A Bridge You've Probably Seen Before And Other Stuff You've Probably Seen Too With A Bonus Clip That's Hard To Watch

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The Golden Gate Bridge. I snapped that shot back in April, this year, the week before we left the US. If you punch Golden Gate Bridge in your search bar and click images, you'll land on 100's of that same view. It's been used in countless animations and Hollywood films since its construction in 1937.

The photo's taken from Sausalito in Marin County, California, looking across the San Francisco Bay at the city of San Francisco.


I'm from California, born and raised. I've driven across that stretch of Highway 101 which is what the Golden Gate Bridge is, I don't know how many times. My wife is from San Francisco, born and raised, her family lives in the Bay Area right now. To us, it's just another toll road. As many times as I've driven it and, as many times as I've seen that view in movies or magazines, that was the first time I stopped to see what they see and it wasn't even my idea.

The Chef, that's what I call him, is a long time friend of mine. He's from Redding, a couple hours north of the Golden Gate. When I told him I'd be in town that week to say our goodbye's to Pura's family, we set aside a day he and I could hang out.

Then, this morning, I was thinking of something to write about while thumbing through images in search of inspiration. I have quite a few in there, a buncha things to write about, just need to be in the mood. The bridge images caught my attention but it's this shot of The Chef's shirt that sealed it. That's me and him passing one back and forth somewhere on a bench on the side of Bridgeway Drive in Sausalito. He's on the right.


I didn't notice his shirt until today. It says Since 1776 - Patriots United - Shots Fired.

On this day in 1776, July 4th, after a long, hard fought war on American territory, the United States declared their freedom and independence after 176 years of British Empire rule. Americans have been celebrating this nationally recognized holiday for nearly 250 years now. A typical July 4th celebration back home consists of taking the day off work, getting together with friends and family, reminiscing, telling lies (what friends and family do), good food and drinks, ended with a bang by launching fireworks in the sky.


Days like today I get a little homesick. Happened a couple months ago on Memorial Day, too. The contrast between here and there on July 4th is quite drastic in comparison and not just because of a lack of fireworks. Rather than lounge poolside in board shorts and bikinis and nothing else with the Ocean about a fishing pole away in 90 degree weather, we're bundled up in hoodies and jeans—50 degrees and 50% chance of rain.



I caught a show once quite a few years ago called How It's Made on Discovery or National Geographic or one of those documentary type channels where they explained the Golden Gate's construction. What I remember being most impressed by was the backhoe they invented for the job. The six lane, 90 foot wide suspension bridge spans 1 and 3/4 miles across the bay and is 220 feet above the ocean.

Suspension means the bridge is supported by steel cables. The two that span the entire length horizontally called main cables are three feet in diameter and support the floating roadway below by connecting 500 vertical cables called suspender ropes, 250 on each side, between the main cables and the roadway below every 50 feet. The foundations on either side, one in Marin County and one in San Francisco, are pretty self explanatory—dig big holes, pour a buncha concrete, bolt steel to it. The two supports in the middle of the ocean however, not self explanatory, they're the first of their kind. That's where they had to invent and create a special backhoe.


Ever thought about it? Spanning two mountains with solid dirt on either side and running steel or concrete between the two is impressive enough but digging up the ocean floor to do the same thing is next level. Ever tried building a sand castle in a pool of water?

They dug holes in the ocean floor, poured concrete foundations from the base of those holes all the way up to sea level at high tide, anchored 746 foot tall steel columns to them and strung cables from one side to the other that continue to support millions and millions of pounds around the clock today. 1937—WWII hasn't even kicked off yet.

The backhoe dug holes on the ocean floor by stopping the flow of ocean current around it during the dig process with an extremely high velocity of compressed air that separated the sea from the backhoe bucket all while dredging the mud at the same time. Both the bridge and the tools invented to execute the build were masterminded by a civil engineer named Joseph Baermann Strauss. Between his original design concept in 1917 and the day it opened in 1937, 20 years later, he was mocked and often ridiculed for envisioning what was known as The Bridge That Couldn’t Be Built.


At the time and for more than 30 years, it was the longest bridge in the world. After its completion, Joseph Strauss was commissioned to design bridges all over the world. "Safety First" was Strauss's concept. Although 11 men lost their lives during the build, it was Strauss who designed and created the safety net he insisted be strung along the bottom of the bridge. At an additional 130 thousand dollars for the construction of the net on top of the budgeted $35 million for the project, 19 lives were saved during the construction process.

Today, approximately 40 people per year take their life by jumping from the bridge. In 2018, the city approved the construction of a "suicide net" scheduled to be completed in 2023.

California has a lot of iconic structures. With the exception of Niagara Falls and The Statue Of Liberty, The Golden Gate Bridge is the most popular tourist attraction in the country and arguably the most popular bridge in the world.

As many times as I've crossed that bridge, it wasn't until that trip back in April I learned about Battery Spencer—the main protection point for San Francisco built in the early 1900's during WWI. It consisted of several look out points as well as military housing for personnel assigned to the position. It was used until the end of WWII and has since been scrapped.



When I started this I had no idea how much research would be involved. Shout out to Wikipedia for dates and descriptions, Goldengate.org for history and details, and lastly, artandarchitencture-sf.com for all the Joseph Baermann Strauss info.

Bonus clip!

Check out these crazy ass kids filiming theirselves scaling the Golden Gate Bridge at night—nearly 1,000 feet in the air, up and down those cables with gusts of Bay Area wind in front and behind them without fall protection!

For whatever reason the clip is age restricted. Makes no sense, they're just kids. If your thumbnail is censored, click Watch on YouTube to verify your age. 4 minutes worth of OMG WTF.



What's up my friend, happy belated 4th. Back in 1980 Robin and I spent 8 weeks traveling cross-country. She was pregnant at the time with our first son. We had the opportunity to drive over the Golden Gate Bridge and we were in awe of this architectural masterpiece. Seeing the bridge at night was very different than seeing it during the day.
It's funny haw someone can be considered a nut job when in reality they are a genius. To think that this bridge was constructed 85 years ago boggles my mind.

The video of those kids playing around on the bridge made my asshole pucker, and I've worked 20 stories in the air walking on purlins while installing Q-decking, but at least we wore a safety harness.

Did I hear you right, you miss the states a little? Everything is not perfect here for sure, but it's still a great place to live. The Supreme Court may have dropped the ball, but at least they put the matter of abortion squarely in the hands of the individual states. Not the best case scenario for sure.
The UNITED States seems to be splitting at the seams. Red, Blue, seems to be splitting this country in half. It would not surprise me to see this divide widen as people move to a state that represents their values and beliefs.

Is another Civil War possible?


What in the heck is up my man? Thank you for the reblog. I even wrote you an email a few hours ago wondering what happened to you. Ain't it a trip how people travel from all over to do something and the locals take it for granted? Brooklyn Bridge, for example. To me I know the one time but to you it's probably just a Hudson crossing.

I can hardly watch those kids. Seriously, I'm turning my head and making ooh! Ahhh! Sounds and I'm all by myself. Pausing it, taking a breath, those kinds are nuts.

On holidays I kinda get a little homesick—guilty! Especially here. As you can imagine, I'm sure, the last thing they make mention of around here is July 4 1776.

The US divide between citizens hasn't slowed down has it? Christian's hate scientists - Red necks hate city slickers - Ford vs Chevy - Fox vs CNN - Up/Down - Left/Right.. Just hint at a difference, make mention of one and we'll fight about it like it's the end of the world.

No sugar coating this one though Sweed, disappointed doesn't describe our Supreme Court sentiments. I really have no words.

Much thanks, sir. Always a pleasure when you stop by.

Good morning my friend. The English joke was what 3 years ago. When I look at some of the stuff I put together back then, it's no wonder I didn't have more people cracking on me. That was long ago before I really got to know you and there is no way I cutting you off. Joke away my friend. As far as not getting back to you with regards to your reply, my bad. More often than not it takes me a day or two to respond to a reply, but I pride myself on getting back to every reply sooner or later.

You're someone that I admire for their honesty and telling it like it is.

As this divide continues to grow I wonder what will be the final outcome. Will it be that like minded people all occupy certain states, resulting in harmony between neighbors. Even if that were the case, people would find something to argue about. I find myself very closed mouthed when I disagree with someone. I can't remember the last time I said something that contradicted another person's point of view and then have them even consider the other side of the coin. Most times they will just pound the table a little harder, trying to convince you that their beliefs are correct and wondering what the hell you're thinking of.

I've done some crazy shit over the years and understand the high of an adrenalin rush, but those kids actions were over the top.

Equally disappointed in the Supreme Court. I've read a few articles about certain states looking into banning certain forms of birth control. What's next, the government telling us what time to go to bed.


You know I can't set a Sweed response down.

Kinda makes you wonder why after all these years and all of science and technological advances humanity has made, why don't they just hand out a sterile pill for men?? Oh, whoops, silly me.. that would be altering a man's genetics and it ain't a buncha women making the rules, forget I asked.

Ban contraceptives, I read that too. Justice Clarence Thomas, a Bush Senior appointee, is the one pushing that one. I'd like to know what he thinks of sterile pills for men. There I go again, thinking ridiculously.

Guess I'm not done yet.

Man, your mention of being closed mouth and not engaging in controversy, I couldn't agree more, reminded me of a weird incident back home on Ocean Blvd one night. Not really the same but kinda.. I'm on the patio burning one, saw a couple in a hostile argument in their car right outside the balcony, I'm on the first floor. She's driver side, he's passenger and dang man!! He grabbed her in a chokehold—violent chokehold, I reacted.

Ran over and beat on his window screaming whatever I was screaming and you know wtf happened? He cowered down, backed off instinctual, and she got pissed! Yelling at me how she's ok and I can mind my own :beep: :beep: business and yata yata before peeling out flipping me off.

If it were a man who was responsible for carrying an unborn child around for 9 months and then endure the agony of giving birth, that would be all of the birth control needed.

I think that even with the not so warm response that you received when lending a hand, if the same situation were to arise again you would step in. I know I would. As you stated just recently, violence in any form is totally unacceptable and when it comes to a women being manhandled, or should I say punkhandled that's where a line needs to be drawn.

Talk later, headed to physical therapy.

Yep, I know it... and I've been there once! I crossed it on foot. We walked all the way from San Francisco to Sausalito... and back! 😎

Very cool.

I've driven it, bicycle'd across it and motorcycles I don't know how many times, never walked it. There isn't a day that goes by without countless foot traffic on it. Super windy, right? Those kids are crazy!!

Holy fucking shit those kids are nuts. I'd admit it's pretty rad but, blimey. That's pretty dangerous 😲. I was legitimately scared for them.

I gotta hand it to ya. You've upped your photography game by a mile.

That photo of you and chef go hard. Damn 🔥

Yooo! Whaddup my man? Thanks for the reblog. I hate it when I forget to say thank you.

That video turns my stomach, is it just me? Just watching it trips me out. Them kids are nuckin futs.

I don't take photography compliments from you for granted, thank you, I'm glad you think so. I mean it, you're my favorite people photographer on here.

Much love Stevenson.

I love posts like these and appreciate the time spent creating them when you get distracted by one interesting link after another and have to decide what to include and what to leave out!

I'll give you one interesting fact about these huge suspension bridges that blows my mind...

The distance between the support towers if measured at their tops is longer than if measured at the bottom....you can find out why!

Nice picture of Briggate looking well!

Best wishes to the pair of you and what a happy coincidence for me, I just happened to be up at 3am to catch your post passing through my feed :-)

PS I'm guessing a trip to the Humber Bridge just ain't gonna do it for you!

I went looking for something to occupy myself this am, saw his shirt and thought I'd throw something together right quick. Man, it wasn't quick at all.

Way to send me on a goose chase. iHeart fun facts, thanks, that one's gonna be fun. As trippy as it sounds, I have no doubt it's true.

Wassup Nathen? Been awhile, glad you caught this one.

I had to ask google who Briggate was. Been there—check!

And then I asked who Humber Bridge is, eh.. Would you believe we've been there too?? We stayed in Hull for a month back in '18 I guess it was. Friends of ours we met at the time said "Hull, it's 'rough,' why on earth would you go to Hull?!" Because we haven't been there yet. Dude I didn't think it was bad at all. Rough?! LoL, that's funny, there's not a 'rough' in the whole country.

What else would you recommend to someone who's just outside Manchester?

Thanks Cheers Nathen.

Happy independence day!
I remember the show "how it's made." I never saw the one with the backhoe though.

Long time ago huh? That show must be somewhere between 10-20 years old now. Dang, how old am I?!

Happy 4th dude, probably isn't much mention of it where you are either. Thank you.

10-20 years already!?! Damn. Doesn't seem that long ago. Time flies

Speaking of flies. Check out this age restricted clip @dksart just sent me. IN dot SANE dot.

That's insane. That scares me just watching it lol

Holy shit that video is insane. I would love to do that with fall protection and a backup parachute.

As for the rest of it, I was impressed by the size and scope of that job. It's crazy what people will risk their life for. I hope they got paid well for that risk.

It's crazy what people will risk their life for.

The shit we do for money.....

Crazy clip huh? I've seen tower climbers do their work and just watching turns my stomach, big huge balls. Those kids ain't any different, I watch it and blink.. turn my head.. "woah!!" and everything else. They dangle from one hand, snap selfies—wtf omg. But age restricted?? Not sure what that's about.

Thank Chris. Have a nice week man.

Man, so many memories in that town and that bridge. Getting off work at 5pm working for local 16 then having to drive home to Sonoma was never fun.

I did not know your wife was from SF or rather forgot I think.

Ever read the Book, The House of Sand and Fog?

If only I could live in North Beach again for the live music, eccentric women, world travelers and the coffee chocolate smells.... Oh yeah the trolly and boat bells were cool too. The churches and those bells every 2-3 hours got annoying id have to admit...

Whaddup?! Thanks for the cross-post and curation. The post button terrifies me, your support is much appreciated. 👊🏼

Sonoma?! Dude Pura's great grandmother lived in Sonoma—about 10 miles from the raceway. "Great," she lived to be 2 weeks shy of 101, crazy huh? Her grandfather (great grandmas son) is 86 now and still golfs, tennis, like it's nothing and doesn't even take naps. I got to hang out with her Nana a couple times. I'd always bug the shit out of her with question after question after question from all over the place until she'd finally tap out like "Ok, you have to stop now, I'm tired" and I'd be but I've never got to talk to someone who's 101!

Pura grew up in South City by SFSU.

I have not read it yet. Good lookin out.

North Beach. Fisherman's Warf. Eccentric pretty much sums it up. I miss it. I miss falling asleep on the beach and not having a closet full of winter clothes. North Beach and Sonoma traffic I probably don't miss at all! 101 or 580 and the 37 with a drop of England and your commute tr-tr-tripled.

Thanks man, happy 4th.

Yeah dude I spent 10 years off and on in Boyes Hot Springs (3 miles north of Sonoma) growing weed and a year in Santa Rosa farming A2 A2 Jersey cows.

Pura is sounding more and more like a really awesome woman! San Francisco and wine country roots? Good choice putting a ring on that finger!

I also worked at McCune Audio, the worlds oldest audio rental warehouse in South City. The sewer system blew up while I was out there...

It took 4 hours on average to get home at 5pm, a 40 mile drive...

The bay area did trip me out though or at least driving into SF on the 101 in the mornings. 90 year old women would be driving past ya in Porsches going 100 miles per hour driving like Dale Earnhardt and not even swerving. No where else have I seen such a thing.

I would hang out at Caffe Trieste near Washington square and even squatted over at Coit tower in '08 when I first lived there.

I wonder if Pura's great grand mother was the one who would gently pass me up at 100mph going into SF in the mornings...

Pura is sounding more and more like a really awesome woman.

I'm The Luckiest Guy I Know.. I thought you knew.

Funny. Back in '08 it very well could've been her. The time I knew her she had her own taxi cab driver on redial, took her wherever she needed to go free of charge. She had it made her last years; never paid at her favorite diner anymore where they all knew her name and medical checks at her front door were on the house. We really know how to treat our 100 year olds.

I got a couple drivers licenses just like that, with stamp holes and everything. Weed, beards, dude what can't you grow? Well besides roots, of course. Don't trip, they bore the hella out of me too. Get it? Hellu, that's some Bay Area shit like..

Weed, beards, dude what can't you grow?

A head of hair...

!gif bald

Alright, so I was gonna crack a joke like spray hair?! No way, what's next? Spray tans?? and got this.

How it's made! Love that show! I'd gander some moment back in time, you and I were chillin on a couch somewhere miles away from each other, sparkin up and just soakin in all that delectable how it's made info...in fact, I don't gander, I know. Good ish bud, happy 4th to ya. Kinda in the same boat, although it's not 50, it's like 90, but not many ppl celebrating down here for obvious reasons.

Yeah I don't imagine much 4th celebration where you are either. Happy 4th dude. Is it just me or do you kinda miss the big celebratory days occasionally you show off in boards shorts! Man what I'd give to take a nap on a beach. Zzzzzz.

Pura's got us falling asleep to funny pet videos lately, entertaining but not the true crime I'm used to. Apparently she needs a break from all the rape and torture and murder before bed—go figure! Funny pets are far from How It's Made but I'm still virtually with you now pass that mufuker!!

Thanks man.

I miss simply partying with good friends and family, the reason doesn't matter all that much to me. Also, considering my political leanings, blatant flag worship and all the state propaganda makes me want to puke. I'll be sure to take a nap on the beach here soon for ya tho ;)

Just passed it yo, you're up!

Not having people you trust is tough to overcome ain't it?

Dude I'm with you. I'm the guy who's never been summonsed to jury duty cuz I've never registered that thing they expect me to believe counts.

I'll be sure to take a nap on the beach here soon for ya tho ;)

Nice :)
These high structure climb videos are insane, I have watched a bunch of them...


I make sounds and turn my head from the comfort of a living room chair in my slippers just watching. IN SANE. Not sure what's up with all the age restrictions though.

Good to see you on this side of it man! July 4th is a good day to celebrate but I fear with the soy latte culture that’s trying to jump off that it may not be too long before they start protesting it for whatever ridiculous fucking reason. You hear they are going to rename monkey pox because it’s offensive? Ugh lol.

I like your friends shirt man, I got myself a nice American flag shirt the other day and will proudly be wearing that as often as I can! The history of the place is pretty crazy, say what you want about the country but this is the closest to the best that humanity has ever gotten and I’m proud to live and experience it! We have our issues but I think we are doing a good job at living considering how history has gone.

Enlighten me, sir. Who's offended, Clyde from the Clint Eastwood movies? It's Clyde ain't it?! He's always monkeying around.

I understand if you want to answer the following question in private, you know where to find me, where's that shirt made?


Whaddup man? Much thanks for checking this one out. Happy 4th to you and yours 🇺🇸 I hope your wife is recovering nicely.

We're pretty disappointed with the Supreme Court at the moment but have the birth right to be. American born women just lost their independence. What disappoints me the most is people who judge from a distance. Not just where you and are from but anywhere. Like me saying Japan sucks when I've never been there—stoopit. Now Costa Rica, on the hand....

It's an impressive structure. Didn't know about the net during construction. Fair play to Joseph

Before I put this together, I didn't know either. As many times as I've crossed the thing, I knew very little about it.

Thanks Blanchy.

"It's been used in countless animations and Hollywood films since its construction in 1937..."

Even Gay Porn so it seems...

(link removed for excessive gayness)

Ohhh Fuck My Eyes.!!!


As always great post. Horrible comment. I will try to do better... I promise.

Ohhh Fuck My Eyes.!!!

Is that a statement or request?

You know I love me some krazzy attention, your comments never suck dude. Thanks more than THIS for hangin in there however long we've been doing this.

Rub Sami's ears for me. 👊🏼 And a pooky-peck on the cheek.

Not THAT cheek!!! Geeeeeez


Loved your article! Like everyone I know the bridge from pictures. It was very interesting to hear the story behind this structure.
The second picture is cool. We always see the same pictures, taken from the same points. But adding the fence with the love padlocks ... very original!

Hey you! You know, for only being a couple days into this, I feel like we should be attaching a lock. =}

Thank you more than THIS. Same—I've seen that vantage point from so many different authors since forever and never stopped on Bridgeway Drive. Glad I finally did that.

I gotta confess something ok? But don't go getting all girly on me! I appreciate the follow, if I disappoint, let me know and I'll kick my ass for you. So I hovered over yours first, right, cuz I got my eye on you and saw all the reblogs and don't wanna get all girly like 'Wa! You're clogging my feed!' and then painstakingly unfollow cuz if there's one thing I could use a lot less of around here, it's vendettas. :breathe: I mean, just this explanation is like playing with fire. <3

No worries! I'm trying not to be girlie girlie. And I start following you because I like what you write. That doesn't mean that you have to follow me 😁 It's free to everyone to follow the people they want. No vendetta will be started for that! Thanks for your comment and if there's one thing I really appreciate that's people are honest!

Someone musta spiked my coffee. Confession #2:

When I first saw you around like a month ago or however long ago, I was 'fiat?' I remember thinking that was odd considering crypto is all anyone talks about and now that we're here I see it's the other fiat like vroom vroom. :wink:

Hahahaha .. Really funny. I had nu idea about Fiat in crypto world. So someone mentioned here and I had no clue what he was talking about. I told my hubby (he's a bit into crypto world) and he start laughing. Hahahaha ... stupid me! 😉

Could look at these pictures forever! 😍

Hey!! You're the guy who toured us around Big Sur. Whaddup? Thanks for checking this one out.

I hope you're enjoying your first year in Blockchain life. Let me know if you need anything. Enjoy your weekend.

Thanks a lot. Yeah its great on the chain. This Weekend is stress. My Son has Graduation an I have to wear a Suit 🤢

Congratulations to the boy.

Funny. iHeart suit days, particularly weddings. Well before the wedding I'll warn the groom they better bring their a-game cuz I plan on being the best dressed there. Not sure how many weddings I've been to since I began playing that game but I'm happy to report back I'm undefeated. I call'em costumes..


Very nice!

German eh? Are you there now? Your tour I caught was California, have you been able to tour much of the US or just Ca? What's your overall impression?

Be brutally honest. I got the thickest skin on the internet.

Good afternoon @dandays, been thinking of you. I read your post twice, it's absolutely amazing that a new excavator had to be invented to build that bridge. Maybe that's what America needs to do, invent a new tool to bridge the gap between red and blue. sigh

That video was insane, I had a hard time keeping my eyes on it, I could feel my stomach flip, no kidding those kids were nuts!

Hope things are going well for you and Pura, let her know I am making those turkey meatballs this weekend since I have all the herbs fresh from the garden now. I'll let you know how they come out.

Have a blessed and fun weekend.
Your pal Robin 😘

I told her you're making them with fresh herbs and she looked at me and said "NICE! Cool, very cool, they're good. They are so sweet. Tell them I love them."

She loves you guys.

Thank you for the reblog. I so appreciate your continued interest in whatever the heck I'm doing here. You and Sweed both have been nothing but encouraging. I hope you feel my sincerity.

Those kids! I can hardly watch. I make weird feathered friends-like sounds and push pause several times throughout that clip and it's just me watching. I'm watching by myself.

Bonus points for bridge the gap between red and blue. Very creative you! Had I thought of that one myself I woulda plugged it in the article and claimed it. Good one!

Thank you @farm-mom <3

Came to check if app works and found this wonderful post :-) seems I have to stalk you more to not miss out whats going on here :-)

Finally! I've been stalking you for so long now just hoping you'd give me a hint of a stalkback (it's not a word but it should be). Best day of the week right here, The Luckiest Guy I Know strikes again.

Walking the bridge..., just the thought of it jelly legs, music no go! Crazy must be the names of young guys.

History accompanied by excellent photography more along the lines I do enjoy, thanks!


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You're too kind, Joan. I'm glad you liked it. I had a good time that day. I mean, it's no day with a family of giraffes or anything but meh.. <3

Nuckin futs those kids!

Thank you.

Nuckin futs those kids!

Adrenaline junkies, thanks enough with heights, firmly grounded here!

I watched the video. That's nothing! I would have been much more impressed if they'd have skated across that bridge. LOL. 😆
No...actually I felt myself get a little sick in the stomach watching that. I had sweaty hand palms and it wasn't me doing those things! I tend to be quite tolerant with my kids but if I'd ever see a video of them doing something like this, they'd be grounded for life.

But yeah, the Golden Gate bridge is something else.
A masterpiece doesn't even begin to describe it.
There are more bridges that leave me in awe, and I absolutely hate driving over them haha. I can't take those heights. Bridges and tunnels make me feel very, very uneasy lol.

The light's red so I have a minute to respond. Nah, I'm just keeping my legs warm..

Whaddup Miss Las Vegas? Are you stalking me? <3

I worked in Vegas back in '08 on the Aria and again in '11 running all three units out at Ivanpah. I can proudly say I never one time played one game. Oh, I gambled!!! Just not at the tables or machine or anything. Thank God I got outta there alive. Eh, wait, what the... this isn't about Vegas.

Nuckin futs those kids! I can hardly watch that clip from the comfort of a chair and I'm the only one in the room. Making sounds no one else can hear and pausing it intermittently so I don't puke.

Thanks for checking me out, enjoying your weekend I hope. Now if you'll excuse me, I got some stalking of my own to do and I can't believe it's not about Road Trip—only the funniest movie eeveeeer!

Yeah, I am so stalking you hehe.
I lived in Vegas for three years, from 1998 till 2001, and I never played any games.
I bet on sports matches sometimes, mainly football. But I never touched the slot machines or anything. I remember these bartenders at certain casinos ask if I wanted change for the machines and I'd always answer: "No, because I'm a winner." They'd always look at me funny haha. Yeah, I'm glad I got out of there alive. It's a crazy place.

Road trip, huh? Yeah, I guess it doesn't suck...
European Road Trip was pretty funny too.

Would you believe that we are planning to go there next summer, cool entry to dreem port

Dreem port? You mean my entry on discord? Anything @dreemsteem does, I'm a fan of, you ladies got my support. Not so sure about signing a waiver to join the server though, never done that before, kinda weird—I feel dirty.

One thing that doesn't make the touristy to-do list in The Bay is the 16th street steps. If you're gonna cross the bridge, you might as well stop by oooh!! And farmers markets, too, cuz the only thing the sun in California knows how to do is shine. =}

Thanks BrittandJosie.



hehhehee I think she meant that she saw this post on DreemPort. (the site)

I scrolled down through your comments to see if other dreemers had commented too... (some say they saw your post on DreemPort...some don't hehehe) but I do recognize about 4 other dreemers names. hehehehe

and you usually get 5 dreemers visiting any time you submit a post to DreemPort! hahahahhaa

so if you didn't submit it .. someone probably submitted it for you ☺️

cuz it do be like that sometimes with those dreemers. lololol

and stop talking about the rules you had to accept on the discord. hahahahaha


I own you now!!!! what's so bad about that?!?!!!

Never. Everyone remembers their first time.....

Did you do it?

Not that! The dreemport promo. Geez.

I kinda feel like a douche now, who's the cool Dreemer responsible for my blushy cheeks? I had new notifications from new users this a.m and thought someone promoted this on Ececny and now this. I'm always the last to find out.

Sorry I spaced the time last night, 'least I'm consistent. =•}

the time thing ...hehehe no big deal!!!! it was kinda hilarious that we both flaked on the same thing

cuz that's how we roll!!!!
there we are both like...ohhhh we will be there!!!!! don't you worry! YOUUUU will be late but I WONT!!!!

and then we are both like...ummmmm oops?


heheheh I can check the admin stats on the site to see who did it ...

but isn't it just better to wonder who your dreemer secret admirer is?!?!

'course it is. hehehe

cuz blushy cheeks are the best way to start your day

....just gonna leave that comment there without qualifying which cheeks I'm talking about. hahahhahahahaah

p.s. DreemPort has PG-13 standards on posts submitted because people can't actually CHOOSE which posts to read when they log in to curate lololol They have to read and curate the five random posts given to them, so in order to be sensitive to that.. we ensure that they don't ever have to read anything that might be too offensive. I say that to YOU... for obvious reasons 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂

juuuuuust in case you are tempted to drop your own post in some time in the distant future...heheheh BE A GOOD BOY!!!!! 😘

Rather not know for sure. No need for an admin hook-up.

PG-13! Laugh Out Load! Yeah ok...

Much love @dreemsteem. <3


this is why you should just let others find nicely appropriate posts to share on your behalf.


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I did not know I have my own profile map. Very cool.

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Much thanks @ecency.

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Much thanks @ackhoo. Cheers @qurator.

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Glad you enjoyed them. Cheers!

Fool me once shame on me. I don't appreciate being tricked into supporting your spam. That won't happen again.