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I am not gonna lie to you, I have been better. I have been feeling more reasonable than before and gradually I was able to think straight. Everything that had happened was so sudden and I didn't even get time to process and evaluate it. I have been going through some mental traumas, still, I do. I can't sleep at night, I scream because of nightmares, I wake up suddenly and can't recognize myself. I hear sounds while sleeping and I won't say I am having a good sound sleep. But the good thing is I am trying to relax and give myself time to reflect. So much happened in these 50 days that I feel I am 20 years older than my age.

My dreams or nightmares are kinda traumatic, horrible. Most of the time, I find myself in a dark place and hear a lot of noise like boom and I wake up. I sometimes can't believe that the war is happening. All of a sudden everything changed and the displacement is somehow hard to accept. Sometimes I think I am living in a world war 2 situation, sometimes I think probably I am in the future. As I have said it's hard to believe what's happening and what had happened. My friends think that I will have a good life in the future but the thing is it's not about where I am or where I am staying, it's about losing a part of me within the war. The whole situation is so hard to accept and it takes a lot of time to process.



The last time I wrote about that I have got help for my dog, I have got food for her. This week, I have been busy taking care of my dog and also was busy getting an appointment from the veterinary for my dog. The Netherlands has some rules for pets and as I came from Ukraine so I had to go through that process. I finally got a Veterinary clinic nearby my place and I had got an appointment for Gigi too. I have written before that, in the Netherlands, I don't have difficulties when it comes to communication because I know how hard it is to deal with a new language. So, things are pretty easier for me here because of the language.



So, finally, the day had arrived and we (me and Gigi) started our walk. I am not so familiar with Almere city but it is very close to Amsterdam. It is only 40 minutes distance by car, the train takes less time than the cars. The city itself is very beautiful and clean. Spring already arrived here but we barely can see sunny days. But, we were lucky, it was a sunny day...



Google map showed me that the clinic was located only 15 minutes distance. Initially, the walk was good but sometimes I couldn't figure out where to go or which way should I take. Google indicator, the map was with me saying the route but I somehow reached a junction point of streets which was impossible to cross. There was no pedestrian way so it took me 5 more minutes to figure out the exact route. The map was not wrong, somehow the streets were a little bit tricky.

Obviously, I am new to this city so I easily freak out. It's normal but glad we were not lost. The names of the streets helped me a lot, it's easy to relate to the streets here.



On our way, we saw some beautiful buildings and boats too. I felt like the canals are all over the city and wherever we go, we see water and boats. Gigi is not into water, she is not interested in water or swimming, in fact, she ignores water always. She was more interested in birds and was busy sniffing around. I would say she had a good "sniff day" because of the new place, and there were a lot of kinds of stuff to sniff for her... LOL

It took 30 minutes instead of 15 minutes to reach the clinic. After entering the clinic, everybody welcomes us and Gigi got so much attention from people. of course, she is a labrador and she always wants attention so in the clinic she got it. I had to fill up a form for Gigi. I had her international passport with me so things became easier for her registration and vaccination. Soon she got used to the place and had got her microchip and vaccination.

After observing her weight, the doctor told me she has become skinnier, and thin and she needs more food than usual to recover her health. I told you before that I was not able to give her the exact diet and the amount of food, so she lost weight. The doctor also told me, it's not a problem because she is a labrador.

The doctor also said that Gigi is a happy dog and she lost her weight because of the situation stress. She has gone through a lot but she always makes people happy with her friendly attitude.



I felt so relieved after leaving the clinic because a big work has finally been done. Now, I can take Gigi wherever I want and she doesn't need to stay isolated from people and other dogs. So, we started walking again and finally found a shortcut to reach the shelter. This time Gigi was more relaxed because we had found a calm, quiet walking route.




In the end, the day went well, and finally, one of our major works has done. I wish I could explain how much relieved I was feeling at that moment. I was so worried about Gigi's process, but it went well.

I never thought in life that I will write my Wednesday walk series from the Netherlands and I will write about the Netherlands, sometimes it seems like a dream. But it is not a dream, it's true in my life. I never wanted to explore Europe like this as a refugee. Life is unpredictable and any moment in life can be unpredictable. But we always try to find the best for ourselves within this moment.

Many people were displaced because of this war so am I. Now, what do I have to lose? I have nothing to lose now...


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I am @priyanarc.... An architect, a dreamer, and a passionate writer who loves to write about life. I try to present my own perspective and experiences. Please leave your feedback and criticism because it's the only way I can know and reach your mind and thought easily...

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We cannot always foresee what life is going to deliver, so glad you have found a safe place.

Now Gigi is starting to settle after having received the necessary requirements for the region.

Keep smiling and happy Easter!

@tipu curate 2

Happy Easter my dear, ya I am just trying to relax and settle down a bit so that I can focus on further processes. Still, a lot of work needs to be done but I am happy that one major job has been done...

Thank you so much...

Stress leaves one floundering, take one day at a time to get something completed, take care of both yourself and lovely Gigi she does look thin now, hopefully soon you will both be enjoying this new life thrust upon you.


Yes, the doctor is also very positive about Gigi's health and she is gaining weight soon. I am not very worried about her but I am still tense about my own registration. Everything is so confusing right now and I know full Europe is dealing with a refugee crisis...Thanks a lot for the positive words...

Gigi feels your stress, try eat well and take long walks every day to alleviate as much as possible. Remember you have a faithful companion for company, registration may take time, try stay positive, even when you are down.

I started taking her for a long walk even though I take her twice a day, she loves to walk outside after all she is an outdoor dog. Today a dog owner invited me to walk with her along with my dog, I think it would be a great idea for Gigi as well. She has to involve with society now.

I will try my best to stay positive... Thank you

Firt, I am glad you and Gigi are fine.
She is skin and bones now, but she will recover soon.
Yes, you have nothing to lose!
Discover where you can work for sustenance.
And I am always praying for you, my friend @priyanarc
I never will want to take for granted what you have been through.

Ya, my own sustainability is the priority right now, things were pretty hectic and harder days are coming I know. I am not taking too much pressure thinking about the future because I don't have any solution yet. Somethings I should allow solving in time...

Thank you my friend for all the support and love, it means a lot to me...

First I am glad to hear you both are okay there good news for Gigi at the vets

No wonder she has suffered from stress as have you but good she should build up and recovery her weight soon

Stay safe

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :), I truly enjoy exploring the world virtually each Wednesday seeing walks from all around the globe and feeling I am there and experiencing it all myself, such as I did in your post just now :)

I am also happy that no matter what, I was able to keep Gigi safe and tried to comfort her as much as possible. Things were not normal for both of us but we survived. The area where I used to live in Ukraine has almost been destroyed but the building is still there. For now, I am just seeking and hoping for mental peace...

Thank you so much...

Yes keeping Gigi safe is great and probably is something good that keeps you going at such a hard time

Yes, she is a great companion and the best part is she never stays unhappy or grumpy...

I hope you see now why Jagoda kept on feeding Gigi

Of course and I remember once she said to me that Gigi is a big dog, she needs a lot of food. Somehow I lost track and didn't realize that Gigi was not getting enough food from me...

It's because she's so well behaved dog ;)

She is a little bit spoiled too ;)

It's good to read that you're a little better. The war has changed the lives of many people, I read that it has caused a refugee situation in these 50 days, to the point that some 4.7 million people have left Ukraine and it is estimated that within This country has seen the forced displacement of 10 million people, that has disrupted the lives of all these people and affects the entire country, in fact, it negatively affects the entire region.
It's nice that they are in spring and could go for a walk on a sunny day :)
Getting lost walking in a new city is something that happens, in fact it has happened to me too. It's nice that people on the street helped you with directions to the vet clinic.
I liked reading that Gigi enjoyed the walk sniffing everything and that she received a good dose of attention :)
I wish that Gigi and you overcome a little stress and recover more every day.

The crisis already started and day by day it will get worst. What is the solution? I don't know. All I can see is the suffering of people...

A few weeks ago, I was discussing the situation with a friend and I managed to summarize my idea in the phrase "Wars are declared by people who do not suffer from them, and are the cause of suffering for those who did not declare them"
Words more or words less, but the idea is simple. If those who call for war were forced to suffer it, they would be less likely to initiate it.
I am not able to see a short-term solution either, I really do not feel competent to analyze all this mess, but I can understand that the consequences are serious, even if the war ended this very weekend, for whatever reason it was this good situation, even so, the damage to the economy is already done, the destruction of the cities will take time to be repaired, even with the reconstruction funds this will not be easy, in addition, the scars in the mind of the people who have had to live through this nightmare is not something that can be minimized.
I really have no idea how all this is going to progress, but I understand that it is not something that can see the end of it in a few days.

Exactly, I am not very positive either seeing the current situation and the result. In fact, I was hoping for a ceasefire a few days ago but I don't think it will happen. Whatever the propaganda is, this is only causing people to suffer. The death list is increasing, every day news is coming and I see the result of this big catastrophe. The unbearable torture, massacre, and massive destruction are not going to stop sooner... :( :(

It's certainly terrible, but from my limited source of information, I see it in a similar way to yours. Hopefully it's not as bad as the scenario I envision.

It might be, the news I have got today doesn't look good. There is a chance that the situation will get much worse than we could even imagine. My landlord called me and he informed me of some bad news...

I saw on the news and I think I heard that the city where you lived had suffered a new wave of bombings, that sounded terrible.

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I'm glad things have gotten somewhat better for you and Gigi.

Ya far away from Ukraine and will stay here until the war ends...

I'm glad you are feeling a bit better and making progress with things. It must be very difficult but at least you have help and a safe place to stay. Try to relax, recover and take it step by step.

I really don't want to take pressure but sometimes I can't control my emotions. I often deal with anxiety but I have been better as I have mentioned. Someone told me that time will heal everything, I hope it will...

This war is a lesson for me, I have grown so much and I know what is life... I really appreciate your comfort words and you have been a great help to me... Thanks for all of your support...

You're welcome. I think time not only heals everything but it also makes you stronger. You're going to become stronger every day and take obstacles more easily. I know it's hard to believe it now but you will see the results in a few months. Things are going to fall into place soon.

I had a sleeping problem after my mom passed. She had cancer and I've been besides her day and night till the end, waking up at night several times as she needed help. After she passed, I was waking up to every little noise and my heart was beating so fast i could hardly breathe. But I was able to get rid of it after some time, basically it was a natural process as I haven't consulted any specialist.

Those memories printed in your brain are still strong but soon your brain will realize you are safe and calmness and safety feeling will take over. I'm not a psychologist, this is my personal experience.

I had a sleeping problem after my mom passed. She had cancer and I've been besides her day and night till the end, waking up at night several times as she needed help. After she passed, I was waking up to every little noise and my heart was beating so fast i could hardly breathe. But I was able to get rid of it after some time, basically it was a natural process as I haven't consulted any specialist.

My situation is similar and I think it will be okay in time. Though I thought about visiting a consultant to consult my situation if it gets worst. I had a hope that probably soon I will be able to go back home but now, after seeing everything, I don't think that day will come soon. I have to accept the reality, the more I accept the result faster, the better it will be for life...

If you have a possibility to see a specialist, don't hesitate, not even for a minute. They can help speeding up the healing process and yes, accepting the situation is the only way forward.

Here, Redcross asked me about it a few days ago, probably it would be great if I decide to take help. Sometimes talking with others, especially those who are professional helps a lot, I should give it a try...

Thank you once again, really nice talking to you...

Make your health No. 1 priority as without health life becomes very difficult. Take care :)

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You must be relieved in sorting Gigi out at last. When I had a labrador, she was a bit skinny but it wasn't health related, it's just how she was until she got older.

I have no sense of direction so well done in finding the vet. I bet next time Gigi will show you the way! I've never met a labrador who doesn't like water. At least you won't have to wash her down after she's jumped into a stinky pond. You are both doing great! ❤

PS Yes, don't hesitate in having counselling. Also, walking is very good for your mind as well, especially in the countryside.

but it wasn't health related, it's just how she was until she got older.

Gigi is also a thin girl, she is young still but the doctor said that she is underweight and it happened due to the situation. She will become like before very soon...

I've never met a labrador who doesn't like water. At least you won't have to wash her down after she's jumped into a stinky pond.

I heard that too but I don't know why she doesn't enjoy the water, here a lot of water bodies are available but she seems doesn't enjoy it much. She prefers chasing birds and other small dogs more... LOL

Yes, don't hesitate in having counselling. Also, walking is very good for your mind as well, especially in the countryside.

I won't in fact I have taken an appointment for that. I will start walking more, the summer is coming...

I'm glad you are getting help, you're doing the right thing to heal your mind. It won't take long for Gigi to put weight on either. I wish I had the same problem .... I need to lose a bit! Take care. ❤

Thank you dear, Happy Easter, and have a great weekend...

Thank you Priyan. Same to you. ❤

WOW... Sweety ❤️💋
You been through so much, and life sure brings us things that is hard to understand and unfair.
Noone should have to be afraid, wake up with nightmare cause of War and trauma. You need to give yourself time to heal and you are allowed to every feeling you have.

I admire your spirit and I hope you never have to relive it again ❤️
Happy you are safe sis and hope you find peace and Happiness.

I had no idea about the pet process, I totally understand that you felt stressful about that.
SOOO happy that everything went well and you and Gigi can walk together.

Sending much love to You 🥰😘💋❤️

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