they say and most of us have had many first's or first times. The thing with a first time is that it is also the last time...I mean, the first time you experience a first time is the last time you will experience that first time as once experienced as a first time it can never be called a first time again...So a first time is also a last time but possibly not the last time that thing is experienced. It just makes sense.

Welcome to week 46 of the #weekend-engagement topic - Its time to have some fun.

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Weekend-engagement topic week 46

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The topic: Tell us about one of your first's and explain your answer

It could be your first pet, car, holiday, record or CD. First job, first fight, push bike, the first time you had sex, your first partner, day at school, first time you broke a bone, went in a plane, first house, first operation, live concert or book you read. It could be your first kiss even! Maybe your first social media, computer, phone, cup of coffee, your first child, first crypto purchase, first boat, first drone or camera, first divorce, first epiphany, failure or success, first time you spoke in public, had to fire someone, first time you got fired...First hive post? Just make it your first something and explain your choice and you're good to go! Add a photo if you like too.

Read this bit so you know what to do. ☝️

My first...

The first time I met my niece @smallsteps is my choice.

She lives in Finland and I live in Australia so about as far away from each other as we could get but in 2018 I went there to meet her. My brother @tarazkp picked me up at the airport and drove me to his house where I met the little cutie - She was two years old and the cutest little thing I'd ever seen!

We became good friends, had many chats, koala bear hugs and kisses. I also taught her how to be more Australian...She says, g'day mate, pretty well albeit with a Finnish accent. We hung out for a while and then when it was time for me to leave a week later...I was a bit of a mess to be honest.

P1100713 (1).jpg

That was almost three years ago and I was due to go back last year but the pandemic prevented it. Still, we video chat all the time and she still says, love you love you heaps and blows me a kiss every time. I miss her so much, but will never forget that first meeting, the first hug...The way she clung to me so tight like a little koala.

That's the topic for this week folks. You have until late Sunday night your time to get your response into the comments below and I hope you'll engage with it this week as it'll be good to see you around over the weekend. Have a great weekend if you engage or not.

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All i wanna write about my first gf. Her name was Nishat. I like her from my primary school life. But i never talk to her. btw, she was my classmate. when we set foot in the college, that was the first time that i talked to her. slowly we got into a relationship. it was a great journey. our relationship lasted for 7 years. then boom. we separated, she moved on. i got depressed. still i miss her a lot.

First love huh? A nice story of your journey together and I'm sure you had seven wonderful years with Nishat. Sometimes our paths run parallel, converge for a time and then diverge...It doesn't negate the journey and what we had right? It's ok to miss her too.

Thanks for joining in, your first time here on the #weekwnd-engagement topic I think. You were the first to comment so I gave you a larger upvote. 😉


thanks bro. i am trying to move on. but still i miss her. love to think about her. ❤

Yeah, it'll be hard for a time but things will work out.

First loves are always quite hard and they always hold a special part in our lives. My current partner was my first love. Then we left and got back together not long after. So I can understand the always thinking about the first love.

I hope you heal my friend.

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what can i do with this engage token? i am new here. dont know about this.

Awww...life happened.

That's the thing...Life happens sometimes and we just have to move on, be thankful for the good times I guess right?

this is life. sometime gives us good moments and sometimes worst. but we have to accept. dont have any other option.

I believe that first love always leaves indelible traces, it is a very important experience in our lives 😍

first love always leaves indelible traces

This is a nice way to put it.

I think we all remember our first love, don't we? Do you remember it? 😊🥰

I do for sure.

But I call whomever I fall for a first love as that love is a first between the two of us. You know?

Good point! Then all relationships are your first love 😍

yes. its almost 3 years that we broke up. still i miss her. still i love to think about ger. love to read old conversation.

I still remember my first boyfriend very fondly, unfortunately we lost contact and I haven't heard from him in a long time.

First Love is always something special and unforgettable!!! 7 years such a good and long relationship !!! Sorry to hear that you both not together now but I think it better to let someone go if her heart is not there for you anymore :) Life is to move forward. Hope you are both still good friend.

I think it better to let someone go if her heart is not there for you anymore...Life is to move forward.

This is exactly right...We have to move on with our lives, to find new paths to follow, and chase happiness no matter what has befallen us in the past.

I couldn't agree more. People do terrible damage to themselves and others when they try to stay in a relationship that the other person no longer wants.

So many do this...Not so smart I guess, but that big step forward can be so difficult to take.

I've always liked the saying 'The hardest step forward is the one that breaks the chain.'

'The hardest step forward is the one that breaks the chain.'

This is gold.


Thanks! I wasn't really trying to spin chains into gold, but if someone got some gold out of it, I'm happy to spread the wealth!

trying to move on. its almost 3 years.

Ahh sorry to hear that. Hopefully one day you can look back at your time together, take the lessons and and the value it added to you as a person and put it into your future

This is well said mate. Respectful and quite right indeed.

thank u for ur support. ❤

I agree. Well said.

El primer amor siempre se recuerda como algo muy especial. Es un relacion de primer vez en muchas cosas..Pero la vida, es asi, aprendemos para luego comprender el para que?

Good story to break into the weekend engagement community and topic! Sounds like a good love story, except it ended. The good part about it though is you got to experience love, some people never get that chance. It makes you a better and smarter person I think!

Not to be too 'Debbie Downer' about it, but all love stories eventually end.

Hahah yeah death is the one thing we all can't escape!

There's always the old movie quote "If it didn't end badly it wouldn't end."

One of my favorites!

I'm sorry to hear this ... but I'm sure that in all those years you've learned a lot from her. We must always be grateful for experiences and accept that life goes on ❤️.

sure. it was a great journey for me.

I don't think you ever forget your first love. You will move on, but, you will nostalgically think of her from time to time. Embrace the love for what it was, and then move on. For you. For her.

Good luck!

trying to move on. its true that i still miss her a lot. bt its not painful to think about her.

That is awesome.

true.. first love will always be first love and we can almost never forget that person.. I'm still in touch with my first gf and she was/is still the best thing that happened to me.. Not saying I'm not happy with my fiance.. I am happy.. But the memories of first love will always be different.. Those butterflies can never be felt again..

yp. nothing can be compared with the feelings of first love, first person.

Life goes on, first love butterfly feelings, a very real experience to go through.

With time that leaves, second time maybe not quite as intense, when you meet the one you going to live with forever, many times the feeling will occur again.

Realm of never been too sure! 🙃

true. nothing can compare with the feelings of first love.

There remains the nice memory of a pleasant trip, this also counts. That they have separated may seem like a loss, but it is not comparable to the value of having known each other and having had 7 years of good times. That you miss her is not bad. She may still miss you too

yp..it was really a great journey for me. still i miss her. bt dont know about her.

Oh wow, that was beautiful
Well until you guys got separated of course.

But hey man, how you holding up?

actually i dont know. cant make a new relationship atm. trying to make myself busy with my job, work etc.

Well, that makes sense. I feel you should allow yourself love and be loved again.

The separation can be quite disorientating but, you cant find what you seek in your job, etc.

You should try to go out there.


How touching. The bond is strong and one day you all will sit together and talk about that time. Keep up online and look forward to the day when you hug her again. No matter how long, she will not be less happy to see you, that you can be sure about 💚.
The first time I realized how engaged you are, how much effort that is and how time consuming in a way, how much effort a lot of people put into this blockchain I was impressed and it made me feel like I stumbled upon a good thing here 🙂yah I know it sounds cheesy but mehhhh what shall I say ;)

My niece is a such an awesome little person...So smart, cheeky too. A great hugger, which she get's from me because I'm the worlds best hugger, and just an all-round super-cool little kid. We'll get back together and will have some more adventures...I have some more Australian words to teach her too...Probably none of them very good ones!

Your first is realising how engaged I was? That's actually pretty cool. I mean, it sort of means I inspired you to push on, to get engaged yourself, which you have, and that's really cool. A lot of effort goes into this, I don't just mean from my perspective but others too...It's great that you see it and that you feel comfortable here...You are doing great.


🤔 Did I just replied to my comment instead of yours lol? I'm confused 😂

Lol...Nah you got it right.

I looked for a wallet transfer but didn't see it. Either that or it hasn't cleared yet.. How much do you give for one of those comments?

Ok so I should be able to charge about 50 then. lol!

At least...Ask for more than you want though. 75 I'd say.


Well played sir.

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You are an uncle, uncles aren't supposed to teach the good ones lol. So all good ;). Thx :)

#gooduncle. I think the upside down G has an esthetic wave to it, know what I mean?

Motions hand simulating driving over speed bumps

It's a stylish upside down G, I have to admit.

I'll see them again in a couple of months. It's the reason I took the vaccine as soon as I did, so I could travel.

Turns out my brother and I really do like one another. He was here in October and I just can't wait to see all of them again.

I don't know about my teensy part on the (make it this) blockchain but I think you really did stumble into a good thing here. I'm really glad you are here.

Hey nice to hear that a travel might be in sight. How great it is going to be :). From where to where is it going to take place?

It's a pretty direct 1500 miles from Yuma (me) to Spokane, Wa (them). I'll do some sight seeing coming and going...


Where does your brother live Tom? Older, younger? How many siblings you got?

If you've already told me just pretend you haven't, please.

Spokane, Wa. Or Kennewick, Wa. Or Wenatchee, Wa. Or Omak Wa. Ahahahaha. I found both sets of siblings (and kept my others) for a total of plus 8 for the year 2020.

I've actually met my father's other kids, and none of us knew. 4 boys and an adopted sister in that clan, 1 brother two sisters from my mother and a brother and sister that I grew up with (adoptive).

I'm going to see at least two of my father's kids this summer, the first time since we found out. He (my father) was a college senior football player and my mother was a junior in October 1950. He finished his season and joined the Marines to go to Korea (he graduated when he came back) and never knew he had another child. There is some indication that my mother thought he may have been killed there. But we don't know at all.

I agree, what a story. I have at least 5 half siblings besides my twin sis, but no contact. My dad left us when we were 3 or so. Oh well.

It's gonna be a nice road trip, something to look forward too :).

Stories like that hurt my heart. My (adoptice) brother has just now found his father's family. 23 and Me was unambiguous about it, and he's met them. He and his brother look a lot alike, but their two youngest (sons) could use the same photo on their id. It's really something.

His mother doesn't want to see him, doesn't want to have her 'indiscretion' revisited but his brother and sister from their father KNEW there was another brother out and about.

For the record: My brother just spent his first St. Patrick's Day as a hooligan Irishman. At the age of 66. :)

Cheers old Irish I'd say then :). Good that he followed up with meeting them.

What a story! Your dad died not knowing he had him? If that's what you're saying how incredible for everyone involved. Like a Chris Hansen special.

Kennewick. We just buried a good friend of mine from Kennewick Christmas before last. Man he was a cool dude, too, young. 50.

It's complicated. My adoptive brother lives there (on Canal Blvd, btw) and one of my father brothers. It's also where my father retired to and died.

It's really amazing. My father was superintendent of schools at my High School while I was there. He signed my diploma! My brother and my brother were in the same grade in school until High School when they moved on. The two were pretty good friends and have also contacted one another since they have a common brother.

Ahahahahahaha. That shit makes me laugh!

Thanks for sharing this. Nice Sunday read.

Cheesy? I was thinking more like brown nosing but I don't what they call brownie points in Germany and then there's the whole cultural thing and, well, I guess I didn't have to elaborate so much and could've just left it at cheesy with a question mark.

If by mean you mean not funny I need to work on new material.

Or I need to work on my reading between the line ;)

I was concerned. Wasn't sure if maybe your account got hijacked or something. I was about to send the troops out like:

'Who is this and what have you done with Anna?!'

Good to know lol, I guess I was just reading it wrong. Oh well, it happens lol. I'm going to break the law now and meet with people 😱 Outside, with distance but I will still become a criminal soon lol. Happy times we live in lol.

This whole thing is so weird. Depending who I talk to, chat to, each state I've been in is different, some street corners vary depending which direction you're facing. I swear the people here in Tennessee don't even know what we're talking about right now, they never missed a beat. But one thing's consistent—no consistency.

Bummer. Where's the first time?😏

Hidden in the comment ;)

Cheesy again. 😅

But I figured it out now.
I realized how much it means to me when someone comments and engages with my post even when they seldom upvote. Its the best part of me.

I used to say, there's few better things than human interaction 😁

First time for everything, next time around is second time, never to be repeated, first lifetime events.

I totally relate to the excitement in meeting Little Steps, reminded me of how I felt with my niece taking her first steps years ago, I shouted for the whole family to come see...

Later my first son, then the second two years four days apart, like chalk to cheese in character, another first!

Hand rearing wild birds, the first was a sparrow (Mossie) who would come home every night... till she met a male who swept her off, only to return and show her two babies what it looked like inside the home, off she went again, always a first!

Life is filled with many first time events, remember losing your first tooth! Straying with an answer you looking for.... OK an hour later it dawned on me a one and only lifetime event.

Swimming at the Orient Beach, East London at about 12 years old with my best friend another excellent swimmer. We always swam together training or at school gala's, provincial events so back line swimming never bothered us.

Dolphins appeared one day and wallah swimming with them, a highlight for both of us. They played around with us for about half and hour before they moved along, going about their business in the deep blue.

Most definitely a once in a lifetime, sending adrenaline levels sky high!

Oohhh! the first steps of babies are exciting for those who see it, I don't have children but I have followed the growing process of each one of them. It is wonderful and fascinating.

First time swimming with dolphins!!! Something glaumorous and rare.

Watching your children grow a big reminder how much older you getting LOL...

Dolphins playing around us was absolutely a once off, great memory from early years.

Hahahahahaha no, let's not talk about old age, I'm still adjusting to being called ma'am.

I bristle when somebody calls me sir. I have a standard answer "I'm no officer, I worked for a living."

Now that there hasn't been a draft for 50 years most young people have no idea about how the military functions. So now it's just words for a young person to wonder about.

It is quite impressive that our generation is unaware of so many past concepts, so important and so full of value.

I value your opinion!

I still prefer people to use first name, however we live most will refer to you as Auntie or Mrs. very few use ma'am, more likely madam.

like chalk to cheese in character

:time out: 'Id like to ask the author for clarity on this one, please.' :time in:

Long version or short version @dandays?

Is this a trick question?

This feels like a set up

I've never seen that one, Chalk to cheese. Interesting slangs and languages, plus the stuff we make up ourselves, good times! But that chalky cheesy is a new one to me.

Squeaky Cheese maybe, chalky cheesy possibly, both cheezy...

Oh dear an old saying.... showing the age once again?

When you say that two people are like 'chalk and cheese', you are suggesting that the two are very different from each other; they have nothing in common. (John Gower's Middle English text Confessio Amantis, 1390) - A Phrase...


I love these things. Or when someone sends me to the dictionary.. the best!

Helped over the hump did it? 😄

And No I don't date back to 1390 hahaha.... So don't go there!

You don't look a day over 31.

Swimming with dolphins would count as a very legit first time and I think it would be so cool! I think in your case it was cooler than cool [a temperature/state of being that I'm not even sure existed prior to your dolphin comment] because it was in the natural environment. What a very cooler than cool thing.

I'd like to swim with dolphins but I'm not the best swimmer in the world...I mean I can do it but not so well. It's the floating I have an issue with...I can't float. Lol.

Like you say, there are so many first's in life and we need to embrace them. I guess some go begging though as we may not appreciate them fully appreciate them at the time.


Moments with no camera, embedded into your memory how efficient they are in water and most definitely have a good sense of humour! They sure showed us a thing or two about catching a wave and body surfing.

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The first steps are a truly epic moment. I remember when my kids started walking, Gael did it a year and a half ago and I still remember the look on his face when he looked at me as if to say "I'm ready", it will stay with me forever.

I have never been so close to a dolphin, but I imagine it must be a magical and unforgettable experience 😍

Children are special when growing up, repeat the darnedest things too.

Any animals in the wild affording you some time makes one feel truly privileged.

It is true, it is a privilege to be in contact with them 😍

Wow. So much around children. Being one and then being with them. A month ago I volunteered for a community project where a lot of people showed up (Covid Shots). There was a young mother that wasn't in line for shots but was there in support of older family (grandma and grandpa would be my guess). Anyway she had a child just the right age that she was walking around in the shade holding the little girls hands above her. I'll bet that little girl is walking on her own by now...

That story with the dolphins is just cool beyond all words. And you had your bff there to backstop the story! Just about as cool as can be on several levels.

Thanks Joan!

Children are reminders of our growing older, the future generation to carry on, love how hungry they are for knowledge using all their senses, the funniest is speech, out the mouths of babes...

In a million years I could not have wished for a better friendship during growing up, we both had a passion for swimming, animals, cycling, dancing and did much together, safe in each others company. We still keep contact, although he know lives on another continent, happily married to his long time partner.


Today is my FIRST time... being a babysitter and spare mother to my ex-husband's son by his next wife. 😳 Please forgive me if I consume rather too much coffee this morning!!

After divorcing my Thai husband when my now 16 year old daughter was 4 years old, we had some rough years. Thailand doesn't mandate child support and he was not in a position to give it. Eventually he remarried a Hmong woman and they had another child together. Their little boy, Phet (his name means "Diamond" in Thai) is now 6 years old. And my daughter Ploi (means "Sparkling Jewel" in Thai) has rarely even spent a full day with him.

Welcome Covid, economic devastation to the Thai working classes, and little Phet has been living with his Thai aunt down in Sukothai for 6 months to enable his father to begin working as a Grab driver and his mother to work as a cleaner. It didn't go well.

But the years have passed, the irritation with Ploi's father has eased to occasional eye rolling and annoyance and he made 3 visits to his daughter this last year alone. Big steps forward.

Last week he stopped by with the little boy in tow, on a Sunday. He admitted to me that it's better for the boy to be in Chiang Mai, where he has love and discipline. But acknowledged how very hard t is to schlep him around all day in the heat on a Sunday when his wife is at work. It's 41C out there today. They can't afford to not work - he stays with his mom on Saturdays on her only day off, but Sundays are tough.

And so I volunteered. Bring him here. We can look after him every Sunday. Great for Ploi to get to know her little brother before she heads off to university in 15 month time. And great for him to have connection with his big Sis and learn a little English.

And so here we are. A spare mother for the day to the child my ex husband had with someone else. After years and years of acrimony and upset, we have come full circle to a place of peace. Where the children's needs come first.

BIG FIRST for me today! And him, I think. Lots of coffee being consumed.... 😆



Grateful for the growth and the blessings.

This is a great first and shows how far a person can move outside of their comfort zone. I was going to write something like, I don't think I could do this, but I guess I won't know what I can and cannot do until I'm faced with the situation and have to truly ponder it for a resolution. I always find something of value in your comments and sense a feeling of calm, intelligence and confidence in you. It's nice, so thank you.

Also, Phet...Judging by that legit house design next to him on the table and which I assume he drew...Architecture could be in his future!


I honestly NEVER dreamed I would be in this position either, nor that I could muster this much grace. Ultimately CALM is the magic word. It's not the child's fault his father made shitty choices (I mean seriously, giving ME up for a younger, prettier model???!!! 😆) and if I detach from our past and see only a curious boy with a cute smile, it's no longer personal.

Phet may well have a future in architecture... LOL. He's having a FIRST too - having only his dad's old phone t play with, he's never used a touch-screen nor played great computer games. I've asked Ploi to choose non-violent games that need skill and also use some English language. LOL 😊

I think men are more biologically hard-wired to worry about the children they physically created - sort of an evolutionary hangover. Women arguably have a more natural inclusive nurturing pattern - witness a cat who will happily suckle an orphan kitten along with her own.. I'm holding that thought when I get irritated today. LOL But so far so good - my daughter is a champ is doing a stunning job.

Hugs and happy Sunday to you. x


giving ME up for a younger, prettier model

Crazy right?

When you get irritated it will completely fine and understandable...An when you do I'm pretty sure you'll not take it out on the lad. You're a good sort.

Happy weekend...Long one here for ANZAC day.

I forgot all about ANZAC Day!! 😲 Must be time to dust off an old Eric Bogle tune... And the band played Waltzing Matilda..

Enjoy the BBQ if you're having one. 41C here and we're taking the little dude out for a surprise to buy him an ice-cream and a pair of new running shoes - definitely he's growing fast and we want him to feel that he's special and important to his Big Sis, even if the last year hasn't been easy or happy. Wanting to make sure he feels welcome.

Enjoy the moments and KNOW you can always stretch to be inclusive, loving & forgiving. Cos if I can, anyone can. LOL. 😆

I forgot all about ANZAC Day!


Enjoy the moments and KNOW you can always stretch to be inclusive, loving & forgiving

I'll be forgiving...*You're forgiven for forgetting ANZAC Day.

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Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

As difficult as that situation is, I'm proud that you made it about the child and what he can gain instead of the disagreement between the adults. It's a tough situation for sure, I've seen the interactions between divorced parents and it's tense. At the end of the day though, I think the child will be far better off spending the time with someone as good a person as you and your daughter are! Those experiences can have a lasting positive impression in a world full of negative ones. Thank you for doing that for him!

That is just a stunning first. It's so easy to remain angry and feel betrayed and so hard to put a kids needs first. That is seriously impressive.

That bother and sister look like they are doing pretty good together. I'm sure that you have made a generational push here that will be felt in your family for years.

Well, your niece wins the cutest kid on the innerwebs award every year. I can certainly see how meeting her might be a memorable first.

I'm just sitting here thinking of firsts. Damn, I've had a few that are memorable or worth remembering. Dragged over the seat of a '58 Chev by a girl that didn't weigh 100 lbs? Yep. Sitting on the back of Eddie Jasman's Indian? Ohhhhh, still gives me goosebumps. First album? Surfin' Safari with this on it:

I've got 70 years worth. That's like two thirds of forever. I almost wrote a tribute right here to my first hunting dog. But I can't, it's gotta be my first time meeting my brother and sisters. It's only been a year, but I still can't believe that we found each other and the raw emotion when we had our meeting. Our first meeting.

I thought after 68 years that it wasn't ever going to happen, and then it what seems like an instant, I have people that I look like. Amazing. I think it would be beyond my belief IF IT HADN'T HAPPENED TO ME.

Wonderful first times, even more so that family reunion, how good that you were able to have that blessing in your life ✨

Thanks. After 50 years of searching it was really something to find them. All of them!

What a beautiful story! 😍

An amazing story and I tember reading about it Sir Tom.
That was surely in my mind one very great experience. I also have 5 half bothers floating around somewhere, but I don't think that we will ever look for each other, as there were bad blood when the six of us buried my estranged father.

Your happy event is simply amazing, especially after such a long time.
Happy for you.

I understand the separation and the need for separation sometimes, but never having known it is an amazing thing later in life.

Oh yes, it must have been a shocking surprise, especially as so much time has elapsed.
Glad for you that it happened Sir Tom.

I remember your posts when meeting the family, it turned out fine, can only imagine the bundle of nerves before meeting them all.

No small family to meet after so many years not even being aware they were out there @bigtom13

I was almost out of my mind by the time the meet up actually happened but within about a half an hour I knew it was just fine. Really amazing!

There is something about family even if you never met previously. It was great when you got to meet them all, since that is in no ways a small number to meet all together.

Oh wow! Amazing and what a trip. 68 years I can't imagine what it's been like and how it must have felt. I'm so happy for you and your family.

Thank you. Me too. It was just utterly amazing.

A pretty legit first here Tom. I guess you'd have a bucket load of them to share but this one is pretty momentous and the right choice I'd say. I can't imagine what it would be like but I remember reading about it and how happy you were.

Legit first.


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I was diggin the comedy skit, especially the 2/3 part and dang man, that gave me goosebumps! So uh.. did the TOP drop?

Then you got real-real. That's really cool sir. How exciting, I just asked about your siblings on the other one but this was too cool to pass up.

Your niece is very cute. Now she must be a big girl :) I hope you can see her again soon ❤️.

Regarding first times, I want to tell you about the first time I had sleep paralysis. For those who don't know, sleep paralysis occurs when your body is asleep but your mind is not, so you are awake but trapped in your immobile body. In this period, which lasts a few minutes but seems like a long time, your brain begins to hallucinate with panic. It is terrifying.

Well, my first sleep paralysis was during my graduate trip. I remember I was about to fall asleep, when I suddenly realized that I couldn't move. I tried to scream and couldn't. But I was seeing everything around me. I was even saw "someone" standing at the foot of my bed. It was a paralysis-nightmare 😫. It was horrible, horrible. When my body woke up, my heart was beating a thousand times an hour. I woke up all my friends. Nobody understood anything 😂.

To this day I still have these paralyzes frequently, especially in times of big stress when I cannot sleep peacefully. BUT, over the years I managed to control it. I realize that I'm having a paralysis so I stay calm until my body wake up and can move. I no longer let myself be scared if I see horrible things like in nightmares. It is very strange how all this works.

Wow, this sounds terrible! I've not heard of this thing but can imagine it is frightening, especially the first time it happens. You should write a post about it if you have not already. I think it'd be interesting to read.


Yes, last night while I was writing this comment I thought it would be nice to make a post. Soon I will. Thank you ❤️.

You're welcome, I'll look out for it.

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Oh my! I'm so sorry for what you're experiencing and I couldn't think of anything worse especially seeing someone at the end of your bed and not being able to do anything. Such a vulnerable position. It's good that you have gotten a hold of it and it no longer freaks you out anymore.

And that's one of the quietest things I ever saw ... hahahahaha. There are worse.

That's a very interesting first! I've had symptoms very similar to this while attempting to push myself into an out-of-body experience, though my reaction to them was obviously very different, since I had been trying to make it happen.

Have you ever tried moving your 'free' consciousness around while this was happening?

I recently saw a series in which they did those "astral travel" and I thought: ok, this is very similar to the sleep paralysis that I have. But I have never tried to "get out of my body." It's just like I'm awake in my bed, I can see around me, but I can't leave this place, I never tried either. Next time I'll try it :-D.

I hope it works out for you, let me know if you want any tips!

If I've read anything similar, they didn't describe it as well as you just did. It does sound like a nightmare. It's been awhile but I used to get weird seizure things, not what you describe though. How often does it happen?

The last paralysis I had 4 days ago. But the one before that happened several months ago. Lately I sleep late and I don't sleep well. Maybe that's why this also happens to me.

Oh wow so this happens a couple times a year, I'm glad you're able to anticipate them at least. Sounds scary.

Wow, that must be really hard to go through. I remember when I was 8 years old something similar happened to me, I don't know if it was sleep paralysis, but I remember being asleep and suddenly opening my eyes, I saw the figure of a sinister man next to my bed and I wanted to run away but I couldn't move, or scream. It was terrible, I could only close my eyes and pray. Then the feeling passed and when I opened my eyes, the figure was no longer there.

Fortunately I have not had another experience like that, but I remember it as if it had happened yesterday.

Sorry to hear so ... in Vietnam, we have a small tip that you can leave something like a blunt knife under your mattress, I don't know why but that helps a lot when I was a child 🙈

I'm going to drop a deuce on this one with a definite downer, my First Big Disappointment.

When I was a kid, I didn't sleep much. One year, on the eve of Easter, I figured since I was awake anyway, I'd listen for the Easter Bunny, to see if she (the easter bunny lays eggs, she's a girl 😂) needed any help setting up baskets and hiding eggs in my neighborhood.

If you don't know how that turned out, I won't spoil the surprise for you.

I think of this story a lot when I think of firsts, because that night is what really set me on the path that led to where I am today. I learned that the people I trusted the most had been lying to me my whole life, and that the only person I could really depend on was myself. Life has reinforced both of those observations over the years.

Of course, child me was hurt and angry. I was 5 or 6 years old, but I had a very adult understanding about a lot of things. I knew that going out and confronting those liars about their lies was just going to make things worse. I also knew that as far as lies go, this really wasn't worth fighting over. I knew that the only thing that had really changed was my awareness. I also knew that Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy weren't going to keep handing out freebies my whole life, so I better start learning how to get the things I wanted for myself.

What did I do? I spent the rest of the night playing with brain-teaser puzzles, reading Treasure Island, and waiting for the sun (and my little brothers with it) to come up. I enjoyed my chocolate, flew my kite, and kept my new knowledge to myself. I learned that I could keep secrets, too, and there was no sense in derailing the gravy train.

People say we learn the most from our failures. I'd like to nominate disappointment for the #1 teacher position.

This is a pretty poignant first for sure! Thanks for sharing.

I remember particular ah ha moments as a kid and to this day am thankful for them. I like your last line...Disappointment can be a very great teacher indeed. Nicely said.


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And I'd like to disappoint you with the #1 disappointing comment. It's better than getting deuced though, I thought you were deucing us.

He comes up with cool stuff huh? I don't know how he does it, I woulda ran outta topics by week 2n1/2.

For sure the bunny's a she. And what are saying about Santa?

I know a few people who have never needed a dentist in their life, ever. I'm not one of them. Pura, never, perfect teeth. So I make annual visits, you know, and each time I'm greeted by the tooth fairy just before they charge my co-pay.

Not to further disappoint, but that wasn't the #1 disappointing comment... overall. It was #1 for this post, hands down. Somebody on a different post commented with a video that wouldn't load, that was the #1 all-time(today) disappointment.

He does come up with cool stuff. I bet you could probably do it too, but if you want to be a slacker... I'm not here to judge. Well, sometimes that's exactly what I come here (to Hive) for, but I'm not judging you about that, right now, I PROMISE.

All I'll say about Santa is that he hasn't swung by in more than a few years. I might not have been good, but I was definitely better than I was as a child.

Bold move, calling your dentist a fairy. In this age of PC speak, few have the courage for that kind of language. When I was a child, the tooth fairy left money for me, but for the lousy dime that cheapskate left, I would have rather kept the tooth.

Ok hold on how did this turn into me being a slacker again?

If it's only been a few years since he's swung by let's give the slacker a break. I mean, with Covid and all.

I can't believe I did that! Fairy. And this is blockchain, I'm dust.

It's cold and wet here today, changes pretty regularly. About every 15 minutes. But it's been on a steady ugly all day today. When it's like this here I assume it's up where you are too?

The changes in weather every 15 minutes are the same. Other than that, it depends on the overall weather pattern. It usually comes more from the West, so yesterday in Michigan is my weather today. When it does come up from the south, I'm about a day behind Tennessee, and looking at my forecast... cold, wet, and steady ugly tomorrow.

It was never really about you being a slacker, it was really about you selling yourself short. But, now that you didn't bother to read between the lines, maybe it's back to you being a slacker...


Read between the lines.. Drive between the lines.. Straight and narrow line.. Ok I have issues I get it!

I think with this one, I’ll go with something a little different. I’ve been mulling it on the brain since checking the post out, there’s so many firsts out there but it’s hard to narrow it down to one sometimes!

I’ll go with my first firearm I owned. It was an interesting thing to have. I had my gun license for a few years already but I didn’t own a gun which was a bit annoying but I didn’t have much money for them. I got my license on a whim with a friend of mine, and actually an affluent person we worked with had helped us a little bit. We went to a safety course at a well-off fish and game club so we got a pretty good experience, some beautiful scenery and you got to shoot two guns, a .22 rifle and a 9mm. The .22 was one I had shot before but the 9mm was new so that was cool. My friend and I both finished and got our license. He went out and bought something soon after getting his but I forget what he got, we ended up stop hanging out for various reasons so we’ve lost touch.
Fast forward a few years and I drove past this place in an area where we often go because of the shops and I saw there was a gun store. I never noticed it until then so I knew I wanted to stop in! It was kind of like a candy store for me because I had wanted to own one for a long time but now here I was, trying to buy one. Thankfully it was a small store and not many people in it so I could spend time taking to the owner and getting a feel for what I wanted. The price was also a good factor in it as well.
I had held a few of the guns he had in stock, the .45’s, a few 9mm but this other one stuck out to me because it had just come in and he didn’t want it sitting there so he priced it to sell. It was a smith and Wesson 9mm model 908. I was sold and it hefted the way I imagined it would, not light but not heavy. I had to wait for the background check to go through but I had made the step to ensuring I would be more protected than the average citizen would be if needed. Never hope to use them in defense for sure but it’s there and important. I came back a few days later and it was mine! I bought some ammo, a cleaning kit and a carrying case from him and I was a proud owner of a nice 9mm from that day forward. Only fired the thing about 50 times since that day which pains me but we have to deal with those types of things at certain points. Just glad that I am the owner of what is increasingly trying to be removed from the hands of people throughout the world. Every new gun owner we can make out there is one person that stands in the way of tyranny.

This is a good first and you've talked about it responsibly whish all firearms owners should be doing. Well done.

hope to use them in defense

I think most are like that to be honest - Being in a position to have to use a firearm in that way wouldn't be a good thing for most people and there's often bad repercussions for doing so. Let's hope you never have to do it.

Only fired the thing about 50 times since that day

Please tell me this is 50 times and not 50 rounds! I have a suspicion it's the latter though...Bro, You need to get to the range!


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The first time I shared my art @nftshowroom was a really fun & satisfying experience. I had researched NFT Art marketplaces and when I read about how I could do this within the Hive blockchain it was a great moment as it connects me with the community here and people interested in art on that marketplace.

This is a great first and yeah, a really cool way to get connected on the blockchain. Nice work, and thanks for joining in this week.


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Thanks so much!

So sweet! I like the way you express your love to her and hopefully you will see her again soon 💛

This is My first time...
The shot below reminded me the first of first times that I drove a scooter up hill on my own, even with someone behind and also first times I have been to Ban Giooc Waterfall which is ranked as one of the 4th among the biggest border waterfall in the world and also the most impressive nature I have ever been. Love it! Highly recommend you to go if you visit Vietnam 💚


What a beauty! Very beautiful scenery 😍 and an excellent experience 🤗.

Yes doing something at the first times is always challenging and when we achieve it, it will great 😍

Wow...Fantastic sis, you drove the whole way up to the north and carried someone behind 😦
I was lucky to be there last year and it was extremely stunning: gorgeous waterfall & mountains surroundings. Really want to come back here again. 💝
Làm em liên tưởng tới 2 câu thơ:
Khi ta ở chỉ là nơi đất ở. Khi ta đi, đất đã hóa tâm hồn!

Không biết dịch qua Tiếng Anh răng? hehee

Haha, c cũng hok biết dịc răng lun. Ôi sự tích chinh phục đèo Mã Phục trên con honda wave, oy chạy về trong đêm chỉ có mỗi container 😄 Chắc một lần luôn, ngầu lắm ;))) C cũng muốn chở lại nhưng chắc phải kiếm tài đã 😆

Beautiful shot!

What kind of "scooter" are we talking here? Cause it might have a lot more horsepower if it can carry 2 people up a hill 👀

Honda wave 115cc 😄 I could't believe that we still survived. Thank you for your compliment 🐎🌻

Hey there...Thanks for sharing a couple of firsts...

Riding a scooter or motorbike for the first time can be interesting. I remember my first time on a motor bike...It didn't end well.

That waterfall looks legit though...And you look pretty happy to be there. I've been to Vietnam but didn't make it to this awesome location...Maybe next time though huh?


Opppt I hope it was not too bad for you 🙈
Ban Giooc is so gorgeous and don't miss Pac Bo as well. I was there around October, the weather was so nice during day time and a bit cool in the evening.

I'm not sure when I'll be able to travel there but that's for the tips...I hope to make it soon!

Next year for sure the border will be opened. Hope to see you around Vietnam 🛵

I'll be around eventually.

Yes, am looking forward 🤗

Engagement.. charts..

Way to hold it down mate!

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Such a beautiful place ❤️.

Yes it is. How amazing to see whole Ban Giooc waterfall with drone! Water is also very pure turquoise 💎

Oh wow! That looks quite impressive and so much beauty. I'll have to add this to my to visit list.

Thank you & shot me a text when you come, I can share you some tips to travel around my country 😻

I keep finding content about Vietnam, each time I want to visit that much more. All of you describe it as a paradise. I tried clicking the link but it didn't work. Do you have another one?