Project Hope 1000 Subscribers - My Introduction to PH by @juanmolina

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We have reached our
Golden Milestone!!!
We thank the Trust Deposited in Us.

At Project Hope we feel Happy and we want to express our gratitude to all our subscribers, writers, collaborators, delegators and friends who form the train of force that moves our passion.

We have grown yes, but this is possible thanks to you.

Every day more subscribers join us who give us their talent expressed in many high quality daily posts.

1000 Subscribers is easy to say, but behind this goal is a story of effort and perseverance which is reaching its Golden Milestone today!

To all of you: BIG THANKS!


My Introduction in Project Hope Community

I want to formally introduce myself to the members of our Community.
My name is Juan Molina, I am Venezuelan, husband and father of two children.
I am a Systems Engineer and I love music, informatics and technology.

Two years ago I entered Steemit and first heard the word "Blockchain". Then, with my entries in the @originalworks contests, I was able to educate myself about it.

Perhaps many of you have already had the opportunity to interact with me, perhaps you have received some comment from me. I hope I haven't been rude to any of you, but sometimes my character dominates me.

If you look at the in the description of my Role in the community, you may notice that it says "Co-Founder".

And you will ask yourselves: how did this Venezuelan become co-founder of this community so especially loved by Steemit users?

I can tell you that it has been a path full of challenges and at the same time full of satisfactions.

I did a retrospective of how the events happened and this led me to a moment that I wanted to share with you.

Rummaging Into Memories.

This is one of the most important moments in my life:

Origin Thread

This was my first contact with @crypto.piotr. I will always thank destiny for having met him since this fact changed my life in a totally positive way.

Many people received those first greetings and comments from Piotr but few of us paid attention to him.

At that time He just wanted to meet people, start creating his circle of contacts. Fortunately, I believed in those messages and thus began a relationship of friendship and work that has lasted to this day.

There was no Project Hope, at least not as it is now. Can you believe that PH was two people?

"Project Hope"

ProjectHope, a great Multidisciplinary team

After having spent 8 months doing certain activities with Piotr trying to meet and get closer to more people within steemit, the idea emerged to create a community made up mainly of Venezuelans, who sharing similar interests could create quality content, add value to the blockchain and at the same time improve our quality of life.

Maybe it all started with this post:

Santa & Piotr Visits Venezuela - JOIN OUR VENTURE TODAY


"So getting to know several Venezuelans here on the Steemit platform only brought me even closer to those people. Why? Because I can relate myself to them. On top of that most of the time we share similar interests and values. And most of all - being present here allows me to change some of their lives. Even if only just a little bit. I feel that today I can make some difference and I enjoy that feeling, even if it would only last for a short while and help very few. And I really hope many of you will join me".

The idea was to help a group of 8 Venezuelans. At the same time, two factors were tested:

  • Our ability to convene.
  • The feeling of mutual support within the steemit community.

The results were moving. The disinterested support of many users was present.

But, that would not be solving the lives of those Venezuelans. Our intention was to train them, so that they could continue to grow within the Steemit community and could fend for themselves. Thus, over time @project.hope was born.

It has been months of satisfaction and growth that I have experienced thanks to blockchain technology, which allowed me to meet people from all latitudes. Valuable people, intelligent and with great human warmth.

With the launch of the Communities on Steemit, all had a new stage of growth.

Project Hope Community has over 1000 subscribers of all nationalities who use our front-end to show us their valuable work on AI, technology, Blockchain, Crypto, Philosophy, Marketing and Entrepreneurship.



ph venezuela.jpg

Project Hope Venezuela is an initiative created to grow.
You See more about it at:

Three Ways to Join Project Hope

Delegate us.png

Hopefully by now you think that our efforts are worth your support and you'll consider delegating some SP to help us grow. We will be happy to have you on-board our project and in return we share 100% ROI (curation rewards) with all delegators.

We share those rewards on a weekly basis and currently 1000 SP delegated to @project.hope will result with a profit of average 2 STEEM / week (which is slightly more than pretty much all delegating bots are offering).

Delegate us 1000 SP

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Dear @juanmolina

It has been quite a ride so far. We've knew each other for so long already and we came a long way together.

It's amazing to witness how our project is growing and transforming slowly and steadily into strong and active community. Community related to topics (small reminder):

  • technology,
  • blockchain,
  • artificial intelligence
  • machine learning
  • economy,
  • business,
  • marketing

Not everyone knows, that you are a co-founder of Project HOPE and you helped me to organize so many things at the very early stage of this project.

I hope I haven't been rude to any of you, but sometimes my character dominates me.
Indeed. Surely that part of you need to be a bit controled :) I've noticed that most Spanish and South Americans are quite explosive with their emotions. Which is so very different from east-europeans (we're almost like robots hehe).

Join our community:

Have a great upcoming weekend,
Yours, Piotr

 last year 

A Big Hug!
Thanks for all dear friend.

A big thanks for doing an amazing job at the helm

I saw this am I'm very much interested in joining the Project Hope Hive Community. I will be posting my Introduction post soon. See you soon.

Nice! Congratulations to the Project HOPE community!

 last year 

Thank you very much dear friend.

 last year 

hi @culgin

Do you still check your discord from time to time? I 've tried to catch you for quite sometime already bububu

Cheers :)

Congratulations on reaching 1k subscribers.

I am glad both of you came together a formed such a wonderful community. It wouldn't have been possible without you.
Thank you.

 last year 

Your words are very encouraging. I really appreciate it.


 last year 

I invite you join us.

Amazing! :D

 last year 

You´re welcome.
Join us.

I am already delegation 3k HP to @project.hope and follow the curation trail, so not sure how I could join to even more :P

I do also most in @project.hope if I have something to write about with the right topics. But I dont force writing :D

 last year 

Excuse me, how clumsy I have been.

Thank you very much for a lot support.

No problem hehe. My goal is to delegate at least 10k hp to Project.hope and then just grow my curation for ph aswell:D

 last year 

Oh wow, 10K!

This is a valuable investment. Thanks for trusting us!

Congratulations 🎊🍾🎉 to everyone !

When I saw this I wondered who would post about it first hehe !



 last year 

Thank you friend, thank you for all your valuable support and for trusting us.

Congratulations to the huge achievement of the blockchain @project.hope community.
Next goal will reach without any doubt sure.

 last year 

Thanks for the support and your good wishes.
We have been working steadily and plan to continue that way for the success of our subscribers.

Congratulations on reaching this golden milestone.. Its just beginning sooner it will became 10k from 1k. Just a matter of time :)

 last year 

Wow, 10K will be incredible.!

Thanks for trusting!

It definitely will be because project hope is a powerful project. "start year 2020 with hope"

 last year 

You have a spirit charged with positive energy!

Hi @juanmolina

Congratulations to you and all at PH. This is a fantastic achievement. Also a big thanks to @crypto.piotr for everything he has done for this community and also for getting me involved.

It is a great community to be a part of. There are some great people discussing some great topics. The engagement is brilliant and I have met some truly amazing people.

And to think we can do all these great things and at the same time help a group of people in Venezuela, that is amazing!

 last year 

Not just a group of Venezuelans. We represent entire families who have found at PH a way to help bring food to our tables.

But not only that: now we also have other collaborating friends from other parts of the world who have also been blessed in some way thanks to PH.

Thanks for tie clarification as that further emboldens my love for this project Truly a pleasure to be apart of. 😁😍👍

 last year 

Thank you for being part of our family.

Hello my dear @juanmolina, thanks for this gem of publication.

I must tell you that I shuddered to read this article, this week I have been thinking about everything that this community means to me and until now I am aware of the importance of that first contact with @crypto.piotr some time ago.

I must say that it was in a post for @originalworks that I received his first comment.

The community took flight and I want to thank from the heart the fact that this publication removed memories and made me understand the magnitude of what we have lived.

Thanks friend, you inspired me.

 last year 

Brother of mine!

Your words have made me shudder.
I appreciate you very much brother. Do not forget.

Remember that plan we made for a Project Hope Venezuelans meeting? Well, we must take up that idea now with more force.
Let's do it!

Your words have made me shudder.
I appreciate you very much brother. Do not forget.

Brother, thanks to you I am here, you have been my school, you helped me find a way out for me and my family.

All my appreciation and respect to you.

Remember that plan we made for a Project Hope Venezuelans meeting? Well, we must take up that idea now with more force.
Let's do it!

Sure, we need to do it brother, we have to plan and then show that event here.

Number one for my top three, I'm editing.

 last year 

God Bless you Brother.

well done :) Good going PH

 last year 

You are also part of PH. I hope we stay together on this. We have a long way to go.

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Congratulations on the achievement, this confirms once again that consistency and unity achieve a lot. Let the successes continue and every day increase the number of subscribers.

 last year 

We are seeing the fruits of the seed sown on good ground.
Thanks for stopping by.

Hi, @juanmolina, @crypto.piotr and the community in general, after a long time away, I am happy to find many advances in communities like you that had a difficult start. But that, with effort and dedication, they have managed to make themselves known in the wonderful world of Blockchain. I also feel nostalgic for those friends who have left Steem for various inconveniences. Although many communities have been stagnant, I am glad to hear that you have achieved this recent success of a thousand subscribers. This is just the beginning! I know that Señor Piotr is a person who loves Venezuelans and he was not wrong in choosing people like you for this job. I will be looking closely at his good work and in what I can contribute, I will do it with much affection. Greetings and more success.

 last year 

Hermano Emilio!

It has been some time since we last talked.
I hope you are well. Greetings to the entire Steemchurch community.

Thanks for your words of encouragement and love.

You are right to feel nostalgic for those who left steemit, but they will always have the option of returning.

I will be looking closely at his good work and in what I can contribute, I will do it with much affection.

Thanks brother, I hope to see you more often here.

Hi @juanmolina

My most sincere congratulations to you and the entire PH team, as I read your publication I was very moved by your words and how you express your experience in this project.
I must make a recognition for the great work you have done since its beginning, as well as my respect and recognition to @crypto.piotr for its beautiful initiative that has allowed to help many people, many of them from my beloved country Venezuela.
In spite of having little time being part of PH I include myself when affirming: "We will continue growing and strengthening the project and contributing to give to the platform a new image and the sense that it has lost in great part ".
Hugs @juanmolina

 last year 

Hola Janett.

Thank you for your words of congratulations and support.

We always try to make the members of our community feel like family. We constantly support ourselves in our publications by leaving valuable comments, being part of our curation trail. The strength is in the joining.

I invite you to feel part of our great family.

Hugs for you.

Congratulations to the pH Community, it's a huge milestone in my opinion. One that should be celebrated. Cheers! Lookin forward to 2000 subscribers

 last year 

Thank you very much @josediccus!

Great feat. I'm glad that you both met, I mean with Piotr. This collaboration has birthed a big thing and I see it bigger in the near future.

 last year 

Maybe it was fate, life ... God.
The truth is that it happened.
But I am convinced that we will continue to do our best to advance and grow, now with everyone's help.

This is a great progress so far, I am happy being a member of this community.

 last year 

You´re always welcome dear friend.

We will surely reach millions in coming days.

 last year 

Millions? Wow man!

Yea think big..

Un gran saludo desde Maracay, amigo @juanmolina!


A big greeting from Maracay, friend @juanmolina!

 last year 

Take care and stayhome.

Big Hug!