Bold, Crazy Or Both? I Need Some Feedback Here

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Today I'm going to show you a half finished bag and ask for feedback. Unfortunately I haven't had enough time to finish it but maybe tomorrow.


This is what I'm working on, it's half finished as I've mentioned earlier. The lining is not done yet, plus I need to apply the zipper or the magnet. I don't know yet which one to use.

Let me tell you the story of this bag and then you can tell me if this is crazy or not.


The Beginning

I got this checkered fabric as you see it. Must have seen better days once, maybe it was a coat, or a gown, a big one. Someone has butchered it in advance, when I got it, it looked already like this, the stitches were taken out. Regardless, I liked the fabric right away and could not get it out of my head. Had a few rough days full of stress, could not do anything but today was finally the day for it.


For some unknown reason I paired it with a light denim in my head, and this is what I had at home. One very light blue, perfect for the job and the other is the wrong side of a normal blue jeans. The light blue would have been a perfect match in my eyes, but then there was this.


The pockets were nice and would have been a shame not to use it. The fabric, due to its unique color can't really be paired with something else, so i had no choice but to go with the other one.


This is what accumulator acid does to your jeans, the two are not compatible, so the almost new jeans suffered a huge loss that day. Good thing I'm here to help, right?


This was the right side of the jeans but too dark and not the appropriate color for my project.


This was the wrong side of the jeans, perfect for me and this is the bottom part of the bag.


The next dilemma was which side of the checkered fabric to use. One is simple, the other is a bit fluffy. After some thinking I decided to go with the simple one, I believe that's the wrong side of it, to avoid my bag looking like a blanket.


After applying the interface I decided to play safe and quilt it, just in case the interface does not hold properly. After all this is a fluffy fabric.


Carry straps applied.


And here it is, half ready. As I said earlier, the lining still needs to be done and have to decide what to use, zipper or magnet.

Tell me honestly, is this crazy? Was I right to use this checkered fabric? Am I the only one who likes it? Any constructive feedback is welcome.


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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 9 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks Pix!

I think that is a really cute bag! You did a great job of pairing the plaid and the lighter denim fabric! Fantastic! It's perfect! 😊

Personally, I could not carry this one often because too many of my tops, skirts, and dresses have a floral print, or some other pattern. But, for ladies who wear solid colors often, it would be an excellent (and stylish!) choice! ❤️

Thank you very much for the nice words ❤️
You're right about this bag not for everyone. You need to match it with your outfits.

It could go well with most of my clothes but I'm thinking this is a winter bag because of the checked fabric and my winter clothes are mostly chocolate brown and cream. However I like it a lot. 😁

Let's see who's going to like it enough to buy it 🤔

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Thank you very much.

As all of your bags, I love the combination. I find the checkered fabric bold and great. It looks like a perfect match for a autumn day, where you want to have your items warm and secure, so I would go with a zipper.
And it is amazing how many shades of blue there are... you matched the hues very good, the light blue is like a frame for the bolder checkered fabric <3

Thank you for the nice words, I still have to finish this one as it is as you see it on the photo. Zipper it is then 😉