Favourite Travel Destinations? Your Top 3 Monthly Contest (September)

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I want to go on vacation SO bad! I think all of us do. I'd love to tell this pandemic crap to shove it where the sun don't shine and vacay ourselves where it shines the most!

Well since we can't do that the next best thing is to imagine what places I would love to go and share it with you all in This top 3 contest. Psst! I'm a panel member so what I say and do doesn't count for the contest but I do pour a little love in the reward pool.


1. Scotland


The accents, the mountains, the history, the scenery, the people and the culture! What reason could one find to not go? Yeah there's rain, there's rain where I live too. Cold weather? Yeah I have that too, none of that bothers me one bit. I don't know exactly where I would go in Scotland but I know I would be sure to be gone for a minimum of two weeks to give myself a chance to visit many places and indulge in all that I can. I would go at a time where there are festivals or something that I can take part in culturally, although I know this brings in more tourists so there's a possibility that I would go during a quiet time. I could explore more on my own in my own time, spending the most time where I feel the need to connect.I wouldn't mind living there too.

2. Exotic forest with waterfall and pool


Being the only free image I can find, this is sort of what I am looking for. I would love to explore a forest for miles and fall upon a place with big rocks, a waterfall and swim in the pool fed by the fall. Being deep in the forest, there wouldn't be anyone there making it perfect to indulge in some energy medicine. How peaceful would this place be!
I don't actually know of places like this but I have heard of a place in British Columbia. I know there is more but I would love to be where it isn't a touristic spot. Yeah, I know, mostly everything is discovered already. Boo.

3. Ancient Egypt.


I get to cheat in this one as my post doesn't count as an entry. I would love to go back in time and visit ancient Egypt, not as a slave of course. How beautiful and wonderful it would be to see and experience this mystical place in a time unlike now. Seeing it in its natural beauty, not destroyed by war and time. Even worship a few gods maybe :P
Who is coming with me? Of course I wouldn't be able to make the trip alone. A voyage such as this could only be shared by another to feel the adventure and excitements and to keep the memories alive.

All these places I chose because they feel like they are in a different world, apart from this. I guess all in all, right now, we have to make our own magical world with what we have.

Where would you go?

Come join the contest, meet with the other panel members @cheese4ead, @plantstoplanks and @nickyhavey, see where they will take you on this imaginary trip. Have a look at the contestant entries to learn of more areas to discover!


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Here, I can. "Shove it up your ass, Coodies!"

Usually, you have to take them out to dinner first from my experience and even then it's no guarantee you get to do it either

Take Coodies to dinner?? 🤔 Eeewwwwww....

You make me laugh lol.

It's about time, dang! Single Canadian mom's are tough.

I'm not sure if that shoulda said single mom's in Canada or Single Canadian mom's but however the proper wording goes, my point is they're tough. 😉

Here's to future hear dressers, Foxy. 🥂


Single Canadian mom's is the right one :P

I have even found a shirt that is most fitting to me in this situation


I will one day own this shirt :P

To future hairdressers! Cheers ^_^

P.S. Thanks for the boost in confidence ;)

Hive is messing up, I've replied but it didn't work. To repeat:

Single Canadian mom's is right.

Talking about being tough, I found a shirt that represents this perfectly:


I shall own this shirt one day.

To future hair dressers! Cheers!

P.S. Thanks for the boost in confidence ;)

If my comment posted the first time, I am sorry for sending the same thing twice. If anything, the wording might have changed a tad.

No sweat! Thanks for recognizing hear should've been hair.

No sweat! Thanks for recognizing hear should've been hair.

No sweat! Thanks for recognizing hear should've been hair.

No sweat! Thanks for recognizing hear should've been hair.

No sweat! Thanks for recognizing hear should've been hair.

:dear mirror: You're funny!

Nice destinations! :)

I'll go with you! Great choices. Mine are stewing...🤭

I'm sure there'll be a superb rendition Fiona style


YAY!!!! I'd love to travel with you. I know you enjoy the nature sceneries just as much as I do. Can't wait to see your destinations :D

Oh, dear...I am spoilt for choice...

Lol having been to Egypt, I'd say they're still pretty ancient and you can totally get lost in that place and Google maps don't help you for shit nor did my lack of Arabic lol

I don't mind Scotland either, but It would help if they spoke an English I could understand lol

Och Aye Jimmy! Kip yer leps seeld yu wee laddy!

LOL I'll have to rewatch train spotting to get my ear in again and not tell anyone I'm catholic

You only really have to worry about "the Catholic thing" in Glasgow. So my Glaswegian father said...choose the right team 🤭

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Yeah I remember reading that we would need guides all the time to go to places. Beware of monkeys and and such as well. Today, that place feels chaotic. I could be wrong. Maybe one day it could be a place to travel to.

Even if they didn't speak English in Scotland I would still go and figure it out. I'm sure there are some people that do. If not, we have internet that can teach me :D

Yeah Scotland is a beautiful place to visit and right up your street (interest wise at least) with all the greenery, olde castles and superb valleys and highlands!

You may find your forest and waterfalls/lake in some of the locks that are in Scotland so you could kill two birds with one stone there!

I've not been to Egypt before but think they'd have kept a lot of that rich history going with the Pyramids and all!

Better get cracking with mine, pretty sure there will be no surprises though haha

I'm jealous that you've been to Scotland! And I'm upset at the prices of traveling there. I would have to win the lottery but the chances of that happening are zero since I don't buy the lottery lol.

Hey if I get waterfalls and such in Scotland, then I'm sold, I'll be living there :P

For Egypt I know there is still lots to see and experience, I would just have loved to see it in full glory. I have played a PS2 game so often just because it took place in Egypt. It wasn't a big game but it did give a sense of traveling back in time. I miss my PS2, I think I still have the game though lol.

I am sure your list will have New Zealand on it :P I'm willing to bet :D

You'd be even more jealous of my parents, they've been frequent visitors there and stayed for 2 weeks and longer, travelling around the highlands and islands up there!

Ah the PS2... such great memories, not sure what game you'd have played with so much emphasis on Egypt... Hercules? Tomb Raider?

I am sure your list will have New Zealand on it :P I'm willing to bet

I remember you mentioning your parents traveling there. I am in a bad place for traveling in the sense where everything is so far away making it so expensive :(

For the game it was Sphinx:


I've also been playing Assassins Creed Origins as it takes place in the Egyptian times. I never finished it though as a lot of the game play is repetitive, just in different areas on the map. But I did put a lot of hours into it and will get back to it once the itch starts again.

But for now the feel is for zombies, playing Dead Island Riptide on the PS3. A game that scares as it becomes intense? Yes please :P

Haha, I've not come across Sphinx before, not the game anyway. There's a really cool drum and bass track called "Mathematics" by Sphinx though that I featured in one of my shows. No wonder that game has ties to Egypt with a name like that!

I've not played Assassin's Creed so can't say what it's like but sounds like you invested a lot of time in to it, hope if the itch comes again, you can scratch it!

Wait, what?! You like playing zombie games? Who are you? What have you done with @foxyspirit??

I'm going to have to check out that track! Sounds neat and if you featured it in your show, then I'm pretty sure that it's rad.

Assassins Creed is a pretty good game, series you could say. They are usually large games. Fighting, discovering, story telling etc.

I can feel something inside taking over, it leans towards the dark side and seeks enjoyment in the scary, creepy creatures there may be. It's like the shadows are washing over me, quickly yet ever so slowly, once only covered my toes, now being neck deep, stretching my head up as much as I can as though I am drowning and I'm reaching for my last moments to breathe. And then..... So what other zombie games should I play? Halloween is around the corner and I'm about to make my nightly movie list to do a sort of daily countdown to the big day.

OH! I didn't tell you! I don't think I told you.... So with covid and all that shit, my friend Mandy and I have organized our halloween night, spending all hours of the night in what was a funeral home, rooms were made inside to rent to contractors for the mines but they don't like going there as they get some really bad vibes happening there. I'm going to bring my pendulum, tarot cards and a few other things and drinks to add to the creepiness of the night. :D

Unfortunately, there isn't a video or stream link that I can find for the track as it was released on an underground label called Social Studies back in 2005 and looks like it's limited edition (thankfully I managed to get an mp3 of it at the time) but I did a bit of digging and found it on a mix I did back in August 2018:

The track starts at 10 mins 20 seconds in if you wanted to jump straight to it :)

Haha! Wow that sounds like you have got a solid night of scary debauchery lined up! I bet you are going to have an awesome evening 😃

That as some digging! 2018!! Well, I have to thank you for sharing this, you are too kind :D

I'm with @fionasfavourites, can I join in with you? ;) I just mentioned in my reply to Nicky that Ireland has been on my list for a while due to some amazing Irish clients whetting my appetite for adventure over there, so why not hit Scotland and England, as well? There are some cool waterfalls here in Georgia, though I've got to explore more to see if any really fit the bill for your requirements, haha. I don't consider the forests down here exotic, but you just might. Ancient Egypt would be pretty wicked, too. Only with an Anne Rice vampire escort, though. ;)

Absolutely! The more the merrier :D Ireland would be pretty wicket too! England for sure! Can't skip on missing dear ol' friend Nicky and Gaz. Gaz is somewhere around there I think, right? He moves around lots so I don't remember where he's at... Romania?

You are right, I would think exotic as it's different from here, would be lovely to see even if it's not concidered exotic, but it's different in the eyes of the beholder.

I'll take the Anne Rice escort any day! YES PLEASE :D

Imagine that trip? The three of us?

I am so struggling at where to draw the line(s) for my selection! Lol

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Your level lowered and you are now a Red Fish!

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Feedback from the September 1st Hive Power Up Day

Nice choices Foxy

Scotland is cool from the little that I have experienced it. Pretty much Edinburgh and Glasgow. I would love to get up to the highlands and roam around for a bit.

The best waterfalls that I can recommend are in the French alps. Some absolutely humongous ones and very pretty. The best experience I had at one though was just outside of Kanchanaburi in Thailand. They weren't high waterfalls but rather shallow and long and under the tree line. Everyone gathers there to play in the water and slide down some of the smooth wet stone. Awesome fun.

I have never been to Egypt but it is on our list, for sure. My brother has been and witnessed the valley of the Kings and the Kings and the Pyramids. A unique experience no doubt. Travelling back in time to observe ancient Egypt sounds amazing. I would love to experience their culture. They were so advanced at that point in human history. In fact, once the Egyptian empire receded the technology and other advancements seemed to recede too. Fascinating time.

This is all surely leading to a yourtop3 meet up. It would be amazing for us all to be together at the same time. One day!!

The waterfalls you are talking about sound amazing, imagine sliding on smooth rocks!

I am also jealous of your brother, Valley of the Kings! wooooooooooooow so luckyyyyyyyyyyy. They were a culture unlike anything else. I wish the tv makers could do a series like Vikings, all historic (also fiction) but with the egyptians instead.

One day for sure we will meet. May take some time but it will happen ^_^