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I was planning to drop this as a comment on the delegation request post by @proofofbrainio, but I'll never miss an opportunity to milk some rewards and upset some folk because I'm up on trending again.

My goal for this post is to lay out the efforts I've made on the Proof Of Brain platform with some commentary here and there to point out the motivations behind them.

In addition, there will be links to previous posts, statistics, future goals, and hopefully, some fun is thrown in now and then to get some laughs.

Fair warning, here is the reading time and word count.
Words: 3,105 / Reading time: 12 min 25 sec


image courtesy - Thomas Park

I started POB like many others, scratching my head, asking, "what does Proof Of Brain require since it's a general topic tribe?". However, over time I've realised the significance of that question and how answering it for yourself is a right of passage before finding your groove.

I started by posting daily and sharing parts of my life honestly, which helped me connect with many people. As time has gone on, I've adapted to the environment and tried to remain constant with the things I find value in (that being the people I interact with or the content I share).

I'm usually nose deep in controversy as of late. I shake my head at all the sycophants who can't tell their arse from their elbow most days. It comes with the territory, I guess.

This will be put to one side as I continue to focus on those that matter.


image courtesy - Slim Emcee

The ideals behind Proof Of Brain (the mechanics/concept) have been jeopardised repeatedly because of power dynamics and the flawed nature of this social landscape. So I see the platform we're on as an experiment trying to find solutions to some of the issues present in the Proof Of Brain/Delegated Proof Of Stake mashup.

Is it easy? Fuck no. Do some people want to prevent these changes from happening for their gain? Of course. Will we ever truly achieve fair distribution within this model? Nope.

We can still have fun while we try. That's the benefit of seeing things as an experiment and not a means to an end.


Word of the Week

We're on the thirteenth week of the contest now, and it's safe to say that we've come a long way since the beginning.

Merit System

Every week @scholaris, @nonsowrites, and I grade the WOTW posts based on a range of metrics to find the best post published during the week. We added a grading system to the contest to provide a method for judging which would not favour any particular person over another, based on pure subjective opinion (or laziness, to be more accurate).

Check out the Public Merit System for a better understanding.

Proper balance is still not achieved since the team's individuals have different perspectives and tastes, but we're not too far away. We plan to refine the process by fine-tuning subjective and objective elements in grading while maintaining some flexibility so creativity flourishes.


image courtesy - Sara Kurfeß

The quality of content shared by community members is excellent for the most part. We're noticing the bar being raised each week by everyone (even the tag spammers are raking in some healthy numbers with their disqualified posts). We see the benefits of the merit system from the posts shared within the contest and the knock-on effect it has for publications outside of #pob-wotw.


It has dropped off from previous weeks, but we're not concerned as the goal is consistency. High-quality posts tend to bring high-quality engagement, which is more valuable in the long run.


data taken on the 13/07/21

We're planning to incorporate engagement rewards which will complement the merit grading system process. For example, metrics such as: unique authors commented, unique author replies, the number of comments, average daily score within the Engagement Project, WOTW votes cast, and more will determine who the top engagers are each week.


The rewards for the WOTW have evolved. First, we started with liquid POB rewards, then POB delegations, now we've got an NFT/Powered-up POB combo which seems to be working out well.

The reason for the powered-up stake is so that I don't need to monitor delegations for abuse etc. (I really can't be arsed to do that, it's more hassle than it's worth). The NFT setup is there to moderate rewards while also providing an additional goal for people who show their dedication to the platform. Once you've proved yourself to be a top rate Proof Of Brainer, the rewards soon follow.


image courtesy - Robert Anasch

We've also introduced season rewards for WOTW, which do not require the specific NFT for reward redemption. The prize pool for season rewards is 5,000 POB, with 2,500 POB of the winnings going to the 1st place position. This chance for rewards should provide some serious motivation for all participants.

High-quality posts in the #pob-wotw tag usually pick up some excellent votes, so even when you don't place in the top five or can't redeem your NFT's, you still see the appreciation your content deserves. The rewards for the contest are going to people who prove their brains consist of good stuff.

Weekly win rewards: 400 POB

Weekly Engagement rewards: 200 POB (Still undecided. I will take @amr008's Engagement Project rewards into account)

Weekly Season reward accumulation: 500 POB (5,000 POB per season, ten weeks)

WOTW Team Appreciation: 200-300 POB

All of the above are direct powered-up POB rewards, except Team Appreciation which is liquid.

Value and the Future

When we consider the bigger picture of the platform and how we will continue progressing forward with quality in mind, I believe the Word of the Week contest provides a benchmark for what we can achieve if we're consistent and steady in our efforts.


image courtesy - Héctor López

Intriguing content and genuine engagement are two of the building blocks needed for these platforms to flourish. The contest brings these both in spades, and I hope that other projects can replicate some of the successes we've had so they too can get focused attention and recognition to the people who make the platform beat.

The future is always uncertain (especially when I'm behind the wheel of anything). However, I find great personal value from the contest through learning and the understanding of others, so I don't see any reason to stop the project anytime soon.



Still relatively new but already making some much-needed changes to token distribution, POBLeus is a curation effort that aims to spread votes from the @proofofbrainio account out to many in the POB community.

We're currently in the testing phase of the project at the moment and finding our groove. The basic premise is as follows;

  • POBLeus curator's curation trail is followed by @proofofbrainio at 10% with a 24-hour delay
  • Curators drop quality posts in the discord channel #link-drop (1 hour slow-mode)
  • Stakeholders can view the channel and decide to vote or not.

Delegations will be given to curators from @proofofbrainio to reward curators for their efforts while incentivising them to maintain the quality we all want to see on the platform.

Integrity and Responsibility

These qualities are possibly the most important when evaluating curators on the Proof Of Brain platform, but they're not the only points to consider. We have a channel on the POBLeus discord called #integrity where anyone can drop a message and highlight their appreciation or concerns of the curators, with transparency and constructive discussion being encouraged.


image courtesy - Ross Sneddon

Powered-up POB rewards will be given to accounts that point out any issues with the curation efforts in the #integrity channel (the process for this is still undecided).

We also have a script in the works (developed by @amr008) that will provide a range of data to determine curation quality. These statistics will assist in the nomination, selection, and evaluation process of the curatorships. In addition, I will post weekly publications on the @pobleus account, and a ranking system will be developed to help with awarding delegations to curators.

These are the metrics we will be using;

  • Average post/comment count per week
  • Quantity of votes per day
  • Unique authors per week
  • Average stakesize voted on
  • Percentage of vote weight utilised per week
  • Amount of votes: Below 10%,10%-25%, 25%-50%, 50%-75%, 75%-100%
  • Percentage of direct Proof Of Brain tag votes (#hive-150329)
  • Powered up POB per week (% of total earned)
  • Sold/Transferred POB per week (% of total earned)
  • Frequented authors (% of vote weight) per week
  • Powerdown activity
  • Current stakesize and vote weight
  • Projected POB distributed per week

Options to integrate with Engagement Project:

  • Amount of times upvoted grey or blacklisted accounts
  • Amount of times upvoted the top 10 engagement project accounts per week
  • Amount of comments made to top 10 engagement project accounts


I've already pointed out the rewards for the curators (delegations from @proofofbrainio) and touched onto the rewards for people who are providing feedback for the curators. I'm still unsure how to reward feedback sustainably, but we'll test it out and come up with the answers.

I think that another weekly report could be published from the @pobleus account and the best feedback from the week can be rewarded with powered-up POB.

Value and the Future

The added value from POBLeus is still unclear during the testing phase. I assume that the curation trails provide the needed support for token distribution, which boosts motivation and morale, although the long-term effects are still hazy. We have to follow the Proof Of Brain ideals as closely as possible; otherwise, we've lost all integrity in the platforms name. I'm still unsure how badly automated curation trails damage this.


image courtesy - Arisa Chattasa

The plan for the short-term is to iron out the nomination, selection, and evaluation process for the curators of the project.

The long-term goal will focus on developing a curation effort that follows the PoB mechanics to the letter. This will require;

  • 100% manual curation
  • Full responsibility for votes
  • Zero proxy voting through automation
  • Rewards earned through integrity and responsibility (not compromise and laziness)
  • High-level of decentralisation achieved for the curatorship moderation and selection process.

High hopes. Slow and steady are the words that spring to mind.


Personal Accountability

I'll throw out some stuff here highlighting some of the contributions I've made so far to the community. I've mentioned before that I'm not concerned about having a large stake, just enough to maintain some consistency for the support I provide through powerups.


image courtesy - Annie Spratt

There is much greater value for the platform overall (and per single POB, if that gets your knob hard) if more accounts have larger stakes. This links back to the DPoS flaws and how damaging it is to have fewer people in significant stake positions. It ultimately limits the range of opinions expressed (fewer people to reward sufficiently = more people gravitating towards individual stakeholders and their limited points of view).

POBLeus helps with this, but it's not a sustainable long-term solution at the moment. I will continue giving out large sums of POB as a powered-up stake to people who care about the community, but I'm only one man.

Speaking up

I don't give a fuck. I'll voice my opinion if I think it will help anything. Does it come across as egotistical and unnecessary at times? Sure. I'm only human.

Still, I'm not going to sit around with my finger up my arse watching some people take blatant liberties. Someone quite literally told you to "choose sides"; otherwise, you'd lose their support recently (i.e. big rewards, let's not beat around the bush). It's been funny and quite disappointing to watch many people display a complete lack of integrity through their ignorance and actions after this. Never mind, I hope the tokens are worth it.


image courtesy - Aziz Acharki

I'll continue to share what's on my mind about accounts if the feeling presents itself (all stakeholders included, myself too), although the desire to do this for the benefit of the individual has gone. Anything that severely affects the platform is a different story (my subjective opinion on this will be present, like it or lump it).

POB Contributions

Let's rattle off a few of these in quick succession (data provided by @amr008).

Liquid POB transferred to other accounts: 34 unique users / 5975 POB / 87.86 POB on average per transfer

POB staked to other accounts: 8 unique users / 825 POB / 91.66 POB average staked per user

POB delegation history to other accounts (currently revoked): 25 unique users / 8925 POB / 287 POB average delegated at once

POB contributed to @pob-fund through beneficiaries: 760.9012 POB comment benefactor rewards

Noteworthy posts and the reasons behind them;

Burning the Evidence: The paradoxical nature of burning tokens to increase the price/value.

Ongoing POB Discussion Threads: Communication and discussion are critical to success. (@scholaris is taking over this responsibility, what a guy).

Open or closed minded?: Compromises to PoB through the motivation of fear in a DPoS system (Survival versus Integrity)

Just a load of fucking jiffies: Archaic tyrannical positions squashing freedom of expression.

75/25 would it work?: The issue with the 50/50 split and the runaway nature of larger stakeholder positions.

Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me: Inconsistencies, the mercy of users to large stakeholders, the test of ego.

We're all POB Curators: Importance of each individual within the PoB structure, the insignificance of "Whale"dom.

The Cautious Jester: Mob mentality and the concerns linked to blockchain transparency.

Cojones Active: Say what the fuck is up without fear.

Adapt or Suffer: Integrity and knowing how to react when you're off the mark.

Are you Whale watching?: Detective work provides solid, truthful analysis and the importance of following more prominent stakeholders.

Coming up for Air: The downsides of following false narratives and not doing your homework.

Who's Rewarding Who?: 50/50 split and the self-voting similarities.

Solutions Not Problems: Issues with DPoS, automation, distribution and the introduction of POBLeus.

Voting and shit

Manual curation is important (I'm casually eating lasagna while I write this next bit, so don't take it too seriously because I'm not).

But let's be completely honest, voting is a scaling responsibility depending on your stake, the stake you manage via curation trails, etc. Not everyone has to take the task as seriously as others (this wouldn't even be a concern if PoB/DPoS was the all-singing, all-dancing orgasm that everyone cracks it up to be). Even so, we can't neglect the fact that we're receiving 50% of the rewards ourselves (or added influence when managing a trail).

Reading posts and voting should be fun.

If you are receiving any more than 1 POB per post for curation rewards, then I don't see any reason for going on about the time it takes to read and vote. You're getting paid to read. Suppose you're doing it all manually with some concern for the meaning behind PoB, then congratulations. In that case, you're doing it in line with the platforms ideals (what the platform was designed for initially). Does that make you unique?


image courtesy - Judith Prins

Curation trails differ since you aren't receiving the rewards. Still, the likelihood is that you're receiving some form of benefit because you're handling the trail responsibility, i.e. the downsides rarely outweigh the upsides.

So yeah, voting is important and makes the platform tick, but it's not a contribution that needs any special treatment, in my opinion (unless you are metaphorically taking a piss over the whole community and laughing at the PoB concept in the process).


POB's future?

It's not a means to an end. This isn't going to be the last PoB blogchain we see. So if you have your head in the sand about DPoS and power dynamics, give yourself a shake because there are many more valuable things being sacrificed when you bow your head for the prospect of some digital coins.

I feel like the majority of downvoting is toxic in execution and it needs a severe overhaul before any serious development can be done for the platform. What's the point in doing any groundbreaking work if people can sway points of view based on the size of their wallets?

The discussion also has to happen for upvoting behaviours and what is deemed abusive or detrimental to the platform's longevity. Too much uncertainty floating around there and pure anarchy within PoB/DPoS is not sustainable if we want to encourage freedom to speak, at least from where I'm sitting.


image courtesy - Cindy Tang

Post something that a big dog doesn't like? Say goodbye to your rewards (and your flakey followers with no integrity who are having their rewards removed too, that would suit some people fine but it's hardly encouraging).

I'm sticking around for the experiment, the learning opportunities, and the connections made. The upside to POB is that we've seen how this particular model plays out, and we can see what needs work.

You can either be part of the problem or part of the solution; we've all got to figure that out on our own.


Ah well, that's all.

Some of the things I've done did and will continue to do.
Somewhat ranty, exceedingly long, but as authentic as I could muster.

I forgot one thing, how much POB do I look to exchange? Between 100-200 POB on a Saturday (on and off, not every weekend).

Don't forget to write your post for this week's POB Word of the Week!

Ongoing POB Discussion Thread #001

Ongoing POB Discussion Thread #002

@scholaris is taking over this responsibility, woohoo!

POBleus: Cooperative Curation

Testing phase is underway.

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You fucking deserve it! If there's anyone who deserves this delegation more than me, is you! Hahah! :)

There is no doubt about the dedication you have had here in the tribe and that should be clear enough for everyone who is engaged and active. I'm not afraid to imagine that in a dystopian reality, if @proofofbrainio doesn't have the guts to take care of it anymore, he would certainly choose you to delegate all the power and take care of these crazy people.
Success, my friend. We are together!

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If there's anyone who deserves this delegation more than me, is you!

Well I hope to push forward delegations for a whole bunch of others who are putting in the effort too, it's just difficult to put myself on the line and be accountable for others with the belief system I operate on, lol (that's why I just give out powered-up POB now funnily enough!).

I appreciate the kind words fella. Little by little is the mantra, solid consistent steps in the right direction.

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but I'll never miss an opportunity to milk some rewards and upset some folk

This wouldn't really be termed as milking, this post must have taken hours to compile and Sincerly it deserves every reward it's getting. Plus, I see no reason why you wouldn't be getting the delegation because sincerly I became active on POB due to the WOTW and plus you need incentives to keep it running, it's literarily the biggest thing on POB and back in the days the engagement was humongous. I definitely think and feel that it's a no brainer, but here I'm I, giving my support because I think you'll get it.

Posted via

This wouldn't really be termed as milking

True, lol. I guess I see it as milking because I could have quite easily posted a run of the mill comment on that post and had a similar effect.

back in the days the engagement was humongous

Damn right. I remember the days when I'd look at the WOTW tag and see 10+ comments on every post. That will happen again, I am certain of it.

Posted via

True, lol. I guess I see it as milking because I could have quite easily posted a run of the mill comment on that post and had a similar effect.

But I guess no one will disagree with the reward because it suits the bill and it took a lot of effort to actually write it. So I guess that's a pass hahah.

Damn right. I remember the days when I'd look at the WOTW tag and see 10+ comments on every post. That will happen again, I am certain of it.

The drama that took place some weeks back might have contributed to that too, but gradually it's becoming even better if you've taken notice lately.

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I could never read enough of what is happening with POBleus and pob-wotw.

What keeps ringing in my ears after reading this is

Reading posts and voting should be fun.

We need creators and curators. We are both. There is enough interesting content on POB to curate without being dull. Although I would like to see more entertaining content. Sometimes I am confused if this is leofinance or POB. I see POB as my pub where I can have a drink with my friends. I don't need another newspaper or another facebook. I need POB. I love some of the stuff I read here. It is original, sincere and heart moving content. There is also crap here and there and over there but I don't want to see crap tending, well at least I don't want to smell crap trending. If I run out of stuff to curate then I make silly comments or write my own post. If I'm not having fun, then I leave for a while but I end up coming back to POB.


There is a paradox in the very existence of POB. This is a community built around blockchain rewards which can be sold or exchanged. This is a platform of free speech which cannot be bought with money. Yet those who have the most responsibility to distribute the rewards and highlight the voices to be heard are those who have invested the most time or money into obtaining the POB tokens and staking the tokens.

A delegation of power is beneficial when that power is used in an organic community effort to promote unbiased curation of authors and initiatives on the POB platform. POBleus is a very special curation initiative that can work to build POB into a platform of free speech and fair rewards to authors.

It's clear to me that anyone who eats lasagna and writes a post like this deserve a delegation. Lasagna alone is a good enough reason for me to give him a delegation. But I don't have the kind of POB power that he needs. So it's up to you.

As you @proofofbrainio can see, @calumam has already organized great initiatives on POB and should be given the delegation to support the community in free speech and fair distribution of rewards.

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Yes man, I like the way you act, rant or no rant, speak up what you think, this is the way. Not sure you really want a delegation but you are an original here, and we need originals on PoB as well as on Hive.

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Cheers fella, real talk. I wasn't really too bothered about the delegation, just that I needed some support for the WOTW and POBLeus rewards otherwise they'd have to drop in value more and more over time.

There is no doubt in my mind that you are one of the people who are really upholding the community and actively pushing the community forwards!!!
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post and finding out what you were doing before I came onto POB.
I didn't know you got personal on here. Will have to read those posts! :)
You are totes worthy of a hefty delegation dear!!

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I didn't know you got personal on here

Every now and then! Can't just be a boring sod who talks about the platform all the time, lol.

Cheers Ashley, I appreciate the encouraging words. I'm actually considering withdrawing the request, I've had a better idea!

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Great post. I like where POB is going and am glad I've been building my own stake since the beginning. Wish I had been working harder to post quality stuff here as the rewards are eye popping. Keep up the good work. By the way, what day do new Word of the Week come out? I always chew on them so long I'm worried I'm past the deadline (like I probably am today with this post -

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Wish I had been working harder to post quality stuff here as the rewards are eye popping.

There is no sign of that stopping, so don't worry! The deadline is at 00:00 UTC on Saturdays (give or take, I usually grade posts on Sunday morning my time, so there is some leeway).

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Give this man a delegation

Will be happy if I get delegation too

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You do a lot of good work here. I would see a delegation to you as a service to the tribe.

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It's to secure rewards for the projects more than anything else, so I have to agree, lol. I'm actually considering pulling the request though, as I've had a different idea which may work out even better (plus, it'll be less work for me! work smart, not hard).

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Yes... totally.

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Look at it I just posted, I don't want your vote I just want your opinion -are-sinking-the-price-of-pob

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Delegation or not, you have a lot of support here. The kind of initiatives you are taking coupled with the quality content is highly commendable.

And I want to ask, how do you manage to write such huge posts without compromising on the quality? I really need to learn this skill.

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how do you manage to write such huge posts without compromising on the quality?

Time and plenty of proof-reading, lol! The formatting just comes with practise and by remaining consistent with your style of choice. The content matter is debatable (as always). I usually just start writing when the idea comes to me and then stop when I start to bore myself, that's when I'll drop it and revisit at another time.

Thanks for the words of encouragement!

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I do a lot of documentation as my profession in office so may be some more here sometimes bores me.

Posted via

I can see the correlation. Hopefully we can build up the community in the right way so that we have more quality posts to keep us entertained in the long run.

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I love how you smartly say everything along with saying everything else. ;)

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Not sure about smart, definitely scattered and convoluted! I have a tendency to say a bunch of shit without really making any particular point. Food for thought, lol.

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Full of information from all aspect of the community especially the pob-wotw.

Talking of the pob-wotw engagement rewords, I feel it’s a good idea. I don’t often engage on other people’s contents due to my daily activities, but some times it just seems difficult to do so even when I am less busy.

I think those guys pulling up a good engagement on other’s contents should be well reworded.

Posted via

I've always seen huge value in engagement within the WOTW but much like the grading of quality, it's not a simple task to highlight the accounts who are bringing their "A game".

A reward system for engagement will definitely happen, I'm just not sure of the timeline.

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One needs a quiet moment to read and digest all this....

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That was the intention of the coffee image!

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I took my time to go through your wite up to a large extent. I guess what is happening now via this platform is on a progressive model. The contest and the reward attached is cool. I believe that in the nearest future, we will be excessive pronounced

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I'm not following, but I can't really comment on that because that's usually the effect most of my posts have on others lol.

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Nice one, Aside the winner, it's good people that took out of their time to engage be rewarded, so that people would benefit from dropping a post or engaging through comments.

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Continually writing quality content will someday give us all the recognition and desired reward. Let's just keep giving our best

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And that's how you do it!!!

It's undeniable that you deserve to milk this delegation!!! Since I joined POB I haven't seen anyone that gives back to it then you, or that spend so much time thinking about new ways to help.

I was really without faith on it, but after reading your post new things started to rumble in my mind. Maybe it's time to give POB a new chance.

After all, what's the point of all this if not for the fun we can have right?

Keep on keeping on, you shiny bastard!

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Your content has been voted as a part of Encouragement program. Keep up the good work!

Use Ecency daily to boost your growth on platform!

Support Ecency
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Delegate HP and earn more

Amazing proposal and considering that it will have large scale impact on POB growth. Its. Worth it.. Nicely done dear @calumam, you deserve it, POB community deserve it 👍 @proofofbrainio please approve this delegation request 🙏

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large scale impact on POB growth

That's the goal, my hopes are that the systems can be replicated for more projects on the platform. I'm more than happy to assist others with their own efforts if it's going to bring added value to the community.


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Look at it I just posted, I don't want your vote I just want your opinion -are-sinking-the-price-of-pob

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I've had a little look over it, I wish you would have asked me weeks ago, I've known that gimme and take were alfa for a long time. I'm not really interested in the price in all honesty, it was bound to sink when he stopped the strong buy pressure.