THE IGNORANCE SPELL - Explaining how mRNA vaccines work

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People believe that the Covid19 vaccine will use our immune systems to attack proteins that our cells make and that's it!

Once our cells have released the Covid19's 'harmless protein' our immune systems will magically just focus only on that and boom we are safe from covid19 forever!

This is lies and trickery!

A sleight of hand magic trick based in the world of "make believe", that most people seem to be living in right now as they cling onto anything that seems positive without questioning anything at all.

I'm going to call it an "ignorance spell".

All of us are affected because, to be honest, living in ignorance is how we find bliss.
But this is too important to blissfully accept this nonsense pseudoscience any longer.


The Covid19 vaccine mRNA forces cells to make a genetically sequenced harmless spike protein, or so they claim.

The immune system creates an immune response to the spike protein and gets rid of it and only it. The immune system then builds immunity from the spike protein, when a virus appears similarly constructed.

Many questions should be asked:

If our cells are making a spike protein that our immune systems do not like, then why should we believe that our immune systems will not start attacking the cells that make it?

Surely our adaptive immune system will respond to this spike protein and the abomination cell that created it, right?

Our immune systems will consider those cells as damaged or genetically corrupted cells and initiate a cytokine storm.

The damaged cells are seen as a poison, stimulating an attack to destroy the spike protein.

The vaccine is using genetically engineered exosomal membrane coated with polyethylene glycol (PEG) for extra protection to transfer artificially sequenced RNA into our cells for reverse transcriptase:
"Using cell derived enzymes to snip away our original DNA and replace it with the GMO sequence".


We have to understand how exosome mRNA works and what happens when cells use this mRNA to instruct cells to change DNA and perform a task like making the abominable spike protein.

When our healthy cells receive an mRNA instruction, it over-rides the original DNA instructions and then alters that cell's DNA by recombination via reverse transcriptase, using the enzymes from major histocompatibility complex (MHC) after creating the spike protein.

That cell will then make vesicles to carry that abomination spike protein from the ribosome into the cytoplasm and out of the cell.


During this process, that cell will make a new mRNA instruction from the creation of that abomination spike protein, which leads to DNA recombination and it will insert it into an endosome.

Then this endosome will go through exocytosis where lots of exosomes will bud out of the cell carrying this new synthetic genetically modified mRNA sequence from the Covid19 vaccine, will go on to instruct more cells to make more abomination spike proteins and more exosomes with the same mRNA from the Covid19 vaccine.

All these cells will divide and multiply with the new transcripted DNA! ☠

So in essence, we have damaged our healthy cells on purpose with the Covid19 vaccine!
They are now recognized by our immune system as foreign.

And people are begging and demanding for this vaccine?

The mRNA used is foriegn so why would our immune system not attack the cells that make it?

Because of this the immune system will start attacking more and more cells that have been instructed to make these abomination spike proteins which will lead to more and more cytokine storms.


This happens naturally when DNA is damaged and produces autoimmune diseases like type 1 diabetes for example or cancer cells which convert into senescent cells.

All I hear is people shouting that we need to prime our immune systems to protect against this virus! It's better to do something rather than nothing!
This is simply more ignorance!
We are ignoring the reality of what viruses actually are!

Viruses are actually those exosomes that carry mRNA around to other cells to cause immune responses and stimulate other functions. They clean cells (collect cell junk), heal DNA by recombination and they are packaged with lots of healing proteins such as the so called spike protein to interact with ACE-2 receptors and cause chemical reactions. They create antibodies for many different antigens.
They can carry junk DNA and RNA around in and out of cells but they do this as garbage collection not to infect cells.


These little nanoparticles show pure unconditional obedience to the DNA that programmed it. That's why we should never inject ourselves with one programmed from a eugenics laboratory.

The biogenesis of the naturally made exosome membrane is different from the biogenesis of the Covid19 vaccine exosome membrane; this residual code manipulation will signal to the T-cells that some trickery has been done so it will respond by causing apoptosis (cell death) and will remember this to kill all these abomination cells.

If these abomination cells get infected by common antigens they will break down the antigens and create antibodies using the Covid19 vaccine sequence instead of the original one.


This will cause more confusion for our immune systems. as now the proper polymorphism reaction has occurred and will instead create antibodies only for the spike protein on exosomes instead of the actual toxic antigens due to the wrong RNA sequence being present in the DNA coding instructions.

We are officially told by the manufacturer that the Covid19 vaccine has artificially sequenced mRNA inside of it.

The vaccine company admits to this because the virus was never fully isolated or purified. They are not shy to admit they made the vaccine from an artificially created CGI virus sequence.

So my question is:
Why do people still believe that this virus is real?

Exosomes can be extracted, isolated and purified, separated in whole form from everything else.
This has never been done with a virus, which is because if they did they would be isolating an exosome, GET IT?

Some scientists argue that the viruses hijack cell machinery and insert its viral proteins inside of exosomes! 🤣

This is their cognitive dissonance kicking in. However, because they believe in the wild virus lie, they ignore the reality of the situation that all RNA and so called viral proteins are naturally created from the break down of cells from Reactive Oxygen Species and oxidative stress unless proven otherwise.

The unnatural Covid19 vaccine uses mRNA that has an exosome coat wrapped around it and is artificially sequenced. So in reality they are injecting people with a highly contagious deadly "poisonous virus" that has the ability to spread from person to person through droplets as the lipid membrane nanoparticle aka exosome has had its biogenesis unlocked to fool human cell receptors.

They use PEG to keep the membrane from degrading. ☠


If you have a functioning brain you will see what's happening, if not I will just say it:
Our political leaders are following orders from a eugenics movement to inject billions of people with a highly contagious and very deadly artificially created biological weapon which initiates exosome confusion & futile cytokine storm.

The Covid19 vaccine mRNA will modify our DNA to make a new spike protein for exosomes and new antibodies to attack our healthy exosomes.

The Exosome Confusion & futile cytokine storm

When we absorb common antigens into these cells they will not make the healthy exosomes anymore because that sequence has been modified so they will make the new exosomes with a new spike protein that will not do normal functions and the antibodies made will attack healthy exosomes instead.

Our cells will not be able to eliminate oxidative stress properly inside or outside of cells.

That's when human immunodeficiency syndrome comes into play.

This is when only cytokines and interferons are packaged into exosomes so cytokine storms happens which is when the "determined" exosomes seek out the most healthy cell tissue from bone and muscle tissue to start making "healthy" exosomes again while they also destroy all damaged cells in their way!

However, when they do make healthy exosomes the vaccine produced, genetically modified exosomes and antibodies start attacking the healthy exosomes.

So the cytokine storm is completely futile at providing any healthy immune response at all!

They have done animal testing with mRNA vaccines against so called "viruses" and this always happens, so why would it not happen in humans?
Everyone's bodies will start eating away at themmselves uncontrollably.

The only way to fix it is by injecting more mRNA to change the cells DNA back to normal via DNA recombination exosome treatment.


They have a plan to use metallic nanobots that can be programmed to perform these healing functions in place of your natural healing exosomes.


The above text was edited from an article by Shan Henry.

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I've been telling ppl from the beginning that all of this is a world conspiracy. But no one will believe me. Bill Gates and his buddy at the WHO have been planning this and he has a patient for something covid related. I forget but it's true. I really think this is a group's targeted action against overpopulation and greenhouse gases. Goes much deeper though. Thanks at least someone is telling it like it is. Great article!

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