How I Ranked "Earn Hive" on Google within 24 Hours?

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I always did SEO for my Bengali websites and I thought that day would come when I have to do SEO for my English Article. Truly, it's more fun to do SEO for an English article than Bengali.

Ranked on Google

The main two reasons behind this are -

  • English is the Global language.
  • There are lots of SEO tools for English articles than other languages.

Let's come to the main topic now. Two days ago, everyone saw the initiative #hivebasics by @theycallmedan, where he offered everyone his valuable upvote for answering some basic Hive related questions.

Honestly, in the beginning, I wasn't that interested to take part. Because I knew a lot of pro writers, Hive experts would take part here. But then I changed my mind when I saw the following quote by Dan.

"SEO is important and we will be looking for answers that provide both value to the end consumer and was written using good SEO (search engine optimization.)"

I love SEO, so why not!

Read the Post - Different Ways to Earn Hive

And now you can see even though I'm an amateur writer, my post ranked on Google's first page for the keyword ''Earn Hive'' within 24 hours! That's the beauty of SEO.

hive on Google

Note - Any article can lose rank anytime if Google finds another better article. It's still on the first page, and don't blame me if it loses rank. ;)

How Did I Do It?

Before writing any content I always target a Focus Keyword for that post. For this post, I chose ''Earn Hive'' as my keyword. Here're reasons behind choosing this keyword -

Competitors Website

At first, I looked at our competitor website. You will be surprised after knowing that On Google, A micro earning site name Hivemicro is one of our main competitors, not any kind of crypto-related blog. Because when we search anything about Hive on Google, in maximum cases Hivemicro is at the top.

Page and Domain Authority

The niche of Hive Blog and Hivemicro is quite the same - Earn Money. So if we can do perfect SEO, then it won't be hard to rank at first place with all ''Hive'' related tags. We already crossed Hivemicro with Domain and Page authority. So it won't be hard.

And the fun fact is when you are seeing someone searching with ''Earn Hive'' on Google, he/she is searching for Hivemicro. Because the term ''Hive Blog'' is still new to everyone. We need to convert that visitor as our user.

Search Volume and SEO Difficulty

I looked at the ''Search Volume'' of the keyword "Earn Hive" on Google Keyword Planner. As you can see in the screenshot below, the monthly search volume of this keyword is 10-100. Though the search volume is not high, SEO competition is really low - almost nil.

Search Volume of Earn Hive.png

To check SEO competition I use the website named Ubersuggest by Neil Patel. To check competition, SEO difficulty, and related keywords I use Google Keyword Planner, Keyword Surfer Chrome Plugin, and Ubersuggest.

Usage of Keyword by Other Sites

I checked the top 10 websites on Google by ''Earn Hive'' using Keyword Surfer and found that, no website used the keyword Earn Hive in their ranked article or page. This means I am going to take the penalty shot, and the opponent team doesn't have any goalkeeper.

You should check this if you want to rank your Focus Keyword to Google. So that you can write your post accordingly.

Use of Main Keyword in My Article

If you see closely, I used ''Earn Hive'' total eight times in my Article.

  • 1 time in the Title
  • 5 times in the Body
  • 2 times in the Image Alt Tag

I tried to make it perfect according to the terms of SEO, so that Google web crawler can find my article easily and understand that my main keyword. Remember if you want to rank your post on Google -

  • You must use your main keyword in the title.
  • You must use the main keyword in the first paragraph. As you can see I used my keyword in the first line of the first paragraph.
  • Don't use the main keyword excessively in the body of the article. Make it modest. Over usage of the main keyword can cause ''Keyword Studding'' and Google doesn't like it.
  • Use image Alt Tag and use your main keyword in the alt tag. I will write a detailed article soon about Alt Tag.
  • Use inbound and outbound links.
  • Create the backlink of your post to other websites.

Note: Google rank actually depends on lots of optimizations. I just focused on the main SEO terms.

My Other Hive Contents on Google's First Page

There are lot's of Hive contents which already made to the top of Google Search Engine with some major keywords. Maybe I will research and give you all a detailed data about it soon.

If you search by a long tail keyword ''Earn Cryptocurrency by Writing'' you'll find my article in the second position. Some days ago, it was in the first position though. Thank goes to @abh12345, because of him I am actually writing and thinking about SEO on Hive.

Earn cryptocurrency on google search

Though my target was to rank the page to Google's first page by the keyword ''Earn Cryptocurrency'' which is quite hard. But very much possible! We just need to write original posts with good SEO (to increase the site's PA and DA) and give some time.

Why SEO is important for Hive?

I know we want to be known by the whole world, and to do that Google Search Engine is the main way. About 450,000 people are searching per month by the keyword ''Hive'' in the Google. And the harsh reality is or isn't even in the first 100 websites.

If we can rank to the google's first page by ''Hive'', approx 450,000 people will see us just for one keyword! Can you imagine that? How many accounts, traffic, impressions will we get then?

I ranked a keyword with per month 10-100 view only from the USA. I believe if I even get only 30 visitors per month on my article from Google, one of them will open an account to Hive.


Check out my other SEO related articles on Hive -


Great stuff again Marwan :)

Really glad you have found a niche and this is valuable work for Hive!

Thanks for tip Asher. I really appreciate your continuous support. :)

You are ranked #3, when I checked on my end. Well Done.


Thanks a lot. 💙

Your next project could be just hive.

This is what I get...


I understand this is far more difficult, but I will be interested in your ideas.

This is way more tough. Targeting a single word keyword is hard, as we have fight against the Big websites with high PA, DA and lots of quality backlinks. We need a lot more original content creators, lot more SEO, digital marketers, energy, time, overall lot more traffic.
I am targeting long tail and easy keywords now, which will help to increase Domain and page Rank. That means I am actually working for the keyword "Hive", but slowly. I believe everyone in the community is contributing everyday with their unique contents, just need a little bit of SEO on every post.

I will do a detailed research on the keyword "Hive" and let you know the update. :)

Thanks! In the meantime, help with @theycallmedan 's initiative is a step in the right direction.

Will do. Trying my best. Thanks. :)

If we can rank to the google's first page by ''Hive'', approx 450,000 people will see us just for one keyword! Can you imagine that? How many accounts, traffic, impressions will we get then?

You can't even find us by searching "Hive blockchain" so that will be a rather long way to go :D

But great article! Nice that you managed to rank that high, even if it's "only" for "Earn hive"!

You can't even find us by searching "Hive blockchain" so that will be a rather long way to go :D

So True. I already mentioned it. Hive is just passing it's childhood. So long journey ahead.

Nice that you managed to rank that high, even if it's "only" for "Earn hive"!

I just tried to follow the rules properly, and the rest was up to Google web crawler. And yeah, I am lucky. ;)

With the Keyword #Alucian i am always on the first pages on Google. Fully filled from more tha 15 Years work in the Internet under this name. :-)

SEO is interessting, but i think we should do not longer write about hive. We should write so much we can from all the great other things in live we can find. That is what make Hive much more worth than every SEO or Marketing Trick. ;-)

Just my two cents.


SEO is interessting, but i think we should do not longer write about hive. We should write so much we can from all the great other things in live we can find.

Absolutely! That's the motto of my writing. I also mentioned this on another article. If you are writing a post on "weight loss" try to rank it with your keyword, if you are writing gaming review, use some basic SEO tricks on your article.
Just make your post more reachable, no matter what your niche is. That's what I am trying to share with the people.

Thanks for stopping by mate.

Cool, good to see you are on the same way. :-)

Have a nice time and see you later aligator. :-)


Thanks a lot bhai. :)

This is great. The front ends should consider to make a tool or guide so everyone does it.

That's a great idea! I think someone should come up with the proposal.

Peak D already has a proposal, so perhaps they could throw it in their road map or someone could make a side proposal. even just a tool someone could use before publishing on Hive would be great.
It would also be useful for curators to give that extra reward to people who are considering the bigger picture in their posts.

I have some questions:

  1. I went to one of the articles on the first page for "earn cryptocurrency" and posted a comment with a link to your article. Would that help for SEO?
  2. I happened to use the peakd link. Would it be better to focus on only one site?
  3. You mention incoming, outgoing, and back links. Can you elaborate a little more on how to use those for SEO?

#1 Looks like they didn't approved your comment. Commenting on other's blog is a good way to create backlinks. But if they mark your comment as spam, then it will be a trouble for your website and post.
So, you have to make a comment which is related to the article and use the link as hyperlink. For example, check a comment from that post.

#2 It's fine. But according to SEO terms, it would be better to use the link from as this link already have the keyword(Hive) in URL.
But I am surprised to see that PeakD's Domain authority(38) is higher than Hiveblog(36).
So, It's upto you actually.

#3 I already talked about it. This article may help you.

Let me know if you have any other question. Feel free to knock me at discord - Marwan#4591

Very useful this info, thanks for sharing!

You are welcome. Thanks for your time. :)

Me agrado la publicacion que esplayaste, es muy espesifica y explicita, gracias por compartir, saludos.

De nada. Gracias por leer mi artículo.

felicidades, espero aprender mucho de ti, espero verte por discord

Nice article and lots of good links to other information, thank you.

I was slightly confused by this>

Use inbound and outbound links.
Create the backlink of your post to other websites.

How can we create both inbound and outbound links and the backlink?

Many thanks :)

I hope you'll find your answer here :)

Lovely, thank you :)

Well done -- AND anybody who reads this will LEARN how to understand SEO in simple terms!

Exactly. Thanks for reading. :)

This article really is an eye opener to me, I have never even thought of SEO at all, thanks for sharing!!

You are welcome. I hope you will use some SEO tricks in your posts from now.

I will try, I have bookmarked your post for future reference!!

Let me know about your experience after using some SEO techniques. You can just tag me. Cheers! :)

With your intelligence, you currently have one of the highest Google rankings. this is perfect

thanks mate. :)

I'm going to read the first article and work on a post. This is so insightful thank you

You're welcome. Stay connected! :)

Will do @pitboy keep up the good work too.

You did quite some work for this, congrats!

Thanks Mary. Thanks for your time. :)

You made quite an effort, you deserved the attention

Thanks again. :)

Thank You Brother! This is pure gold : )
Links to answer my other questions. Way to start off the day!

Thanks mate! Have a nice day. :)

Really enjoyed this article. I have never thought of SEO as an algorithm to writing a blog but after reading this then it’s definitely worth taking a look at. Will read some more of your articles on the subject. Thanks for the advice.

Just do some SEO while writing a post. Basic SEO on any article won't take more than 10 minutes. Cheers! :)

Interesting blog post, thanks for sharing.

You are welcome. :)

great work. i never really thought about SEO until few weeks ago.

i see you mentioned Image Alt Tag (i don't use them, i probably should) but is the actual name of the photo uploaded important? or maybe even adding tags to photos

I do the both. Save or rename the image file with keyword and add image alt tags a well. Renaming the image file is better than something like "img_2345". I will create a detailed blog on image tags. Stay tuned!

That's pretty good, @pitboy.

thanks mate :)

This is great

Beautifully branded out.
My intuition is developed on the subject matter.

So that's how SEO works! Good job 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼