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I never did anything worth doing by accident, nor did any of my inventions come by accident; they came by work.

- Plato -

If you're human you've had an accident of some kind, done something accidentally or been the accidental victim of someone else's actions. This week the topics are all about accidents and accidental things and I'm looking forward to some great posts.

If you're looking for something to write about over the weekend take a look below for the post topic prompts and if you feel like doing a post use my community, THE WEEKEND. Follow the rules below though, doing so will keep you eligible for the prizes. original im src

Guidelines you must follow to be eligible for prizes

✅ Use #weekend-engagement as the first tag of your post
✅ Post in THE WEEKEND community (do not cross-post)
✅ Follow the rules of the community
✅ Entry closes 07:30 UTC Monday 4th April
❌ Do your own work, don't plagiarise and link-credit photos

If you don't follow the guidelines above you'll not be eligible for prizes

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This week's post topic prompts - Select one or multiple and do a mashup

Vehicle accident

Tell us about your own vehicle accident, the incident, how it occurred, where, and what was the outcome? How was the repair and replacement process and your recovery from injuries. This can be car, truck or motorcycle-related. Bonus points for using your own photos.

Childhood accidents

Were you a daredevil as a kid? Tell us about a time when you did something stupid or dangerous before you were fifteen that didn't go well for you, or you got away with against all odds. Give us the scenario, what happened to you and what resulted from your actions. Bonus points for humour and your own photos.

Accidental good time

Post about a situation in which you had an accidental good time. I'm talking about activities or events you thought would be terrible but turned out to be great. A conference, wedding, party, work, family event or anything at all. Explain why you thought it would be rubbish and what made it ultimately enjoyable. Bonus points for using your own photos.

Accidental thievery

Have you, or a family member, ever accidentally stolen from a shop or friend? When did it happen, how old were you/them and what were the circumstances? Did you take the item back and if so what happened, how did you feel? Did you keep the item and avoid that shop evermore? Did you get caught and charged with theft? Bonus points if you have a police mugshot of you to show.

Accidental accusation

Accidental accusations occur - Have you done it or been accused yourself? Post about the scenario, what happened and what situations resulted from it? Was there an apology or did those involved roll with the false accusation? Did it ruin a relationship or make it stronger, or damage your reputation? Feel free to avoid specific details if you like, just give us the general information.


Curation might happens on quality original content so proof read, use in-focus and interesting pictures and take pride in your post. Your posts are a representation and showcase of you - Give people a reason to visit your feed.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised so be humble and kind

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My instinct when I saw your photo was to wonder if my stepson has ever been to Australia. He's autistic. He likes smashing things. Our house has doors that don't do what doors are made to do. Our crockery is mismatched. Our windows are not all in one piece. Years ago I wrote about living with terrorism. The difference between the real terrorist and my precious stepson is that he behaves impulsively and not out of an actual intention to terrorize. Makes me so sad. And yet few people understand. They just see the destruction not the broken and confused young man.

Oh this was hard to read... I think it must be tough to be in such a situation.

 last year (edited) 

That's a challenging situation indeed, however one that y'all seem to be working around which is the most important thing. Is there a chance of improvement or is this the way he'll be for life?; in respect of the breaking situation I mean, not the autism.

Omg. I'm sorry. I hope you find options that would help him manage his impulsivity.(if there are any) I truly can’t imagine.

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Oh very nice topic! Since I am very accident prone in life, I am sure I can come up with something! Also, I don't know bout you guys, but I am ready for this weekend to get started!!

Yeah, I've had my share of accidents too...some of which I've shared on Hive.

Anyway, yeah me too, the weekend. It's 16:40 here so 20 minutes and I'm free! (Well, I can actually leave whenever I want to but have a couple things to do)

I hope you have a good weekend. :)

Oh that is nice, here it is only 8 am.... But the good news is that I am done at 12.30 today!

Why are you accident prone if I may ask?

I don't know, I am afraid that is just me. I fall a lot...

Great topis but these are not as easy as they sound like. I'll have to concentrate hard and gather courage to describe them. Well thought out ones sir.

Really? I thought they would be easy actually. Oh well, we'll we what happens. It's up to the users to do with it what they will.

Maybe, but in case someone has to admit that they were involved in theft, it won't be easy for them. Yes, accidents etc. are easy to explain.

Well, I wrote a post today for Sunday that does exactly that, admits to theft. I'm proud of the post and look forward to posting it.

I will look forward to your post, but I believe that should be an idealistic situation which made you proud :)

You'll see, if you read it.

I will 👍

I want to read yours

Sure, but I haven't decided, what to write, not yet 🎉

Okay till then, my fingers are crossed.

I'm ready for this
And I'll be very careful not to make the last mistake I made while engaging in the last contest DID MY POST AND FORGOT TO ADD THE WEEKEND AS THE COMMUNITY
I actually lost vibe after that though, but I'm back 😇😇

Follow the rules.. They're pretty simple. Let's see how you go.

Thanks I will 😇😇

I think the entries this Weekend are going to be off the hook. Great topics. Have a wonderful weekend everyone 🙂

Same feeling, can't wait to read the entries

It could be. That'll be up to the community I guess. I did the topics so my job is done, although I have a post on one of the topics this week myself. Maybe I'll win.

😄 I'm keen to read your entry, there have already been quite a few hectic ones. Best of luck, although I very much doubt you would bestow a prize on yourself lol, would seem rather silly sending yourself your own Hive 🤣

One never knows; my nutbaggery knows no bounds. It's boundless, without boundaries.

They are very well off the hook and nostalgic really!

😭😭😭😭 my options are so limited. Happy weekend sir

And here comes the weekend hahaha. I am ready. Thank you for another great one, sir.

🤗🤗🤗 Happy new month, sir.

Hello everyone Every week we get to try something new, whatever the result. All categories are very real and all these things happen in life. I am also searching for memories of my earlier life, I will present them soon.

Good work.

This is serious one which many people might run from. I don't think I have done anyone of these except accident. It's unfortunate that I don't have those photos any longer.

Anyways, I will make my write up ASAP.

 last year (edited) 

This is serious one which many people might run from.

People are free to run, exercise is good for health and wellbeing.

Aha! Now these! One readily came up to mind, just that it wasn't my own car :D

It doesn't matter if it wasn't your car. I'm keen to read what happened.

Oh, okay :) I will get to it. Thank you 😊

Quite interesting topics to talk about. Can't wait to add my entry. Is video content allowed? Regards.

I'd rather text posts. I rarely watch video content on Hive.

Thanks for the heads up. Text will be then. Quite interesting topics.

Good morning everyone,nice to be here again
I think the above topics speaks about me but am gonna make a post for just one topic..
Big thanks to the weekend for another privilege 💯✅🙌🙌🙌

Good plan.

Oh! Although this is just a writing, it makes me remember when I got into a brutal accident that nearly took my life, I was happy that I was save

Happy weekend everyone 🙋

Huh... I never thought I would look forward to reading about an accident before. I'm positive this week's engagement topics is going to be wild.

In a good way of course :)

The third option prompted me to remember a rather humorous event that happened to me a couple years back. Now, if I can only find the photos...

I'm doing a post on the the thievery topic myself. I'm hoping to see some good entries though.

Happy weekend to this beautiful community that every day we are more and more, here I leave my participation. Thank you very much for your support.



Great entry.

I'm doing mine on thievery also.

Aha! So you have your dark past too 🤣, I'll read it.

Lol...Yes we all do and I don't believe people who say they do not. You'll see soon...I'm a criminal mastermind. (Was, a criminal mastermind.) 😁



You'll see when you read my post and can make up your mind on it.

Thus is really for me as I will be talking about the accident that happen to me


hmmm this is absolutely interesting

Should be some crackers this weekend 😁

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Keep it up

Leaving my entry here: https://ecency.com/hive-168869/@r-nyn/loosing-control-we95
Looking forward to reading your stories, guys.
Have a fun-filled weekend.

I like the topic.
Hmm. Let me take down memory lane haha.

Sounds like a good plan.

Hi! This week's topic brought back so many memories that I really enjoyed making the post for my participation. Thank you so much for bringing these topics, I look forward to Fridays always to see what topic you will bring in the week, thanks for the post!

You're welcome, I'm happy to offer a topic or two now and then. Thanks for being involved.

Another weekend that I anticipated though the topics were challenge g to a point, I just had to have something to write

I like to challenge people.

Another weekend of confessions. Here is my own confession


Wow, topics to choose from are cool but it still have to be careful in choosing which to write on.

Here we are: https://ecency.com/hive-168869/@plint/we-95-how-i-sacrificed
Or the story of how I sacrificed by elbow for a sandwich in a childhood accident and can now confidently say: your elbow is more important than the sandwich!

Sandwich lives matter. 🤪

To my coffee loving mate Galen, let me tell you - I was stumped by your posts when I read these; not quite sure where to go - then, I got into an 'accidental' mess last night, with accusations flying! I should be thankful for the sleepless night and the content it gave me! Hope you're well, and I should thank you for the opportunity to use this community to collect my thoughts and have a cathartic moment! Hope your weekend is sailing smoothly - and yes, I think I shall have another coffee!


I like to make people think differently and into areas they may not usually do...Seems you got it done. Thanks for being involved.

I think I can tell a good story in this round.

Interesting contest brother @galenkp I will be writing my stories lived. Greetings and have a happy weekend. Regards

Have a good weekend yourself.

Wow, these are indeed exciting topics to write about. I had fun preparing my write up, I hope others enjoy it as well.

Thanks for being involved.

I'm happy I could participate this week.

Greetings to all! Here is my entry

Have a nice weekend.

This are some epic questions that brings back memories from another day, and I'll happily jump on one of it.

Hello team, today I am telling you about the best accident of my life:


How ironic, to think the Saturday I decided to write on this post topic was the exact same day I had a minor accident still bugs me a little.

I'm a little pissed I missed the engagement honestly but I still read some couple posts and they were most wonderful.

Oh me, just stopping by I guess.

No worries, we all get busy with other things. There's always another week.