Hive Gaming Community Contest - Worst games or gaming experiences

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What are your worst gaming experiences?

Have you ever played a game that was so bad that it just pissed you off every time you played it, but kept playing because you spent money on it?

Have you ever spent hours playing a game to accidentally save over your game and then have to start over from the very beginning?

I am sure that we all have some sort of horrible gaming experiences that looking back on them now are pretty comical. So with this contest, we want you to tell us all about those bad games or gaming experiences.

This contest is more than just telling us about bad games that were made. We want to hear about how those bad games impacted you and your gaming experience. We will be curating posts based on the effort and humor put into them.

We have a 100 Hive prize pool for this contest. The top 5 entries will each receive 20 Hive once the contest ends. Just like the previous contest, you will have one week from the announcement to get your entry in.




  1. Use the #worstgamingexperience tag for your post.
  2. Post into the Hive Gaming Community.
  3. Absolutely no plagiarism. Sharing a personal experience is always better and more fun to read anyways, so don't try and cheat, or you will be muted in HiveGC and your entry will not be valid.
  4. Put effort into your post. Low effort posts will be skipped for obvious reasons.
  5. Only ONE entry into this contest, so make it count.
  6. Post a link to your entry here in the comment section of this post.
  7. Comment and engage with other entries for this contest. A community is only as strong as the engagement that it brings to the blockchain. We will be rewarding great comments with ENGAGE tokens.

We are looking forward to reading about your bad games and bad gaming experiences. We are hoping that this contest will be as fun as the last one. Be sure to follow the @hivegc account to stay up to date with all new contest that are going to happen and to see the curation efforts we are providing to the gamers of the Hive Blockchain.

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I understand your experience, I'll leave my gif so you know I left you a comment haha

OMG! I know how it feels! I was trying to play Elder Scrolls on my PC but in low graphs it get stuck sometimes, the fps went from 25 to 10 I don't know lol, but it was really awful, you were really brave to do this haha!

That's the love for doom, it reminds me one of my best friends that is a huge fan of DOOM.

The new DOOM games have this Vulcan runtime environment, its like directX but not, seems to get a higher frame rate than direct x games.

I have to say, playing graphics heavy games on low specs can be a really frustrating experience especially back in the days...

Since its an action horror game, the dark scenes gave me a high frame rate. Usefull but not at boss fights!

Nice! I left you a recommendation in my comment.

I got back to you, was easier to just take the technology tag out, I have it as the 5th hashtag so it shows up for you now

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

@mariosfama, I didn't get a chance to play it, but graphically it looks very entertaining, unlike the ones I played that were cave-aged hahaha. Greetings

True graphs were ok for then but the gameplay was for suicide people

Excellent post, here my gif that leave my comment in your post hehe

That's not how you treat a friend that's starting a new game with you hahaha!

Poor guy, you just sent him a NUKE Croissant! Sacrebleú! hahahaha!

I mentally enjoy the concept of a "Nuclear Croissant" quite a lot now that I'm thinking about it. :D

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Un post muy bien hecho, contando una historia donde nos sentimos identificados valeee

I am so grateful I found some time to join this contest amidst my busy class schedule. I really enjoyed writing and reminiscing those worst memories HAHA!

Green and White Gaming Youtube Channel Art (17).gif

An excellent and very well appreciated post, I leave you my gif that I left a comment on your post

Every csgo game with russians is almost a bad experience xD

Last contest was amazing, hopefully this one will turn out just as well and possibly even more fun considering the theme. :D

It was truly amazing and i am with Deranged... i think this contest is going to bring more humor! I look forward to reading y'alls entries!

I am sure we will get some awesome entries for this.

That would definitely have to be the outer limits!!!

It has a bug in one of the missions that locks you out and I haven't played it since.

Have to completely restart the game and begin again....

I am super upset and am on strike!!!!

It's pretty new. Outer space fallout style.

Was getting into it and rocking things. And boom. Looked it up. Oh yeah there is this trap and yeah you can restart the game or just be screwed....

So.... Yeah. Too bad it's a fun game and fallout upgrades on weapons. Got a group of people for backup...

Was pretty neat. Until. The pit of Doom!

Wow, didn´t expect another contest so soon, I´m excited for it, last one was so much fun so I think this one is gonna be as much as good.

I am hoping to see some funny posts for this one.

Let's be honest here, the best post on Mass Effect Andromeda wins :D

Or even a post about the ending of Mass Effect 3 would be nice hahaha

I'm so glad I never played that one.

It's actually not that bad as they make it out to be. At the moment, it's a nice game to play if you pick it up for cheap. Combat is great and multiplayer was fun even back at launch

This is going to be funny! I had a hard time not mentioning some of these in the other posts for the sake of keeping things less than an hour to read. Hahahaha

I am looking forward to yours. With your sense of humor, I am sure it's gonna be an epic entry.

Me too... i have a few things i already know to share... but i am going to meditate on it a bit and see what pops up! There should be some funny stuff fo sho! Thanks for all you do in and for this community. I am looking forward to reading you and Acid's posts!

You're gonna rock this contest again boy. As always, your blogs and entries were LEGEND wait for it.. DARY. LEGENDARY👌😂😂

Thank you good sir! I look forward to reading your entry as well! Your comment detailed out could be your story...
I always wanted to learn how to do the coin on the string trick! hahahha

HAHAHAHA. We can't do that trick anymore now. There are a lot of CCTVS that are present. Only before when there are no or less CCTVs 😂😂😂😂

I loved your post @hivegc !!
A big strong hug !!!

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I am ready to participate. I could say that this one is even more complicated than the previous one, but the truth is that every player, besides having good experiences, also has bad experiences.

I´m expecting to see your entry, you always make great content in your posts.

I think I have some incredible ideas, some games that I regret spending money on xD

I love it! As soon as I started reading the post, I remembered a very recent game and laughed. I hope I can participate once again.

I'm in hahaha

Damn:( A cool contest again👌But this week will be a busy week in my online classes. Hope I can still find time to join

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Too bad that only one publication can be made since inadvertently I was a magnet for bad games so I have a lot of experience LOL

Hive Gaming - Worst gaming experiences ¨I should have read the warnings¨. Here's my entry to the contest, you made me remember those moments, where I was so happy and suddenly everything changed.

Nice, this is a good idea for a contest, but also one kinda hard, I'll have to search in my childhood bad gaming memories to write something, wait for my entry!

Excelente oportunidad @colmena, gracias

Great contest! I have many experiences that more than being bad frustrated me a lot at the time haha

tails doll.gif this is my entry to the contest, I apologize if it´s a little too long but I got excited writing, I´d appreciate it if you read it. Thank you!

My Worst Game Experiences - Couple of Anecdotes / Par de Anécdotas [EN-ES]

This is my entry i hope you like it :) / Mi entrada espero que les guste :).

Hello, I share with all of you my post of my worst experiences in games, a hug. 💕


My worst game experiences

What a fun contest!

You bring out my gamer side with these challenges.🤣 I'm going to do it!✅

Thanks for the opportunity, it helped me a lot to express something I wanted to talk about a long time ago. Here I leave my participation, while I go read others.

Mi Post para el concurso espero que les guste! 🙊

My Post for the contest I hope you like it! 🙊

Hive Gaming Community Contest - Worst Gaming Experience "A player's nightmare" [ESP-ENG]🎮😱

Está Excelente, te dejé un comentariio, saludos amigo.!

This is the story of how I destroyed my monitor and why I stopped playing :'v

My worst experience with...

Here I leave my participation a hug ♥

Mine is about being a broke gamer making gaming a rough experience and why

Here is my participation in the contest! I focus more on the great titles that even these leave you with atrocious experiences but that today are quite funny hahaha, I invite you to read it friends :D

I love it, bad experiences in video games help you buy better games or do things differently. This is my entry to the contest.

That Mortal Kombat spin-off game was one of the worst. I can't seem to recall the other bad one where Sub-Zero was the lead character.

Here is my entry.

I look forward to reading a bunch of the other ones. And maybe even playing the games 😂

Here's my entry to the contest:

We should make this trending on twitter...

gracias por comentar amigo , y si ese juego es una representación del mismísimo infierno

Saint Seiya rocks! I love its graphical style.

Ruthless,Relentless and Ridiculed

This was so painful and the sad part was that it haopened recently..

Grateful with the opportunity to expose my beginnings with both traditional games such as baseball, soccer and console games or PC, the truth is I'm not at all expert and I have not played much in my childhood with console games, but I encouraged to expose my story, I hope you like it, you can read HereI tell you that thank God my children are better with video games

Greetings @marinmex your story is very similar to mine and although I am only 32 years old my childhood was focused on traditional games as you say, video games are not my strong point but this initiative certainly allowed us to share and remember pleasant times of our childhood. You can see my story here

Greetings dear friends of the HIVE Gaming community, first I want to congratulate you for this great initiative, I loved being able to participate.

Here is my entry:

That's the main feeling of all gamers in life, at least one time in our lives we've felt this haha not just for expectations but also for difficult trying to complete a game or something like that

OH NO! Not DUCK HUNTER hahaha! I really hated that stupid dog that always laugh when you missed the shot!

But hey! Why did you hate Pepsi Man? That's a totally jewel of the PS1 hahaha You could actually pass a lot of hours playing that game just running and running, it was really fun haha

jajajasi that dog was super stupid pity that the gun did not shoot the jajajaj

the pepsi men just because he always crashed and didn't pass it .. now I see my son playing it on the computer and stand really easy hahaha

I remember that image very much, especially the mockery of the dog when one missed, there was also the game of shooting the saucers. Haha what memories you bring back with your post.

I was brave and said present in this initiative that took me to my childhood


Hello guys! I'm really happy to be here participating again in one of your contest!

Here's my entry:

[ESP | ENG] Hive Gaming Community Contest | Peores juegos o experiencias de juego - Worst games or gaming experiences |

I'm telling the story of how I became dissapointed with Dino Crisis 3 and Silent Hill Shattered Memories, this is a story that I really loved to tell!

Como siempre mi amorcito con un post increible.

Aqui comparto mi entrada : espero que realmente la disfruten este es mi primer post en la comunidad :) me siento muy feliz de haber alcanzado este triunfo quien desee comentar alguna recomendación o algo que mejorar bienvenido será su comentario

Hi guys I just released my post about this beautiful challenge I really need to talk about it with someone, hello and good day, ah for those who have not yet done the challenge the face is very funny

link of my post

Te deje un comentariooo excelente post valeee

Gracias y lamento lo del grupo de discord una vez más jajajaja.

Hey everyone, here's my late entry into the competition. I truly hope you enjoy, thank you again for such a generous and FUN competition.

I enjoyed every minute of research that went into this.

I really narrate more bad experiences than anything else hahaha, I had a lot of fun doing this post.

My bad experiences and the WORST game I ever played

Hi everybody! this is my entry for the contest! it has been very fun to read all entries. good luck!