A Sad Sud Song. (An Original Poetry)

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A Sad Sud Song.

here is a sad sud song,
to serenade your stone cold heart
melt it furthest
like knife into butter,
for my vocals, calls
like some sweet siren bawls
but your ears are sleeping
shut from alien lulls
like a bomerang,
on strong steady walls

This fake feigned grins
are like floating rosemary.
with no depth.
a sea of hope,
is quenched by a long,
lone mope.
and a night of stars
is quickly turned
to some floor flood tears.

Your smile is a fraud,
like a stone that blinks
only when the sun makes it wink
a sweeping palm frond
that scrapes joy away.
it's like a swing
that goes south and east
pointing to goblets and poison
sour bread and raisins

Here's a sad sud song
from one mad tard tongue
for I took just one glad turn
to voyage with you
but shipwrecks and ghouls
awaits at the peak
of your sweetest love

This touch is revealing,
sighs totally heaving,
your road is mystery
filled with long sturdy thorns
and at the end lies a casket
Of guitars and xylophones
that sang short witty songs
yet still seeks closure.
here's a sad sud song.

To quell
your stone cold heart!
here's a flower
to make this hour worthwhile
your beau is a banquet
and your wine is blood
from my beating throat.
your words are arrows
that aims swiftly
like fast paced sparrows.
till I love you, to love no more

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Your talent always amazes me. Do not ever change!

Hello @snook thanks a whole lot, sadly these poems don't get enough appreciation through comment and rewards. I'm glad you commented though it means a whole lot to me it's a personal poem that talks about disappointment of love

I know.
I AM happy you still post them though.

Definitely, for me poetry is a core expressive nature and I've got and irrespective of appreciations or not, I still manage to put it out. I hope you're well?

You’re one of most creative writer in our entire Hive community

Splendid, Thanks a whole lot Nathan, I'm appreciative.

I loved your poem. A true sad song that reflects the pain for a love that does not correspond to you and also has a hard and cold heart.

I haven't suffered from that yet, but I imagine it must be horrible.

Thank you for sharing.

Beautiful, deep, intense poem. ¡Bravo! @josediccus