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Show us your best selfies!!

Hello Gamers!! The Hive Gaming Community is back with another fun contest. Gaming has a special way of taking us to some pretty magical places. We as gamers invest quite a bit of time controlling our cartoon characters and going all over their world. So why not share your character and the awesome adventures that you go on?

This contest is pretty straight forward. Play your favorite games, take selfies in the game using photo modes or screenshots and then share them here in the Hive Gaming Community and tell us about the adventures your character is doing and where you took the selfies at.


Screenshot by @derangedvisions

There are so many possibilities with the cool pictures that you can share for this contest. Whether you are playing as a Viking that has traveled to Asgard to be among the Gods, or maybe you are a magical panda running around the vast landscapes in World of Warcraft, the choice is yours.

How to take part in the contest

  1. Play some video games.
  2. Take pictures of your character while you are in cool places or doing cool things.
  3. Write a post in the Hive Gaming Community. The post needs to be more than just screenshots. You should talk about the game, what you are doing and what you like or dislike about the game.
  4. Use the tag #hivegcselfie in your post.
  5. Once the post is completed, share your post in the comment section of this post.

The screenshots that you share for the contest must have been taking by you. No stealing from the internet to take part. If you are caught cheating, then your account will be downvoted and you will be muted from posting in the gaming community and possibly other communities that OCD is supporting.

If your game does not allow you to take screenshots or doesn't have photo mode, you can always take pictures of your monitor or tv using a cell phone.

There will be no prize pool for this contest, but we will be actively curating the entries, so there will be some pretty good rewards for taking part. You may only enter the contest one time, so make sure to make it is good and that you spent your time creating it.

We will also be creating a highlight post once the contest is over that will include some of our favorite entries. The payout for the highlight post will be split among all of the creators that are highlighted in it, so there is some extra incentive to make your post good.

The contest will officially end once this post pays out, so make sure to get your entry in prior to the cutoff.

We can't wait to see what your characters look like and all of the cool places that your games take you. Be sure to subscribe to the Hive Gaming Community and check out the other submissions to the contest as well!

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Such an awesome entry. Thanks for taking part and for setting the bar high for everyone to try and achieve.


Happy to participate with this great community.

Yeah, this is the first community I've felt has a good Discord and actual engagement happening on the chain. Leofinance is cool, but I'm still a noob there. Travelfeed is always earning a lot of HIVE and STEEM, but I get real answers and ideas from fellow GAMERS here.

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

I enjoyed your post too much haha, and more for the poses.


This is a really good one... I will be back to this later. =)

Excuse me, I want to ask if this only applies to games that run on computers or can it be for all platforms, such as mobile games, PlayStation, or other platforms?

Any platform works. Just make sure that they are your screenshots

thanks for the info, can't wait to do this

 2 years ago  

Here is My Entry Post
Enjoy :)

Ready to participate! It's not going to be easy.

I’m down!
Looking forward to participating in this contest sometime this weekend.

I have been looking at ways to enter into the hgc community world. This might be my portal.

Me gusta muco este concurso, lista para participar.


I am entering my advertisement for the DOOM Eternal Release as well as Steemit hardfork to Hive. Good times, what a great day March 20, 2020 was.


Think you might want to go over the rules of the contest. This isn't a valid entry.

I can't take selfish in the game so this is as good as you will get lol

just take a screenshot lol

Fine, tomrrow ill take a rust screenshot and probably cry myself to sleep from how many times my body is pillaged by a clan of 35 players during the time it took to do anything other than consume everything around me in that game. Hardest game I have ever played. No balance to teams lol just pure pwnage in its purest form.

There aren't any mirrors or reflections in DOOM that I can remember. Maybe there is a demon you identify with on Mars that you could use.

First post in over two years and it is an entry in this contest?? Seems a bit fishy..:

I play some game in steem in past two years . MAFIA war etc etc and i stop and not touching this account for two years. I just recently open steem in past few days , you can check my other profile at @tommyl33 where i confuse and dig about steem and try to withdraw some of my coin back then and i succeed and im in my process to powerdown my steem to transfer it to hive. after done with those process i check my other profile @player101 for my game curation and somehow i read about those contest . So what i mean my first post is in this community and why not join the contest.

like what @hivegc say , "There will be no prize pool for this contest, but we will be actively curating the entries, so there will be some pretty good rewards for taking part"

NO PRIZE but it does give us idea to start curating something. so this is my first post in this community .

I love taking captures in every game that I really wanted to share with you captures of each one. But I preferred to go out and hunt a monster in MHW and here is my entry.

My entry:

Love all the entries so far! Rough competition.

Here is my entry to the constest: Genshin Impact: Albedo, the alchemist | Game Review - Selfie Contest (eng-esp). This is my first time writing about Genshin Impact and I loved it.

Finally came the day. Consider doing a weekly contest, please. Here my entry:

Let me share a few shots of my High Elf Druid pondering the fragility of life and death in the Qyenos Catacombs...


 2 years ago  

I am eager to participate :D

My entry into the contest:

Hive GC Selfie Challenge Logo.png

Thanks for hosting this it was a lot of fun! Got yelled at a ton by my residents for being a neglectful island resident so it looks like I got some work to do xD.

Good my entry here, I hope you like it and ..


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Hello guys! Here’s my entry for the Selfie Contest! I’ve enjoyed A LOT to take this selfies and laughed a lot haha I hope that you like it too:

Hello friends, here my participation for the first time in this community, I hope it is to your liking.

This is my Entry for the contest


Thanks for the opporunity to be a part of this contest!
Thats my entry for it :)
Hope u guys will like it.

 2 years ago  

Sorry I forgot to put my publication here 😂, I hope you enjoy it 😎

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