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  1. put (things) in a neat, attractive, or required order.
  2. organize or make plans for (a future event).

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I dont like messy desks.

It clouds my thinking when I need to be focused on something... work, reading a book, strumming an ukulele. An organized space helps to stay on top of of finding anything at a moment's notice.

Also, I am not a very smart guy and I tend to forget where I put things around me. So many times!!! When I forget where I put my keys, then sofa cushions are beginning thrown around, dump out the laundry basket clothes all over the floor... do all the stupid stuff when its actually just on my desk next to the mouse. My wife probably knows this situation all too well... hahahaha!

I have a personal habit of constantly thinking of new ways how to make my home work space and game space arrangement better than the last one. By doing so it brings in kind of a fresh start and it generally feels good after a good clean up of your own home.

Organized space also gives a good impression to your colleagues, friends, and family... and you dont have to say a word about it. It will present and speak for itself. Its a good mood booster and also it inspires others to try it out as well.

I have seen a few who likes to wear nice clothes and cars... but moment you go into their home or work desk its just a total bombshell. I much rather be the total opposite of them. An arranged space doesn't cost anything and brings out the best premium in you through impression from the inside.

Day Time - Work Mode

Night Time - Gaming Mode

Most of my friends know me for organizing, and keeping what I own in the best condition. They also ask if there is any tips on organizing, because most if not all of them say "it looks like too much work, I will probably do it next time when I am free."

There is no such reality of the so called - "Next time when I am free."
The best way in my opinion is not to plan... but just to start off.

I always start by cleaning off the dust around my desk with a wet cloth... this creates a chain reaction. Once you wipe, you need to move stuff, and this starts from maybe the keyboard and moves on to the table... then to the book shelf... the floor.

At least for myself I enjoy doing it... I dont encourage doing this if your not having a good time... that would suck. To organize you also need to be creative.. to be creative you need to be in freakin good mood. :)

If any of you guys had a bad day and can't get it out of your head? Organize your desk! It helps set things in order subconsciously and start rethinking the situation through logic rather than emotions. It calms me down cause I am both using my physical body to shuffle objects furniture around, and my mind to create a more efficient setup of usb stick, usb cables, my notes, pens, chargers... ect.

Another factor encourage the habit of moving and rearranging furniture is that I moved a LOT ever since high school changing different states in the US, as well as later during my career I moved to different countries.

So change of space is something I am accustomed to and this actually was not easy in early stages especially during school times.

Configuration Layout - Type 0

Configuration Layout - Type A

Configuration Layout - Type b

Desktop PC computer towers since the 90's where I started to own a personal desktop computer (286, 386, 486) looked really ugly and it was something people wanted to hide often.

Testing out different positions of main computer tower.

Now with the help of LED lights this has created an evolution of now we can stylize computer desktops. The one problem I consistently saw was how much computer gaming/performance styling aesthetics didn't match anything in the house. It was just visually screaming "rave party" from every angle. Its pretty cool in the beginning for sure, and it gets boring and then annoying.

The trend currently is exposing and showing the interior of the tower to show off any performance GPU or CPU with water cooling together with LED making it look very high tech. This if done well can look very premium and if done wrong a Christmas tree.

As time is going by people are now replacing furniture to match with the gamer style look. I think we are going through the phase trying to really refine what is the fashion of a gamer.

At the end of the day I wanted the desktop PC tower to blend in with my lifestyle at any given location where ever I am at. And as a family guy lately what I have been enjoying was to just watch my son play the games I played in the past. When he is having a blast I also get excited as well. :)

As you guys probably noticed the computers always followed with me where ever I moved. I usually bring everything with me and try to trim things down.. however this is really easier said than done. hahahah

Thanks for viewing my posts~
I am always trying to find something fresh and experience driven.
Real world gamers lifestyle, how it really looks and not caked for Instagram.
See you guys again in a few days~

Set Da Tone!!!


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nice setups , personaly i find the rgb leds useless but sadly i have them als in my pc since you can't get any hardware without it these days , the threadripper is probably a workstation for 3d designs i guess and not really for gaming :)

Hey! Your here~ :)
Thanks~ and as with the on RGB lights the first generation ones were so godly bright I had to put some card board paper on the glass to work at night. Blue LED was so popular at that time too so the whole room was a rave.
As time went by lights were able to mix colors and adjust brightness smoothly and this is where things started to look nice.

As for the threadripper I use it for 3D modeling and real time rendering. However, these specs are also suitable for gaming as well~ problem with this cpu is that it runs damn hot. The room itself gets hot when i run cpu at full blast. Hope it will last long...


Organizing the work environment is definitely a good motivator. It makes me more motivated to always work in a clean place. That's why I organize my desk every 2 days. You are also right that watching your child is like watching yourself in the past. Only they play with 100 times better graphics than us 😂.

Yo @incublus thanks for swinging by man.
Yea~ it does motivate you and its just nice to look at a clean desk that is your own. When you own it~ you gotta really own it. Hehehehe

The son thing you mention is hella funny~ I showed him some ultra old games of the past I used to play - Contra - He said its doesn't look good and doesn't look fun. And compares with Titan Fall 2.... Really??? Cant compare dat!!! Lolz!!

Man it is not fair. Contra is way better than Titan Fall 2. 😂😂

Contra is legendary... but to this 10 year old... he said its worse than minecraft.......
No words man..... I was wordless.....😭😭😭

I'm going to cry after heard that. Worse than minecraft? literally no more words...

No words man..... minecraft?..... wordless. 😭😭😭

Yay! 🤗
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Really thanks for this post! I need something like that in my day! because I change my setup a few days ago and I don't have completely organized my things yet. Now I can take some good ideas here! I try to improve with the things I have. Thanks for sharing

This blog post was made just for people like you man!!~ I am glad I been able to give you even a tad bit of inspiration. :)

I see so many really nice looking photos of PC totally customized and decked out but to me they dont look realistic. It was way too much like installed just for a studio shot for Instagram ads... I kinda wanted to break that and show how just normal people do it~ and I moved it around a lot!!!


Thanks Bro really help me and it's really inspirational too. Keep make content like that!! This is a good background theme for the Creators world

Hey man~ its folks like you who brings up the joy in posting. Its inspiration you get and I feel even more motivated to make more and improve. :) You made my day homie. Thanks

Wow man awesome set up💞❤️.I hope both you and the kids are enjoying. Sorry the little one may not abale to right now.🤣🤣I need something like that.

Thanks for sharing dude.

Thanks for the comment man~
Eventually I hope they can see what I do has some meaning to them.... nawwww no expectations~ Just let it be~~

I have seen a few who likes to wear nice clothes and cars... but moment you go into their home or work desk its just a total bombshell.

No doubt about it. Because my classmate was very well dressed but when we went to her house to visit for her mother's condition , everything was scattered in her house. I am allergic to dust. I think we should keep everything that is connected with us clean.

Btw Your setup is great. The better the setup, the better it feels to work.💕

Yippy~ Yes we get to see all sorts of people in our lives and we also get to decide who we want to be through example.
Thanks for the compliment~ and better the setup the better I feel I need to work. :)

Fantastic work. That is a serious amount of organisation you have done there. I aspire to create this level of organisation but quickly become overwhelmed.

I need to post on how it started~~ LOLZ!
The process of how it was done maybe the next story. :)
After I clean up and organize the room I took a picture for some reason and the collection has accumulated while I moved to different places.
It can be overwhelming at first but one spot at a time works. :)

My last gf was great at keeping this so organised like that. I miss her at times! !LOL

I look forward to seeing some of those posts. That is a good idea.

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Well... whah da ya waiting for? Time to go back!! :)
Naw just playin~~ I hope it went ok bro.

Here is some pizza homie~ Share dat luv. :)


Thanks 👍 !LUV

your desktop is very clean and tidy😃 are several screens popular now? i see some people are using more than one, lol

I tried three and I think its overkill!!!
Its just toooo much screen and makes me dizzy.

But two screens are perfect! One screen for Ecency/peakD and another screen for Discord. Boom! Perfect!

😄😆 lol sounds interesting!
not trying yet? post through it, have a try😄

Gonna give that a try today as a matter of fact~~~ You always give me some nice suggestions. Cheers!!!

i am not quite get used to it too, but later on, I find it quite convenient😄 to post through it to the cn community too, there is no side effect with more support from liketu too😆

The more it can reach out the better~~ right? :)

This should be illegal, I feel like I see paradise 🤩😢💗

If I could I would bring the illegal paradise to all hivers like you~
In the meantime I can show and tell how to do it. :)
Thanks for the best comment~~ hehehe.

Awww :'3 thanks! I'd love to keep seeing blogs about what it's like to have a organized space like this uwu many times I stay on YouTube watching videos related to these topics because they bring me peace, thank you for giving me that peace too 💗 have a nice night!

Organizing space can be meditating for some and headache for others. Its seems to me its both and the journey of organizing a room isn't something you plan on where things will be arranged.

In my experience its the process of how one thing leads to another, discover new layouts never thought, realizing what didn't work, and the constant bank and forth in trying to find what "feels" right. And lastly, when all is finished... just looking at the space and enjoying the present moment of my own space. Hehehehehhe

So small things.... brings bliss to our lives. :)

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