How Not To Be A Bad Content Creator.

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Knowing When You Began

I've been writing since 2011, so let no one tell you that content creating is easy. If you take a look at some of the best content creators around... Maybe the ones you watch on YouTube, on the ones you read on other websites or maybe the ones that have a way appealing to you, some of them had at one time or the other done things differently before they decided to change.

Back in the days, I have a league of friends where we mostly blogged on blogspot. It was this experience that led me to believing that you have to enjoy creating in other to be naturally motivated. Natural motivation to create comes with a passion, without passion you cannot hone a skill, passion creates a string of consistency which in turn makes you better as you go on.

The Process Of Filtering

Now failing is an aspect that comes with creating, it's through this process that chose to become the kind of creator you want to be. I was born into a family that loved books, I read the ideas of a lot of authors, and as I grew, I use to relate a lot of my experiences with the things I've read, while I experienced a lot of contradiction, this was how I began to form counter ideas.

To me, life doesn't always end well the way it's often portrayed, but then as I grew older I realized that many authors wrote these fiction in other to influence people to be better. I expressed my creating in so many aspects, I drew, I acted, I did comic paintings, I sculpted, and I wrote.

At the end of the day, I decided it was writing that I was better at. I did not necessarily fail in the other aspects, I just felt that writing was a way I could communicate better. However, writing came with genre as well, and I started out expressing my opinionated views as feedback to the ideologies held by others.

When Facebook became a thing for me in 2015 I got a gig through it, (Facebook) I was writing for a website, earning some side Monday. I was however still blogging on the side, even when I had no audience reading them. However, when I found a platform, an audience inadvertently came with it. Because it was paid, I had to change, had to adapt, had to give in more.

This is the issue with a lot of writers, they feel that they do not need to change as their style and methods were absolutely spot on. Once you become a paid author, this automatically changes.

This is because paid writing means you have to write to attract and captivate. In my time learning news-gathering and communication I came to understand that naturally, people are slowly distracted when it comes to reading, the advent of technology means people would prefer to look, watch rather than to pay attention or read.


The Influence Of An Audience

When it comes to writing on the internet, writing a periodical or blogging and more, there's the need to conform to the changes or the details suggested by the feedback of the reader, this is because their presence keeps you monetized. When I came to the chain in late 2017, it was the second time I experienced what it felt like to have an audience, howbeit, this time, a heterogeneous audience.

Should you be writing, the purpose determines what it turns out to become. To survive in a place as the chain, you eventually need to evolve, unless your niche is marketable and valuable already. However, a few people might not want to create here for the money, they might see the chain as a platform that doesn't conform to censorship and hence they're using it as a space to document their life work. Moreover, because the chain was mainly a "blog n' earn sphere" before it began to evolve, the feedback of people would eventually tilt you to some strings of change.

The Thing With Networking

Interaction is a way through which people find the need to change or become more. This is why I feel that the ability to network is a skill on its own that you need to possess as a content creator. When it comes to the creating and blogging spectrum, Hive is a conglomerate of diverse creators, with different niche and different backgrounds, style, ideologies and scope, what you'll call M.O. (modus operandi) and hence networking is the only way which they can find common ground.

This networking, however, is a way through which diverse creative concepts are created. Different people with different types of exposures have a way of influencing themselves and hence, this is how brilliant ideas are being born. When there's an interconnection between creator and consumers, vice versa there's bound to be a change, not totally, but in some important aspect.

People learn how to network by consistently interacting and studying what works better. Engagement is part of networking and through the process, people learn how to consume rightly and how to relay the appropriate feedback.

Realizing How Important It is To be Paid $$$

Not even on the blockchain alone, networking is how many brand Influencers gain traction on social medias. There must be an attraction that brings and keeps an audience, and this singular skill is what keeps a lot of creators on the internet in business. When hive becomes bigger for example, it would become even more difficult to keep an audience for example and this is because better creators will come, and the big investors will choose the contents through which they can pitch their support.

It's purely business, nothing more. Back to creating, if you're planning to be monetized, you'll definitely have to move with trend and change, this is because there's competition for the $$$$ and sometimes the feedbacks of consumers determines the change a content creator should cultivate.

Honing your creative skills in general is often proportional to how you study what works or what doesn't. Networking and creating are two skills that maligns, eventually it takes you very far.

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You be boss o. You've been here since 2017? That's quite long. But I'm glad you believe in this system That's why you sticked around and made adjustments in the process.

People learn how to network by consistently interacting and studying what works better.

It is always good to understand what works better. That is why some newbies come, in few days, they will start complaining they ain't earning anything instead of them to calm down, understand the system and know what works better and for them.
Sincerely, it is really not that easy, but it is worth it on the long run.

Chairman, not really. Truth is I registered my account on 11 of September 2017 but I got really active in December and fully functional by January 2018. It's been a ride. Even with my experience with blogging in general, you learn by studying trend and understanding what is truly viable.
Not a lot of people have the patience. Learning in general sometimes can be totally frustrating.

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I actually started around june 2018, lost my first account cause my phone broke down. It was really terrible but I learnt my lesson. Later registered another on May 2018.

You are actually right man. We need to be flexible in order to adapt to the evolving pattern of the system and the world in general.

I actually started around june 2018, lost my first account cause my phone broke down. It was really terrible but I learnt my lesson. Later registered another on May 2018.

That's really bad, nevertheless sha, you've done well for yourself over the years. When I started out, I don't write finance but as time went on, I actually added it to my portfolio because it was viable. My next up is actually add gaming as well, it's been difficult, but then, I'll have to try it out.

Nice to know you switched to finance over time and yes, it is viable. I think you will do well in gaming as well. You could consider playing the game first.

Hey Josediccus
I would love to read your story from Steem to Hive from 2017 to today.
Today is your day to shine like the king of the hill.


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Hahaha so you've seen it, I hit four years on the blockchain today, totally staggering. I'm emotional myself. It's been an amazing ride for me. I'll do that tomorrow.

Sweet. I am helping a friend that started almost same time same year. Looking at what you accomplish in the community and where you are, it is unbelievable. I do not know if you bring funds into Hive or steem but where you are and where you are going is like a dream for many if they can even come close to the work you put in.
I check your account from time to time. I see you did not falter lately. You do you and let the community adds their spin.
Another four year you will be on top of the world.
As you know each of us has our own world, no need for weird competition when you need to compete with yourself.
Enjoy what the blockchain is giving you. I can tell it was not easy.
Hard work, smart work always pay off.


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Now failing is an aspect that comes with creating, it's through this process that chose to become the kind of creator you want to be

This is something a lot of people need to know.

However, a lot of people think people who have succeeded never failed.

A lot of people think hive is about writing and I always shake my headed when I hear that.

The real thing on hive and most social media is the people.

Yes, content is king but the people , the relationships and the communities are the king maker.

I will be writing a post on this in the next couple of days..

Nice post once again

A lot of people think hive is about writing and I always shake my headed when I hear that.

It's definitely not just about writing, hive has many aspect. Take a look at how gamers in Splinterlands are making humongous money, truth is, failing comes with it. Failing Comes with every aspect of hive, you only continue and find ways to do things rather differently. Hive is already a haven with many communities and projects. Just find the ability to network right and bring Value in your own way.

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True brother ...

Honestly that passion to want to create is very important because without it you’ll just be frustrated or end up creating nonsense

Yeah, you need that passion more than anything I tell you. It motivates you to an extent until you make it a habit, then it becomes part of you.

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I would probably have to agree with you that people need to maintain at least some quality. Just look at people kind of need really good videos otherwise it won't help much in grabbing people's attention.

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you have a lot of experience in blogging

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thanks so much for this @josediccus
You've inspired me a lot

Hey @josediccus, here is a little bit of BEER from @pouchon for you. Enjoy it!

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I silently read your content but never comment.
But this piece right here is a gem.
I just had to let you know.

From your writing style to the solid points made while conveying the main message is stellar. Thank you so much for using your content to guide.

I am still new, so I am a bit confused sometimes but I plan to remain consistent and be open to evolving.

Thank you once again @josediccus!

Woooow thank you, that was two months ago,how did you get to see it? Since its been way too long?
Anyways I try to educate myself while educating and informing others in the process and hence, the purpose for some of my contents. Anyways I believe you can do better in the long run, i'll follow to also monitor your progress

That goes to show you how far back I have delved into your content and it is really inspiring to read and see.

Oh my 😭@josediccus. Thank you for following and engaging. I am truly grateful.

No qualms, if I get the time, I might chat you up on telegram, I mean discord. No issues, it's a gradual process. Don't force yourself to grow, grow naturally on your own term, however, be consistent.

Thanks a bunch @josediccus