I have decided to include every entry in this contest in an album flip-pamphlet with the winner being displayed on the cover. This will be a great form of cross-promotion for Hive and all the artists, as each included work will have a link to their Hive accounts included with the art. So make sure your entries are stellar! Everyone will get the prize of free publicity for an indefinite amount of time. This also directly ties into our #selfownedsouls movement.
I will be publishing a post with all the details in the next day or two. There is also an additional 500 HSBI sponsorship for prizes in this contest as well as the 500 Hive prize to the top slot.

That is awesome!

This is awesome, although I'm still limited to hand-drawn art, if time permits, I'd see if anything could be presented.

This is my first time coming across this community, maybe I'd have to explore more and more.

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Hand crafted pieces are MOST welcome! I would love to see what you create. And yes, if you are a talented visual artist on Hive, #onchainart is your home. Looking forward to your possible entry. Thank you for the support.

I just stumbled into your update post, then got here, and now I'm really considering entering one more of your contests 😁 The style you're looking for is not something I usually do but I will surely give it a try. Good we all have some more time to enter the contest 🎉

I would love that! It would be more than fitting to have art from you two wonderful souls be a part of this collaboration and contest. Please do, I think you will imagine and manifest something wonderful. Just use your intuition, I have been walking through hellfire the past 2.5 years or so and still am (during the entire process of writing/producing this album). Thank you for your consideration, and I greatly hope you participate. Blessings.

Looking forward to seeing your entry!

Be sure to use the tags 'proofofbrain', 'spt', and 'battle' to earn some extra tokens for the post :-)

What he said.

This sounds like an awesome contest! but I'm confused, what is HSBI and DEC?

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Here's my participation in the contest, I almost can't do it, I hope it's not too late😕.

What an amazing entry! (and the other versions in your post as well) - You entered on the final day of entry so your in! Exceptional work fam! There are a lot of aspects I like about this, but the inclusion of using parts of my ELAmental symbol as the apparent sun and moon backdrop is quite a personal touch. Thank you.

Cool contest, pinned for more visibility.

Thank you SO much for the support! Looking forward to seeing some amazing concepts birth on this thread. I am probably going to comment or dm some of the artists I curated in this community what seems like forever ago now. I remember asking a bunch of oca artists if they wanted me to contact them if I was doing another contest (and I have done many design/logo contests prior to onchainart's inception) and they all said yes. There is some serious talent in #onchainart, and is imo one of the coolest dimensions of the Hive-verse.

Awesome thanks! Hope to see some cool entries :)

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Thank you for the promo-assist.

cool I could crosspost your post into the alienart community ;)
hive is so amazing ahahah.

Yes please do. Anything that can help extend the reach and visibility of this contest is greatly appreciated. This one is very personal and important to me. Looking forward to some epic entries.

Very nice. Looking forwards for entries and what people whip up. I must try. Let's see ☺️

Ditto, your entry is welcome here my friend.

Awesome contest:) would love to participate<3

Great! I would love to have your talent involved.

Here is an update post with more prizes and a comic book style collaboration notice. Click here for the contest update post - extended deadline

I think that this is great contest, I too am a fan of dungeon and dragon and stuff. I do not know if this fall inside the guidelines, but I was inspired by your post :
Like I said inspired by you 🙂, great theme. Hope you like it

Very cool, I like the concept of balancing the light and the dark and possibly water and fire here.

"Light and the dark, let's make it spark together-apart, smart intelligence embellishin', propellin' as we embark... on this Hip Hop Noah's Arc"

  • Lyrics from my upcoming album...

Great work fam.

These are some great lyrics, truly cool. There's no music, yet they already have a beat to them, nice. What are the odds that they could match. I am wishing a great success with the album, I am sure that it will be awesome. Thanks for rhe comment!

I think it is interesting that the artists are intuitively picking up concepts from this album without me actually detailing them in the contest description... I keep seeing scales with elemental forces involved, and there is a constant reoccurring theme throughout the album of "bringing balance in". Really hits home - great work fam. I especially like how you did the scales and successfully visualized eminating light so well, as well as making the hair look like smoke or fog. Great concept.

Glad you like it. !BEER

check out the announcement I just made about the contest in this thread. I think you will like it.

Hey @elamental, here is a little bit of BEER from @sidekickmatt for you. Enjoy it!

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Right on! This will fit nicely into the story, as this looks like someone I know who has been helping me heal. Nice piece.

Thank you and Glad you like it. I was a little anxious to give it in the entry.

It just so happen to work, intuition for the win again. Hoping to see submissions from more artists so I can put this album-book together. You are the third so far.

Nice! Can't have the light without the dark! Idk if you have been following the "WHAT IF?" series, but I watched the new one last night and this depiction is extremely reminiscent of that episode which is entitled: What if Dr. Strange lost his heart instead of his hands?" The kraken looking tentacles from a mythical beast, the many eyes in the face of the summoned dark creature, the split soul between two entities... all relevant to that episode. As fate would have it...


Skip to 2:00-2:40 and 4:20-4:40 to see relevance

Great work my friend. Stoked to have this inclusion in my album-book! This will be a great depiction for my song "Deception Detector". Expect every entry to have a featured publication by me, outlining the words that will be next to each visual work in the book. I should have the first one published soon.

Thank you, I hope you like it. And Good luck on your album. I'm just happy that my art could be part of your project. I have yet to see the what if series, so I want to avoid spoilers for now. Hoping to see it soon though.

Here is my entry!

mermaid of the wild sea.png

Thanks for the awakening <3

Nice lightning mermaid! This will go well with @sunayanasai's entry... after looking at your post about it, I am curious what the hand drawn version would have turned into if completed with hand coloring of some sort. Either way, good work!

thank you! i still have the sketch so.... it would be different i guess but with the same vibe :)

I have a wind and water version too. If you are interested. Please check the below posts @elamental 😊

I have not updated the wind version here but it's in my Instagram account.

If you like this style, I will update the wind version. Thank you and have a nice day.

Wow you did a fantastic job with "the sky is pink" - and your piece of empowerment you wrote with that post is equally powerful. You mind if I quote you next to your art in the album book?


Thank you so much. Sure you can 😊

My Submission "Dashaavtar" . Fractal Art created by JWild Fire 650 version software.
output - 2021-09-13T142023.692.jpg

My Submission "Hive Monster". created by JWild Fire Fractal 650 software.
output - 2021-09-13T143614.534.jpg

Hive Monster! - Nice. I like this one. Can you give me a little bit higher resolution? Or is that as high as you can get it?

Thanks for liking my artwork. I can give you HD format of my artwork.

Please do. Thank you.

I already submitted higher resolution Images . Is it ok now .

Ok thank you buddy.

My Submission "Hive Monster"

My Submission Graphics Art Creation.
output - 2021-09-13T145104.638.jpg

Hi! Thank you for reaching out! Here's my entry:

element copy2.png

Great work! Hair of Fire.

Good work! I really appreciate you providing multiple submissions. Nice concept!

Thanks! If time permits maybe I'll come up with something else.

Definitely, so far I still do not have enough artists/entries to proceed so totally go for it if you are inspired to!

Hello! Here's my entry for the contest:
This image has a watermark and you can't have a decent resolution downloading it from the page, so if you need a good image just e-mail me: [email protected].
Thanks for the opportunity! Cheers!


Nice! Really cool super hero vibes on this one - hella reminds me of Spawn. I read a lot of Todd McFarlane comics growing up, I always loved his Lizardman. Thank you so much for your inclusion! Power of Truthvibes for sure! I will email you for the publication copy shortly.

Thank you! Good analysis! I didn't realize that until you describe it. I suspected the super hero style but now that I think, the red capes and maybe that glowing eyes could be the influence of Spawn, which I read it a long time ago 😃! Thanks again for the opportunity and the best of success for your album and projects!

Hello Elamental, I've read you allow multiple entries so I'm gonna post this here. It might work for your album or it might not, It's one of my new paintings. And if you are still looking for an artist to make you the No Consent artwork, I have free time. Send me a message.
Spirit Forest@0.5x.png

Sure I would love to use this, trust me the more art I have the better. I am going to load these pages up and print art and text from various perspectives - there will be nothing standard about this one!

I always loved the Spirit of the Forest art from Splinterlands, just make sure that if you win in their contest and they use this image for a card, that they are also in agreeance with it being in my album book I will be printing with all these entries.

So seeing this reminded me of something... I am going to make a post about these eventually, but have you ever seen any physical Splinterlands cards (formerly Steem Monsters)? I just dug these holographics up and I have always loved them:


As far as the No Consent track art I need commissioned, please leave you preferred messenger contact info here and we can chat about it. Bless up and all around.

I think it is fine to use it. Splinterland's have not contacted me, and this entry sadly did not win, I think they preferred a much vibrant / cartoon line art style after seeing all the winners piece that won this week. So I thought this piece could work on your album after reading you allow multiple entries. Those cards are so sick btw, I did not know there are real live versions of them. My email is @ [email protected].

I appreciate all the effort and talent, from you and everyone. I just shot you an email with some info. Feel free to delete your email address from the above comment after you see it.

Hello Sir @elamental here is my entry. I will also include my rough sketch with a magic circle, I kinda change that coz i just made this last night and due to duties in the morning I rush it to finish and decide not to put that pentagram, also changes the face a bit. If you like I will make revisions but I will be afk for a couple of days so I hope I still can finish it. Thank you for your time and attention.
Wood Elemental_final.png

Wood Elemental.png

Wood Elemental_semi.png

Nice entry! There are elements I like about both versions (the final and the sketch-ish one). Maybe there is a way to combine some of the subtleties from each. We can talk more about it. Either way thank you for another stellar entry! This is an excellent inclusion to the project.

Hello sir, here is my final entry. Thank for your time and attention.

Wood Elemental_final_6.png

Really cool couple of entries here! I especially like this 2nd one:


Here is my entry, with this piece I hope not only to represent you but also to represent myself as an artist.
Good luck to everyone!

Kobold Elements.png

Nice entry! This definitely has the vibe of Avatar and elemental forces. Very etheric, very nice! Majikal wisdom of his book is also apparent. Looks like he is summoning some spells! I know about that.

well I really hope he identifies very well, he is a character of his own, but personally I hope he can find a purpose in this album / contest.

He will fit in nicely, don't worry about that.

Nice inclusion! Its like a combination of Dr. Sues and trippy hippy land! Great work on capturing the plant medicines at work with spirit. I like the little spaceship too.

Thanks man, happy you liked it!

Last chance for entries are tomorrow, I hope to see a few last minute ones. I will announce the winner(s) and distribute prizes sometime over the weekend! Its been an exciting ride, thank you to everyone in this thread from the bottom of my heart. So much talent! TTYS and good luck!