This is Probably a Boring Post but I Better Not Say That

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Welcome to the most wonderful of things!

That's better.  Now nobody will know this is really just a shit post disguised as something non-shit.

Next I should add the 'Wow' thumbnail because that will most likely distract and impress everyone.  Yeah!  Then for sure they'll think this is awesome!

NoNamesLeftToUse  Fire.png


Wrong thumbnail!

Oh my god.  I wonder if anyone will even notice?  Hmm.  Probably not.

Some might think I'm trying to be a clickbait extraordinaire again, so they won't click, because they wouldn't want others to find out they fell for it, even though nobody would know if they clicked or didn't click.

"I'm too cool and sophisticated.  People like me don't press things that say "Fire" because we know there's no fire."

They'd be the first to die...

I guess that's a good way to get rid of people like that but I should probably just keep that to myself so nobody finds out I have a dark and demented being living within my mind.


I don't feel like writing a post today.  Already missed a day though.  Some people might think I'm dead again if I don't post.

Maybe I should just write a post telling people I'm not dead...

I could probably drag that on for a thousand words, at least, and somehow convince people I'm actually a good writer at the same time.

Such a boring concept though.  Who cares if I'm not dead?  In order to make something like that truly exciting, I'd have to somehow start a rumor that I am dead.  Then, showing up to say, "I'm not dead," would most likely propel my efforts all the way up to the top trending slot.

Then I'd be making the big bucks instead of those people announcing things they plan to do someday!

But if someone found out, they'd want to kill me, and then I would be dead.

I don't want to die!

Maybe I should do what I normally do.

But what do I normally do?  Hmm...

NoNamesLeftToUse  Nothing cover.png

Shut up, brain!

You're not helping right now.  You're hindering!

I still like the way that 'nothing' looks though.  Most folks probably haven't noticed the subliminal message that says, "Vote."

I should use it more often...

Hmm...  What else do I have?

When the hell did I make this:

NoNamesLeftToUse  Red.jpeg

It's red but it's not red...

I need to spend less time working on bullshit and more time working on...


That's what I'll do!  Thanks, brain.  Sorry I was so mad at you before.

But what can I make?


NoNamesLeftToUse  Close Up.png


No!  Stupid brain!  Are you trying to get us killed again?!?!

People won't enjoy something like that.  It'll give them nightmares.  Think harder!


What do people like?


Of course!  Duh:

NoNamesLeftToUse  Winner.png


Everyone wins!

Ugh.  The art is finished.  Now what?

How in the hell am I ever going to be able to fit that artwork into some kind of a post?

This blogging gig is so hard.

I give up...

All out of original ideas.


I used to be so good at this...

Oh well...

They won't mind if I shit post today.  Most probably won't even notice.  Yeah.  Screw it.  I'll just leave the art there and say nothing today...

Have a nice day.

All art and images seen here were produced digitally, by me.
NoNamesLeftToUse Outro.png
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"They're going to love this shit post!  I can feel it!"

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He's dead!! I knew it!! Oh God, not again?? Why? Why do you always take the good ones!?

They make nice trophies and I like to mount things. Here, have a random rap song to help ease the pain, somehow.

It's like he is still here, in the room!!!

I think you woke up drunk again. Or, am I dead?

I can... fly?

You can fly, fly my friend, fly with the angels!;;

Was I supposed to flap? This shit ain't working, man.

Oh. Damn. Looks like you are going there other way.









Hmm. This calls for an awkward pop song, for no apparent reason.

I just hopped on here again, was scrolling through my feed for a bit when I realized I hadn't seen you, and thought maybe you had taken off again.

This leaves so many questions for perspective. Like, is the winner the mighty triumphant person that off-ed that red-face guy, or, is winning a red-face an indication of being a member of the red-faces?

Still around. Thinking about taking a break, just not sure when. Trying to post at least every two days now, instead of daily, since I do find myself getting tired and running out of time; plus it can be eerily quiet here for the first few hour after posting and that's usually when I'm around to respond so I sit and wait, for nothing, LOL!

As for this post and the art. Looking at it all now, I can't quite figure out what was on my mind... even though it's all written down. I don't know why I made that. Seemed like the right thing to do at the time. I'm not sure who wins. No clue where there's a mounted head trophy thing sitting there. It's red. I don't know why.

Pfffft I love your rambly/talking to yourself posts, started giggling a bit about using the wrong thumbnail and don't think I stopped for too long the rest of the way through XP

I don't know if it's any consolation or not but knowing that you take random breaks of random lengths I only start wondering where you're at when I realise it's been an indeterminately long time period since I last saw a post from you. Then I check when the last post actually was to determine if I should start worrying or not.

I was hoping this would get a laugh. Thought about adding the #not-serious tag but assumed, by now, you folks would know I'm just joking. I thought it was fun. Something different.

I take my breaks unannounced. Been thinking about taking a short one soon, for maybe a week at the most. Might ditch out again for a couple months in summer but I'll see once summer is here. There's no need to worry though. If something happens while I'm gone, this community will find out. If you don't hear anything, that means I'm coming back. I always come back.

Think anyone who's been tagging along for the ride long enough can tell when you're being serious and when you're not, though in all honesty I find your serious posts amusing as well.

Knowing for sure that no news is good news is useful :)

It's fun keeping things fresh. Too quiet here today though! LOL!

Well we did just recently split into two smaller communities so it will probably be quiet again for a little while right XD

Or was there more interaction at the dawn of steem?

Plenty of interaction over the years. I don't know what to say.

Thanks for stopping in again today. I truly appreciate it. I think I might put this down for now and start working on tomorrow's new thing. Try for another week at least and then maybe consider taking a break while not many are looking.

Have a good sleep/work session/break/whatever you end up doing :D

It's been a while since I last checked in with you, glad to see you didn't quit quit. That's just the life of an addict, it's hard to leave a place like this.

Keep up the artwork, hope you haven't resorted to copy pasting old stuff from that desktop folder portfolio of yours 😛✌️

Still making new stuff constantly. Winner is new. Spent most of the day, on and off, working on that one.

I haven't see you in a long time. Thanks for stopping in today. I hope you're doing well.

Winner definitely gave off a fresh vibe, if that makes any sense? Last time I was following your blog it was more dark and twisted I seem to remember.

But yeah, life kinda caught me off guard, I became a dad, found myself too overwhelmed with family, friends, gf, work and study to keep reading/writing on here... Thank lord for the lockdown!

I think that's the 30th piece I've finished for Season Five so far. Promised myself to slow down a bit, so that's roughly one new artwork every two days, which isn't really slowing down much.

Seems quiet here today, and that's a bummer. I was supposed to start work but yeah, the world is being a bit chaotic right now, so that won't be happening. Then when it's quiet here, kinda makes a guy feel like finding something else to do.

Congrats on fatherhood. Enjoy it. My kids grew up fast.

Man.. I am so glad you posted. I though everyone on Hive had mass suicided and I missed the memo. So quiet!

I didn't get the memo nor the Koolaid recipe. When it's quiet I never know if it was something I said... or what? Was out looking around and couldn't find much to even consume. Scrolled through two hours of newly created... went back to the digital art addiction.

That's me! I think I need help...

I like the humor of your posts and especially that it makes me think, because it's not easy to appreciate sarcasm with a google translator, but if you do it, it means that whoever writes does it well and whoever reads is a good healer of sarcasm.

I would like to know your opinion in this post. It's from a user who publishes little but made a pretty broad criticism about user retention

It's good to know the humor translates well. I'm sure some English readers leave feeling confused. Sarcasm can be its own language.

sarcasm is art and it goes very well with your drawings


That was...


Yeah. So deep it can't be seen.

where do you get these ideas? I have to say it is very interesting

From an undisturbed mind.

Don't know if it's any consolation, but the art of van Gogh became worth a fortune after he died ...

That's common with the outsider types, I learned.

Maybe try some meditation? 😅
Then again my mind is probably no better if I tried writing it down verbatim. haha

Meditation? Don't I seem a little too far gone though? What if I never snap out it? Can people die from meditation?


@kansuze to herself: But I heard he was dead...