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First edition of my yearly Books and Life contest. 2023 edition


The idea of starting this post first appeared in my head when I was thinking to donate some HBD to a charity of my choice , to @papilloncharity, as a way of finally giving back to the Hive community. I have a 600 HBD budget from which 100 HBD will go to charity and 500 HBD will be given to the competitors.


I felt that I wanted to create a contest about the things I loved the most: books and real life stories. I love it when a person shares with me parts of their soul, their struggles. I admire and value authenticity and real vulnerability coming from a place of maturity, not victimhood or attention seeking.

The requirements for this contest:

  1. Write in the comment section below the title and the author of a book that changed your perspective on life in a specific situation. Explain why and give me context of your life in that moment. Tell me where you are now because of reading that book. Write 1 short quote at the end of the written comment from this book that you love.

  2. Limit yourself to maximum 800 words.

This contest has a second twist: you have the choice to create a separate post on your profile where you can write a longer story about this. Mention me and I will read it. Please only mention me if you write a long post.

The second twist is optional but I will handpick the best long post as well and I will have a surprise for that person! I know that somewhere, out there, someone with great talent is waiting to be discovered. Just like I was years ago when I started blogging on Hive and there were a couple of valuable members who contributed to my visibility: @vincentnijman ( amongst my very first followers! I remember he gave me some hive to help me out!) , @meesterboom, @galenkp, @abh12345, @tarazkp. They all deserve my big hug! I was also supported by big communities like @ocd, @gems, @proofofbrain, @hivebookclub, @alienarthive, @thoughtfulpostoftheday, @onchainart, @photographylovers and so many more. Big hugs to them too!


Contest starts today and it will end in 7 days. Results will be announced 7 days after the ending of the contest.


The best stories will receive 100 HBD each. I will select the 5 best stories from the comments.

The surprise for the best long post...I will keep it undisclosed, that's the point of a surprise😅

Now I will share my choice of the book. It is Alfred Lansing - Endurance, Shackleton's Incredible Voyage. It is the first 3 hour long book review I have made on my Youtube channel and I was just starting my book review journey.


I was living in a place without internet so I had to stream from my phone and use my mobile data. It was a difficult start as I was in a sad situation in my personal life caught in an unhealthy relationship and a difficult place to stay mentally. I had mornings when I really had to motivate myself to get out of bed or even shower. Going in nature, painting, swimming and books literally maintained my sanity. The story of Shackleton inspired me to search in my depths and overcome my situation by discovering my inner strenght. It did not happen immediately, but even today when I think of this book I gain strenght. I am now living in a better place, where I am happy, safe and away from any drama. I know that no one will harm me in here, no one will put me down or bully me and that I can have peace.No one will kick me out of here. I am now happy and safe. And this book has a role in the grand scheme of things.

20231210_085645 (1).jpg


My favourite quote:“No matter what the odds, a man does not pin his last hope for survival on something and then expect that it will fail.”

It is survive or die when life puts you down. Getting up is the only choice, even if some days it felt like there would be no end of it.

Looking forward to read great life stories and hear about inspiring books. I want my soul to be touched by your post! Just be sincere and be yourself.

❤I must add that I feel so happy to be finally able to give something back to Hive because this platform gives so much to me. ❤

There are 2 pages

❤️ I will reply to this at greater length at a later time. This is super-generous from you, a life changing amount for some people out (t)here. Big hug 😘

Yes Vincent, I thought that I wanted for the prize to be consistent enough to actually allow people to "feel" they are getting something.


Dear Mary, congratulations of winning the contest & thank you for deciding to generously share 600 HBD. It is definitely not a small amount & surely will mean a lot to some of us here.
Anyway, I like the initiative & the instructions of the contest cause I have read some number of books that really made an impact on me & made my life change. It is even hard to choose the one that made such a significant impact that I remember cause it passed a lot of time & than other outer numerous stimulus kept on influencing me...
I would dare to mention the book Swami Vivekananda: Vedanta. Vedanta means "Truth". Swami never was writing. He was only talking wisdom. Channelizing. His disciples were writing down the lessons.
I remember how while I was reading this book, it was momentarily erasing all of mine mind constructions which made me behave in certain ways, it was erasing my firm beliefs of how the life in this world functions & I was feeling instantly lighter & enlightened. I remember I felt bliss & euphoria. I felt like this book is reprogramming my brain like it was really a computer & I'm installing a new system program on it. I also remember that some pages were so difficult to read & comprehend that I need to read them multiple times to really understand what I'm reading. But also, nevertheless, how difficult some pages were, as a whole the book was so light & came into me so easy. After that my view on this physical reality was never the same & I was interacting differently with everything.
At the moment I got that book in my hands, I was seeking for the Truth, like I always am. That is the reason why the book came into my hands. Cause I was yearning for it! If I remember correctly, I was kind of lost before I got the book. I was in the moment of change. Now, years after I read it, I believe I am on my spiritual path where I do not stick too hard to any object or desire. I try to observe myself in the interaction with the rest of the physical world around my body, seeing the true self captured in my body, being conscious of passing of time & all physical things. Being conscious of my everlasting & everchanging Soul which came into this dimension only as a temporarily user who will pass into other dimensions when the time comes.
A quote from the book:
Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life - think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves and every part of your body be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone.

Thank you for appreciating the opportunity and for your entry, very inspiring book!

May I also write & post to longer separated post about any other book or books or this comment is enough for the contest?

You can also do a separate post if you wish and leave me a link to it in the comments😊

OK, about the same book or I can choose some other?

It would be nice to choose another one 🙂

Even better! I have some great up my sleeve! 😀


I was reading "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho, when I did a language summer camp in Bulgaria when I still was a student. Our teacher gave as the book in Bulgarian translation and we had to read it back then and discuss it in class. Reading books in a foreign language is a life changer, because it really helps you learn a language in a natural way. You encounter so many new words and phrases, some you can understand from context others you have to look up in the dictionary and there was no internet dictionary at that time. Reading a book can therefore be both fun and educational.

We are travelers on a cosmic journey, stardust, swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity. Life is eternal. We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to love, to share. This is a precious moment. It is a little parenthesis in eternity.

Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Beautiful quote! Thank you for your entry🤗

The alchemist is one of the best book !


Glad to hear that you are in a safe place and gained so much from books. This is a lovely idea 😍

Thank you!🤗 Please share and reblog this post so that many people would hear about it and have a chance to participate🤗


Hey. So I did make an entry, about two days ago. It was a long post entry titled Playing the Right Cards. Here's a brief summary on it. 👇🏽

I found a particular user here on Hive to quite promising, but his demeanour on the articles of other people was quite concerning. He had been berated a lot by many people and even threatened by downvotes to do better than just "Nice post." I learned more about him by digging afterwards, of course. What I found was interesting.

He was a pretty nice guy with good content about his work and life with his lovely family. What more I found is that he came on here without an onboarder. That made more sense as to why he "didn't know better." Then I thought to enlighten him, but I had to do it in a much different way from what others had tried.

I had to learn more about him a little more and figure out a palatable way to talk with him and let him see the importance of being much more expressive than spam comments. Then I wrote him.

What I did isn't something that people would normally do, and myself as well. I did it, however, because i deemed it worth a try. He received and acknowledged it.

Weeks afterwards, he made a post about everything and how different things have been for him, thanking me as well. And when I check him and his activity, I realised that he had been doing much better indeed.

How to Win Friends and Influence People was were I drew the techniques I applied in discussing the issue with him. I understood that criticism is very ineffective, and that appreciation works way better, among other things.

"Any fool can criticise—and most fools do. But it takes character and self-control to be understanding and forgiving." This is one of the many quotes in that book by Dale Carnegie that reminds me.

There's more depth to this in the long post, of course. I hope you find time to check it out.

Hey! It is very nice to see that there are people who will take the time to guide new users on this platform. Yes, any fool can criticize and most of them will. I remember the days when I was quick to criticize and I cringe. But I learned a lot since then and I am continously improving. Criticizing is the worst one can do as it does not solve the issue and it also hurts the dignity of the other. In fact the book of Dale Carnegie is like a second bible that most people should read again and again. The book is gold when it comes to figuring out how to extract the best out of any human interaction. You did well in not assuming anything. It is easy to cast the blame instead of trying to find out the reasons behind someone's behaviour. I feel that when it comes to giving a feedback one can always learn and improve in regards on how to do it in order to avoid hurting someone's feelings. Dealing with people the right way when they do wrong is an art. Thank you for your entry!

This is absolutely beautful, thoughtful, and very kind of you. I think it is an interesting contest, and there will be fascinating stories to read. Like you, I am all about heart in context.

I have a question, though. I need some clarity on how to making an entry. I get that one can simply make a comment here. What if someone chooses to make a post about it—regarding this contest—and then share the link right here, would that count as an entry to compete for a share in the 500 HBD prize pool? Or that would only count for "the surprise for the best long post?"

I look forward to enjoying this contest and reading beautful stories. You have a heart of gold for doing this.

Hello! You can post a comment here. And if you make a separate longer post just mention me or leave in the comment a link towards the post. You can do both, it depends on you🤗 please share and reblog the post so many people could find out and participate, looking forward for your entry🤗

That was a rapid response. Thanks for clearing that up.

Have a great Sunday!

Thank you, you too!

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At first, we want to thank you for this wonderful open-hearted gesture, Lady Mary.
I remember all of the chats that we had in the past, and I am very glad to see that you are now safe and free. At periods in our lives, we get kicked in the face, and that Shackleton quote is very powerful. Your take on it as well, as it is indeed a solid truth, that getting up is the only choice. I want to add a bit to it, dust yourself off and get going again.

You have tagged some great names here on hive, that helped many of us and even if they were attacked at times, they have remained solid, and such is the way to be. Such is life, is my favorite saying, so we can only learn and move on.
May it be that the sun will light your road and that all darknesses will fade away from your memories. All freedom, love and happiness to you.

Thank you kindly once again !LUV

Zac and Marian.

@papilloncharity sent you LUV 🙂 (1/10)

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Hey🤗It is my honour to be able to give back 🤗 I never forget my humble beginnings and the people that supported me along the way, you being one of them.

Please share and reblog this post so we could reach as many people and allow them to be discovered as well🤗

It is indeed a privilege to give back and we are trying to do that with the @combination account.
I admire your dedication and your heart my friend.

Shared the post straight after my original comment and have a super Sunday!


@papilloncharity sent you LUV 🙂 (2/10)

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Hello @creativemary, do we have to stop exactly at 800?
And Can I tag you instead in the comment section of my entry to this contest to mange my word count????

*pardon me, I always have this kind of hardship with word count lol

Hey! There are plenty of free word count apps on Google, you will find one😊

Please tag me only if you also write a longer post on your personal blog as well. Besides this it is enough to write in the comments as I required, I will read them! Looking forward for your entry, please share and reblog the post so more will be able to participate🤗

What is your definition of longer post, I mean the word count for a longer post?, this is needed for me to know what to do ?? @creativemary

On your personal post which will be on your blog you can make it as long as you want. But please try to not write a novel😅

On the comment section the maximum is 800 words.

Good luck!

I am making a personal blog post, does the 800 word count also apply to the blog post ?

No, the longer post should exceed 800 words but not be so big that it is too much to read. Good luck!

Am not a fan of very long pieces. Can I still tag you in a blog post if it doesn't meet the criteria? It won't be an entry though, but I think you've given me the opportunity to reflect

Sure! Looking forward to a long post!

Ahaha yeah, i just did 980 words I think 😀

I have read it, it is very good, thank you🤗

Thanks 😊


Berserk by Kentaro Miura. Berserk is a story about a character who puts on a badass, cool and tough ,,mask'' on despite suffering insane trauma and having the worst possible life. He tries to avoid getting close to other people because in the past it ended REALLY badly and he is afraid that history will repeat itself. A story about friendship, love, betrayal and revenge. Despite living the worst life main character keeps on struggling with seemingly impossible challenges. Berserk thought me many lessons. To chase my dreams. To cherish what I have because I might lose it all. To believe in myself and my chosen path. To remember that no matter what your circumstance are someone else is in even worse situation. It gave me the courage to pursue my passions: My art, let's plays and blogging here on Hive. In real life my life was no where near as bad as that of main character of Berserk. With that being said like him I also have barely any friends. The only family member I still have is my mother. For me it is really hard to interact with people and I rarely let anyone close to myself. But at the same time at times I feel lonely. I chose to do what makes me happy in life. Being an artist or a blogger definitely is not the most common or most profitable paths of life. At times I have doubts of myself and my art because I have little luck selling it. I gifted way more art pieces than I sold and I still have a mountain of unsold pieces. But despite this I keep on struggling and hoping that future will be brighter.

He died doing what he wanted, no matter what Right? I bet he was Happy.

Is it similar to the movie "the fly" ?

Sorry but I don't think that I have seen that movie.

I meant ..The butterfly effect :)

I see. I don't think that it is very similar.

Great entry, thank you🤗

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Bianca Sparacino's "The Strength in Our Scars" changed my perspective on pain and betrayal, self-reflection, growth, forgiveness, and healing.
In "The Strength In Our Scars" Bianca Sparacino wrote about the complexity of human emotions, self-growth, and the transformative power of pain experienced in life.

When I read the book, I was going through a phase of betrayal, pain, and loneliness. Reading the book was like getting a hug from a friend. It was like a friend speaking right to your ears and telling you that even though everything looked sucky at the moment, sooner or later you will be okay, and you will get through it. It taught me that healing takes time, but no matter how long it takes, The important thing is to not punish ourselves. The entire book reminded me that I am worthy of all the love and care I give to people around me.

I am in a better place emotionally, I have heard from the book, that I have learned that healing and growth come from embracing vulnerability and acknowledging the weight of my emotions. I have also learned that every tragedy or painful experience in life has valuable lessons to uncover.
We can transform our pain into a catalyst for growth, nourishing our souls and embracing the better versions of ourselves by actively seeking wisdom in every tragedy or painful experience in life.

This book has taught me to forgive myself and others for the pain caused because forgiving levels to emotional healing, which allows me to let go of grudges and resentments.
Loving myself is an instrument for boosting self-esteem and nurturing self-worth. Engaging in self-reflection and inspection is a key that helps us recognize recurring patterns and unlock potential for growth and transformation.

You guard yourself against sadness, not realizing that you have closed yourself off to all of the happiness the world is trying to give to you. Stay open; it is how the light gets in.

Thank you for your entry!

Thank you so much for hosting this contest ma’am


Great, thank you! Please share and reblog so more people will have the chance to find out about the contest and be discovered🤗

Oh wow
This is something really interesting and cool.

I have a question here, I have a book which I can write about but that isn't in English, can I still write about it or is there any language barrier when it comes to telling about the book and the author


Hello! It is ok, as long as this is the book that you want to talk about, as long as you write about it in english it's okay. Good luck and please share and repost this contest so more people will have a chance to be discovered🤗

This is a wonderful initiative.

Thank you, share and reblog so more people would join and be discovered🤗


Great! Thank you🤗


This is very beautiful. I know of the people you've mentioned above. They are interesting individuals whose post always resonate with me. I'll publish a post on this. Thank you 😊.

Looking forward to your story!

Hehe, thank you 😊.

OMG I am so lucky to have found this and re-bloging right away so others can benefit as well. Thanks Alot @creativemary

My Storyline

Book tittle: The Ultimate Life
Author: Jim Stovall

This book is practically about a young man who inherited his billionaire's grandfather's wealth and got the another great Gift as a wedding tip passed on to him by his late grandfather. The journals and DVD videos where about his grandfather's life experience and struggles including some advices on how to as well succeed in his marriage being a good husband. It was emotional and a heart lifting experience for him and as well the chauffeur who got to share this story. The information changed his perspective towards life.

At the point of stumbling into this book was a very tragedic moment for me as I was struggling with life and all emotions tied up together. I had a 1-year program and I was promised to get help with a house that I needn't worry about a roof over my head but the day of my arrival I couldn't reach out to my friend and was stranded since the money I was left with could only go for two days paying for hotel. What will happen to me if I use my last money for hotel and she still doesn't get back to me in an unfamiliar state? Long ago my family helped her when she was having issues at home and got chased away from where she once called a home by her stepfather, so I really trusted her when she said she was really going to help me stay with her for the one year I needed.

This situation was very critical for me as I was meant to commence my internship in 2 weeks time and yet the person that led me to relocating refused to pick up my calls nor respond to my messages. I'd arrived in the late night hours on a Friday and was stranded that I had to Lodge for the night. On Saturday morning knowing my payment for the hotel was going to expired by 12:00 noon I decided to step out early in the morning trying to come up with a solution when I bumped into a young lady who was actually in a hurry going for hiking. Her greeting was friendly so i asked her if I could join her and she was okay with it. This led us to practically going together and joining others along the line. From there we started talking throughout our hiking hours and got to know each other within a short period of time. With everything being communicated, she offered to help me for at least some days while I try to get help/solution. (I dropped tears after hearing her say I could stay with her)

When I got to her house I sighted this book titled "The ultimate life" I asked her if she is through with it and she replied "No, not yet" I didn't want to think too much about my situationship so I decided to pick up the book to read keeping myself busy with some storyline for a distraction. How sad? I finished the book in less than a week. So quick right? Yeah I did finished it.

What got to me so much from this book was not the fact that the young man inherited such a wealth from his billionaire grandfather, but the fact that his billionaire grandfather had to pass through hell to get to the position he was known for. (After every struggle) It made me understood that the situation I was passing through at that moment which got me so scared crying throughout that Friday night with no hope of help was some sort of experience to make me stronger and wiser. (In terms of putting my trust in people 100%, and having to take off a journey without having enough funds with me) Never again.

Another thing that got to me so much is about the writer and how he narrated the story and became a successful man. Seeing how successful he later became as he was just a chauffeur as of then encouraged me. Who would have thought he will write a book that will forever be remembered? I understood right then that the stage of life I was in was just a phase I was going to get through. I understood no matter the situation be it a difficulty or rosy, I needn't worried because everything will fall into places. I learnt the knowledge of process (Not a day job)


Problems can only be avoided by exercising good judgment. Good judgment can only be gained by experiencing life’s problems.

This is a beautiful story and has so much to learn from, the situation you found yourself was heart breaking, did she finally connected back to you or you never heard from her again at all at, how could she have done such thing to you knowing you never knew any family or person in that city, she is something else 😯😲, thank God for a help from whom you never knew at all at all.

She got back to me after 2 months and by then I'd already gotten a place. She said her phone went bad but that was not the case. Another excuse was she didn't inform her mom. The thing is she didn't owe me anything and I didn't blame her anyways. let's say I got lucky :)

Thank God for providing a substitute for your safety at that critical time, good luck.

Thanks Alot ma'am 🤍

Beautiful entry and what a life saving encounter you had with that lady hiking, thank you for your entry🤗

Oh yeah, and I am really grateful for such an opportunity. She saved my life. Thanks Alot 😊🤍

What a wonderful initiative! Your decision to give back to the Hive community through the Books and Life annual competition is truly heartwarming. The emphasis on sharing authentic, soul-stirring stories is a beautiful way to celebrate the transformative power of literature. Thank you for creating a space where genuine experiences and perspectives can shine.

I would love to check those your reviews on Youtube, and you look pretty too😀

Here is my story.

I still remember how lost I felt before I started my diploma program a while back. I was wandering through life without much sense of purpose or direction. Hard as I tried to chart my own course, I just felt confused and doubtful about which way to go.

Eventually I started talking to my therapist about this. She could see I needed something more to anchor me. One day she hands me this book - "Finding God's Purpose for Your Life" by Joyce Meyer. I'll admit I was skeptical at first when I started reading it. But Meyer's approach really clicked with me.

The idea that stuck out was that I didn't need to stress about finding my one "lightning bolt" purpose. Instead, it was about putting one foot in front of the other, trusting that God guides us to where we need to be if we walk hand-in-hand with Him. That lesson lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. It freed me up to take chances on new paths without worrying if each little choice was some ultimate destiny thing.

I can't say I have everything mapped out now. But leaning into that faith has this way of untangling all the uncertainty. Bit by bit, things feel more clear. More meaning seeps through. So I just keep on, opening myself to God lighting the way ahead. Because as Meyer put it, “If we are willing to do what God asks us to do, we will end up where He wants us to be.” And right now, that feels right where I should be.

Thank you for your entry, God always directs our path that is a certainty for me as well🤗

Trusting in God's guidance is indeed comforting. 🙏

God and love always win ❤️

very important

Yes, share and reblog!

This is so so good just like you I have also received some goodies from hive and am also thinking of what I will do for them just to say thank you for the good work you people are doing in a global scale I so much appreciate your time and kind gesture in bring this offer and rewards to all hiveans who is willing to participate in the context.

You are actually making me fall in love with reading books. I’m so glad to know that you have gained so much from reading books
Nice one!

There is a difference between being poor and being broke. Broke is temporary. Poor is eternal.

Sometime back my uncle called me and asked me how my financial world was going and i mentioned bad, I explained how things were with me and he recommended this book titled Rich Dad Poor Dad to me.


After going through the book I found out a lot of errors and one of them was proper planning and taking risk, during thay time i spent money on only food and nice places, I didn't think i was gonna go broken.

Though i was very young aside then so i wasn't really scared of anything since i have my parents to give me sometimes, but after reading the book i realized that all rich dad ever wanted was to make them business owners and not staffs why poor dad had same thought like my dad.

I also learnt that one of the reasons my family was giving me was because they wanted me to complete school and get a job that'll pay me, get married and have kids hense putting and keeping me in the rat race.

The rat race is a race where the poor gets to go to school, get a job and work for pay when they get fired they repeat the process, I didn't want that so i changed my way of thinking and started planning hard.

The world is a tough place and trust me only the wise and strong survives the weak get used, i became mentally strong after reading that book now i can proudly make financial decisions without being affected by any errors.

A great book! Thank you for your entry🤗

It's an honor to be part of such lovely contest.

This book has changed the life of many.
Education in 2023 comes from many sources and its beautiful.

There is always the one who shows and the one who sees

This particular book is a very powerful tool to fight the poverty mentality and needs to be marketed again to the common man.

One of the earliest books that greatly impacted my life was a religious book, 'Battlefield of the Mind' by the Preacher Joyce Meyer.

I had just finished high school and was about entering college. That book was my philosophy and still is to this day through the trails and tribulations entering adulthood. I've battled health issues, financial ruin, job loss, heartbreak(s) and my dad has been bed ridden with stroke for 5 years now. It can be overwhelming sometimes, but I always turn to the mindset this book shaped my head with.

My favourite quote is "Your mind can either be a Junkyard or a Treasure Chest, you alone have the power to decide what it is".

Thanks for making me reflect on this. I'd write a longer post if should I muster up the energy

Thank you for this entry, it seems Joyce Meyer is a very inspiring author, I have another entry with the same author, it makes me curious.


I made a long post about this already but I'll be highlighting what I've already said about it there, here.

I've always loved the fact that I could be absolutely myself with fiction. That I could get immerse in the world so carefully crafted by the amazing imagination of others. And also because fiction, whether we believe it or not, plays a role in our reality.


I read Cages by Peg Kehret when I was 11 years old. And the words that emanated from it still speak to me till now. It talks about the value of self-worth. It talks about the need not to despair when we don't get what we want or when someone else is chosen over us. It highlights the fact that because they are chosen doesn't make them any better than us, but it's just that this time round, they were the ones chosen and that's perfectly okay.

It talks about the need to take hold of the minute. To fully understand that every minute counts and that whatever step we take, or whatever things we plunge into in that minute, once it passes, it's gone. And we can't bring it back. It talks about the beauty in taking hold of every opportunity life presents to us.

I talked about, in my main post, about how all of these came true in my life a while back. How I had the rug pulled from under my feet when I wasn't given a role I was sure I would get and how I learned not to discredit myself because someone else was picked. I'm in a better place because I'm beginning to have a more profound understanding of Life, its ups and downs. And how we can make the best of it. By ourselves. For ourselves. Life is a process and we cannot always be perfect. But we're getting it together. Knit after knit. Step by step. Day after day.

A Quote from Peg Kehret's Cages

~This minute is passing. Take hold of it cause it's never coming back.~

Beautiful choice! I can see why this book has reached your soul and remained there as a precious memory! Thank you for your entry🤗

You're welcome. Hope you enjoy the longer post as well.🤗

I love the quote, we forgot too often to be in the moment.


Wow ..... this is big move to give so lot back , I hope soon we have here lot Book ideas up :)
I must go and read something fast :))

Hahaha yes read something extraordinary and then share!

I try :)) ... I must look what old books I have home :))

It must be a book that helped you in your life, to have that book in a special place in your soul.

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I love this contest and I decided to create a long post on the topic, here is my entry @creativemary

The Bible! That is a book which is indeed a source of wisdom. Thank you for your story and for your entry🤗

Yes is a great book of wisdom that can help anyone

This is really an awesome contest that brings everyone together to participate in sharing amazing books that touches lives and am excited as well to share mine and participate.

My Entry

Book title: No Excuses
Author: Brian Tracy

This book talks about self discipline where you have to believe in yourself in what you do without giving excuses and going through the book have really made impact in my life to never give up in what I do but to keep pushing for better days.

Two years ago I wasn't myself because of the challenges I faced and this challenges surrounds the aim of achieving financial success. I graduated from school having the hope that I will use my certificate to secure a better job which I didn't then I had to gather money to start a business which also didn't work out and this made me feel like the world was against me as nothing was working fine until I reach out to a friend who advised me then introduce the book "No excuses" to me.

This book was just like a complete version of what I was facing because the way I reason and how I see people around me tells me that I need to put an end to such taught especially when you see people who are your mate doing well in what they do regardless how big or small their achievement is.

Self discipline is what will make that positive impact showcase and this requires consistent effort without giving up. Never blame anyone for your downfall because this is where most people pick their excuses from and it doesn't help.

This book have made me also to realize that accepting responsibility is a major way of eradicating excuses and attracting success. I have learnt that when your self disciplined, you will never have the mindset to give up easily in what you do instead in keep on striving to eradicate your fears.

It motivates you to have the mindset of doing something positive everyday no matter how little or challenging it might be and the truth is when you have no excuses there is no room for regrets.


Success can be achieved through self discipline and self discipline requires patience

True pearls of wisdom! Taking ownership of a personal failure, financial, emotional or spiritual, is the first step towards maturity and self-growth. A good choice for a book! Thank you for your entry🤗

It's a pleasure sharing.

Self discipline is what will make that positive impact showcase and this requires consistent effort without giving up. Never blame anyone for your downfall because this is where most people pick their excuses from and it doesn't help.

This book have made me also to realize that accepting responsibility is a major way of eradicating excuses and attracting success. I have learnt that when your self disciplined, you will never have the mindset to give up easily in what you do instead in keep on striving to eradicate your fears.

It motivates you to have the mindset of doing something positive everyday no matter how little or challenging it might be and the truth is when you have no excuses there is no room for regrets.



The attitudes displayed at home truly influence us! I like your choice, thank you for your post🤗

Thank you, too ma


Very interesting topic, a book has a powerful way to make us realize the gift of health and awareness. AIDS is definetely a severe health issue. Thank you for your entry🤗

I enjoyed reading you and also the gratitude you express.

As for the contest, I try to participate, books have been part of my life.


Hey! Looking forward for your entry, there is still time to participate🙂


Norman Vincent Peale is indeed the father of positive thinking and he has a lot of resources in his books to help any person level up mentally. Thank you for your entry🤗

My pleasure @creativemary thank you for having me. I really love your initiative. Thank you for your comment.🌹🌹🌹

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