Monster Raffle Tickets NOW ON SALE

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Formally announcing that Tickets for the upcoming SGS Monster Raffle are now on sale! With 48 ounces of Silver spread across 24 Individual Prizes this raffle is a great opportunity to add to your silver stack, or start a new one! Raffle Tickets cost only 4 HIVE each or you can pay with PRECIOUS Tokens with the cost being 32 PRECIOUS each. There is no limit to the number of tickets that you can purchase however tickets sales will only run for 2 weeks with the books being closed on September 30th at 20:00 GMT. Just send your HIVE or PRECIOUS to the @ssg-community account with the memo “Monster Raffle Tickets” and you will go into the draw.

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For a full list of each of the individual prizes with links to pictures and more information about all the silver, please see below. Each prize has been generously donated by members of the Silver Gold Stackers Community on HIVE with ALL funds raised going toward the not-for-profit Community Curation Project which supports the content creators of SGS.

The raffle will be drawn LIVE in the SGS Community Discord on Saturday September 30th at 21:00 GMT and everyone is invited to join in the fun. It’s a great community event and the benefit of being present at the draw is that you can choose from any unclaimed prizes if you get a winning ticket. If you need help with the Timezone calculations check out the Time Zone Converter to see what time the draw will be in your local area.


If you can’t be present at the live draw, don’t worry because you can still win a prize and there will be the ability to nominate a Proxy to make your choice for you. Nominating a Proxy will be a formal process (more about that later) so rest assured that you can still win big and get the prize you want if you can’t attend. We just encourage everyone to come along and hope that you will! It’s been 4 long years since we’ve held one of these Monster Raffles, but they are always very exciting and fun to be a part of.

Thank you for supporting the Silver Gold Stackers of HIVE!


I like how you specifically included the times in Woolongong and Cardiff. 😄

Fun times ahead!

What about Bounty Saskatchewan? Probably racism.

Need to make sure that key personnel for the live draw aren't late!

Oh yeah! I just hope we have lots of folks outside the community buying tickets and we start off some new stackers and potentially new members

Damn, summertooth got the first tickets

What you guys think? Can 4000-5000 HIVE worth be sold?


Definitely possible!

Hi everyone. Im aspiring to be an official memeber of the ssg community and would like to participate and purchase raffle slots via Hive. Is there a link or guide on how I could do this step by step?

Just transfer 4 HIVE to @ssg-community with the memo "Monster Raffle Ticket" and you'll be on the list. I will publish the ticket numbers periodically so you'll know in advance what ticket numbers you have.

Jump into the SGS Discord if you need any extra help.

Thanks so much. This is good and ill find time to have this done later. Im already on the discord server too.

"Aweigh anchor, full sail, er sale! Ready a broadside!"

Awesome sending some Hive now.


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Awesome… will spread out some tickets over the 2 weeks 😊
Good luck all!

Amazing. The sale will soon run out because it will be bought by many

Oh nice! I will be buying a few for sure!


You must be killin' it out here!
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This should be a lot of fun! Just purchased one with my PRECIOUS balance

Hive Sent...

Oh yeah! Time to get those tickets! !gif silvercoin

Holy wowsers, Silver Stackers!

This looks like a fun raffle.
Look at all the amazing goodies up for grabs! 👀
Plenty of time to get one's entry/entries in too @ssg-community 💯

Good luck everyone!


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I’m in! Let’s go! 🙌🪙🙌🪙🙌


Awesome, I'll be picking up lots of raffle tickets soon :)

Congratulations @ssg-community!
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@trumpman, you need to go for me! Will buy the tickets and you win.

500 hive from me!