Deep Dives 19 | Confirmed Conspiracy Theories | 200 HIVE in Prizes

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Deep Dives 19 - Confirmed Conspiracy Theories

Recently, @deepdives and some members of the community have faced criticism surrounding the promotion of "conspiracy theories" on Hive. At the same time, there has been vocal displeasure about the prevalence of conspiracies on Hive's trending page and some sense of frustration towards the pervasiveness of "conspiracy theories" in popular culture.

In some cases, spam bots have been deployed to harass, ridicule and provoke members who promote unconventional or noncomformist viewpoints claiming that members of the #deepdives community engage in -

"spreading dangerous misinformation"

adding that one should

"do your own research from legit, reputable sources.

A perplexing statement as no specific examples of misinformation were provided, nor were any attempts made to refute author assertions, nor were any "reputable sources" identified. These claims were simply blanket ad hominem and completely groundless.

The irony of these claims is that from the beginning @deepdives and the #deepdives community have been dedicated to supporting independent journalism and hosting regular research challenges that require stringent sourcing of material from participants in our research challenges.

This community account, has and will continue to support fringe and unconventional reporting. This doesn't mean that we condone or approve of every post in this genre. We simply support the right to free speech and will not be intimidated into submission to conformist ideology.

The great Irish playwright Oscar Wilde once mused that:

An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.

An oft repeated gripe about so-called 'conspiracy theories' and 'conspiracy theorists' is that their claims are unsubstantiated and are complete non-sense devoid of facts.

While it is true that there are numerous conspiracy theories that permeate the internet on every subject imaginable, there are also numerous conspiracy theories that have turned out to be genuine and supported by the historical record.

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Definition of Conspiracy Theory:

  • A theory seeking to explain a disputed case or matter as a plot by a secret group or alliance rather than an individual or isolated act.

  • A hypothesis alleging that the members of a coordinated group are, and/or were, secretly working together to commit illegal or wrongful actions including attempting to hide the existence of the group and its activities. In notable cases the hypothesis contradicts the mainstream explanation for historical or current events.

  • Hypothetical speculation that is untrue or outlandish.

Some prominent members of the greater community believe that the vast majority of "conspiracy theories" belong to the latter of the definitions provided. Yet, there are numerous examples of actual conspiracies that have significant documented evidence in support. It takes considerable time and dedication to sort the wheat from the chaff. Oftentimes, many dismiss conspiracy theories without doing much research at all and certain topics are dismissed off hand.

Where is the evidence?

Carl Sagan's famous quote that -

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence

is true indeed and is not in dispute.

Challenge... accepted :)

This is the type of challenge that the #deepdives community was built for. Instead of making enemies maybe we can open a few minds, turn a few heads and engage with our blockchain brethren who may not appreciate the finer points of 'conspiracy theory'.

At the end of the day, we may not convert anyone to our way of thinking but it is the goal of this challenge to highlight the critical importance of challenging the status quo, the gatekeepers of our world, the narrative writers and the hidden hand influencing and affecting our lives.

To our friends that this community's output has offended - @mobbs, @acidyo, @lordbutterfly, and anyone else who may be dismayed by the presence of conspiracies on our platform:

We welcome your comments and input. We invite you to participate and engage with or in the challenge if it appeals to you. We welcome non-community members to engage in civil discourse, rebuttals, lively discussion or even counter-posts to make things interesting.

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Proven Conspiracies - Open Archive Challenge

This is a unique edition of Deep Dives and we're excited to host this 19th research challenge.

In this edition, we call on community members and non-members to dig up evidence/proof/documentation on events that turned out to validate or legitimate conspiracy theories.

As stated above, *extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof*. Therefore, we ask that participants provide as much documented evidence as necessary to bolster their chosen topic.

Don't know where to start?

Here are some topics have potential for a deep dive investigation or that might be worth exploring:

  • The Bay of Tonkin Incident that Officially launched US War in Vietnam
  • Operation Northwoods
  • CIA Mind Control MK Ultra
  • MK Ultra LSD experiments
  • US government research into UFOs
  • Big Tobacco Covered up Evidence that Smoking was Deadly
  • Operation Mockingbird - CIA infiltration of US media
  • Operation Paper Clip - The USG hired Nazi Scientists after WWII
  • The CIA Developed a Heart Attack Gun
  • NSA Domestic Spying Program on US Citizens
  • Cancer Causing Polio Vaccine (???)
  • Operation Popeye - US Weather Manipulation
  • Operation Stargate - Remote Viewing
  • Gulf War 1 - "Nayirah" - Propaganda Testimony by (Saudi Ambassador's Daughter)
  • The Franklin Scandal
  • CIA located Bin Laden through Fake Vaccine Program and DNA Testing
  • The Manhattan Project
  • The Tuskegee Syphilis Study
  • The Iran-Contra Affair
  • CIA Drug Trafficking in US funding the Nicaraguan Contras
  • Operation Ajax
  • Operation Gladio
  • Karen Silkwood - Nuclear Industry Whistleblower
  • CIA Drug Smuggling in Mena Arkansas
  • Jimmy Savile
  • Watergate
  • The Modern Surveillance State
  • Social Credit Systems
  • The Assassination of JFK
  • The Assassination of MLK
  • The Assassination of RFK
  • The Assassination of Malcom X

Always Exercise Caution

When engaging in research of government websites, intelligence agencies and whistleblower sites, such as Wikileaks, we strongly urge you to take all necessary precautions.

We recommend that you take the time to properly explore available privacy tools and VPNs.

Check out our Resources for Researchers post for tips on protecting yourself online and resources for diggers.

The Confirmed Conspiracy Challenge

deep_dive1 CLRblur1.jpg

  • Search the archives and the historical record making use of #DeepDives own - Resources for Researchers
  • Build a post around your findings
  • Provide additional sources to make your case and strengthen your position
  • Explain the significance and why it’s an important information that should be communicated to the public.


  • Help spread the word, reblog this post
  • Limited to 2 contest entries per account
  • Submissions must be made in a separate post (not in the comments)
  • You may leave a link to your entry in the comments below
  • Submissions must be posted before the deadline
    (UTC - Monday, September 7, 2020, UTC 11.59.00PM)
  • Please make sure to post or cross-post to the “deep dives community" page
  • Indicate that your post is a DD19 entree in the title of your post (so we don't miss it)
  • Your entry must include references to a document/documents found in a publicly available archive
  • Provide a link to the specific document or page
  • Make an attempt to keep your post concise and to the point

  • Please, do not plagiarize the work of others


The Winning Post Should

  • Meet the rules criteria

  • Well researched

  • Fully sourced

  • Clearly presented

  • Significance should be clearly articulated

  • 3 Outstanding contributions will be acknowledged

  • *Winners will be announced within a week of the submission deadline


1st Prize = 100 Hive

2nd Prize = 60 Hive

3rd Prize = 40 Hive

  • The current prize pool is 200 Hive to be divided between the top 3 submissions.
  • Example: 100 Hive – 1st place = 50% // 2nd = 30% // 3rd = 20%
  • Liquid HIVE (or HBD) earned by the original contest post may be added to the prize pool
  • Bonus @v4vapid & @ausbitbank upvotes and reblogs for exceptional and/or original contributions
  • Winning posts will be Pinned and Featured on the Deep Dives Community page
  • HP earned from challenge announcements and the winner’s announcements will go to the community account @deepdives

  • Contributions

    Those that do not ‘win’ should not view their work and efforts as being wasted. All submissions are valuable and will be contributing to building a body of research on the blockchain. We hope that contributors support each other’s efforts wherever possible whether by sharing tips, links or through constructive feedback to their fellow researchers.

    Good luck and happy digging!

    Deep Dives Community

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    Deep Dives Aims

    • Promote original content
    • Promote investigative journalism
    • Promote focused and quality research
    • Encourage community engagement
    • Encourage collaboration and teamwork
    • Recognize and reward high quality original content


    Be sure to check out some of the great work done by Deep Dives contributors over the last several months. Past winners and contributors include:

    Be sure to check out some of the great work done by Deep Dives contributors. Past winners and contributors include:

    @palikari123, @krnel, @geke, @bifiracoil, @thoughts-in-time, @direrat, @an0nkn0wledge, @gregorypatrick, @natepower, @deliberator, @angryman, @elchacal6, @richq11, @perceptualflaws, @tarazkp, @theouterlight, @valued-customer, @v4vapid, @wedacoalition

    Over time, Deep Dives aims to build a repository of high quality research and original content preserved on the blockchain.

    We hope you join us in building this unique resource.
    It truly is a community effort and your exceptional contributions are what fuels this project.


I've been looking for a contest like this! Wish I had seen it earlier. A bunch of re-blogs given, a couple telegram shares, and if you're down, I'd like to increase that prize pool by... maybe 200%?

Excellent! Yes, that would be awesome.
Actually, we have been considering extending the contest for another week to get more participation and entries. Researching and putting together a quality post takes time as we all know - so hopefully with a bigger prize pool and a little more time we can get some valuable entries.
Thanks again with helping to spread the word, we really appreciate it!

I don’t know if you ended up extending it, but hopefully my 5 minute late part 2 of my entry won’t disqualify the whole thing :) It was too long for Hive when I went to post, so I had to break it into two parts, but it’s only meant to act as one entry... I just couldn’t get all the relevant info and evidence proving my case in few enough words, I guess - and that was after I already took out a good chunk to make is as concise as I thought I possibly could without skipping over too much of the proof.

Being my first entry I got around to, it was pretty fun, but you’re right, it takes tons of time to really do all the research and really prove your case and make sure you’re not missing anything too important, especially when it comes to proving conspiracy theories true to the naysayers... And I thought I was an expert on the subject, I learned so much more than I already knew, and have tons of material already to go for another future post with only minor editing, so that’s pretty cool too. - thanks for putting the context on!

Yes, if you check the pinned post on the #deepdives community page - the contest has been extended for 2 weeks with a larger prize pool!
We are aware that Hive has a word limit and this article is considered a single entry into the contest, so you're more than welcome to make another entry.

Really great topic to cover, as it has almost completely, and conveniently, disappeared from the news cycle. It's interesting to see how this story is front page news when it aligns with the goals of intervention but when significant evidence refuting those claims is unearthed there is silence.

Thanks again, this is an excellent entry!

To our friends that this community's output has offended - @mobbs, @acidyo, @lordbutterfly

Fine, ill bite. First of all i am not offended by any of the posts on the trending page. I do not get offended, ever, and i support your right to write even the most outlandish of posts that you want. Sometimes i even have fun reading them.

The problem with conspiracy theories is that they are the new age equivalent of religious fundamentalist thinking.
The pinnacle of unscientific thinking in the modern world. Thats why i oppose them greatly.

There is a huge difference between what a "conspiracy" is and what you guys do.
HUGE difference.
Conspiracies happen all the time. They happen in your work place, they happen within your family, they happen on HIVE. Conspiracy is a name for a very common occurrence.
But what you guys have done is twist even mentioning the word "conspiracy" into having a pejorative connotation.

This is why i find conspiracy theories as being absolutely absurd.

You set a presupposition. "Government is evil and it wants to hurt you". (or something in that line of thinking) Something that is patently absurd. From that point of view you observe the world and align every event with that belief.

"Conspiracy theories" in reality arent really theories, theyre unfounded gossip, and the existence of actual conspiracies doesnt IN ANY WAY support their truthfulness.
Just because conspiracies exist doesnt mean that everything you label as a conspiracy gets a pass.

You guys twisted it and turned everything into presuppositional quackery where you look for information that would in any way support what you already believe beforehand, dismissing everything else.
Its idiotic and youre almost always wrong but because you cry foul to absolutely everything you make a correct guess sometimes.
A broken clock is correct twice a day.

That is what the conspiracy theory community does. That is what you guys are.
You guess shit and hope youre right eventually.
And your list... most of it isnt actually proven, rather just nonsense.

I appreciate your willingness to criticize. I utterly depend on criticism to correct me when I am wrong, and I know I will never learn the truth unless criticism reveals facts to me I did not know.

However, I cannot agree that only things that can be proven are true. Science is a method that doesn't work that way, and is the most powerful mechanism to reveal only what cannot be true. That most powerful means of providing empirical evidence can never prove anything to be true.

All it does is prove that something isn't true, and that excludes that theory from the possiblities that remain potentially true. Newton's theory of gravity perfectly illustrates this. It provided a mathematical framework for calculating orbits that works so well we still use it today to steer our spacecraft even though we know the theory itself is factually incorrect (because it's close enough to steer by and far easier to calculate) and that Einstein's theories have disproved it.

There is no proof that you are right, and never can be. It is criticism that is the actual mechanism of science. Peer review. Proof the theory criticized cannot be true. Because being wrong about facts can kill me, I want nothing more than to be proved wrong when I am wrong, so that my stupidity won't kill me.

So, your intentions are noble, and nothing is more welcome to me than proof I am wrong. Science! However, take a look at what your comment actually says. It doesn't assert even one actual fact. It doesn't prove shit. It's just a position statement, a diatribe against criticism itself.

It's bullshit. Prove me wrong, or STFU.

That being said, please, please, please prove me wrong. I want nothing more than the future to be wonderful for my sons whom I love more than life itself, and to be comforted in my dotage that they will be fine.

So, thanks very much for your good intentions, but actually achieve them instead of just feeling good about your intentions.

It's bullshit. Prove me wrong, or STFU.

"You can't prove me wrong" is the hallmark of an unfalsifiable hypothesis (naked appeal to ignorance).

...the most powerful mechanism to reveal only what cannot be true.

Yes, and logic reveals what must necessarily be true (apodictic truth).

What's left between what must be true and what cannot be true is QUALIA (INDISTINGUISHABLE FROM OPINION).

"...logic reveals what must necessarily be true..."

Only until it's refined by something being proved wrong. Newton had logic on his side and his theory of gravity was obviously true for centuries - until it was proved wrong by Einstein.

I believe it was only "proven" incomplete and or lacking precision.

A "working model" like Newton's Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica is neither technically "true" or technically "false".

A (scientific) "working model" is judged solely on EFFICACY (its propensity to produce accurate predictions).

It may be a "fiction" but it doesn't matter, as long as it's a "useful and reliable fiction".

Science is no "arbiter of truth" as much as it's a "crucible of EFFICACY".

Efficacy has no relation to factual accuracy, withal.

The theory that Newton proposed to explain why the math worked was factually incorrect, and Einstein's work revealed this. That doesn't mean Einstein's math was more efficacious.

Science doesn't prove efficacy. It disproves theories that cannot be true. That's all it does.

The theory that Newton proposed to explain why the math worked...

Newton's law has since been superseded by Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity,

but it continues to be used as an excellent approximation of the effects of gravity in most applications.

Relativity is required only when there is a need for extreme accuracy, or when dealing with very strong gravitational fields, such as those found near extremely massive and dense objects, or at small distances (such as Mercury's orbit around the Sun). LINK

Newton wasn't "factually incorrect".

Newton was simply "lacking requisite precision".

Science doesn't prove efficacy.

What method "proves efficacy"?

It disproves theories that cannot be true.

Certainly in some cases, but how exactly do you think it does this "disproving"?

That's all it does.

It can reveal flaws in a hypothesis, but it does far more than just that.

Newton's Law was not merely superseded in mathematical precision by Einstein. It was utterly disproved. The math explaining orbital mechanics based on Newton's Law is far simpler, and is more efficacious - but less accurate than relativistic maths - because the math is close enough for government work, despite the theory that explained gravity being factually incorrect.

This is exactly the example of science not being used to create efficacy I intended, but that science can only disprove factually incorrect theories. Even though the theory is proved wrong, the math remains useful. It's not right, but it's close enough.

That isn't science. It's engineering.

Don't appreciate anything he has to say. He's a complete and utter wanker. I left him a special comment above, just to remind him what he's really about. he is a hypocrite of the highest order, and claims that a list of "tweets" is the all encompassing evidence he needs to prove his own "conspiracy theories".

It's difficult for me to understand how some folks think. Perhaps it's because they really don't, but just string together the bits they're told in an order that looks like thoughts.


Poisoning-the-well is a surprisingly effective technique.

Your own (apparent) eagerness to "rush-to-disqualify" those who seem to disagree with you is a good example of this.

I certainly seek to resolve points of disagreement, through engaging with folks with differing opinions, as you well know from experience. I reckon that reveals I consider them qualified to have opinions, and that I value their personal opinions enough to undertake discussion I hope will result in consilience.

There are few folks I don't think are qualified to speak their opinions, and those are just trolls, whom I might even agree with. I don't understand how I disqualify folks who disagree with me. I fairly often change my opinion because someone disagreed with me and proved they were right to my great benefit.

I mistook some of @lordbutterfly's statements as trollery, but later realized he did simply disagree. My earlier dismissal of his commentary was due to the fact I thought he was unwilling to consider the evidence. That's just trolling. However, when he pointed out he did consider the evidence but disagreed with me, I changed my tone.

Poisoning the well works very well. It's not an argument though. As you state, it's a tactic that degrades discussion rather than improves it IMHO.


Here is some actual "science" for you, ****How about the methodology of the eyes?**** That means, you look at the actual evidence with your actual eyes. Eyes, yes. Unless your trying to tell us seeing isn't believing anymore.

**"Trust the Television, Trust the Television", that's what your saying LOL **

I doubt you even understand the meaning of the word study. It means study, so who's study are you talking about? Which study? Which science?

Trust the television doctors and stock market companies. That your answer to everything and that's a conspiracy theory, give me a break dude, nobody believes that shit anymore.

Your a conspiracy theory my friend. Either your in on it or absolutely tamed stupid.... maybe both.

@newworldfreedom 🤠

P.s. In staid of fighting, we can also just talk over these people and share the real relevant facts.

Did you know that 90% of all cancers are probably curable with natural medicine? @lordbutterfly


User rating is off the chart and all real studies back it up. It's so common nowadays, you probably have a friend that has tried the Rick Simpson Method successfully, And if not, definitively a friend of a friend. It world wide, every country, every city. Natural Medicine Markets are growing heavily in all countries, 10%-15% in some

Have a look, RSO is just 1 natural medicine from thousands without the proper healing diet.

Now if "they" don't even care about 100% of all people, do you really think they care about 0,01%? Answer us that? 🤠

Did you know that 90% of all cancers are probably curable with natural medicine?

No they are not.
Pedling that bullshit is a sure way to kill yourself or your loved one.

Canabis will relieve your pain but thats it, or in the case of my friend that smokes it all the time, make him forget his car keys on an island making him take the ferry back just to see that the car keys arent actually on that island but he left the car keys in his car door back on mainland.
Or in another case make him drive off the road into some families back yard.

Smoking shit that makes you dizzy and euphoric doesnt make you cancer free.


Haha. Good one.

Posted using Dapplr

@lordbutterfly What a name......
"In addition, numerous cell culture and animal studies showed antitumor effects of cannabinoids in various cancer types."**

Source of the study >>

Your talking absolute bollox mate. 🤠

You literally have nothing. Not a single thing to support your conspiracy religion.

We all mentioned solid facts with references. You just talk shit.


More solid evidence that most cancer are easily treated with the infamous Rick Simpson method >>

I can't take you seriously Lord butterfly. 🤠

Let me ask you this... Do you believe everything someone says online or only those things you want to be true?

Please debunk this,

lol, your idea that some governments are not corrupt and are not up too evil and insane plans is a conspiracy theory.

What's your proof on this "theory"?

newworldfreedom 🤠


Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

"patently absurd"

Lol, interesting choice of words ;)

"You set a presupposition. "Government is evil and it wants to hurt you". (or something in that line of thinking) Something that is patently absurd."

Are you from the moon? This is earth, planet has been corrupt since we formed groups.

Are you from these times? Evidence of warcrimes, mass poisoning and corruption is lining up higher then Mount Everest. More than half of the conspiracy theories you mention were actually crimes against humanity with names, dates and shit loads of evidence.

Show me evidence that the US government is innocent? Lol

This one is either in on it or tamed double blind

Not sure which one, it likes to use expensive and non common words, non facts, common phrases which might trigger emotional decisions.

I don't trust 'it'. 🤠

Show me evidence that the US government is innocent?

And there lies the problem. In that very sentence. You people just dont know how to think.
I dont have time for it... I got to go... I have to feed my unicorns. prove to me they dont exist.

Lol, yes you can't answer that question because you know it a ABSOLUTE LIE and in these times you should be ashamed of yourself.

No you need to proof to us that your unicorn exists with checkable facts.

Like "we" can prove to "you" that many governments are corrupt and up to evil plans.

Enjoy your unicorn. 🤠

Its real. They live in my closet. They are invisible so you cant see or hear them because they live on another plane of existence.
Only if youre in tune with "the truth" can you see the unicorns. Dont be a sheep.

Ever heard of building 7? It fell down like a demolition crew set charges but there was no evidence of explosives at the site. Only a unicorn from another plane of existance would have the power to take down WTC 7. My friend that is an exobiologist can confirm the possibility of extraterrestrial unicorns that are relatives of the anunnaki and the lizard people that want to establish the new world order.
If you look at the Zecharia Sitchin translation of ancient Sumerian texts, that he hid and only shared with the privileged few of us, it is the Unicorns that will save the human race from Bill Gates and his evil vaccination chips and Hillary and her child sacrificial kabal.

Unicorns will set you free. Dont be a sheep. Dont let HARP and chemtrails brainwash you.
Only if you free your mind and accept the Unicorn king as your lord an savior will you survive!

there was no evidence of explosives at the site.

That is factually incorrect. There were samples taken of the remnant material that revealed thermic materiel was present.

You undertake a logical fallacy regarding your unicorns, and seem to not understand the scientific method. Remember Carl Sagan's aphorism, that extraordinary claims, such as unicorns in the closet, require extraordinary evidence.

The scientific method depends on evidence that is revealed by tests of a theory. You go to pains to make your unicorns untestable, and this exemplifies your rejection of the actual evidence presented regarding 9/11.

When you claim peer reviewed evidence of thermate in the residue of 9/11 does not exist, you expose your zeolotry and faith in your overlords. You want to believe, so you ignore evidence.

You obey.

Let me know when you actually consider factual evidence. Until then you're just trolling.

The thermite bit is one of the most absurd claims. I will not attempt to debunk any nonsensical idea you have. They have already been debunked numerous times as was the thermite one. There was no thermite.
All you have to do is research it a bit.
By responding to unfounded claims i give them legitimacy and anything that can be asserted without evidence should be dismissed.

I dont have time for it. Im sorry but i need to feed my unicorn.

Feeding unicorns is what you do.

Debunking is not just making a claim. Prove it's wrong to debunk, and that has not happened. You ignore what you desperately want to not know, and the University of Fairbanks has a peer reviewed study regarding Building Seven that is exactly what you must not know.

Good luck. Without reason and knowledge, luck is all you have.

Prove it, this is 2020, you can copy and paste check-able facts.

Otherwise stop talking shit please. 🤠

"You can't prove me wrong" is the hallmark of an unfalsifiable hypothesis (naked appeal to ignorance).

Dont be a sheep! Dont buy into the CIA narrative! They only want you to think that this isnt true!
Look at building 7! There was no proof of explosives so how could the building fall down like that!
Extraterrestrial unicorns is how! Thats why you cant take the Bill Gates poison vaccine! You will never be able to see the unicorns! You will never be able to communicate with them or save yourself.
DMT right now is the only way to come in contact with them because they poison you with chemtrails so you cant and the new world order wants to to ban it! Why? Because the government wants to keep your prisoner! DMT can be found in the human brain. How can it be bad!

Dont let them fool you. Free your mind!

In other words... Everything you people say is bollocks.

I'm serious, are you on any prescription drugs?

Rush to disqualify (ad hominem attack).

Picking a soft-target is a good way to confirm your suspicions.

I think i dealt with most of the things you guys threw at me.

Even managed to ridicule this way of thinking. I dealt with clear examples. I did answer most of your questions. What is there more to do?

Do you have something else?
Atlantis? Religion? Flat earth?
Something else?

I got into this stuff when i was 15 years old. When i got to college and i learned how to think it all fell apart. I had a group during that time called "Skeptics in the pub" where we discussed all this. From religion to flat earth to 9,11. I heard it all.

Give me one more. Ill see if i can answer your "hard question".

You've been quite a good sport about this whole thing,

Give me one more. Ill see if i can answer your "hard question".

Please debunk this,

You set a presupposition. "Government is evil and it wants to hurt you". (or something in that line of thinking) Something that is patently absurd. From that point of view you observe the world and align every event with that belief

@lordbutterfly, are you joking, or did you miss the news that government was the #1 killer of humanity in the 20th century? Or do you not consider genocide and mass murder of civilians “evil”? Government killed an estimated 169 million people in the 20th century alone outside of wars.

108 million more killed in war...

So...The government does hurt you, whether they want to or not is irrelevant, as it is what they must do to exist, it is their very nature, as governments as they currently exist are ruled by force, and funded by robbing the people via taxation and fines without their consent. They are also the deadliest force on the face of the earth, and this is a historical fact and observable present reality.

Seems to me the real quack theory is that governments aren’t evil and harmful to humanity! But i’d Love to hear your fact/source-based reasoning as to why your stance is that governments are inherently good and non-harmful. Until then, the evidence supports what you deemed to be “patently absurd”. Do you consider reality as patently absurd or just prefer ignoring reality to support you beliefs in this matter?

are you joking, or did you miss the news that government was the #1 killer of humanity in the 20th century?

Thats so ridiculous that i have to laugh out loud. Give me a sec. bwaaaaahahahahahahahahhaha.

So you will honestly assign guilt for the atrocities of the human race to shitty administration and current democratic systems?

What about ideologies? Where do ideologies come in to play? Nowhere? Communism? Nazism? Non democratic systems? Theocracies? Dictatorships? Anarchy?
Its like saying trucks are evil because a muslim drove a truck through a group of people.

Why not take another step and assign "EVIL" to "Humanity"? Why not go further and assign it to fauna.
You wont, you will stop where it suits you.

What you actually should do is look at each example by its own merits (or the opposite). What government is, is in no way evil. Its a way to increase efficiency of society beneficial services that arent interesting to the public sector.

It often fails at that, due to numerous factors, but to assign a label to the government as being "EVIL" is absurd. Its just a organization of human beings.

fines without their consent

Just stop. Stop. Yore being absurd honestly.
Although it would be hilarious watching you go up to the judge and say:

"Your honor!!! I do not consent to being fined for driving drunk and toppling over that fire hydrant and afterwards vomiting on the police officers shoes. YOU SIR ARE EVIL!!!!"


You are certainly entitled to your opinion that I am evil, although it is absurd accusation having never met me and not knowing me. I would reiterate, however, that it is government, not myself that threatens the entire citizenry (at least in my country, America) with force in order to extract taxes without consent, to be used to fund wars that I also do not consent or support. THAT is theft, to fund killing, and THAT is evil. Believe what you want, what the judge would say in a situation is no representative of righteousness, for judges are paid to uphold a system which only exists by forcefully extracting money from people against their will - by robbery.

Drunk drivers are by no means the only people being fined. Also people not wearing masks are currently being given ridiculously expensive fines, people driving without insurance, people not wearing seatbelts, etc. and so on. Most fines are issued for nonviolent infractions.

I will concede that much of humanity is indeed evil, otherwise they would never support governments that initiate unjust force against peaceful people in order to stay in power. Go on believing that governments are inherently good. Can you point to any government that doesn’t support itself through taxation without consent of the ones being taxed? If not, then my point stands. Robbery is wrong no matter who robs who. Your support of one robber because he’s called government only betrays your support of armed robbery. And apparently the war which that robbery (taxation) funds.

Since you want to look at governments individually, I’ll single one government out, the US government, and point to all the wars it is waging for 20 years now, invasion and occupation of foreign countries that never attacked us, and support of al-Qaeda terrorists, and say that is evil. Maybe you disagree and support the killing and destruction of people you’ve never met, but I don’t.

And fyi, Hitler was a democratically elected leader, so the notion that democracies are incapable of carrying out such atrocities in historically incorrect.

As to the individual ideologies, It is the ideology of state supremacy over the individual that remains the same in absolutely every scenario. Nazism/communism/etc. are only different ways to wrap that underlying ideology. Anyone who believes government has the right to force a peaceful person who has not harmed anyone else or their property, to do anything against their will, holds this ideology of state supremacy.

Do you believe governments have the right to compel others to do whatever they want, or do you believe that stops at some line, and if so, what is that line? And who draws that line? And what if that line doesn’t protect you at some point in the future, do you still defend those initiating force against peaceful people?

@lordbutterfly, are you upvoting your own comments!!??

yes, sometimes when i want visibility.

You are literally the ONLY reason I NEVER SELF-VOTE.

Ok, maybe you and @trafalgar...

U.S. Army Private Paul Brown managed to obtain a copy of the The Honolulu Advertiser just after they have been delivered — and before the front page was ripped off. When he inquired about it, he was told it was orders “from the top brass.” - LINK


In the interests of civility, would you please provide an example of a specific "conspiracy theory" that you believe is particularly dangerous and obviously false.


Explained in detail in 3 minutes,

I love George Carlin but at the end of the day this is some old guy having a rant about some bad things about capitalism, trying to entertain people, while the fact still stands that the world has never in the history of humanity had it better.

I love flat-earthers, but at the end of the day this is some old guys (and gals) having a rant about some bad things, trying to entertain people.

I love 911-truthers, but at the end of the day this is some old guys (and gals) having a rant about some bad things, trying to entertain people.

I love deep-state Q-anons, but at the end of the day this is some old guys (and gals) having a rant about some bad things, trying to entertain people.


...while the fact still stands that the world has never in the history of humanity had it better.

As a counter-argument, I'd like to present exhibit #1,

In 6 minutes,

Should i expect a communist to have a positive outlook on the world?

So when i say the world is best its ever been you pull out a video of a guy that died 40 years ago as the relevant individual to speak on it?
Cmon man, cmon. hahaha

He makes some very interesting points about how history is taught in such a way as to make us THINK "we're so much smarter and better off than at any previous time".

But that isn't necessarily "factually true".

I set the link to skip the first two minutes in order to get to the relevant points as quickly as possible.

Too bad you refuse to consider any ideas from people you might disagree with (or who died more than 40 years ago).

That seems like a strangely arbitrary "barrier to entry".

Wild animals are more intelligent than domesticated animals.

Here's a relevant clip from someone who is currently alive (although I'm still not sure why that matters).


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"spreading dangerous misinformation"

This reminds me of a recent Sam Hyde bit I watched it in which he "debunks" the "spurious" claims of PizzaGate.

Through the lens of post-ironic humor however it isn't quite what you may think but you'd have to check out the storage container video to truly understand. ($5 monthly sub but imo worth it)

So, in the video, he talks about journos suggesting that conspiracy theorists are "putting fuel on the fire" by trying to give any credence to these claims.

Their narrative which is cleverly concocted and, in some cases, there may be enough powerful entities with enough to lose that false flag events can be fabricated to suppress the event by conferring this notion that certain ideas are too dangerous to be tolerated.

I mean how can we allow these mere peasants to discuss some cockamamie theory about global elite pedophile operations at a pizza parlor / ping pong establishment when it presents a real danger of some rando showing up with an AR-15!!!

Forget about the prospect of stopping crimes against humanity or children! Far be it from us to put FuEl On ThE fIrE!

... Ooops!


"Forget about the prospect of stopping crimes against humanity or children! Far be it from us to put FuEl On ThE fIrE!
... Ooops!"

They should be arrested. But go ahead, keep on sucking up to them like there isn't another option and that there isn't a constitutions.

@smartsceme If we listen to you warcrimes would become legal.

I'll end it with every man and women are equal in the eyes of the law. So don't mislabel warcrimes with the term conspiracy theories and repeat words like "ARREST WARCRIMINALS"

Follow @newworldfreedom 🤠

No shit. Do you like arguing with people for arguing sake? I see you doing that all in this damn thread.

Sarcasm seems to be something you may not readily grasp.

Do you ever have any real facts or do you just like talking shit and enjoy s^^king the elite's c^^k? 🤠

I'm sorry you were dropped on your head as a child but, if you took a moment to read between the lines, think you will realize we are both against elites and their exploitation of people.

Did you ever stop to think using subtlety in humor is a effective redpilling mechanism?

Or do you believe @newworldfreedom has the one true mechanism to awaken the masses? Lol

Wait. Was that referring to their comment or my response? Maybe they just trolling. 🤷‍♂️

Poe's Law - Your original comment could very easily be misunderstood.

@Smartscheme Nah, I gave up believing after discovering that most common knowledge was FAKE.

It's the age of knowing, maybe I already have wakened the masses up threw global karma which I doubt you understand.

P.S. if it wasn't already apparent, I am being sarcastic here.

I specifically remember speaking to you about this very thing @v4vapid ...that we are NOT WELCOME, on this platform, in any way shape or form. This platform has both been infiltrated by the same scum in the real world who control information, as well as a hierarchy of "influential users" who only care about their own pockets and profits above their wider user base and their own interest on this platform. They see this community, as a direct threat to that (profits and power), even though a big network of users from our communities, helped them rise to power and influence on this platform in the first place...but now they think it's time to throw out the trash!

This type of investigative journalism (because that's exactly what it is - as everyone can see directly from my previous work on these subjects),is the only reason why, I both joined this platform and contributed to @deepdives, and started blogging in the first place. It's literally the only thing I cared about, and still do.

However, after realising that we are no longer welcome here (as you have witnessed from all the recent harassment and bullying - both to me personally and the wider @deepdives community in general), I no longer want to be a part of it. This is not giving up, but rather looking after my sanity as I know exactly the type of tactics and range of devious antics we will be faced with. They have literally sent their dogs out to remove us from here. I thought only Justin Sun was for censorship? I"m pretty sure that we can now see that the same people who accuse others of trying to censor them, are now using their own style of censorship tactics...that's exactly what this is....a devious form of censorship.

I'm not interested in constantly having to put up with this type of behaviour towards our community, and would much rather go somewhere else where I feel welcome, and not being attacked by two-faced agents on a constant basis. I don't have time for that, nor do I have the energy for it any longer.

I wish you all the best as always, and will always appreciate the opportunities I was given here!

> any way shape or form. This platform has both been infiltrated by the same scum in the real world who control information, as well as a hierarchy of "influential users"

Who knows, they may have created this platform as a pet project through a middle man, i find this theory logical because it's set up in the same way as the stock market, so it's doomed to fail, look at the user base, it started at 400k almost and now barely over a million. Online that means a lot in 3 years, especially a social media platform linked to something that can convert to money.

Just ike the fake stock market players, grew too quickly, and now hard to grow as a any analogy of a living creature you can think of... so I'm sure users are not staying also. Perfect example of a unprotected free market also. Players get too big and it usually gets broken. I've heard a lot of people say "blockchain social media is a reflection of the outside" I started to notice that immediately too, obviously, it's people.

But I love the concept, it has great potential, Combining Crypto(money) with social media.

the community is losing out on heavy advertisement revenue too by the way, "Centi Billions"

Look at Facebook... Mark Zuckerberg recently became a Centi Billionaire with his Facebook. Combine Facebook with a USP like "Money", who could resist getting paid for using something like Facebook?

A platform like that should out-grow Facebook growth speed by at least 300% I think.

You got to admit, Facebook platform is excellent for the user, doesn't crash and is designed for the user, that's probably not Microsoft coding, I'm 100% sure Bill Gates is in on this shit, not so sure about Mark, maybe it was just government pressure. I obviously know about the Snowden leaks by the way.

Your right about your comment, they are everywhere...

But so are we, we outnumber them and have a higher level of thought as we are not trying to kill everybody because they failed this world.

Just share solid facts brother and they can't win online. 🤠 🤠

Always surprises me how offended people can get just because other people uncover unpleasant information. Yes, I know some theories are outlandish and maybe some of them are bullshit, but I would bet there is a kernel of truth to each and every theory. As for the conspiracies, on the whole, I'd say you have to be blind deaf and dumb to not have come to terms with the fact that we live in a dark and sinister world. Anyway, I think this is a great response to those who want to silence free speech.


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Woah why am I tagged?

Commenting on posts doesn't equate to being offended, y'know. I happen to enjoy demolishing conspiracies and such

The OP offers prizes. Walk your talk.

I don't get it. It's darn early but am I meant to write a post proving a conspiracy theory is true? That's kinda the opposite of what I do. Happy to browse and reply in comments of various posts I might see, though

Well, 9/11 is a good example of an event that there is some question as to which conspiracy best explains it. Given your propensity at demolishing conspiracies, you might be able to zero in on whichever one you couldn't demolish, and propose that one as the factual conspiracy.

We'd all appreciate it.

Please help us.


"Crime event factists aka thinking people in this century have the upper hand with debates because facts are easily check able and paste-able.*

Thy shall copy and paste the truth

I hope people enter the challenge, I can't stand the terminology bugs me so much, I dont want to see it. It's just high inaccurate.

P.s. Sorry for all the comments, as you can see I've studied the topic, mention my name if you need back up, don't even need a name, i don't care, i'm not even going to check, could be a president, online or offline, I stick to the facts and humble them, too many liars out there, it's become too normal, I don't like it.

Free Fact Weapon >> Mention >> @newworldfreedom 🤠

At the same time, there has been vocal displeasure about the prevalence of conspiracies on Hive's trending page and some sense of frustration towards the pervasiveness of "conspiracy theories" in popular culture.

"conspiracy theorist" = "burglary theorist"
In 4 minutes,

@logiczombie I also don't like conspiracy theories, I like facts and evidence which usually comes with names, dates and events.

Especially this conspiracy theory that governments aren't corrupt, don't lie and don't start fake epidemics, there is simply no evidence backing up that theory. It's a monkey myth which works on the tamed mind.

In fact all thew evidence tells another story. Time to make these kind of people look stupid.

Governments have a capacity to lie because they are comprised of humans and humans have a capacity to lie.

This doesn't mean that governments always lie about everything.

In-fact, the best CON-ARTIST NEVER LIES.

I think this COVID-19(84) may or may not be a "lie", but it doesn't matter (moot).

(IFF) COVID = highly contagious and highly deadly (THEN) "the government" should close everything except food production and basic utilities and send 1 pound of flour and 1 pound of butter per month to every citizen.

Let them eat frybread.

It's incoherent to believe that people can eat at restaurants without spreading viruses.

Click to watch 4 minutes,

Probably design in a lab and patented, if was natural it couldn't be patened, it's all in clear sight and made complex.

I'm hoping for a option C myself, example, them getting arrested and we fix the world.

Well, the cops, the courts, the prosecutors and everything else is a mere smokescreen designed to protect the RICH from the POOR.



Lol that's easy to say, if they have all the "banana's"

They have never experienced non voluntary starvation", that's the problem, the worlds are too different.

Fighting all the time over an apple or fighting over a luxury decision is totally different thing.

We could remove this fear, by real education and more equality, remove all inaccurate fear and increase the level of understanding, for all.

That's real power. 🤠

I finally got around to my first attempt at one of these contests! I opted to cover the Douma ‘gas attack’ conspiracy. Here is the link to part 2 of the piece (with link to the first part at the very top), as It was too big apparently for Hive to accept the whole thing as one post:

I know two entries are allowed, but mine is only meant to serve as one entry, and they aren’t designed to be read as independent articles of one another, so I hope it’s ok that I had to split it up... I did my best to break it up at the most ideal point I could find and do a little editing to make it flow better.

Fun challenge, thanks putting it on! it was nice to finally get all of my research on the subject and everything else I hadn’t previously covered, into one research piece on an issue I’ve followed and covered since the very beginning. More challenging indeed, when you look at it from the angle of attempting to convince a total doubter on such a complex and convoluted topic as war propaganda in a foreign country thousands of miles away...

If nothing else, I feel accomplished, and look forward to reading some other entries now that i finally have some free time after getting this project done.

It must feel good! Certainly, many people in the community can relate to having done extensive research on a topic but facing the reality of putting it into a comprehensive post can be daunting. Well done, great to hear that the contest helped to get your research out there, it is an accomplishment in itself.

Big thanks for participating in this contest officially for the first time, we appreciate your research and your contributions to the community.
We're also looking forward to see what other entries are coming, however this is a great piece to get this started.

@lordbutterfly Did your teeth get broken mister factless? Sometimes, don't bite, you got to be careful 🤣🤣🤣

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