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Since my computer is crashing quite constantly these days due to over heating reasons, I'm now having some doubts about how I'm going to continue my daily photo project.

Anyhow here are yesterday's photos:

Today we will be visiting my nephew for it's his 3 year birthday. The boys will stay there overnight.

Tomorrow Vera and I are taking Ninnu to a dog show in Helsinki, and pick up the boys when we are done.

I might be able to shoot some photos too. I'll post some later today.

Thank you guys for always being there and supporting me, I appreciate it!

See ya!

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Nice chair! LoL

Have a nice day!

This chewing gum and chair beside a the plant making plot beautiful.

Looking forward to your dog show shots! It's good to have something out of the ordinary to photograph for a change. It has become increasingly difficult for me to figure out new subjects to shoot. Fortunately, the summer is about to draw to a close in a couple of weeks or so. There'll be yellow and red leaves and stuff to shoot again.

I hope your computer problems get sorted.