Stop Playing Around! Vote for REAL Steem Witnesses!

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Power Up 100% from this post to support to our witnesses who believe in freedom and decentralized consensus.

We don't always agree but we have one thing in common:

We care about Steem. Steem is not a place, it's not even a name or logo.
Steem is the community and that is the value that no one can buy.

Use Steemit's Witnesses List or SteemConnect to vote for me, or better yet set me as a witness voting proxy

Your vote does matter!

You can contact me directly on, as Gandalf

Steem On


Why are the majority of these top witnesses now powering down though, with most starting within the past couple days, while asking everyone else to continue to vote for them? That seems a little odd to me. (this isn't targeted at you because you are not)

I've been powering down, but for purely tactical reasons. I'm fully committed to this fight with my time and my SP. So are the vast majority of the real witnesses as well, in my opinion.

While I wish that our supporters could extend more trust to us, and give us the benefit of the doubt that we are working for them and not against them, I know that crypto is a place of vast distrust (often deserved in many cryptocurrencies). So at this point, I will stop my powerdown, which is undoubtedly the largest powerdown of any of the witnesses, maybe even all of them combined.

Please take this as a sign of good faith, and stop unvoting witnesses based on their powerdowns. Showing disunity of purpose at this time is incredibly dangerous to the fight we are in. As long as we remain unified, we will win this fight. It is only by dividing us that Justin Sun has a chance.

A good reason to power down to liquid Steem right now (especially someone as big as @blocktrades and considering what they do for the Steem Community) would be to create tactical pressure on the delinquent exchanges who aided Justin Sun in highjacking (temporarily) the Steem Blockchain.

I can see that having liquid Steem could become very useful in countering certain activities on certain exchanges... it could also be an excellent way to level up on Steem holdings if arbitrage were the goal. This would mean more access to the ability to purchase Steem from the @blocktrades service for all of us.

Trust, right now, is an invaluable resource... and it’s in short supply right now... but I undoubtedly trust @blocktrades intentions. The integrity they have demonstrated and the services they have provided me over the last year prompted to to vote them as a witness.

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I see that @blocktrades is NOT powering down.... they get my 100% vote.

Awesome! I think that @blocktrades (and many other witness's) deserve our votes/trust.

As for off Blockchain requirements for liquid Steem... Here's an article I read
(it's trending right now) after I wrote my comment to you. It confirms my suspicions as to Justin Sun's under current actions:

It's all about how Justin Sun is buying up our Steem Assets on Bittrex. It's another solid reason we need the community to STOP selling ALL Steem and begin powering up ourselves.

This is all about buy in. If Justin Sun see's the advantage in buying Steem and powering it up for his purposes... Then this Blockchain truly does have real world value and we should all do the same in order to foil his agenda of centralization.

The power truly is in our hands...

You get my 100% Vote. You are Also one of the few Witnesses that has ever given me an upvote.

You get my 100% Vote. You're one of the few politicians that has ever given me a kickback.

Thanks for telling us your intentions. I have faith in our real Witnesses. You do a great job! Thanks for being so comitted to the Steem Community!

It's not always so simple to interpret that just because you see someone powering down.

I'm not currently a witness but for the most part I always have a power down active. That does not mean I actually take the Steem out and sell it. Sometimes I end up powering it back up, or I am simultaneously powering up more than I am powering down (for example, this week I powered up around 200K STEEM, but I still have power down running as usual).

Of course, but when you have a couple of the most vocal witnesses starting FULL powerdowns within the last week while at the same time screaming for everyone to vote for them, it sends a pretty mixed message. I'm not talking about ones that have always been powering down. I'm talking about ones that just started powering down. There are a few asking others to vote for them while reducing the power of their own vote.

I agree the optics and messaging would be better if not powering down. If I were a witness I might consider it for that reason alone, and in fact I still might anyway.

Very good question. .... I am removing all my votes from any Witnesses powering down.

It's good to not simplify it that way because there's a one viable use case: when you have a lot of SP, you powerdown almost constantly to get a decent amount (1/13th) in liquid each week, you pay your obligations, costs, use to support projects etc, and then you power up the rest. So it's good to check balance of in/out each case. Thank you for your vote.

Ok. Thanks. I will follow more closely.

I run the @steempress witness with my team and we have been powering down all the time. Not because we don't believe in Steem (over time we've power a lot more up than down), but to always distribute block rewards with the team according to who has done the most work that week or month.

We already wrote a long pledge (see my latest post on the @steempress account), on staying with this community no matter what.


Same here dude! i will update tomorrow!


Somebody should make a post about who is powering down.

well, you know of all the 30 witnesses I voted,(most top 30, except one), only 1/6 of them are not powering down but 5/6 powered down. I'm not certain about costs involved, but most of them have lots of SP already, so I'm not certain about the real means of them powering down.


They prepare for the token swap.

Or they are preparing to dump old steem for the new steem they are going to create by forking. In effect, move value from the one to the new one.

Simple answer, don't vote those who power down. Though some of them need to power down to support a project.


Already did yesterday, I think, we need more in the top 20. Right now, we have the top 11


Meanwhile, all top witnesses except you are powering down.
A very good example and encouragement for the community.
And again no word from them, cooking in the secret slacks new surprises for small fish.

I am also not powering down. In the contrary I had powered up about 30K of steems the last days

Good example!


Many of witnesses have to power down to pay for their infrastructure and other operating costs (producer rewards are in Steem Power so there's no other choice if you don't have other sources of viable income). I've never powered down for all those years, but what if I'd need some to cover my operation costs?

I, and probably a lot of people, would be interested to know what it actually takes to run a witness, from machines to power cost, and time ofc. Normies like myself don’t know anything about this nerd business and might just think it's something easy and fun, which I’m sure it isn’t.

I read yesterday that it cost around 1000 bucks, but most of these guys don't need to power down because of this. Something else is going on in the background, trust me.


It's a lot of fun, usually during SteemFest :-) also, many of the witnesses loves what they are doing and we have here a whole great piece of technology so amazing environment for all crazy weirdoes to develop for Steem and themselves.
But true, there are also hard times... more on that when the dust settles down ;-)

You are basically all crazy masochists and I'm grateful for you. I'll be here sipping wine and posting selfies while you do the hard work behind the scenes.


Well how much do a normal person get payd to pay their bills? A good full witness cost +- 250euro a month. You must take free of your day job that must be paid to cover costs and some to cover steem costs.

Most witnesses allways powered down.

That's why steemit inc also powered down to cover costs.


I hear you but I'm sure that that's not the case this time and it sending a bad signal to the steem community.

I completely understand what your getting at @oldtimer. If you check above I left a comment as to why I think (just a guess really) @blocktrades is powering down right now.

Because we are fighting a tron bot 🤖 army there are many effective strategies that we could deploy to derail all tron efforts... not all of which can be executed on chain. We have a war on the exchanges as well at the moment and someone has to set those guys straight. But it has to be done in such a way as to not let the cat (or acorn! 😹) out of the bag so to speak!

By the way! A BIG, “Hello!” from another fellow Edmonton dweller! I poked around and followed your blog!

So I’m curious! Do we have any Steem Meetups here in Edmonton? I would so show up to those... in fact, personal trainer that I am, I have been considering organizing a couple pop up fitness/Steem events in the area... figured it might be fun to meet people and get the word out about the Steem Blockchain. 😺

My guess is that they are going to fork steem and sell all of this steem they can to put into their new steem... thoughts?

I think the whole system is need of revamp (after this current situation is resolved).


So why I'm not powering down?
And even in case of fork it doesn't make sense, because balances will stay.
(not a financial advise though)

So why I'm not powering down?

Good question. Why are you not?

I believe in what we have here.
I just wrote in my post :-)


Because you were never invited to the illuminati parties...


It's as simple as that, just take a look at 4 years of history of powerdowns.
This topic comes from time to time.


Many are now doing full power downs and they were just started within the past couple days. Different than what you are talking about here.

Removed all my Witness votes from those doing a full Power down.

Hi @offgridlife! Before you do all of that maybe read my thoughts about @blocktrades powering down. (You can find it under the top comment in this post.)

There are a lot of things to consider... one of which is what is happening off the Steem Blockchain. With 3 delinquent exchanges interfering with the decentralized governance of the Steem Blockchain... someone has got to deploy some action/consequences to those exchanges. If done right the this could even mean bullish movement in the price. If we can move the price of Steem up... it makes us less of a target for the likes of the Justin Sun’s of the world.

For the wealthy investors that will invest in the Steem Blockchain there are only good considerations for a higher buy in price. The higher the buy in the more committed to this blockchain they will be.

If I were you... I would take a positive angle. I have decided to do just that with a 12,230 Steem Power Up (with more to come!) I trust this community and I trust the witness’s who are keeping the Steem Blockchain alive.

I’ll give you a #HighFive for your open minded thoughts and ideas! 🙌

Well a Partial Powerdown would make sense.... not a full Power down. I will review the ledger and Vote some back in....

Actually @blocktrades in the only one Not powering down ....

There is an epic hype about freedom.
I have a hunch: Free people can't be controlled.
Do you like riddles? How about this:
Image source

  • What's the point of all this hype about freedom as long as we're on the way to lose our freedom?

Please read about why "powering down" is not always what it seems:

I'm here long enough to know how these things work. My point was that in this situation stop powering down would be an encouraging gesture for all steemians to see. Telling people that every steem counts and at the same time powering down looks a bit hypocritical. At least for people who don't understand fully how the system works.
Those little piggies by the names look od and annoying and to be honest most of them emerged in the last two days.
People might see this as our top witnesses waiting to dump to make a profit.

My point was that in this situation stop powering down would be an encouraging gesture for all steemians to see

Yeah I agree with that part.

Thanks. That was my intent.

Everyone should be powering down so we have more maneuverability once the liquid funds come in. It's actually foolish to not be powering down right now. What we do with the funds once they become liquid is another story. Considering the circumstances, that powered down stake should either be powered back up or dumped.

Not powering down leaves you with no options. There is ZERO reason to not be powering down. If only the exchanges knew that.

Well, that's also way to consider, however, it's SP that is used for governance, if I want to take part in decision making I need my Steem to be powered up. But of course, not a financial advise etc.

But as soon as the powerdown completes you can power it back up depending on the situation. Not powering down only leaves us with less options.


What do you think then? Would be interesting to hear.


Removed all votes from Witnesses who are doing a Full power down.

Do you check them one by one or is there a list somewhere to see all of those powering down.

I go to the vote Witness page and check one by one. I want a witness who believes in staying Powered up 100 %

Let’s hope that this all works out. I’ve been here almost 4 years and I’d hate to lose it.

Me too.... maybe they are just selling a little bit of steem to pay some bills ?


Steemit Witness whales..... do as I say not as I do. They are Fake.


Finally got around to updating my witness votes, and voted you @gtg :) is there a list somewhere of all non tron witnesses? I still have a few votes up my sleeve...

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Thank you :-)
It's easy to spot them on

I will help guys!!!

Thank you! :-)

Think I've been behind you for at least two years now. Appreciate the hard work

Thank you :-)

I always support real witnesses



It is a cool animation! I already proxied to

Can you consider considering to look into something like 5 sock puppets controlled by elected winners of a popular vote? Popular vote means scientifically determined individuals (like using civic or something). An election once a year or whatever. Can be voted for by the Steemit pubically community-owned Steem and any exchange that wants to power up (they can't do anything but slave to support popular witnesses).. uhh i'll explain in post later.

Thank you :-) Designing consensus mechanism isn't easy, ours have some issues, but we are constantly working on how to improve that. That however has to be on chain, blockchain can't rely on external sources of information for such crucial thing.


So i can set you as my proxyvoter for witnesses?
Do I delegate all the votes or can I vote some myself and set the rest for you to use?
Sry i want to help decenterise steem again and witness votes are hard :) greez and thank you for the info :)

Unfortunately (or fortunately!) if you set me as proxy, then your witness voting strength stands behind the same witnesses that I vote for. Also, same rule is for SPS proposals, so if you think you can handle both lists (witnesses and proposals) by yourself by actively checking on what's going on and staying up to date, it's best to vote on your own.

Ok grate thank you so much that was helpfull.
Thank you for this honest aenser. @gtg
Quite a challenge for me honestly but I will get more infos and active as soon as possible in this regard.
All the best and steem on🏅🌈🏅


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I voted to pitch in too!!

That's unexpected, nonetheless appreciated, thank you :-)


Long live the steem block chain and all those who come and contribute with the tribe


Who knew so many active people were not voting for witnesses? Lol it’s been one hell of a campaign that’s for sure! JS did say he was going to be bring eye balls and marketing and exchange listing and well he wasn’t wrong lol


Fortunately you were already on my witness list, I say fortunately because I haven't been able to remove a vote or add one in months. Just tried again and the circle goes round and you know if anyone else is having this problem?

No, could you please provide some more details on that? What UI are you using to do that?

I've tried both steemit and steempeak. In fact, I'll do it again right now, see if my luck is any better. But I hit the button next to it and it just loads and loads and loads. And this was with my laptop for the first number of times, but yesterday I was using my smartphone-

And I tried again, you can see in this screenshot I've attempted to unvote smooth:Screenshot 20200308 22.02.52.png

Round and round it goes- it's seriously irritating at this point, there are a few I'd like to remove and a few I'd like to add.

Great videos and we need to remain the Steem blockchain decentralized.


Great little video @gtg - I have no idea how you did that! The central message is also hugely important- unfortunately I feel we need to unsettle /reach out to dormant account members who have SP but have not utilised their votes.

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Where it says:

Steem is not a penis, it's not even a name or logo.

I'm wondering if that's a typo? Maybe? It looks like a typo to me. You should probably fix that.


Hey buddy. You got my vote. Glad things are smoothing out here.

While all this was going on I was motorbiking with Gaby through Vietnam.

I'm sure you remember me reaching out to you a long time ago to critique my blog a little bit. Well Gaby and I have produced some better quality work capturing our adventure through Vietnam.

Do me a favor and check it out and let me know what you think.

Much thanks,


Hi there, nice to hear from you.
Gaby was supposed to start writing! ;-)

Please be aware that when posting within community, your post is not available on your usual blog page unless you explicitly reblog it there.

Sweet! You just solved a huge problem for me! Reblog button! nice. Haha. Gaby turned out to be the lazy one! lol Who would have known. She's chilling watching TV right now while I'm on steemit. She says if the price goes up to over 30 cents for a while she'll start blogging.

Great animation :-)

Thank you :-) I was hoping to use it in different circumstances, but here we are.

The Korean community doesn't understand that the longer they filibuster the chain the more danger they put the entire network in. They claim to hate downvotes, but they are baiting this community to either fork their stake away or downvote everything they do from now until the end of time. It's so disappointing that they don't realize how much danger the network is in and are using this hostile takeover as a bargaining chip. :(




If you don't want to be disappointed, you have to immerse a little into the Witnesses world!😉



You do you and I will do what I want. What is with you guys posting so much telling everyone what to do? Stop playing around Mr. wizard.

If I told you "have a nice day", would you say "don't tell me what to do?"


Need @dan, Vitalik and McAfee to vote. Hope two of them onboard STEEM A.S.A.P.

I've been keeping an eye on the list and we just got back control of the top ten. We need to keep the pressure on and get real witnesses in to gain the full majority of top 20 back!! Keep voting for real witnesses people!!!


Keep voting for old Witnesses so they can still charge 150 $ for 3 sentences!


You know that it's not "charging"?
While I was not expecting that much of upvotes I don't consider this video being that bad either.
Feel free to use your astonishing stake to disagree on rewards though.

I was smart enough to bail out when I seen that Steem(it) is rotten inside

Now I just came to have fun watching communists resist any foreign aid, while their economy is collapsed for years

I get the following error when I try to set a proxy:

RPCError: missing required active authority:Missing Active Authority alling

Why does it not work? I try the required keys (active or owner) but nothing seems to work.

Are you using or any other service?
Try with my provided links (via steemconnect).

LOL at this worthless post being upvoted to 100 bucks, milk it to the end. I hope you greedy cocksuckers choke on your stakes

Well, matter of perspective, I see it as encouraging, and a video I rendered for such promotion isn't that bad either. I agree that it's waaaay more that I would expect during peace.




Tit 4 Tat

I will vote for a real witness if:

  2. They will reduce the power down period to 4 weeks.
  3. They will help bring back steembottracker on the game.
  4. They will ease the on-boarding process.
  5. They will help boost tokenization in the Steem-Engine.

So does this kind of a witness exist?

Even if I vote for real witnesses, they will still abandon and resign on us like I saw recently.

So I am not upvoting any Witnesses.
I ain't wasting my vote for anyone.

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I will vote for a real witness if:


So does this kind of a witness exist?

Hope not.

  1. If you produce high quality, original content, then you have a chance to get a vote from time to time. If not, then not.
  2. I'm not a fan of this solution in its simplest implementation (because of security risks), please note that even account recovery takes 30 weeks. I'm open for further discussing those changes if combined with other such as restriction in governance before new stake matures, etc.
  3. I don't care about bots. It's decentralized platform, feel free to do that yourself.
  4. Absolutely. Also, that was the promise that Steemit Inc. made to use that stake in question for.
  5. Steem-Engine that's not witness related at all. You can do that as well.

Only Bots Should Run As Witnesses

Fuck trusting human beings with my money.
Since Justin bought this blockchain I immediately began my power down and am ready to invest all my steem money in Bitcoin.

Fuck 'decentralized' social media dapps.

Fuck 'em!!

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Congratulations @gtg! You received a personal award!

Ned is definitely not your friend anymore. Did you really downvote him?

You can view your badges on your Steem Board and compare to others on the Steem Ranking

Do not miss the last post from @steemitboard:

Downvote challenge - Add up to 3 funny badges to your board
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Vote for @Steemitboard as a witness to get one more award and increased upvotes!

Believe in Freedom/pumpkin LOL


Also rad animation! I'm curious who made it?

I rendered it from a fancy template :-)

Good post

Congratulations @gtg!
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Everyone can be a real witnesses even those "puppets". Just works for good. There many steemians that hates those that are on top of the witnesses. If you are one of them... Vote by your own.

You have no idea what's going on, do you?

Since the beginner...
I did hear all meeting and read everything that I could.
That's my point of view.

I did recast my votes, only two left but will see to that tomorrow, also need to double check if there are inactive or if I can push a "closer" up to rank up by recasting.

@gtg, It's important to bring back what we have before, yes there are so many things which should be improved from our side but this is the time to throw away the differences to bring back our own Steem Culture once again. Stay blessed.

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Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


Manually curated by @solominer.

@helpie is a Community Witness.

Who is more stupid:

A girl with Dawn Syndrome or Extreme Communists who don't understand basic economy?


Stop being so hard on yourself.

Thank you.

I miss you @gtg ! I will vote for you!

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