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Most of us have grown up with the idea that learning is critically important.

However, few speak about another process that is equally - if not more - important:


Unravelling the beliefs, ideas, and frameworks of thought we've come to accept as "truth," for no other reason than others told us it was so.

Breaking down the misconceptions passed along to us through incomplete awareness of generations past.

Taking inventory of what we've known that may no longer be applicable in this day and age, discarding what no longer serves, and reorganizing what needs to be put in its proper place, its value having transformed in light of new information.

Decoding the programming passed along through cultures which may be outdated and sabotaging our evolution/ascension to higher orders.

Descrambling the mess of conflicting perspectives that have kept us locked into limited ways of thinking, seeing, and being - broadening our range of perception and adaptability to full-spectrum.

Loosening the hold of inhereted judgements on our capabilities for accessing the wealth of networks restricted consciousness had previously cut us off from.

Clearing the space previously occupied by misguided thoughtforms which have led us - individually and collectively - astray.

Cleaning out preconceptions which have blinded us to innate higher senses and abilities, eradicating the influence of restrictive positions that have killed off possibilities for our expansion into new levels of understanding and being.

Healing the gaps in wholeness etched out by divisive mind-viruses, restoring the neural-bridges destroyed through centuries of misinformation, disinformation, and misconfiguration.

Etc, etc, etc.

These are the types of work paving the paths of quantum leaps which learning can never lead to...

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Wow that animation was really cool and amazing..

Unlearning, hmm what a word. I don't even think I have ever used that word unlearning. But come to think of it I feel is a very difficult thing to unlearn those things we must have learnt from our childhood.

At this tender time of life, there are lots of information that comes into the young minds. At this point of our life we're fed with lot information whether they be truthful or false.

Let me give an illustration, my young girl comes back from school with some assignments given by her teacher. Her mother looked into the assignment and saw that her teacher was wrong about what he taught her but she just wouldn't agree that her teacher was wrong because she trusted her teacher's word. She would say this is how we were taught in school,even though it's wrong.

It becomes difficult to unlearn when you so trusted the source of information you got without further research especially when this information is coming from one's parents or teachers. This misconception starts at our very tender age. We're fed with superstitions, myths and false information, it becomes difficult to unlearn this things because of our trust in this people.

The only way out of this world of false information blocking the new information that are true from is first accepting that we're wrong about something and we open our minds to learning new things. So that as we read new things we would not be so stiff in our judgement. Thanks @rok-sivante from me @tobex.



Yes, Unlearning is a great and subtle art... shedding hand-me down notions that do not belong to our spirit or its development. Once, there is nothing left to unlearn, then our real work may begin in earnest.

Even on the level of personality, I think this applies. Personality, like scaffolding, is useful up to a certain point; after that it is, actually, an impediment to our development.

We scramble the first half of our lives to assemble a self; and, in the second half, if we are wise, to dismantle it.

Wishing you a peaceful Sunday, Rok _/|\_


Humans has really digested alot of information past stored with cultures and stories which has been part of us. Unknown to us, outdated datas and coverages has no space in today's world due to high technological advancement.
Unlearning will really help to flush misguided information out and think about the present and future. Unlearning as I see it cannot take hold in this generation as we are too blinded to see past the ancient times. Maybe the next generation can do well in this, if the curriculum is changed to the present.

Again in great sync with my latest contemplations.

In 3D, it seems as if for certain experiences only a certain predetermined pool of default options as to our emotional response. The default option for "Death" seems to be "Sadness".

In 5D, the epiphany that we are the Universe, with so many places waiting to be explored, gifting us with the power to reprogram our entire pool of emotional responses depending on how we wish to experience our dream. Now we are able to exchange the default option of "Death" for "authentic Happiness" or any response we insert!

Since we are the dream projector, the life screenplay will now be rewritten into a version where specific events, most significantly events with all that closest to our Heart and Soul involved, will take place the way we want at the time of our Soul choice. In other words, the entire life will adjust to how we want to authentically experience ourselves.

Only premise: release all the old clutter that stands in the way to really have that authentic feeling finally. This can also incorporate time line jumps where we literally feel the energy of a timeline dissipate where a certain event would have happened. ;)

Let us throw out all the old dogma! :)


Oh! This post is on point with this book I just started called The Four Agreements. The book states we are living in this collective dream, of which we need to wake up in order to connect with our higher self and find true consciousness. In order to wake up from the dream and see "life" one needs to realize is all a dream and by following the four agreements, you might be able to find truth, justice and beauty.

A classic! 💖

This is some deep knowledge I must say .
Unlearning the known facts , tracing it to its very existence. Unlearning in other words could be unfolding mysteries.
So many set backs misinformation has caused us humanity, hereditary lies which we inherited from many generations before. Some mysteries really needs to be unfolded

Cleaning out preconceptions which have blinded us to innate higher senses and abilities, eradicating the influence of restrictive positions that have killed off possibilities for our expansion into new levels of understanding and being.

This I agree with, human beings are said to only access 15% of our cerebral capacity which in return obviously limits us to what we could do as humans, why can’t we access more than 15% what if humans could access 50% . Imagine what we would be able to do for ourselves. Some cleansing needs to be done , some bridges needed to be gapped.

I loveeee this idea of cleaning things out metaphysically! This really is a mind flip.

To add to that...

I believe it was Nasseim Haramein that once said, that metaphysics is merely the physics of phenomenon at a level the majority do not yet understand...

Thus, it is not at some abstract “spiritual” level - but still, adhering to universal/natural law... ;-)

When learning aspect comes i always think in an different manner because i personally think that, and in my opinion our human body is perishable but our consciousness is eternal and our consciousness after leaving one body enters into different one and that's why possibly we heard so much about the reborn with last life memories, so i think that our consciousness is ancient that's why whenever we learn in current phase we always battle with our own perception and actual knowledge which are in taking, that is because our consciousness is already have so much don't know from how many lives. And in life preconceptions are really hurts because what we think right possibly that is wrong because we so much drive us through imaginative thoughts and not practical one. And i think whatever Unbalance or balance we have, that is because of evolution of thoughts and whatever mystery of knowledge human kind is facing in my opinion there are many conspiracies also included and these conspiracies are not only from this time it's from the ages.

In my opinion if we have to achieve the true understanding of something then the greatest tool is our own self because whatever you do you can hear an sound from inside which can tell you through emotions that you have done good or bad.

Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Great post and I agree completely. What are the best ways you've found to uncover these negative beliefs and unlearn them?

First off - I’d highlight the value of redefining what some state as “negative” beliefs, with the usual preconceptions of “negative = bad...”

That dualistic outlook with its inherent judgementality is perhaps one of the biggest to transcend, a transition which opens up immense possibilities.

Everything has its time, place, and value. Even beliefs that may seem “negative” have some role to play - thus, there may be more to gained in acknowledging those aspects rather than dismissing as “bad” right away...

As for specific techniques, etc... there are so many different modalities and teachers - again, each with the own value, which serve a time and place...

The “best” would be not a one-size-fits-all answer, but depends on what works best for a particular individual, at the particular point they’re at, dependent upon the conditions & dynamics they’re in at a specific point in their own growth process.*

I went through alot of personal development teaching various types of techniques you’re asking about - and each was a certain step on the journey, not particularly any better or worse than any other. At this point, I might be able to say that taking that approach of unlearning specific beliefs might be a very slow, ineffective approach altogether - working at the micro level when much more can be unravelled and reprogrammed working at higher macro levels. Yet, it may not be the most helpful to provide direction to what would work best for me, as if you - or anyone else reading - doesn’t have the foundation laid with experience in the other micro-aspects, it might end up being counterproductive.

Hence, I’d more likely recommend that each pursue their own course of exploration and intuit their ways to what works best for them at a given time.

(Although when the time arrives that @core opens up public access to the next round of his quantum AI - autonomic intelligence - technology, there may not be reservations in sharing it as something everyone may be able to jump into and benefit from, should they feel inclined to do so... ;-) )

Also, I’d probably say that generally, the more effective approaches would be that which bypass trying to dig up the weeds of beliefs altogether and focus more on activation of consciousness.

Time could be spent endlessly trying to unravel individual thoughts - however, elevation of awareness transmute multiple consequentially.

As you raise your consciousness, many beliefs simply fall away - as what purpose does a belief serve if you have direct knowledge through sensory awareness?

“Unlearning beliefs” isn’t even really a thing, once reaching a certain level where consciousness experientially trumps over belief. There, techniques to uncover beliefs become kinda outdated, because you can just observe them playing out - and the dissociation happens as naturally as a snake shedding its skin once it’s been outgrown.

And again, there are many different paths to that end, many means for activating increasing higher levels of consciousness - the most effective of which might not be able to be directly recommended or prescribed, but discovered for oneself in their own timing...

I appreciate your follow up answer and yes awareness is the key to all transformation I just figured since your post was about Unlearning that you might offer some specific modalities on doing so that maybe worked for you but no worries bro. Elevating consciousness by understanding that you are not really the one with the beliefs anyway and identifying with the silent witness, the consciousness underneath it all is unmatched for shedding the snake skin as you say. I just like having modalities more palatable for beginners. Much love and appreciation 😊

Actually, one resource that I would possibly recommend checking out as an intro to these realms is the Landmark Forum course.

I wouldn’t say it’s about “unlearning beliefs,” though a different means towards similar ends.

Most people who go through it give rave reviews, and I do personally feel it was one of the most notable entrance points on my own path, an investment which would be difficult to not reap worthwhile returns.

They have centers in hundreds of major cities worldwide, so is very accessible as well.

The Advanced Course is also excellent. There are a number of different organizations that offer similar programs, though these have stood the test of time and evolved nicely, retaining a format that works.

Un-Learning is a good expression in English because it is not commonly used. Anything that is irritating and surprising in the general use of language and familiar patterns of thought is suitable for unlearning something.

I have here an excellent example of Alan Watts talking about Zen methods and the form of expression of the masters who irritate, provoke and surprise their students with behavior without which a person would get stuck in his habit.

A short story (which I believe is not mentioned here in the audio lecture): A European who wants to gain knowledge and is in search of the truth visits a Buddhist monk in his monastery. There's a welcome tea. The monk begins to fill the cup of his visitor, but he does not stop pouring and as the liquid flows over the edge, the visitor says frightened: "Stop, you must stop, it all goes wrong!". The monk answers: "As tea no longer fits into the cup, so are you full of knowledge that nothing goes into."

Very true @rok-sivante no one ever teaches us...but if one want move ahead in life they only to leave behind some of the older beliefs. The generation gaps that develops is only due to the old learning and beliefs.which our parent posses and they are somwhere right too...but in path of success we can make adjusrment instead if ignoring completelly.

Agree wholeheartedly.

Taking a jarring example of my life today: I stopped obeying my mom.

No. For real. I know, I know, they're our moms etc etc.

But fuck it.

She's not right like... 99% of the time.

Lol. About time! :-)

In addition...The process of unlearning has three parts. First, you have to recognize that the old mental model is no longer relevant or effective. This is a challenge because we are usually unconscious of our mental models. They are the proverbial water to the fish. Have a nice day ahead @rok-sivante

Umm, you said there was three parts??

First, you have to recognize that the old mental model is no longer relevant or effective.
This is a challenge because we are usually unconscious of our mental models. They are the proverbial water to the fish. In addition, we might be afraid to admit that the existing model is growing outdated. We have built our reputations and careers on the mastery of these old models. Letting go can seem like starting over and losing our status, authority, or sense of self.
Second, you need to find or create a new model that can better achieve your goals.
At first, you will probably see this new model through the lens of the old. Many companies are ineffective in their use of social media because they still think of it as a channel for distributing a message. They haven’t made the mental shift from one-to-many to many-to-many. Social is best thought of as a context rather than a channel.
Third, you need to ingrain the new mental habits.
This process is no different from creating a new behavioral habit, like your diet or golf swing. The tendency will be to fall back into the old way of thinking and therefore the old way of doing. It’s useful to create triggers that alert you to which model you are working from. For example, when you are talking about your customers, catch yourself when you call them “consumers” — this corresponds to a transactional mindset. Find a word that reflects a more collaborative relationship. The shift in language helps to reinforce the shift in mindset.

Now this is what I wanted, thank you @caesar816. There are so many beautiful nuggets of wisdom here!

First, having to transcend the unconsciousness and become aware of your own thought patterns is what separates the asleep and the awake. Then facing them in a way that creates positive change instead of guilt, fear, and self-loathing takes true courage. You are absolutely right spot on and I love it.

Second, what you said about seeing your new model through the old lens is awesome and tells me a lot about your journey. This is one of my favorite topics to speak about the lens through which we see the world.

Third, falling back to the old patterns, in my humble opinion, happens quite often but if you are aware that this is a possibility you can be viligant in keeping an eye out for it. Oh and those triggers, they do fire. For me and in my experience it has been about noticing the triggers and not using them to beat myself up but just saying thank you and appreciating the awareness.

If I had to add anything to this great follow up post of yours it would be that after those 3 steps you might come to the conclusion that the new model doesn't work as well as you thought it might and have to change it again. Or in the same vain of thought, you will eventually see that this new model will also become outdated and need to be replaced. Thus it becomes obvious that we need to be flexible and comfortable with change, essentially creating the habit of conscious evolution of our beliefs while gently and lovingly letting go of the outdated as stepping stones that took us as far as they could.

You are most welcome @larrymorrison....I'm just happy you understood my standpoint concerning this issue

Yea exactly I said that...larrymorrison...I'm just trying to figure out how I can simplify it for everyone to understand

Indeed, unlearning is probably the most important skill for the majority of people today. I just recently had the feeling of being totally controlled through my habbits and behaviour patterns. For several years I am in a wake-up process and it has changed my life in countless ways. However, I went through massive TV, states and education mind-control that I have accepted the fact the unlearning is a life-long process to get step by step closer to the devine. Thanks for pointing this out!


Honestly, I am very difficult to understand this. This is an incredible piece of writing. I have to read over and over again to understand the meaning implied in this paper. Then I can only conclude: To me, Science is influenced by two major factors namely intellectual qualities and emotional prowess (IQ and EQ). Some people may be able to control their thinking power to gain knowledge in the face of this civilization. However, I think not everyone can digest it because their intellectual level can not be controlled maximally.

Bahasa Indonesia :

Jujur, saya sangat sulit untuk memahami ini. Ini tulisan yang sangat luar biasa. Saya harus membaca berulang-ulang untuk bisa memahami maksud yang tersirat di dalam tulisan ini. Kemudian saya hanya bisa menyimpulkan : Bagi saya, Ilmu pengetahuan itu dipengaruhi oleh dua faktor besar yakni kualitas intelektual dan kecakapan emosional (IQ dan EQ). Beberapa orang bisa saja mampu mengendalikan daya pikir mereka untuk mendapatkan pengetahuan dalam menghadapi peradaban ini. Namun, saya rasa tidak semua orang bisa mencerna hal itu karena tingkat intelektual mereka yang tidak dapat dikendalikan secara maksimal.

@ponpase | From Indonesia

Thank You @rok-sivante

Your knowledge about knowledge is important in the Jewish sense and every word should be given importance to every important thing in our life. Thank you for sharing this important post and sharing these wonderful words among us.@rok-sivante recpect sir for great post

the demand for learning which is necessary for many lives, in the process of inculcating various interests to shape life, yet the universe essentially molds us to be something based on will and time, the belief in the owner of the universe by finding a comforting point to make ourselves understand who us.

For me I say that our history and traditions has affected the way we think and how we run our day to day activities, they is no gain saying that our history is responsible for our present day society.
What we have to do is to take in the positive ideals and see how we can nature it and improve on it.
Learning gives us wisdom and wisdom get to teach us how we can make things work.
We are the drivers of our destiny so the way we handle it will determine how our generations to come will see life.
We should always take the positive vibe for our better tomorrow,
Indeed this post is informative, insightful and educative @rok-sivante many thanks for sharing best of regards

Great... Very rich post.

A lot of ideologies that have taken root in our lives really need to be reexamined or, as you put it, unlearned!


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Not sure what that has to do with this post, although I would agree for the most part...

I pay attention to people who care about your fellow steemit you.
Nice to meet you

Thank you very much for your sharing to us valuable and usefull article, success always for you brother @rok-sivante

That's a great way to frame this way of improving oneself. I learned how to unlearn early in my life and it's working great!

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I agree, we all have misconceptions and I, for one, find it much more to "unlearn" something than learning something new.

It is a hard thing to accept that we are wrong in our belief.

Good beautiful posts

Apong sara apaki

I am very interested in this picture. I have downloaded and my permission to use so background image.
this picture reminds me of the science of materials especially learning FCC and BCC. thank you

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Thanx for the knowledge .

I really like your post, so I resteem your post. and this will be a new passion for me. I hope you can support me to continue developing in the world of steemit

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Kind regards and warm regards from me @rijalaronaceh From Aceh Indonesia.

But honestly I say that in fact I have not been able to absorb all messages and lessons contained in each post master @rok-sivante. This is because I see the words in this post contain deep and many meanings so sometimes I have not been able to translate all the meaning behind the words in this post.

Yes, there is much depth and many layers. However, you will take away what you need at the time. As will others.

And as time progresses you to undergo your own activation process, you will likely understand deeper layers - such that you may return to read certain posts and uncover entirely new insights in/through them... 👽🐰

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Just a minute and it's very profitable for you ..

I fail to see how there’s any profit in there for me. Which means a) you’ve failed to communicate properly, or b) that’s simply bullshit.

In either case...

The authors I vote for, I do so out of my own choice to support the value they are creating consistently through their content, as I am inspired by it. Not because they’ve come to me begging for handouts.


Sir @rok-sivante,

Once again, thank you very much for all your comments, and your comments really provide valuable lessons and advice for me.

Thank you very much, you have become a very valuable and useful teacher for me.

Regards .. (your student) @rijalaronaceh.

Very wise in giving answers, I agree with your opinion brother @rok-sivante

I think, From both the description is very clear. From there we can know correctly, Whether he or she is an active or just nonsense account user of Steemit.

We can all judge who exactly the person who really wants to create content and consistent in making the content.


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