The LEO Dilemma Part 2: Why I've Changed My Mind About Changing My Curation

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The LEO saga continues. I think we've got a nice and healthy debate going here which was one of the main purposes of my post. I got you in here by using a little clickbaitery because no, I'm not just going to curate content the way I was before.

In fact, I don't think any of us will curate content the way we did before after participating in this discussion.

With a community like ours, curation is a living, breathing organism. Our habits will change with every little action we take, word we read or content we create.


  • I'm still curating LeoFinance content and reading it all the time
  • If you enjoy writing quality content about LeoFinance, keep doing it
  • I want to see more non-LeoFinance content about interesting crypto/finance subjects that attract non-Leo users (again, building a healthier ratio of content)
  • I don't want to see more non-Leo content at the expense of Leo content
  • I think there are a lot of great pieces of non-Leo content getting under-rewarded and under-engaged with. I plan to personally be a part of changing that with my upvotes and with my comments (the intended purpose of my post earlier today)
  • I like debating with all of you and believe our stake is what we use to debate and dictate our feelings about rewards in real-time
  • ♥️🦁

The comments were stacking up in my last post ("Part 1") and in other subsequent posts that I saw follow up to mine (like @hitmeasap). I plan on jumping in and leaving direct comments to as many people as I can, but I also would like to point people back to my longer-winded answer here in this post.

Curation is Not Binary

Humans like to think in binary terms. Black and white.

Curation is far from a binary activity - unless, of course you are using an autovoting bot that simply says yes or no to a set of authors.

With manual curation (the topic of this discussion), we are constantly evolving our methodologies and points of view.

My last post discussed the importance of curating Non-LEO topic posts. This post will play a middle-ground/devil's advocate role.

The first point I'd like to start off with is that curation is not a binary activity. I just stated in my last post that I am going to start giving more weight behind my upvotes (which includes @leo.voter, for better or worse) toward content that is non-LEO related.

With that in mind: I am not ignoring LEO content. Quite the opposite, as I've said in a few comments I've left around. 80% of my content diet is reading LEO-related content.

This means posts.
This means comments.
This means discussions on Discord.
Tweets... etc.

LEO is the primary source of my content diet for a number of reasons but the best example is what we're seeing here in real-time. I want to be the kind of person who hears all of your perspectives.

I believe that this best products are built by having a thorough understanding of the customer and their needs coupled with a healthy bit of narcissism in thinking that I know what you want and need better than you do.

The way Steve Jobs approached building products like the iPhone is not by simply understanding what the customers wanted and needed. He had to extrapolate what they would want and need in the future.

I'm no Steve Jobs but I do like to imagine that I can absorb all of your posts and comments to understand what you desire from this platform and then do my part to make a better experience for you both today and tomorrow.

Where Did My Post Come From?

My post from earlier today came from user feedback. I've seen plenty of people telling me two sides of this story:

  1. Content about LeoFinance is over-rewarded
  2. Content about LeoFinance deserves to be over-rewarded

User feedback drives a lot of my knowledge about the current status of things and also helps me map out where we're trying to go.

In my opinion, there is a glitch in the matrix. An imbalance. A problem that needs some attention.

I want to reiterate that I think LEO-based content is awesome. I want you to keep making it. I said that in my post and I think everyone understood that for the most part.

Seeing people talk about LeoFinance, how it's changed their life and why they enjoy using it is not something I want to see disappear or die off by any means.

So What is The Goal?

My goal is simply to rebalance the ratio of content we see on LeoFinance. I said this in a comment to @hitmeasap: we all get to choose how we vote and we all have an ideal vision of what kind of content we'd see on this platform.

To me, my ideal content feed for LeoFinance looks something like this per 10 posts:

8 great pieces of content that have nothing to do with LeoFinance
2 great pieces of content that have everything to do with LeoFinance

In other words: a healthy mix of people discussing content that will drive in readers and new attention and also a collection of content that will teach and inspire those users (and our existing base) about LeoFinance.

We All Believe the Same Thing

After reading over 100 comments from my post and others about this topic, I am happy to report that the #1 impression I got is this:

We all want LeoFinance to succeed.

I think this is fundamental to growing our platform. We all want to see new users. We all want to see more attention. We all want to see more investors and more content creators. Growth is the goal.

The nuances of how we choose to reward content that we see on the platform is always going to carry some level of debate. That is good. That is healthy.

I keep mentioning Hitmeasap, but here is something he replied to me with which adds a lot of perspective to this discussion:

"People having success on LeoFinance are likely to talk about LeoFinance with friends and family, and they are likely to share their experiences outside of LeoFinance.

This leads to more users and we will be able to keep the users once they arrive as they have joined because of real stories and numbers instead of hoax and bs-stories like we've seen in the past regarding Steem for instance.

People are not likely to join LeoFinance and become a contributing user because of a good article they read about BTC. They will consume the content, or in other words read the article before they close it and move on to the next.

People are more likely to join and contribute if they can relate to something personal, like another Lion's experience for instance.

That's what I'm talking about in terms of user experience. Users will be rewarded for their efforts with time, leo-related or non-related content, because sooner or later, it will happen naturally.

Like I said in my previous comment. I just hope this will become more balanced and not make it so LEO-related content are not being curated at all, because that would be a very bad move." - by hitmeasap

I really enjoy this perspective and he actually did make me loosen my grip on the reins a bit in terms of how I would curate (hence the partially clickbaity title of this post).

This idea of "success stories" is something that @taskmaster4450 also reiterated in his comments. I believe in this phenomenon as well and I don't want to see this dampened or die off in any way, shape or form.

Again, I think people are taking this discussion too literally. Many are looking at this in binary terms: either you have LEO content or you have non-LEO content.

I don't believe that even slightly. I think we will always have a mix and I know that I will personally always curate content that I believe adds value to LeoFinance.

One of the types of content that I was particularly targeting are these "I powered up x LEO" posts. The majority of these carry maybe 5 sentences of text along with a screenshot of some LEO being powered up.

Intent is a Powerful Thing

Generally, I think intent is a pretty clear thing. When I see a post like the one I just described, I see the intent as farming the rewards pool and milking LEO from whales who like to see people powering up.

I like to see people power up too, but I don't like to see people milking the pool. I know that there's a camp of people here on LeoFinance that also don't like to see people milking the pool (I know this because this has been continuously sent to me in DMs asking why x post earned 80+ LEO for 4 sentences describing "another day I powered up LEO" along with 10 posts prior to it with similar characteristics).

So How Am I Really Going to Curate??

Under the context of intent, I hope to leave everyone with this message about my curation habits: I fully plan on curating both content about LeoFinance and content about general crypto/finance.

I hope all of you do the same, but the value of decentralized content curation is that you get to decide for yourself. Your votes are not binary.

You, me and this entire ecosystem are a living and breathing group of people who generally like a few of the same subjects (crypto, fiannce and LeoFinance). We don't have to be one thing or the other.

My Intent is that we see a more healthy ratio of LeoFinance content to non-LeoFinance content (especially in terms of what earns the most rewards). To @hitmeasap's last point in the above comment:

"I just hope this will become more balanced and not make it so LEO-related content are not being curated at all, because that would be a very bad move."

I hope for the exact same thing. Let's make content creation/curation more balanced.. not weighted unevenly to one side or the other. I don't want to see content about LeoFinance getting squashed. I just want to see the pedestal for other content have a fair shot at being raised to the same level both in terms of rewards AND engagement.

Thank you for bearing with my rambling. After digesting more than a hundred comments about this and thinking about it all day, I felt the need to put my thoughts to paper. I think we're all aligned in terms of our mission here and I simply want to grow and evolve as a curator on this platform. I hope you desire the same and support both LeoFinance content and non-LeoFinance content.

Your stake is your voice, so get out there and tell us what content you believe is beneficial to our platform and what isn't. That's all I ever expect from curators.

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Your stake is your voice, so get out there and tell us what content you believe is beneficial to our platform and what isn't.

Would think that what is beneficial for each individual personally (on any given day) would be what is beneficial for the platform. Always found it strange to vote for things that others would like / become popular

edit. all things finance being the topic

I'll be honest. LEO content about LEO became boring and repetitive pretty fast. I can't think of a time I bought a newspaper or magazine that only talks about itself. Hive had the same problem. Steem was terrible for it. I glanced at Blurt, they're doing it. It's everywhere. It's annoying everywhere.

100%. We want to have a platform of diversity and content coverage that can serve a wide audience of crypto/financial minded people. If we only talk about Leo, then we only service leo people.

A healthy mix of the two is what I want to see. This message gets clouded in the noise of binary “this is good and this is bad” logic

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And those who are not capable of creating worthy content are not excluded. The consumer rewards have everyone else covered. You want the outside to see consumers being rewarded for filling that role as well. There's still something for everyone.

A few months ago, when you moved to 'flat' curation, I set this account to follow the leo curation account with my votes.

1, I'm lazy, and 2, I trust you to be voting the content you want at the top of the pile.

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One of the types of content that I was particularly targeting are these "I powered up x LEO" posts. The majority of these carry maybe 5 sentences of text along with a screenshot of some LEO being powered up.

Agree with you especially when this is all the person posts.

However, I think we will be able to better "moderate" that once the microblogging is released. That is the ideal content for that whereas the "long blog" section is for more serious works.

Personally, I think once that feature is released, that is where many will be spending most of their time.

Thus, we will have a place for all content. That doesn't navigate the Leo versus non-leo minefield but it does put the intent and effort on a different level.

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It's a proven bait to lure in wales though and something that will stop once the whales aren't biting anymore. People should care less about whales and focus on other fish instead.

Its alot easier to catch other fish and that's still food on the table. So to speak.

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Very true. It is always a stepping up process.

Try to appeal to those accounts just slightly larger than yours and move up. There will be a lot more of them than Whales, and they can help carry you up especially as those accounts get larger and more powerful.

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Yeah, attention from larger accounts is basically a shortcut to personal growth, but it would be impossible for the few whales we have on LeoFinance to curate everyone with 100% votes, so that would be like fishing for real..

  • A long and boring waiting game. (I don't like to fish...)

A better approach would obviously be to go for smaller fish, in an attempt to score upvotes of any size, as those votes will add up eventually.

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The power of numbers. Few seem to really internalize it.

While the vote amount might be small, there are hundreds as compared to a handful. Plus, a closer bond establishes between those growing together.

There was a time my hive account was teeny. There are people who I interact with today who were with me at minnow level. Today, we are all orcas.

Over the past 3+ years, we grew together.

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Plus, a closer bond establishes between those growing together.

This is so true, and it also makes things fun.

I've made a bunch of friends over the years and even though the majority of us never grew into orcas, (and literally everyone I ever brought to Steem gave up), I'm still here.

With LeoFinance, engagement came back in the way I've always wanted, so it's like giving me (us) a second chance of being part of something cool again. A chance I'm definitely going to take.

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I agree that microblogging will radically change the dynamics. To some degree, this conversation is relevant today and will be much less relevant in less than 1 month.

The debate over rewards will never end. I have my perspective and each person in the community has a unique one.

I think there’s generally a gap in great content being overlooked. This combined with the fact that some of these quick posts about staking LEO are earning 20x more rewards is what has driven a lot of users to send me messages/make posts and comments about the issue.

I think this is a self-regulating process. The whales/curators/community will evolve and adapt as complaints are aired out and new features are added

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these quick posts about staking LEO are earning 20x more rewards

Like you said, the debate over rewards will never end.

Something I thought about in the past, was to limit the amount of times someone can vote on a specific author per 24 hour. This would obviously affect authors who produced multiple articles per day, but it could potentially be something that would prevent some authors to post 'garbage' as well.

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I agree that microblogging will radically change the dynamics. To some degree, this conversation is relevant today and will be much less relevant in less than 1 month.

It will be if we made it so.

We are going to have to be diligent about notifying people of posts that belong in the microblogging section as opposed to long form. This is where the community will have to step up.

I dont know what the maximum number of words are for the microblogging but that makes a good cut off point. If a blog is below 200 words, it always should be in that section.

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Not sure how microblogging will play out, or how it will actually work.. But from the little information I have so far, it does sound like a very cool idea.

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From what I understand, it will have the look of Twitter so anyone who used that platform will feel comfortable with it.

However, from the blockchain perspective, it will be treated as comments. Thus, it does not appear as a blog post in your profile but under the comment section. This will avoid the "mess" that could come in both personal profiles and in community feeds.

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It sounds very interesting..

Do you know how it will work in terms of auto votes?
I mean, the first thing that pops up in my head is "tweets" that are rewarded highly.

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Comments do not get upvoted on autovoters I dont think.

I am going to write a post but I believe there needs to be another token for the "tweets".


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I think we have seen what overrewarding shill turns into. Leo content should be rewarded because it is Leo content, it should be rewarded if it adds value to the platform, discussion and user base. For wider adoption, good non-Leo content should be rewarded and shared.

The odd shill is fine, but with the token value so high (great) and some curators focusing on Leo content heavily, there is a dilution of quality, but it is still getting rewarded heavily, because it has Leo in the title. Curators should be a little more discerning than that and I hope they adjust so that value-adding content gets rewarded.

Everyone has a different idea of value of course.

Very well said. I agree - shilling is great in moderation (like most things). When it is done at the expense of other things, it becomes a problem.

In my opinion, the run in price and new users has caused a major focus on rewarding only content that mentions Leo. It’s fine to reward that content, but it’s not a great thing if that’s the only content receiving the rewards.

Rebalancing the incentives is extremely important. Support all good crypto/finance content when it benefits the platform.

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I don't want to see more non-Leo content at the expense of Leo content

Does programming related content fall under the nin-Leo content? I'm guessing so. But even if it's blockchain or finance related?

Leo content is content about Leo.

Non-Leo content is content about other finance or cryptocurrencies.

The discussion does not include content that is not related in any way to Leofinance which focuses upon Finance and Crypto.

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General programming stuff is probably best for STEM, but I do think there is often a place to talk about it here in terms of how it impacts certain aspects of crypto/finance. So it depends :)

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8 great pieces of content that have nothing to do with LeoFinance
2 great pieces of content that have everything to do with LeoFinance

i made a comment on your other post explaining while i agree with that logic, so i am gonna share with you my "curation strategy"

i tend to do everything manually, when i upvote something it means i read it and usually comment on it, but i get it this is due to the time someone got.

Now regarding the content. I check my feed first, those people are a priority for me as i have chosen them, one to one and then i explore new content.

I usually wanna upvote and read stuff that i like but at the same time be a little diverse in terms of the context. So i won't upvote only posts around leo, or around cryptos but around everything else!

Also, sometimes if i see a post that's not on my feed reach 50-60 Leo, i will prefer to go find another quality one with low regards and upvote it. I think my 0,10 leo or lower will be much more appreciated by someone who has 0,5-10 leo as total rewards than someone who has 80! it will also motivate him!

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I agree, then this is your defision me nothing prevents me from reading a nice post on LEO and then I can easily vote for it.

What you propose is not an absolute prohibition but a suggestion to the community, explaining your point of view which is absolutely acceptable

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I really enjoy this perspective and he actually did make me loosen my grip on the reins a bit in terms of how I would curate (hence the partially clickbaity title of this post).

Even though I am glad to be personally mentioned in this article, what's more important is that you actually listen to the community, and you think about both sides of the fence so to speak.

  • This proves that.

Many of us knew that prior to this as well, but statements like this is rock-solid evidence that you listen to- and care about the community and its users, regardless of their stake.

I admit that my recent article and my comments was made due to me being worried about how the rest of the community would react to your previous article. I personally knew that your intentions was never to stop curating leo-related content, I think you did a good job of highlighting that in your previous part, but reading the comment section raised some concerns so I just had to be vocal about these things.

Thanks for spending the time and clarifying things even further.

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I think one of the biggest reasons people create a lot of Leo posts is the abundance of them in the Curators pick section. But in last post you mentioned that you've already changed that.
If people see that Leo content is most regarded this incentives writing Leo content yourself.
What I was wondering is what makes blog end up in that section?
From your 1st blog I understood that it's kind of your selection or am I wrong about that?
More diverse content in that prominent section of Leofinamce will certainly stimulate the creation of different content in my opinion.

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You're right, we all have our stake and can curate what we want and each of us has a different preference. However, there should be a balance somewhere as otherwise it's discouraging.

My goal is simply to rebalance the ratio of content we see on LeoFinance.

I've been using Leo for sometime now and lately had the impression of how I put food on the table with Leo type of content got rewarded way better than other type of content. As many say, we need to encourage these people, I get that.

But let's look at the other side of the coin.

The main idea to grow the community and the power of the community is to earn and stake as stake is what helps us to go forward. Many, me included are staking everything and have never cashed out a penny in our life to be able to have some stake here. Therefore I can never do a post about how Leo has saved my life and helped me to put food on the table, unless I'm lying to get a big vote, which I would never do. It's been a bit discouraging and for others too I believe as it's not fun to work an hour or two on a post and get 1 Leo, especially if English is not your first language.

There should be a balance as otherwise it's discouraging to those who are building something here by staking.

I'm happy with your plan and looking forward to seeing how the front page will look like in the future.

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Though moderation is the key to everything in life, non-leofinance contents needs to be appreciated as well. If voted contents are restricted to leofinance contents only, then we'll be having very few and countable active authors on the platform as many do not know what to post regarding leofinance since most key informations about th Leo have been published. Thank you for the opportunity to air my reviews. Thank you @khaleelkhazi

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LEO is the primary source of my content diet for a number of reasons but the best example is what we're seeing here in real-time.

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Great. It seems i did the unthinkable. Not reading part 1 but read part 2 and guessed what was in part 1 😋👌🙈
My goal- write and curate the posts i like- leo or non leo does not matter. Don't worry how much others are earning. I am earning enough based on how engaged and active i am.
Keep up the good work.


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This is a tough subject, while this is a financial blog, and you could argue that Non-Leo content could serve as a draw to following a search page link, it can also be argued that the Leo content brings people here instead of other Financial information. I think it’s the chance to blog, earn and be part of a community that makes Leo special, so Leo content will always be essential. Perhaps content which both contains non-Leo Financial content, which is also ties into to Leofinance should be encouraged?

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Content about something else will be like a breather of new life, I guess people should blog about leo but then other type of contents can take center stage too. Let's take a direct new path and promote guys with non Leo contents but stunning finance niche based contents

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It is possible that hobby posts are made on a HIVE Blockchain. In LeoFinance,I think it is professional by finance.

In any case, Because of most users came to LeoFinance to collect or earn Cryptocurrencies,it's good to discuss or share about Crypto and Finance.

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Crypto and Finance are the focus.

Non-Leo content does not mean posting about hobbies. It refers to posts that are not about Leofinance.

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

Do not miss the last post from @hivebuzz:

The Hive Gamification Proposal #2

I think we should Expendables our community to Leo and non leo content like mixture of all type of financial topic

Did Leo do away with the exponential penalty to little votes?

I believe it is on the LEO side.

Of course, for any hive associated with a vote, that is still under the same protocol since that is driven by blockchain.

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Let me rephrase the question, did leo change the voting penalty that occurs when votes are below a 20 hive threshold?
I contend that this was class warfare more than abuse mitigation.
I, for one, will be glad when I can no longer make that charge.
I'd like to see that curve go away, and those that advocated it addressed about it.
This one change did almost as much damage as ned's kneecappening.
Comment votes disappeared.

Hugs. Successes at Hive in their publications and curations, is my sincere wish. Omar G Rojas Ortiz from Cumaná-Venezuela.

Spamming comments is frowned upon by the community. Continued comment spamming may result in the account being Blacklisted.

I cannot agree more with you, I hope to see more post about other topics than LeoFinance. When I will have more HP I will do something similar to you.

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The way you are approaching the subject is being very interesting and productive, @khaleelkazi.

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I personally think that you should devote more time into curating non-LEO related contents that have the potential of doing well on the SEO. Nevertheless, the remainder of your time might go into LEO related posts, which I also enjoy reading. The truth is that it is only through the latter kind of posts that most of us get to know what is happening around here. So, it is very important too.

This post of yours is quite long but I didnt know when I reached the end. Keep up the great job.

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It's a good start. I think this approach would help incentivize users that are hesitant to post non-Leo content in general because the Leo content topics get most of the spotlight. It also helps loosen some obstacles to onboarding especially for new users that are entering into crypto talks as a beginner. It's natural to expect people new to crypto would have less to contribute from the common discussions surrounding crypto but they would be more familiar with traditional personal finance talks.

I think the value on this curation approach is letting new users get a feel for the platform until they increase their cryptofinance smarts and scale up to cryptofinance topics along the way.

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I think this is good news, because I felt the same about posting on Hive about Hive for people on Hive to read. I used to get so frustrated sharing my recipes on Hive for a $7 post payout, meanwhile posts about Hive would get $20 to $30 payouts, making things frustrating to say the least.

I still struggle with getting good post payouts, and a one good article on Medium can still pay more than 8 hours a day efforts on Hive for a month. I think this news is promising, cause I have a lot of finance related ideas for posting, but very few of them revolve around LEO.


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It is great to have a balance for the posts curated either if they come from Leo Finance engagement, Hive fundamental holding or cryptocurrencies and finance. But on the other side I feel that some other domains like Stocks are simply less rewarded than they should.

I am invested in cryptocurrency and stocks and this year the two of them intertwine themselves and boost the financial earning. I saw people coming into the stocks space like @fhk007 which for the moment didn't post anymore for about 16 days. Maybe he doesn't have time or maybe the curation doesn't equal his valued information.

The one suggestion that I could do would be to encourage more stocks posts and also curate those that bring value and opportunities.

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Well this is really nice!! I like seeing how LeoFinance is growing and diversifying to other content that I think is going to attract outsiders to see this as some kind of news platform.

I write about economic psychology, trading and finances mostly, I write little about Leo or Crypto in general and this is because @globalcurrencies is a small company focused on bringing this kind of content to people in different platforms and I decided to use LeoFinance as my blog spot, so I tell people to follow the links to the articles in other apps like Instagram as shown bellow:

Image 2.jpg

I think that just like I'm thinking about LeoFinance (news platform), maybe some other investors and people in general can think about it too

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What you're saying is both a lot to digest, and very simple to grasp. As one who began with Steemit in 2016, moved to Hive along with most of the community, but has participated relatively little over the years (too focused on the day job), I remain a noob. There's a lot of detail to get one's head around regarding the platform, etiquette, and what constitutes valuable contribution to the community as a whole.

I've written several drafts of unpublished posts in which I'm "onboarding" myself, as I figure out how things seem to work. Eventually, I came to realize I was overthinking it all. Those posts are getting published eventually, but my stressing over "getting something wrong" is over.

What matters most, to my view, is

  • posting authentic content oneself,
  • engaging sincerely with members of the community (read as much or more than you post yourself, and respond to others),
  • listening to the comments of others,
  • upvoting content one finds "good," and welcoming others not already here aware of the value that is here.

What matters is the usefulness to the community of content the participants provide. I don't think we want to inadvertently foster tunnel vision, echo chambers, or navel-gazing.

Truly diverse, challenging (in the positive sense) content, which encourages us all to grow, building a place in which we all sharpen our minds on the content we participate in, is what I want to see and want to help - in my own small way - to create. (And, as I figure it out, to curate. Effective curation and application of resource credit is another thing I'm almost certainly overthinking.)

Mixed content in LeoFinance, all within the overarching theme of cryptocurrency and financial matters, not being solely focused on LEO, per se, is like adding a bit of salt to the ingredients of a meal. It brings out other flavors besides itself, providing depth and nuance and interconnections to information, people, and ideas that would not otherwise be present.

And in that, I am unanimous.

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Leo whales curator sometime ignore posts that have value but I get good vote from @leo.voter on my post with hive reward. However, the curation reward from leo curator is very low. More leo curator still enjoy curating content that talk about leo.

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at some point we see content from real estate to stocks to crazy investments like collectibles. It only needs time and more users.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Curating non Leo related post will bring more growth to the Leo community.

Also, powering up increases your resource credit that gives new users power to do more on the platform, like I haven't been able to do much on commenting because of not having enough Leo power. I'll only power up 90% of my all my leo so as to have more voice and engage more

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I fully plan on curating both content about LeoFinance and content about general crypto/finance.

That is very good move and i think everyone should curate with balanced way.

Well, i believe in diversity. That does not mean all type of content. I am talking about diversity in your finance and crypto content and also curator should have to focus on different finance and crypto topics instead of only leofinance realted content.

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Leo is a great place where we can learn about new projects and initiatives, share them, and discuss them with each other. If the feed is all about Leo, you're not expanding your horizons. Having a diverse feed can get the ecosystem booming!

Let's see where this goes!

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Wow... I still not using the leofinance page to post my finance and crypto related content, should do. Good luck leofinance community in growing up more, I am happy I got some Leo tokens in my wallet that I have earned through content, love it!!

my opinion about this is Leo topics and no leo topics, should be cured in the same way since both types of users who publish make a big effort in the same way, they both investigate, they both analyze and they both put a lot of effort to make a quality publication.

So both should be rewarded in the same way, another thing that should also change in terms of curating is something I will mention in a well and if I can I will put it here in the comments for you to see.

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I hope you don't mind me putting my noob's question here, @khaleelkazi:

As far as I got it, yesterday was the first Geyser distributuon for the Uniswap pool. I have no idea, where I can look it up, if it happened, how much....

Any news about that?

Thanks & keep up the inspiring work!

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