Splinterlands: The Guarantee To Sustained Value?

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In my post here about splinterlands here where o talked about the bizare but thrilling economy of splinterlands, a commentor asked me, what was the guarantee that those cards that sold for such audacious amount of amount was going to retain value when it's actually resold. Then I told him that there was no guarantee. Basically, one cannot compare a blockchain project to traditional crypto in itself.

While cryptos value can be generic and reckoned with by Crypto holders, the value of an NFT gaming card as splinterlands can only be recognized and reckoned with by the users of that system. Like a regular NFT, the value is made possible due to the system, the virtual assets like the lands that are sold on the game is to mine resources that would make it possible to bring an even more lucrative aspect to the game.

Definitive In Value

For example, a regular art work can only be appreciated by the people who can interpret it's utility, usefulness and this is how they can place worth or value to it. However, art doesn't have a definite value and this is because it provides little or no utility, there's no reproductive use case to it, it can hardly generate money, residually, actively or passively because it's more of a property rather than assets.

NFTs however, is like redefining the concept of art, bringing buyers to sellers and out of the blue, artists can mint their real life art and as a result of its exposure, it has a proper chance of getting recognized. However, splinterlands cards are the better advanced definition of am NFT card, this is because the system in which it's being used makes it easier to place the valuation of price due to things like rarity, scarcity, or even its functionality in bringing even more rewards.

Proprietory Value

Splinterland's dynamism is what keeps it going, the ability to switch features, creating even more need to own assets by the in-game players and this has managed to keep it relevant so far. The way it drives the players require to "want" more, it's ability to spark up a creative diversification of money into many forms of assets, and how it is totally rewarding for those who have more skin in the game. How about that, the ability to bring lucrative compounding value?

However, irrespective of how these "mad money" keeps flying, enriching people out of the blue. The concept of the game is to reward real OG's and those that has kept playing and buying more assets overtime. We must understand that nothing is guaranteed in Crypto, especially if you look at how the system is flexible and participatory. Not everyone is always lucky with making the right decisions, but blockchain projects like splinterlands has thrived due to the value generated within the system.

Play2earn The Next Big Thing

Apart from this, we must understand that gaming is the next big thing, play2earn is taking over the gaming industry. More people are looking to monetize their gaming time and a game like splinterlands brings the excitement, the thrill and the vibes as well as topping it up with massive monetary prices. However, I'll explain what I mean by uncertain guaranteed of value overtime.

Most people use a lot of money to go gamble, play lotteries with 50/50 chances, they see it as the thrills that comes with gaming. Some others are putting in money in games where they need to buy more characters or unlock some special features to actually move to the next stage. Now the money these people have put in is totally lost, they're invested in it for the entertainment without even any promise of rewards or return. So it people can do that to in these games, why can't they do so in Splinterlands and even have a bigger prospect of earning their investment and more?

Creating Real-time Digital Wealth

My point is, inasmuch as value to Splinterlands isn't guaranteed overtime, people can still invest, take out their investment and continue using their profits to even generate more rewards. A lot of people apply the phenomenon of risk to NFT investing. But it is this is so, how then can one participate and increase their chances of rewards? Generally I don't know how valuable Splinterlands might become, nevertheless this doesn't influence my desire to slowly grow overtime.

In fact, the bigger players are aiming to own even more digital, cards and landed assets, without looking at cost, prices or the market. Surely greed will always be a major factor. But the fact that everyone wants to spend to secure a particular standing is driving up the value of these assets and keeping the system valuable as well as worthwhile.

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we must understand that gaming is the next big thing, play2earn is taking over the gaming industry.

Splinterlands is so undervalued in my opinion

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It definitely is, I'm not a big player yet, but I have invested about $400 totally and I haven't regretted it whatsoever. It's taking hive many places.

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Nothing can be guaranteed(value of card) but we make judgement based on information available to us.It does not look SL and play2earn economy is going to slow down(r1s2g3)
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Thanks for the curation. Yeah, I do believe that nothing is guaranteed in regards to the prices but the cards are used to get more reward, which means there's still an aspect of value, just that we cannot determine the degree. Thanks for curating again

I know we have alot of ways to invest in splinterlands and I don't want to miss any if it.

I bought few cards and my rating is kinda high now but I don't want to miss out on sps which is a real deal. Already have 3500 but I want something like 10k to start with but I'm not forcing it though.

Splinterlands I love it and I want to grow gradually.

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You mean collection power when you said "your rating"? Actually newer leagues requires higher collection power. But if have have 3500 sps like you said then that's huge. The game has different ways to invest in.

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Yeah Collection power.My target now is 5k sps and grow from there.

I'm taking it slow and steady

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I don't really know why this is so, but you can contact the devs on discord to see whether they can help you with this.

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I caved in and I decided to pursue a new strategy regarding my DEC in the game. Rather than just holding them for DEC, I am just going to increase my rental income and make that completely passive. So there is a lot of ways to earn over at Splinterlands. I bought 2 cards earlier today but I think I am going to sit until tomorrow morning to buy more since I prefer prices I am satisfied with.

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I have no rental Income since I need my cards for their collection power. However I want to build my SPS so that after the airdrop I can reinvest them into cards again. It's a slower process for me.

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It's slow but getting enough power so you can get rewards should be a priority. At least that way you can at least still grow. However eventually you might get some leftover cards to rent out and start a new source of passive income.

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You're definitely right, however, money helps to make these decisions better. I believe I'm getting there.

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Although I am a beginner in it, but I want to ask, is it difficult to compete in the game?
Or how much investment is enough to be able to compete?
For example, Untamed pack was $2 and became more than $50.

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There's no limit to how much you can invest. The more your money, determines how far you can go. But you can still play in rh novice league just for the fun of it.

Hello ... I'm just starting with this game, I know that this game will have its boom one day. As soon as I started with the first letters, I have not been able to invest much because my budget is not that high, but I know that I will continue to advance.

Yeah, it's the same with me, I have a pretty low budget as well, but I'm growing it on a daily basis. It's a long-term process for me.

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I agree this is the future!!