I traveled to Boston USA 🇺🇸 🤩 exciting times…

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Hi all 👋🏻

Some of you know I traveled to America yesterday… some don’t. I want to share today our journey from southern Spain 🇪🇸 to Boston in Massachusetts America 🇺🇸 😉😊
So if you missed me being around yesterday… you know why now. 😎

We are in the New England region (north east America) on a 2 week holiday and will explore a bit on little road trips around. Visit trails in forests, see some hill town villages… explore nature and maybe see the leaves turn for autumn 🍂 🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁

All photographs were taken yesterday with my iPhone on 23 September 2022 😎 I will follow the time stamps for you so you have an idea of journey time.

Let’s join me on my travels from yesterday:

We got up early… here I was up already. This is am.

We packed our bags in the car and left for the airport in Málaga Spain 🇪🇸

We crossed a couple of toll roads and our travel time was about 1:20h

A few tunnels further…

We dropped off our car at a parking and they brought us with a courtesy bus to the airport.

Arrived at Malaga airport… we enter.

Time for some breakfast 😉🥰 she almost had my name right hehehe 🤭

And yes… these are cappuccinos ☕️☕️ Time is 7:40 am now.

The boarding of our first flight to Madrid has started…

Flight should have been at 9:20 am but was delayed a little. 🤓

Walking towards the airport we see other planes land.

And others going towards take off.

One of the window panes of the bridge was broken… it made for a cool effect. 😎😉

In the plane, my view 😊

I see our reflections… and some cool trucks.

It’s take off… bye bye Málaga, until much much later 👋🏻👋🏻😊🤩

Closing in on Madrid we see the drought and endless summer has taken it’s toll.

It’s dry everywhere… 😳

We landed… yay 😁 time is 10:28am

After finding in Madrid were we need to be and a cappuccino and orange juice break… we see this construction of the roof from Madrid airport.

Isn’t it stunning 🤩

The empty gates next to the area we sit in. Flight to Boston 😎

The plane is getting ready… 😊

Walking on the bridge towards the plane, we see.

It’s an airbus A330-300 operated by Iberia.

Fuel ⛽️ is getting attached. Always cool to see the crew work on a plane. Interesting to say the least 🤓

Hola 👋🏻

View out of the window 🤓

Yay… we are on the runway. Now we have a view on the roof construction from the outside. Yep… still cool 😎

Bye bye Madrid Airport 👋🏻👋🏻✈️

And we are up… 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 Travel time approximately 7h and 8 minutes and distance is about 5485km 🤓😎

Bye bye Spain for now 🇪🇸

The cabin we are sitting… watch closely. Everyone is tuned into the latest movies 🎥 already. Hehehe 🤭

The most amazing fluffy #clouds in the #sky. 🥰

Beautiful views as we go over the Atlantic 🤓

Do I see Boston area?

Time is now 21:01h in the evening. We are having a delay because of turbulence mid way.

Boston area we are flying over getting ready to land.

And nope… that didn’t work out. Just before touch down we took off again and are circling back. The wind was too strong for the captain to proceed his landing.

So here we are circling over Boston.

Second try… 🤞🏻🍀😐

We see the city’s centre.

Yes… success. We have a touch down! 😊😎

We are heading to customs… time 21:46pm my time… Boston time is 15:46pm 🤓

Through customs, we are in the baggage claim now.

We collect our bags and are heading for a shuttle bus to drive towards the rental car section.
Where we collect our rental car for the holidays.
More will follow… soon.
Let’s enjoy my holidays now for a little bit 🤩😎 it was much deserved after being sick for a long time and our house move.
Talk soon 👋🏻😉😁

And that’s all for today, join me in my next posts for more #adventures, #stories and #photographs 😎👋🏻 Even some #artworks once in a while will come by 🎨
Thank you so much for looking, and reading. And if you liked my post, an upvote or re-blog is always welcome 🙏🏻

Have a great Weekend all 😎👋🏻
Grtz Jackie


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Aaaaw, finally you arrived. Was worried a bit. Assoon as I read your answer of my comment I was checking put your post, god thanks you and yout 'Indy' arrived. I never was in the states. Can't wait to see allof your impressions

Huggie hugs my friend. Have a great journey and holidays 🤗💕👍🏼😊💯✈️

Aaawww that’s so kind of you @akida 😊😊🤗🤗
We arrived. Today we drove even further west and we just checked in at our main accommodation.
We stay here 10 days and have road trips around us in all directions.
Tomorrow we walk a trail… and the next day we climb a mountain 🤩😎 it will be sooooo much fun.

Can’t wait to show it all to you.
Thank you so much 😊 my friend, have an amazing weekend.
Good night 👋🏻😴😴😴
Huggie huggss

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The changing leaves are a real tight window right around Halloween. Gonna be super green out there, enjoy! Welcome to America. I hope you leave with nothing but good things to say.

And if anyone gives you shit or makes you feel uncomfortable, it's Boston, that's just how they are there. The other 49 states are pleasant. = }

Thank you sooo much @dandays 👋🏻😊😎 we do see some yellow and red around us already. But just here and there a tree. But still pretty cool 😎
So far so good… it’s so pretty up here and everybody is just lovely. Nothing like Spain.

Hahaha !LOL
all good… we will see. Will be in Boston only the last 4 days. We are road tripping 😉🤩 discovering of the beaten paths.
How are your travels going?
Take care 👋🏻😊

Going well. We're both pleasantly surprised with the French actually. Everyone warned us before arriving if there's a culture worse than Italians it's French but I disagree. Everyone is real hospitable, kind and welcoming here.

Is this your first trip to US? People are F'ing great! Just Boston is a little different. They're like the Italians of the states. = }

Welcome to my country.

I snapped the following photo November 7 last year. They change so quickly, though, each day for about 1 week is different from one to the next. I'm from California so we don't get season changes. Last year and the year prior, due to covid, we were parked around where you are now. More than 40 years I lived stateside and never saw the changing of the colors. In California, it's spring - summer - spring - summer, we skip the shitty seasons. = }


That’s great to hear @dandays 😊😁
I think it also depends how you present yourself. 😉 and where in France you are.
I loved every trip I ever have done to France… but I might be biased because I was born there.

I have been a few times to the US and hubby even more. So we know and love it. It does fit us much better than anywhere else.

Thank you kindly, I’m happy to be here. 👋🏻😊😁 having a great time so far.

Such an amazing view… and the leaves. Beautiful capture.
We will drive some more today around and take it all in. And it does look like areas are changing. We are driving south today. And tomorrow we go up to Vermont 😎😉 all fun fun fun 🤩

I can imagine you didn’t see the seasons living in California. It is great. And I love already the colder weather, the crisp air in the morning. It goes down to 3 - 6 degrees Celsius at night…
Yeah! Sweater weather.. hahaha 🤣 funny things I like.
Have a great time further. Keep me posted!
Take care both 🤗🥰

Totally love Paris.

Traveliving just isn't what it used to be. We're talking about skipping Spain, stopping in Portugal instead, and fly across the Atlantic from there.

When do you think you'll be stateside again? We'd love to catch up with you when you return. Coffee's on D and A, say when.

What I meant by never saw the changing colors was I just never was in a place for that short time period long enough to pay attention. Ca is sun, sunnier, and sunniest. = } Have you been to Ca?

If I'm asking repeat questions just play along, I repeat myself often I repeat myself often.

Yep, I fell in love with Paris too. We had a blast there.

I can imagine… truly I can. You know that 😉 Do what feels best… if it is Portugal and than hop over. Yes, go for it. Spain isn’t what it used to be.

No idea when we will be stateside yet, as we got more delays… hope it will happen before or with spring time.
Yep, would be cool to catch up… have a coffee ☕️ I keep you posted 😎🤓

Yes, I understand. The seasons are so different. I enjoy this fresh and colder air so much. Spain is just humid and hot too much lately. This is, and was needed. Got even rained (with lightning ⚡️ and all) on while hiking in the forest, but… I didn’t mind hehehe 🤭

That is a state I haven’t been, hubby did though. As some friends of him moved to there and he visited them. Took a road trip along the coast too.

Keep going… no worries @dandays
Any idea when you cross the pond yet?

Might be sooner than we think. This wasn't supposed to happen. Pura was supposed to receive treatment, I'd have my Visa, plan is a funny word.

Instead we've learned the best medical is in the US and I can't get a visa cuz of russia. At this point, however long we stay somewhere is just delaying the inevitable and gambling with healthcare which is something we can't afford to do with my wife being sick.

Jumping through hoops to receive hardly notable treatment in the UK where she's a citizen has been a disappointment so, EU, I can only imagine the frustrations.

We booked a month in Portugal, land there 1 October, and thought Spain would be next but with energy prices, no visa, medicine, yata yata yata yata we might even cut out early on Portugal and call this one a wrap.

Now about you.

You're going to Vermont, you said. I don't know how far north you're going but you should stop in Orwell. Not only one of the coolest named cities in America but it borders Lake Champlain. Gorgeous country and, from the shore, you can see the tree-lined banks of New York.

Wherever you stop, make sure you google the best clam chowder nearby. Beignet's are just donuts everywhere else but in Paris they're magic. That's how clam chowder is in Vermont. <3

What would happen if giant ducks roam the land?

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You are here!! I'm waving at you!! That was a long trip with all the pivots! So glad you coukd make it!! ❤️ Enjoy you cacation!!

I am 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻😊😁 waving back at you Denise! Good morning 😊
It was a longgg day. Hehehe
Thank you so much, I surely will enjoy as much as possible 🥰

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Thank you so much @joydukeson and @jlinaresp for sharing my travel post on Twitter 😊🤓😎 much appreciated!
Have a wonderful weekend 👋🏻☀️💃🏻

Have a great trip!!! 😎🏖️

Thank you kindly @mypathtofire 👋🏻😊😎

Oh cool you're not too far from Montreal 😀. Enjoy your trip to the US. Boston is really a nice city, I like to spend a few days there. Good museums, good food (lobster), and the Celtics (too bad for you the NBA season hasn't started yet, the atmosphere is really cool at the TD Center). Have great vacations

Yep… I’m close by @heroldius 😎🤩 waving at you 👋🏻👋🏻 Hehehe 🤭!LOL
I’m further than Boston. We drove all the way towards the west close to the New York State border.
Last 4 days we will be back in Boston. 🤓
Thank you so much for the wishes 😎 so far it is epic 💃🏻💃🏻
Have a great new week!

What’s the difference between ignorance and apathy?
I don’t know and I don’t care.

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Great to see you travel again, I have never been on an airplane before!
Wish you a great and safe travel :)

Thanks a lot my friend @warrkin 👋🏻😁😎 it’s amazing to travel again. We are having fun 🤩
Have a wonderful week and have a great time 😊

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Of course @arcange supported 😉😊😎
Great thing! Anything to help the ecosystem.
Have a wonderful new week 👋🏻

Thank you for your support @littlebee4, really appreciate it! 👍
Have a nice week too.

You are welcome 😊
Thank you kindly 👋🏻☀️ I sure will, we are on holidays for 2 weeks 😉🤓

Good to see You made it! 👀
Welcome to America My Friend!

Be Safe and have a Wonderful Vacation!
Make it Magical! 👋🏼✨🍀🙏🏼🍀✨👋🏼
Stay Blessed and Safe!

Yeah! I made it and are having a blast! It is truly an epic trip so far 👋🏻😁😎
Thank you sooooo much @lesmann for all the well wishes! Much appreciated.
Have a great week too and make it magical ✨✨✨✨
Stay safe and blessed 👋🏻🍀☀️

I am Very Happy for You!
Yay! 👋🏼🌠👋🏼🌠👋🏼

I am Glad Your Having a Good Time!

Always and Thank You Too @littlebee4 !

You have a Great Time and Stay Safe And Blessed as Well!
Make it a Magical Week!
Let's Do This!

Thank you sooooooo much @lesmann 😊👋🏻😎 much appreciated.
All the best wishes for you too!
Take care and stay safe. Bee happy 🐝😃
Enjoy this new week that is just around the corner.
Happy days, positive energy everywhere…

You are Always Welcome @littlebee4 ,
And Thank You as Well! 👍🏼🤗👍🏼

Yes - You also enjoy the new week,
And Positivity is "Everywhere" just got to grab it!

Happy Monday and Beyond to You!
Happy Positive Days!
Make it Magical,
Let's Do This!

Thank you so much @lesmann 😊👋🏻😎 for all!
Seems like it’s Monday again… happy Monday to you.
Enjoy it. All the best wishes for you too.
Take care ☀️🤞🏻✍🏻🤓🌱✨

Thank You as Well @littlebee4 !
You have been "Huge" in helping all things! My Mind is where it's at due to conversations with You - "Thank You"!

Happy Monday - Let's Do This!

My God, what a beauty!!! Amazing spectacle, @littlebee4!!! I haven’t flown on airplanes for 100 years!))) And in my youth, I even went with a parachute five times!)))

Thank you so much @valentinaboroday 😊😎🤩💃🏻
It was amazing to finally fly on a plane again far away…
Wow… parachute jumps. That’s awesome!
Have a wonderful new week and thank you for checking out my post 🤗🥰

Missed this! You never keep still lol....I absolutely love flying and those views as you approach Boston are amazing. Have a wonderful holiday and I will try and keep up with the incoming posts. Best wishes :-)

Hahaha nope… I’m busy… most of the time hehehe 🤭 like a buzzy bee 🐝 especially now we can travel again.
I love traveling by any means 😉 thank you sooooo much @nathen007 much appreciated!
Have a wonderful week further 👋🏻☀️ Talk soon.
Will post more travel posts soon…

This is awesome! What an incredible journey you've had! Thank you for taking us along the whole trip, @littlebee4👍!

And you surely had good seats with good views on both flights!

I am looking forward to reading your upcoming posts and even looking at some artwork, but first, enjoy your holiday! You deserve the break! As you say, you have been sick for a long time and you have moved into a new house too...

Take care, stay safe, and just have a good time👋😊👍!


Thank you so much @jacoalberts happy to show this part to you 😊

The seats were nice and we managed nicely on the long haul flight ✈️ 😁😎✈️
I will enjoy our holiday as much as I can. It is so pretty here. I’m falling in love with this area. It is very easy hehehe 🤭 the forests are great and the leaves are turning veryyyy slowly.
The villages in the hills are just cute. 🥰
I sure will take a break and won’t be around here much, just a little while resting in the evening 😉

Thank you kindly for the nice wishes.
Take care too and have a wonderful week 👋🏻☀️

It sounds like an interesting area where you are at👍!

Did you have to deal with the dreaded "jet lag", or are your energy levels fine?

Thanks for the pizza and have an awesome week, @littlebee4👋😊👍!


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It is amazing around here 🤩 @jacoalberts

I’m still of with my body clock. Around 1900 h in the evening it thinks it is time for bed… as at home it would be 6 hours later.
And the first days I woke up at 4 in the night… that’s 6 in the night now. So slowly resetting to this time.

Thank you so much, and you are welcome, always my friend 👋🏻


I'm glad you are enjoying the area so much👏🙏!

I’m still of with my body clock. Around 1900 h in the evening it thinks it is time for bed… as at home it would be 6 hours later.
And the first days I woke up at 4 in the night… that’s 6 in the night now. So slowly resetting to this time.

Ouch...that sounds awkward...but it seems like you're getting used to it as time goes by👍!

Enjoy your holiday, @littlebee4, you deserve it!!


Bit by bit, we are getting used to the time difference 😉🤓
Thank you so much.
I will… to the fullest 🤩🥳

Have a lovely Friday 💃🏻💃🏻😁


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Thanks you kindly 💃🏻

@littlebee4! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @jacoalberts. (3/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Thanks a lot 👋🏻😊

Have fun mate and also do rest and take care!

So much fun in your way. Awesome Pictures as well.


Thank you so much my friend @idksamad78699 😊🥰👋🏻☀️
I will enjoy, rest and have fun 🤩

Enjoy your weekend! Talk soon…

Have a great holiday and look forward to your Boston travel posts!!!!

Thank you sooooo much @livinguktaiwan 👋🏻😎😊 it will be epic. We go far west… and the last 4 days we go back to Boston itself 😉🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁🍂
Have a great Saturday!

Love how detailed it is,made me feel like Im also traveling.😁 I like the broken window panes, you're right it looked cool.🆒

Have a wonderful Holiday.☺️

Thank you so much @callmesmile 😊 glad you felt you were with me traveling 😎🤓💃🏻💃🏻
I just had to stop and photograph that part… broken window 🪟
Have an awesome weekend!

How are you dear friend @littlebee4 good day
I hope you are enjoying a beautiful morning, I appreciate that you share these beautiful images from the beginning of the trip, the views from the plane are incredible
Enjoy your vacation a lot

Good day my friend @jlufer 👋🏻☀️
It is indeed a beautiful morning and we just had breakfast. Now we travel further west…
Happy that you liked my images of this first little part of our trip.
Thank you so much, enjoy your weekend 😊

Exciting timea it is! Enjoy you holiday. Lookin forward to exciting places you'll be visiting and your lovely photos. Keep it coming. Have a wonderfuld weekend

Thank you sooooo much @bluepark 😎💃🏻😉
It will be soooo much fun, what we have planned… or not planned. As we just go with the flow and enjoy the nature around us. Let’s explore some forests and mountains.
Have a wonderful weekend too 👋🏻😊☀️

the journey begins, enjoy!!!!

That ground does look barren and scorched, a different perspective being high up

It sure did, thank you so much @grindle just arrived at our main location and checked in. Now a little break 🤓😎

Yes… all of Spain looked like that seen from the plane. Just crazy…
Have a great weekend!

enjoy your vacation @littlebee4

Thanks @grindle I will 👋🏻😎


Hey 👋 Jackie, you can't hide traveling to Boston from me 😃😃

Beautiful pictures of your travel, I suppose things changed, last time I flew they warn again using internet during flight.
Was the wifi on the whole time? I wouldn't care about internet during flight lol my eyes 👀 will be wide open taking pictures of the clouds and taking in the amazing views up there. Movies must wait lol.

Enjoy your holiday 😉

Hi Joe 👋🏻😊😇 nope can’t hide it, and don’t want to hide it from you… hehehe 🤭

Thank you so much, you can’t use internet. You still have to put all devices in flight mode and can use their intranet. Internet does cost a bit when you want to use it. Think it is a satellite thing you connect to.
Still can mess with their systems so it is done safely in a different way.

The movies on the screens are downloaded ones you can choose out of. No streaming or surfing involved.
I didn’t watch… and looked outside to enjoy the travel. I did read a bit too and slept a little bit. Hahaha 🤣

Exactly my thought too… funny funny.., everybody was watching movies.
Thanks so much my friend @joetunex

We just checked in at the main location from were we will go on road trips 😎🤓
Have a wonderful weekend!


I went to the doctor the other day and he said you’ve got hypochondria.
I said oh god not that as well!

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I didn’t watch… and looked outside to enjoy the travel. I did read a bit too and slept a little bit. Hahaha

I will do the same lol.

okay great Jackie, will be on the lookout for more posts about your holiday. Have a good one.

Thank you so much Joe 😊👋🏻
It’s so beautiful here… up in the hills and forests.
Talk later. Not sure when I post more about the trip next… but I sure will 😉🤓
Enjoy the new week ☀️

You are welcome Jackie 😃
Enjoy the new week as well

Thank you so much Joe 👋🏻😊

You are welcome Jackie 😃

What a fun post! I’ve never traveled internationally (I live in the US) but I always imagine the time change must make everything feel a bit surreal?

I really liked the broken glass photo, and the Madrid roof, as well as all the costal views! Thanks for sharing @littlebee4, I hope you enjoy your vacation!

Thank you so much @grindan
Been a couple of times to the US (hubby even more) and it does take some days to get used to the new time. We tried to stay up as long as we could… for us it was about 4 o’clock in the night but here (us) it was only 2200h.
So of course we woke up US time 4 o’clock night time… stretched it until 6… hahaha 🤣
A few days and it will be fine.

The broken glass view was cool… and the views out of the planes.
Happy to share, thanks a lot! We will enjoy the time being here. It Feels always great being in the US.
Enjoy your weekend 👋🏻😊

Great trip report, exquisite photos... I wish you all the best on this trip, be well!

PD: The photo of the windows with broken glass!!!!... What shot!!!... Applause!


Thank you kindly my friend @jlinaresp 😊😎👋🏻
I like that shot too. I had to stop and take a photo before boarding hehehe 🤭
Have an amazing weekend 👋🏻☀️💃🏻


Hi Jackie, I think that you have missed your calling. This post is so well detailed that I think that you should become a travel agent. Sad to see how dry it is in certain countries, as those dry lands are all greens, yellows and red tapestry from a plane window in our province.
I hope that they will get some rain soon.

Things are looking good thus far and until a next time, take care !PIZZA


Hahaha you think so @papilloncharity 😉🤓
Let me just travel… and peek behind the scenes. 😋🤩✈️💃🏻 It was so long again since we traveled far.
Instant love for travel again. Even though the flights were long and the travel was all day.

Spain is just crazy dry, like I said before, it look like that our entire flight from Malaga to Madrid. Just sad to see….
Let’s hope this winter all dry countries will get rain 🌧 🤞🏻🤞🏻🍀🍀🍀🍀 it is so needed.

Thank you Zac
Talk soon…

Have a great Sunday my friend 👋🏻☀️

Yep, nothing stops you from opening a small travel agency 😉
Things are always worth it after a long trip, as one appreciates the views more at the end 😊

Be careful what you ask for, as we prayed for rain here and when the rain came, it was floods and it destroyed bridges. roads, buildings and houses. Global warming has changed the weather patterns.
So let's hope that they will get just enough rain.

Blessings and take care.


Hahaha who knows… but I think I have better things to do 😉😁🤓
Exactly like that.

I know… all is different weather wise. And we sure don’t want dangerous things to happen. Let it be enough, just what is needed. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🍀🍀

Thank you kindly.
Blessings and take care too 👋🏻☀️


Totally agreed on all of your confirmations.

Blessings and enjoy your time away.


Thank you kindly @papilloncharity 😊👋🏻
Have a great week further!


My pleasure as usual and may you also have a good week.


I love the photographs of clouds while sitting inside the airplane. It feels like I'm on cloud nine. The scenery is nostalgic and it seems like it can make my mind relax and calm. It's good to be a witness to those natural views. Always be sage to your travel journeys!

Thank you so much @khairro 😊
Those fluffy clouds photos are my favourites. 🥰 looking out of the planes window and seeing such beauty… just breathtakingly beautiful.
Have a wonderful weekend further 👋🏻☀️
I will… thanks!

I've been to many of those little islands out in the Boston Harbor. Most often my trip is by boat from my area (Cape Cod) and the baot takes us past many of the islands. I've taken ferries and visit, and spend time with my camera on the islands of the Harbor.

That’s great to hear. The islands look pretty from above, and there were so many.
I can imagine with a boat it is easy to go around and explore. Especially with a camera to capture it all.
Thanks @bluefinstudios 👋🏻😊 have a wonderful afternoon and evening!

Hi friend, I love how you captured every single moment of your travel. Infact, it’s like I am also traveling along with you. Greetings from Nigeria ❤️

Thank you so much @beautiefair 😊 that’s wonderful to hear, especially that it was like you were traveling with me.
Happy to share my adventures with you, more to come soon 😉
Greetings (at the moment) from the US 👋🏻☀️💃🏻

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Thanks so much @hivebuzz team 😎😊 my first 🥳🥳💃🏻💃🏻😉
Have a wonderful new week 👋🏻☀️🐝🍁🍂

You're welcome @littlebee4, hope you enjoy this badge! Have a nice day 😊👍🌹

Thanks, I am 🤓😎
Have a nice day too 👋🏻☀️🐝

Welcome the America, @littlebee4 ! I am glad you made it safe!
How long will you be staying? And where?
It's just past 10 PM there now!
You must be sleepy.
Thank you for documenting your travel. It was fun tracing your travel!
!LADY 😍🌺🤙

Thank you soooo much dear @silversaver888 😊🤗 I’m here 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻☀️
We will stay 2 weeks and we are in the middle of the New England area, north east US 😎
Going on trails in the forests and discovering hill towns 😉🤓 last 4 days we go back to Boston to discover the city.
I was exhausted hahaha 🤣 still not used to the time difference. 2200h in the evening we go to bed. !LOL
but we are stretching it everyday. It means we wake up at 4 in the morning hehehe 🤭
Will be fine in a few days.
Thanks for checking out my journey 🥰
Have a wonderful new week 👋🏻🤗🤗 Bigg hugg

!LADY 🤙🏻🌺🥰

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What is a cows favourite song
I like to mooooove it mooooooove it

Credit: reddit
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Thank you for the tokens! I do appreciate them!

Thank you for the tokens! I do appreciate them!


Thank you so much @ladiesofhive 👋🏻😊

Beautiful Pictures and beautiful place

Thanks a lot @lsdmercyy 👋🏻😊 it is beautiful here…
Have a great week!