The Vision of INLEO

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By now you've probably seen, heard or even used Threads. Threads introduced Microblogging at scale to the Hive blockchain. Over the past decade, content creation and consumption has been on a steady trend of becoming more and more micro. Consumers want more information and they want it faster and quicker than ever before. The rise of Tik Tok is only the most recent example of this exponential decrease in attention span. While long-form content will always have its place - as we've seen with the rise of 2-3 hour Joe Rogan-style podcasting - short-form is king for the average consumer.

Many of you may not be familiar with the goal of INLEO. INLEO's mission is to build a thriving creator economy that is centered around digital ownership, tokenization and communities. Some may question if this actually has any value to the world. Do we really need another social media platform? Can a tiny startup and tiny community compete with the big dogs of Web2? Aren't all altcoins just scams? Do we need another token?

"No", "maybe" and "kind of" all come to mind as answers to these questions. The odds are incredibly not in our favor. Battling incumbents is never an easy task and they will throw everything in the book at you so that you fail and they continue to succeed. This all being said, the mission is necessary. It doesn't matter how you slice it - our data is becoming increasingly commoditized and it has never been more important than now to democratize digital identities.

The strategy of INLEO is to build a small (but powerful) initial base of users and a product that is nearly indistinguishable from Web2 (on the surface). Utilizing this base of users, we're able to build a massive content library that drives attention. Attention is monetized and that monetization drives value to the LEO token. People go where there is value and the value that LEO accumulates through this increasingly monetized attention ultimately leads to a pinwheel effect where more attention is gathered, monetized and driven back to - you guessed it, more attention.

Other Web3 platforms like INLEO have popped up all over the place. The idea of creating a "tokenized social media" is not entirely new. Why will INLEO succeed where others have not? The strategy of building an initial base of users on top of a product that is nearly indistinguishable from Web2 has not yet been successfully carried out... by anyone.

Initial Base of Users

Commonly referred to by our Web 3.0 peers as "Layer 0", the initial base of users can be considered the foundational layer of the value stack. Building an initial base of users is extremely important - nay, a requirement. You need this initial base to make any of the other key pillars work. Without the foundation of community, the entire plan falls apart. Creating an amazing product that is indistinguishable from Web2 requires feedback loops, testing and iterations. Our community of 1,600+ users (as of September, 2023) is the most vital notch in our organization.

Network effects also dictate that you need some initial network for the effects to take place. Network effects are what enabled Web2 platforms to grow to billions of users. With each new user, 10 new potential users are unlocked via network effects. Sustainable tokenization is a pinwheel on top of the building. Without wind (users), the pinwheel will not move anywhere. The initial users are the initial momentum that kickstarts the pinwheel of sustainable tokenization. Again, without an initial userbase, the final pillar of INLEO's strategy will not succeed.

Indistinguishable Product (On The Surface) From Web2

Product development is incredibly difficult. Anyone who tells you that creating a great product is easy is lying to your face. It is one thing to create a basic interface and add features to it. It is an entirely other thing to create a complex interface that is multi-layered, feature-rich and maintain it while adding new features over time. Look to Twitter (prior to Elon Musk taking over) as a great example. The initial product was great. The growth was great. Features were getting added. Eventually, complacency overtook the entire organization. They barely released 1 new feature per year. The reason? They got caught in a complacent cycle of laziness, doing the bare minimum to maintain Twitter services. Many platforms fall for the same trap of creating something and then resting on their laurels.

An indistinguishable product from Web2 is not about cloning Web2. It's about building a familiar experience to Web2. The User Interface doesn't necessarily need to look or feel like a UI from Web2... But the experience the User has as they flow through the UI for the first time needs to feel natural. It needs to feel familiar. Tik Tok did not just clone other platforms when it came out. They simply built something that was natural for users to utilize. How did they do it? Users were trained over the past decade to swipe up on their smartphones to scroll through content. Tik Tok took that broad action and added a fresh UI experience that was still familiar. Swipe up to get new content.

INLEO's team is obviously much smaller than Web2 companies who have thousands of developers and billions of dollars. That being said, a nimble team can build an incredible product. Look to any successful startup in the past 20 years as an example. You start small, build a great product and continue to build, innovate and iterate based on feedback. I think we have proven our capability to build technology where it didn't previously exist. INLEO's team has already released many architectural and infrastructure innovations on the Hive, Ethereum, BSC and Polygon Blockchains and there are plenty more yet to come. Our mission is to build a product that is indistinguishable from Web2 which means that the user experience is familiar, the onboarding is flawless, the bugs are minimal-to-none and the feeds are rich with relevant content.

Sustainable Tokenization

Sustainable tokenization is the final key pillar to INLEO's strategy to build a sustainable creator economy centered around digital ownership, tokenization and communities. Having a token for token's sake is not the important part here. Creators need to be rewarded and they can be rewarded in many ways other than giving them a token. Other Web2 platforms have already done creator revenue sharing but the difference between them and us is that with tokenization, creators can actually own the platform itself. On Web2, creators are beholden to the corporation running the platform. If they do something the platform doesn't like, they can get booted off the platform - losing all of their data, monetization and connection to their audience. The equivalent of your local government stepping in and just shutting the doors to your brick-and-mortar store with no warning and no recourse.

Tokenization allows creators and users to own the platform that they are generating value for with their content and interactions. After all, every interaction, time on site and piece of content that a user/creator contributes to the platform is adding value to it both in the short-term and in the long-term. Tokenization simply democratizes the distribution of that value and allows it to flow into the hands of the many, rather than the hands of the few. Though we have seen this experiment play out many times in the past in crypto - why is there a need for another token? Can't we use something like Bitcoin? Why do we need to create a new token when so many already exist?

Sustainable is the key operative word. We need a circular economy that can stand on its own two feet. True digital ownership means ownership at all layers. Users need to own their data but they also need to own the value they are contributing to the platform. By having its own token (LEO), INLEO enables creators and users to truly own the entire stack - data and value. INLEO's plan to drive sustainable tokenization is grounded in bringing real revenue into the ecosystem by monetizing the existing attention, inflows of readers from search engines and adding freemium-style features.

Currently, ~6,000 LEO is created on a daily basis. This 6,000 LEO is emitted through a decentralized rewards pool. This rewards pool allocates LEO to creators and consumers based on upvotes (think, likes). LEO POWER holders are able to dictate the flow of rewards. It is clearly in their best interest to vote content (allocate rewards) to where it would generate the most value for the platform as a whole. Since the platform primarily generates value from Ads, the curators (LEO stakeholders) are incentivized to upvote posts and threads that generate time-on-site and thus, ad views both in the short and long-term.

With 6,000 LEO emitted per day and the current price of $0.05 per LEO, $300 per day in value is emitted from the rewards pool. Can LEO capture $300 per day in value through sustainable revenue mechanisms? This is how LEO becomes sustainable from a tokenomics perspective. Let's run the math. Assume that the 467k page views that LEO had in the month of September is the bare minimum of ad views that the platform achieves. At a $1.85 CPM - which is our average CPM currently - this equates to $863.95 per month that LEO earns from advertisers. Bear in mind that on each page there are multiple ads that also rotate their banners. So 1 page view does not equal 1 ad view, but several ad views simultaneously + more views the longer the user is on the page.

We are using bottom of the barrel math though. So let's assume the worst case scenario of 1 page view = 1 ad view. That's roughly 3 days worth of LEO inflation that advertisers buy through the autonomous LeoAds contract. Now let's move to other revenue-generating mechanisms. As a utility token, LEO can generate a ton of value through two means: token sinks and freemium features. Token sinks are one-off features that allow users to burn a small amount of LEO in exchange for something. For example, promoting their post to the top of the list by burning 100 LEO or spending 0.1 LEO to translate an article from English to another language.

Freemium features are where things get really interesting. This is an entirely new strategy that INLEO has yet to implement. We're releasing this new feature before the end of 2023 and it will bring a whole new dynamic to driving revenue to the LEO ecosystem and providing more utility to the community. The idea of freemium INLEO is centered around the Orange Checkmark or what we're calling "LEO Premium". LEO Premium will unlock dozens of features that enhance the INLEO experience. Without premium, the core experience is still roughly the same. The whole model of Freemium is quite successful in the software world. X is now doing it with their blue checkmark service and it's working in a huge way, generating billions of dollars in annual revenue for X. When the feature goes live, I will update this post with facts, figures and a link to learn more about how the idea of LEO Premium is working in real-time.

Ad Revenue

Ad revenue is generated from ads displayed on the website. When users interact with ads (see or click), ad networks/individuals pay crypto into a smart contract. We call this smart contract "LeoAds". This LeoAds contract autonomously receives crypto from each advertiser and then converts that crypto into LEO using one of the liquidity pools on the Ethereum, BSC, Polygon or Hive blockchains. Ultimately, this creates a constant buyer of the LEO token through a fully autonomous Ads pool. This contract then takes the LEO it purchases and pools it in what we call the LeoAds rewards pool. From this rewards pool (separate from the LEO creator/user pool), users can earn extra LEO by holding LEO POWER and engaging on the platform. Users who hold LEO POWER and engage on the platform gain more LEO over time. They are incentivized to actively use their Upvotes to reward creators/users who drive the most value (ad revenue) to the ecosystem. The circular nature of how value flows from ad views to LEO to the LeoAds Pool is what drives LEO POWER holders to curate content that drives the most views/clicks (value to the platform as a whole). Creators are rewarded for driving valuable content, views and engagement to INLEO.


At its core, LEO is a utility token on the platform. So far, we've shown that holding more LEO as LEO POWER allows you to dictate the flow of rewards. Microspending LEO on the platform gives you even more utility. LEO Premium will roll out before the end of 2023 and allows users to get an Orange Checkmark in exchange for $10. This Orange Checkmark is displayed next to a user's username on the platform. It also grants them certain features that non-premium user's don't get:

  • Edit Threads
  • Longer Threads
  • Thread Formatting
  • Custom Lists
  • Pinned Threads
  • Pinned Posts
  • Favorites Menu
  • Themes
  • NFT Profile Pictures (PFP)
  • Auto-AI Summarize Post into Threadstorm for Publishing

Creators can also promote their content to the top of various feeds by spending LEO. Promotions are competition based and rotate every 7 days. Creators can promote either Threads or Posts by spending a chosen amount of LEO. If another user comes along and spends more LEO to promote their post, then theirs will display above the other promoted post in the feed. Micropayments for micro actions will also be introduced later this year. These micropayments can be as trivial as 0.01 LEO and allow you to perform an AI Translation of a post into another language or allow you to setup periodic actions. A major use case for Micropayments in my opinion will be access to premium features as a non-premium subscriber. Say that you want to edit one of your Threads every once in a while and don't care for the other premium features available through LEO Premium. A 0.1 LEO micropayment, for example, could allow you to access this feature for a one-off use.

Additionally, a subscription dashboard is being implemented on the frontend which will allow any creator to enable premium subscriptions. This works quite similarly to Substack. For example, a popular creator can setup a subscription-only feed for some of their best content. This will encrypt the content and in order to decrypt it, your blockchain account will need to be a premium subscriber to that specific creator. Creator's will earn the lion's share of the subscription fee that is charged and a small fee will be collected by the platform. Substack charges 12.9% + 30 cents per payment. Thanks to zero-fees and blockchain technology, INLEO's platform fee will be far lower than this and will also drive value back to the LEO Economy.

Product, Growth and Sustainability

Our driving focus is on creating an incredible product. We believe that building an incredible product comes first and is above-and-beyond the most important goal of the project. Delivering a product of this magnitude is no easy task. It involves dozens of team members and thousands of community members moving in lock-step. Growing that product - delivering it to more users - is secondary to our goal of building an amazing product, but it is no less important. If nobody uses our product, then there is little point in creating it.

As I stated above, it is the culmination of all of the aforementioned aspects that build INLEO into a great product with a growing user base and a sustainable utility token economy. Our mission is to build a thriving creator economy that is centered around digital ownership, tokenization and communities. We will achieve this through constant RnD of bleeding edge features, refining the existing product, growing our community and driving sustainability to the utility token.

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Wonderful, InLeo's vision looks more robust and its goals are pretty achievable.

Is 6000 Leo tokens per day fixed or variable, I mean it can go beyond this limit? Seems like I need to review whitepaper first.

Wish you all the success and a sustainable economy in Web3.

We're revising the whitepaper docs as well. Should have those up in the next 48 hours and it will show more intricate details. This paper is my high-level vision for INLEO

The 6k LEO per day is on a fixed schedule and decreases slightly every year until it reaches a fixed amount of yearly inflation that is much lower than currently. The idea is more value comes in over time and the inflation doesn't need to be as high to maintain valuable payouts between creators / users. I'll make sure the team puts a detailed chart into the docs on how this all works

I'll sure look into the update Whitepaper, that'll give me more insightful look into the rebranding and upcoming changes.

That's good, then the issue is controlling inflation and reducing the overall emission by burning some tokens. Can't wait to see the detailed chart.


Will this $10 be a one time payment or monthly?

It's a monthly subscription. It's not necessary and will allow access to certain extra features that separate you from the crowd and allows you to deepen the experience/show up more in various feeds like our new For You algorithm.

One thing I am excited to see - and we will be tracking/sharing this on-chain data - is if users who pay the $10 per month (and the payment method is only HBD. So it's 10 HBD per month) actually earn more than $10 per month in extra rewards from getting more upvotes

I believe this will be the case and we will put up some data on what Orange Checkmark authors are earning before they got the checkmark and after the checkmark. I have a feeling the 10 HBD per month will look a lot more like an investment in earning more on-chain from HIVE + LEO rewards than paying a subscription.

We'll release plenty of details when this feature goes live but it is paid in HBD. Then the HBD is split in half to buy $5 worth of HIVE and $5 worth of LEO. Then it pools the HIVE-LEO in a liquidity pool and burns the LP Tokens. This creates monthly buy pressure on both HIVE & LEO and permanent liquidity for both in this liquidity pool since it can never be removed. I am really excited to see how this plays out since nobody has ever done something like this AFAIK

Just like LTD system in saas you can offer early adopter price. It may be low but when people see the checkmark they may tempt to get it here. It's like early adopters doing the pressure of sale.

What is LTD system in SAAS?

Life time deal. like deal.

I remember this idea which you wrote about in your black hole liquidity pool, which would earn cub, burn cub and tie up assets for ever also. It seemed like a good idea then, and I think it still is a good token sink method and a way of building value.

I think this black hole liquidity pool will become more powerful over time. Like ROme this will not be built in a day. And hopefully like ROme, it will one day be known around the world.

Ok, there are many key points in all this so I'm going from the beginning under my perspective as a consumer of both web 2.0 and web 3.0.

One of the things to understand is that every startup project is not easy, because you can have certain projection to an audience that may not be expecting you or may really need a product like the one you offer, it's like saying that "not everyone has to like you".

From this point you also have to understand that many of the apps in the web 2.0 had to change their vision over time to adapt to what the collective was demanding, and that part of a feedback that sadly in the web 2.0 is more a destructive criticism than anything else, I still remember when people talked bad about tik tok, and look how powerful it is now.

So it is not bad to launch a product that is similar to others from the beginning, there is always something different in these products but users focus first on testing and second on making comparisons, this is when the question regarding product development should be done, find a way that your brand, or that different value added stands out among the others, and watch out, this is not something that is achieved overnight, and when that happens it is sometimes something viral that usually lasts very little and is not the goal.

The other thing is that we can not always cover a whole conglomerate, I repeat, there will be those who like it and others do not, it is understandable.

I believe that the secret of a successful project, or one that comes close to the desired goal, is to always stay true to what the product is supposed to be. It is not only about innovating and subjecting it to changes that adapt to user demand.

The product should not be distorted because there are some improvements or changes. This thinking reminds me of Twitter threads, it is very similar to what we see in Inleo, but as a user I now see two different things that I like.

First, there is a token here, which is important because it is a valuable part of the identity of the project, and second, I see the community, that is, even though that Instagram app has more registered users, I currently see more movement in inleo than in my thread feed, taking into account the same amount of people I follow and who follow me on both sites.

The web 3.0 community is more active and human in that sense, plus the addition of a token with not only economic value, for me is already one of the many goals achieved in INLEO.

Of course there will be new things inside this platform, and I am sure it will be an innovation, but it will never stop having that touch I talked about before, the human touch that differentiates it from the rest of the social apps of the web 2.0.

I may be wrong, but that's what I feel and think.

#INLEO the small but powerful base of users with indistinguishable features as Web2, I think the community behind is what will make the big difference.

This is huge for Inleo and Hive in general, I look forward to seeing the vision come to play.

The premium feature is a good one, I can bet a lot will subscribe to it, I mean, who wouldn't want to check it out?

Well done to the team, #inleo for web3 🚀💯

The growth potential is enormous here, anyone who doubts it is because they are blind, I think that INLEO has a fairly good user base that is committed to the growth of the platform. The sustainable tokenization model seems more than viable and the idea of microspending simply great. The future looks bright despite not having the team and the millions from the many web2 platforms.

I can see that the Inleo team are working to build a sustainable project and community on Hive and making Web 3 the best experience so far from the Web 2. Being a Leo premium user makes sense too plus the added benefits of having the orange checkmark.

Subscription of $10 monthly is a good idea to keep the project running and I believe users would enjoy it more too. So, it's a win-win for us all.

The vision and mission of Inleo are amazing and this will definitely work out. I can't wait for the Leo premium to be out to see how it works and I am glad to be part of the community to see it growing into a huge place to stay.

That being said, a nimble team can build an incredible product. Look to any successful startup in the past 20 years as an example. You start small, build a great product and continue to build, innovate and iterate based on feedback.

Inleo’s team though small has been able to achieve so many things, in Inleo, innovations never end and I am totally proud of how far the team has gone but there is a bit of a loophole in all of these.

While we celebrate the rebranding of the interface and other innovations we shouldn’t rule out the fact that the frontend isn’t completely mobile friendly, half the people that give good reviews on the frontend are people that are probably using their PCs or good phones to access the frontend while those using lower phones are stuck countless times and most of them have decided to abandon the frontend because of this. My point is, as we celebrate our milestones we shouldn’t forget that every customer matters and their pleas for a good working frontend should be met.

The more mobile friendly the frontend becomes the more effortlessly people would be able to navigate it and bringing more people would be easier.

In a nutshell all these bugs that we have been complaining about should be throughly fixed.

To everyone working their ass out to make this a reality, kudos!

wow, this is amazing and beautiful and I won’t lie, this surely do deserve a round of applause, honestly, I never knew the goal of INLEO until now that you just stated it in this post, I wonder how I would have been able to give a detailed explanation on the mission and goals of INLEO to those I plan to on board, but thanks to this I think I now have a strong details to carry along any new user i plan to bring to the platform…

building a thriving creator economy that is centered around digital ownership, tokenization and communities is a nice goal, there shouldn’t be any argument or doubt on its advantage because it is indeed of great benefit to the world and to achieve this goal we have to prove to the world that what INLEO has to offer is worth real gold, our team might be smaller but when we come together as one, we will be unstoppable and breaking boundaries, this same small team brought the INLEO project to live, so what are we saying here, I believe in the goals of INLEO and i am willing to contribute to its success in any way…

You have said it all, a nimble team can build an incredible product and we all know all great companies today started from somewhere which is small and from there improvement and good feedbacks brought them up, so i strongly believe in this…

And lastly before I go, I am already in love with the Leo premium ahah, the benefits are so enticing and catchy, the fact that we will be able to do all this just make me want it so bad..

Editing threads, Longer Threads, Thread Formatting, Custom Lists, Pinned Threads, Pinned Posts, Favorites Menu, Themes, NFT Profile Pictures (PFP), Auto-AI Summarize Post into Threadstorm for Publishing, Mehn who doesn’t want all these with just 10$, I will be waiting for this to be launched, well done to the INLEO TEAM and I must say we believe in you..

Anyone who tells you that creating a great product is easy is lying to your face.

Certainly, I agree with this. Nothing good ever comes easy.

build a thriving creator economy that is centered around digital ownership, tokenization and communities.

This vision is a very practical and feasible one. So far, we can say that this vision has been attained flawlessly.

The strategy of INLEO is to build a small (but powerful) initial base of users and a product that is nearly indistinguishable from Web2 (on the surface).

If there is one thing I have learnt about building projects, it would be sustainability. Many people have come up with promising project that could have thrived but due to lack of sustainability, these projects crashed. They probably had their reason for that. However, starting strong and starting small is always a better bet. This way, you get to maximize in your string points and develop on the weak parts.

Also, creating an interface that looks natural makes people's transition to web3 a bit easier.

Inleo has the ability to soar higher and I'm certain that the "more than capable" team in conjunction with the lions can make this work

I’m devoted to INLEO and its big plans. From the moment I embarked on this journey with INLEO, I've been unwavering in my support for their mission and vision.

I do not fully understand the orange checkmark. It grants users extra privileges, yeah? The checkmark costs 10 dollars, right? I understand that the payment will be made monthly in HBD. Are you saying those with Orange checkmarks stand a chance of getting upvotes?

Again, I believe in INLEO. This is a new Era and we just got started!

Wow this is mind-blowing, the Inleo team has such a well slated plans and ambition that favours not just the space but also her users and that's just exciting.

While we really can't compete with the web 2 giant, Inleo utility is a all rounded focal point that's peg towards excellence.
Sustainable tokenization is such a cool idea to brood true digital ownership and reward system that gives back to the users in diverse ways .

Overall I'm impressed. Cheers...

Before now, I used to think those ads display are just there for beautifications. Wow!

This insightful explanation highlights how LEO Power and the LeoAds rewards pool create a symbiotic ecosystem, encouraging active user engagement and content curation for mutual benefit. A well-structured model to foster value creation.

More ideas to the team!

I expect some people won't be keen on paying for features, but I'd hope the free user experience will still be good. Don't be as bad as Twitter. Won't we have edit facilities via other front ends anyway?

I was wondering if you had looked into federating Threads to the 'Fediverse' (e.g. Mastodon). That would make for a much larger potential audience. Other platforms are doing this already. There is some scepticism about crypto on Mastodon, but they may not realise how Hive is different to other chains.

Don’t really get the Auto AI summary function. How does that work?
In addition, the 10$ for an orange checkmark, is that an annual price? How do you pay for that? From your Hive wallet?

Full details on how that all works will come when the feature is released.

Ohh my goodness. This is really cool. This will help the Leo token maintain a good utility. I love this Khal. Can't wait for this feature to start functioning.

I am happy that most of the features that I asked for are included in the vision. Cheers :)

the utilities are really incredible! i can't wait for them to be implemented!

I have understand what Inleo have in store this this platform until now. Honestly there is so much being put in place for this platform to keep thriving. I'm in support for all this arrangements.

Inleo to the world!

Thanks for this. Very detailed. I especially liked the section on micropayments. One of the big advantages that HIVE has over other chains thanks to the RC system. Think the fee for "editing" might be the most used.

I am excited about the perks of using the premium leo power with its beautiful features like editing threads and creating even longer threads, it makes it unique and totally different from other platforms.

Kudos to the development.

Once again I want to give the team a tumbs up. The new feature are good. The Inleo premium which will cost $10 with even more good features sounds great and I will see if it's possible to get myself on the inleo premium list. My question is will there be a specific payment channel for users who are interested in getting the inleo premium? and how long will the premium last?

One of the many things that I'm loving about this is the ads, even tho I hate them. Here they will keep moving the LEO without anyone actually using it, just by watching the ads that are on the site, and that's another thing. the ads doesn't really affect how you use the site, it's not like you have to click five times, get redirected five time, before being actually able to interact with the page, I love it here.

We're building the Leyer 0, each and each time more users are joining InLeo and staying, bringing more and more people, Inleo for sure it's a name that won't scare people and will make them stay and we keep it simple, more and more people certainly will come. I'm really glad I joined InLeo in this phase, with all this new changes and hopes for the future.

Btw, if you want to translate this into Spanish, I can do it, this information needs to reach every person who uses Hive, and not Hive users too.

Hmm $10 Orange Checkmark subscription. It's a monthly payment, and it will grant users access to specific premium features that will enhance their experience on the platform. This subscription is paid in HBD. One interesting aspect to consider is how this subscription might impact users' earnings. Could the $10 investment lead to users earning more through HIVE and LEO tokens?

There are two things I will like to point out.
If INLEO userbase is 1,600+ as at September 2023. I believe we have more people on web3 (hive) as a whole who are yet to join the INLEO space.
More like they don’t know that this is going on and they just focus on other community.

If we bring them in with the help of other community, it will go a long way and I don’t know if that is possible. If we want the pillar that holds the foundational strong hold of INLEO to be solid, then we need this people on board. I wonder what they are doing that they can’t see. I’m get I catch up on time

Secondly, it’s about the UI. Firstly kudos to the developer and the product design managers. I think the search button show be on the home page and not just in the discover page alone. Trying to search for a post or a user should be made available on the home pages. Just my personal opinion, I’m sure there are reasons for all the designs

Wow, this is really extensive and definitely a 10 minutes read as the front end suggests.

What really caught my eye is having an indistinguishable product on the surface to web2. Though using the InLeo UI is not hard to grasp, I have had friends complain of it looking a bit complex at first glance. Most of us are used to our web2 apps and sites and just like cited where tiktok users were naturally groomed to use tiktok, I believe if the UI looked more like web2 on the outside or natural as you put it, it will be easier to get the new users while maintaining the core values of web3 of course. New users need to feel like they are casually using their regular favorite apps but as well seeing the notable differences with InLeo like having more freedom and earning crypto.

I'm excited for the NFT profile pictures. Congrats on the rebrand and a big kudos to the entire leo team. You are amazing.

you've shared outlines the mission and strategies of INLEO, emphasizing the importance of building a thriving creator economy based on digital ownership, tokenization, and communities. It discusses the challenges of competing with established Web2 platforms, the need for a sustainable token economy, and the strategy of building an initial user base and a product indistinguishable from Web2.
INLEO aims to provide a familiar user experience while introducing new features like LEO Premium to drive revenue and utility. The focus is on delivering an exceptional product, growing the user base, and creating a sustainable utility token economy.i can't just wait for all this to happen

Amazing reading through this thought-provoking artile on the Vision of INLEO and the value it proposes to users (stakeholders, creators), the INLEO project and Hive as a whole. I am quite sure that the future is sustainable for INLEO and that is quite bullish.

My few questions and observations:

  1. Is there any plans for e-commerce? Did we thrash the idea around #LEOSHOP? I think it would be a good fit where users can host their own products may be NFTs or documents (files, doc, pdf, etc) and sell it to other users purchasable with HBD/LEO and the project earns some product hosting fee and commission on successful sales. I'm thinking of a Decentralized Selar.

  2. Will we have a LEO DAO? Don't you see it could be a great way to make creatives and developers build products on hive that utilise $LEO?

  3. Great mission.

Our mission is to build a product that is indistinguishable from Web2 which means that the user experience is familiar, the onboarding is flawless, the bugs are minimal-to-none and the feeds are rich with relevant content
I give it to you on this. Already, we have the 30s onboarding. But what is the plan for a pitch deck accessible for Premium users if not all to be able to make onboarding of other users more seamless?

  1. How exactly will the creators earn in this case when 100% of the subscription fee would be used to fund LEO/HIVE permanent liquidity pool.

Creator's will earn the lion's share of the subscription fee that is charged and a small fee will be collected by the platform.

  1. The post didn't talk about the Referral system , the feature we've already seen but not aware when it goes live. What's your design for that?

  2. What are the plans for institutional onboarding? X has different categories of subscription. There is a honorary category with a gold tick for validated institutions.

I am happy to be a part of the INLEO project and will do my part to contribute to its future too.

I'm new to this community #INLEO but in this short time I have experienced their determination, willingness and desire to do something well done that is worthwhile. The change from LeoFinance to what is now INLEO was an excellent decision, now you can share on any topic and not only on finance which makes it more inclusive, and with this step the door is open to all and not just a minority.

I find the 10HBD monthly subscription very attractive, the benefits seem reasonable and it looks like a good investment in my opinion. So far everything looks promising, I hope the community continues to grow and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us Lions.

It is possible that for many, some goals are unattainable, this is because they only remain in their minds. When the desire to achieve a goal is on track and step by step is being built, with the help of a number of users who support it, I think that nothing is impossible in life, when the goal is clear, maybe not perfect, but maintains the possibility of flexibility to adopt recommendations, tests where perhaps many faults will be found to be corrected, thus achieving further perfection of the desired.

I think that what is really important here is the commitment and the potential that INLEO is seeing through this chain in action that are joining together for the same purpose. So do not hesitate, you have our unconditional support.

Besides, every child starts with a strenuous process of walking where it seems impossible to achieve, but finally we all become victorious not only because we manage to walk, but also because we end up running. That is the vision I perceive of this platform, you go all out.

I don't understand much about tokenomics but it seems to me that using ads as maintenance and income for the community seems like an excellent plan in the long term. The more views, the more value it has and this value is not just in the hands of INLEO but of the entire community.

Tokenization allows creators and users to own the platform that they are generating value for with their content and interactions. After all, every interaction, time on site and piece of content that a user/creator contributes to the platform is adding value to it both in the short-term and in the long-term.

This is one beautiful thing I love about INLEO, that's what decentralization is all about. Every user owns the platform, each one has and controls his or her account, Wallet and earnings. No one has a right to anyone's account likewise no one has the right to block or stop anyone from interacting in the platform. Every user is the boss of his own. Also as you interact, share contents, in the platform, you earn tokens from the platform through upvotes and when you curate you earn curation reward too.

This is a great post revealing what INLEO is and will be in future. Kudos

First of all, I want to congratulate you on the rebrand @khaleelkazi

What you mention about the network effect is a concept I recently started to deal with. Your explanation opens me more knowledge in this field and I think it is very good that we can contribute to the growth and publicity of INLEO. Thinking about that 1-10 ratio makes us aware that there is a powerful tool in our hands, and that we can really contribute to this cause, even if we don't believe it at first. And because you have detected the enemy called complacency and are willing to fight it, it is easier to defeat it, it is easier to support this type of work because we understand that we are determined to overcome the barriers that arise and work together.

Revealing the CPM calculation has been very helpful. I really appreciate the numbers and figures. I am a chartered public accountant. So, being aware of the numbers you are dealing with can give you a better sense of the potential that you are seeing. Also, it's part of the transparency that serves as a flag in blockchain, so it's always timely, generating even more trust. And thank you very much for the explanation of the LeoAds. It has been enriching to learn about their function and process, to understand how the money is flowing, and of course it increases my desire to put my money there, to take advantage of this flow while supporting you to strengthen the system.

As for the Premium functions, to be honest, I don't really agree with making a distinction between one and the other, although I understand the reason for setting it up. Also, knowing better now the $LEO flow I see that not only a few will benefit from this service, but in some way everyone benefits. All in all, I would like to make a suggestion: maybe it would be a good idea that when these Premium features are implemented to set aside a few for some users who have demonstrated their commitment to the platform, such as by their work, marketing or participation in Zealy campaigns, and grant them at no cost. That would be a special reason to stay engaged.

I'm glad to have come up with this comprehensive post. And it has helped me understand where we are going with this rebrand and Web3 in general. I think we should all access this post.

My regards and my respects. May the successes continue.

First I want to congratulate the team behind InLeo, when one sees a finished product (in constant development) is not able to imagine the magnitude of the work that is done to achieve it. With this post I got an idea of how much work is done to make InLeo an incredible product, as you say, and I have no doubt that they are going to achieve it.
I liked reading this post because it explains a lot of things and operation that I didn't know. Many great things are coming and it is good to be aware of them. Congratulations to the whole team!

This definitely awesome, alot of things packaged in this content, before now, I don't really see much reason to be committed to the community, but the rebranding is definitely giving me more reason to stay put and be part of the progress coming too.

The $10 subscription is a one time payment, in which I know already, but am looking at it, if their is any means at which it can be reduced, especially when it comes to giving room for new users to get a long well in the community.

On a more serious note, am also looking forward to see the level of advantages attached to it and how well user's will enjoy it benefit too.

For me, this is a perfect way to stand a rebranded life here in the community..... awesome and kudos to the INLEO team for a jobe well done.

wow. This is a wonderful road map development for InLeo and it's ecosystem. With these services, facilities and packages like LeoAds, Leo Premium etc, our community will grow and sustained. The value of Leo will increased as a utility token. More users will been drawn and the ecosystem will thrives. This post is in line with my suggestion at AMA, a detailed information about our products, services and community as per the development

Everything is very well explained, there is a structure and steps to follow, the vision is clear, I think it is possible for INLEO to achieve a strong position and achieve the goal. The most important thing is that you are creating a very strong support network, that's one advantage of being part of the Hive ecosystem where users are super supportive. Keep up the good work, personally I like everything new that is coming.

Inleo is a new project just emerging into the surface, I mean we are still at the verge of making people aware about it. Starting the project off with a subscription is a great idea, i mean i get it but imagine how someone who is coming into the platform for the first time who has not yet trust it, invest in that kinda amount? $10HBD is like what people survive with in a month in most countries.. So yah the subscription aspect is cool because it will control people ripping from the reward pool, "What if" if it can be reduced to a certain amount people can afford?

I heard @Khal talked in the shell and grill space yesterday and honestly i do not understand a word his partner and him are saying, I mean reading this if it were to be a lecture i will probably dose off, I do not see any life in this project's aim, I do not see the specific reasons, i do not see the passion behind this project, its as thou this project is being forced out into the world, maybe that was what Nkem felt yesterday.

I mean its too fillied with a alot of mathematical, blockchain, technology, and cryptocurreny terms, what about those who are just hearing about this words for the first time? how will they understand the point you are driving at and tryna make?. Break it down into a lame mans language, make people understand it Thoroughly, Make people feel you "Why should they invest (subscribe) not just their $10HBD but also their time", because time is more relevant than money, infact time is money.. I read this and i do not even understand the benefit of the investment. I mean for example "How does copywriters get people flooding their product page buying it.? Have read a product vendor product page, I wasnt interested in the product at first but reading his page the words he use bought me. though the page was longer than this but i just want to keep reading more, that is How "The power of Passion" works it shows in your Words.

So Yahh, this is my honest opinion and am sorry if it hurts but no one seems to be talking about the downside of this project, They just focusing on the name and the brand and how beautiful the website looks, which is great by the way... But how can this project be far from perfect to being the best it can?

I am happy that this is a beautiful project (INLEO) initiated on Hive blockchain, has a mission of building an amazing product, growing the user base and ensuring long-term sustainability unlike other products that does not have the capacity to sustain. By doing this, it will allow creators to own the platform and distribute value to themselves and to the platform. Keep on pushing the INLEO's mission to accomplishment.

I may not have anything to add as it all sounds perfect in my ear. I will keep on using INLEO and getting my friends to join.

Thank you very much for this very detailed and enlightening article.
I really like the explanation of how the $LEO was created and how it will be used in the future.

One thing's for sure, I'm thinking of taking out a premium account when it becomes available!

Seeing how long this was I knew u had to take my time to go through it. Now I have a good idea what the inleo goals are and I'm fascinated to see how the team is trying to make all of these possible.

Having a premium version was the part that got me more, well, I don't know how it would be like for sure but one thing is for sure, #inleo will continue to produce quality in the highest order.

Indeed this project is no child's play and I'm so impressed at how the Leo team is getting the whole community involved, that is just the easiest and surest way to achieve our goal and it's a great privilege to be a part of it.

Very nice to catch up and all the plans. LeoAds will be a massive change and a create a good injection of value to the token. Shorts will also be a great addition to liven up the threads, interesting that you didn't mention it here.

In fact, I have never been this happy after reading a long form post here. I must confess that, yesterday's pitch on X by the InLeo team triggered some doubts on me concerning the future of the project, looking at the perspective from which the panel understood the whole thing.

This detailed blog has provided almost all possible answers to my doubts. Even though I have been active here for more than a year. Looking at the broader picture, Inleo is surviving by all means. We just need the attention of a number of good influencers and proper marketing.

This is, indeed, the future of content creation and consumption.

The orange checker is just like the X blue ticker. It allows users who get them to do some cool stuff. That sounds really good. I can't wait to read more about it.

And, truly, you are right on the tokenization method. I have come across people's rant on Web 2 taking down things they posted because they don't like it. It is very sad, but thankfully, Hive has changed that story, and #inleo is doing a perfect job airing it and bringing more visibility to the platform.

Every project started somewhere before they became big, and the developers and everyone are putting their all into this project. It surely will be a success. We started small, and we will get there soon.

The strategy of INLEO is to build a small (but powerful) initial base of users and a product that is nearly indistinguishable from Web2 (on the surface).

A powerful strategy here, a perfect sentiment for the words small but mighty and of course we can say that it is unshakably rooted already, #inleo has stood the taste of time, it has gone too far to retreat

It's clear that INLEO has a well-thought-out strategy for building a thriving creator economy on the Hive blockchain. The emphasis on creating a user experience that is familiar to Web2 platforms is smart, as it can help attract a broader audience. The sustainable tokenization approach, ad revenue, micropayments, premium features, and subscription models all contribute to a comprehensive ecosystem that can benefit both content creators and users.

While the challenges of competing with well-established platforms are significant, the dedication to democratizing digital identities and giving users more ownership and control is a noble mission. It'll be interesting to see how INLEO's strategy plays out and if it can indeed succeed where others have faced challenges.

Overall, it's evident that INLEO has a clear vision and strategy for its platform, and I'm curious to follow its progress and see how it evolves over time.

It's a very provocative post about INLEO's upcoming features. However, I got a question regarding editing threads. Could we have the ability to edit threads longer in time? I mean, as far as I understand, the blockchain let us edit the comments or posts in the first minute or so, and after that it becomes immutable, so it cannot be changed anymore. I don't know if I'm missing something here.

Another thing derived from that last thought is, how INLEO will deal with other frontends regarding messages and thread editing? I mean, you could charge 0.1 LEO for editing a thread, but I could easily circumvent that payment, editing from the frontend. Thank you for all the nice work you guys are putting into INLEO! Best wishes!

The focus on sustainable tokenization, blending ad revenue, token sinks, and freemium features, suggests a well-rounded monetization strategy that can support the platform's long-term viability.

Having a model in which people pay to see the content of the creators would mean that there will be certain users who are going to leave the typical i.e. give more information, data, infographics, updates, it will be interesting to watch this transition of users who manage to capitalize on this functionality.

  • First off, a big thanks to the Leo team and everyone that is contributing to the growth and development of this project. We are doing a very good job. We are growing.

Thank you so much for this beautiful post. I’m sure I wasn’t the only person that did not fully understand the mission of INLEO until now. Now that I fully understand the mission of #INLEO, my dedication to the project has gotten stronger.

The Orange checkmark would be such a nice feature. It would make some users stand out and also have access to certain features. It would be so cool to be able to make longer threads. This is absolutely amazing!

However, I do not fully understand the “Ad Revenue” and I’d be really glad if someone could explain. Thank you.

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