After All That I Went With The Long Veiny One

in Shadow Hunterslast year

If you're reading this it means I managed to click the post button successfully and there's a good chance my palms are no longer a sweaty mess. Happens every time, menacing post button, massaging my pants at thigh level like waiting until your hands are dripping wet to discover there's no paper towels.

The opening sentence took longer to develop than the opening paragraph and this one's doing the same shit. I need a computer. I keep saying that. I hear they come stock with editing tools, that's cool. This has spLeLcheck, old school.

But I can catch a photo like a grand slam all the way back at the warning track. When the rest of the world's at thumb war I'm flickin fitty for breakfast. Add to my exemplary conditioned photo flicking finger are a couple of iOS devices and a GoPro; each of which come from the factory with more image enhancing tools than I know what to do with.

  • Charged device - ✔️
  • Conditioned flicker - ✔️
  • Clear sky - ✔️
  • Glassy water for optimum reflection - ✔️


  • 2 smudges on the lens - ✔️


What The Fuck!

I only saved two photos that day. The above smudgy one and this next one but I wanted the above smudgy one for the cover which meant I no longer had a cover and my only option was to return to Fort Loudoun Lake in East Tennessee in the snow, uphill both ways and fix it.


  • Mission failed - ✔️

The wind was uncooperative. It wasn't windy in an uncomfortable sense, it was comfortably breezy sending ripples across the water cancelling the mirror effect. Plus a couple dudes were fishing off the pier; casting lines, more ripples, wasn't the same. My cover was blown.

I crossed Northshore Drive on foot in search of a new one. Singletrack trails lead through the forest to different coves on the lake. By the time I saw water again, the wind was blocked.


Cloud placement on the right like that with the island positioned to the left looks like a betta fish. A cloud heavy left formation wouldn't work on that one.


Dear @olgavita:

This next one with the sailboats is for round 51. The one where I clearly violated rule #6. I have a difficult time as it is with titles, mandatory wording really fucks me up. Nothing like opening sentences, though, those and cover images! Neither of which touch a post button by the way.

@dandays - The Luckiest Guy I Know


Rocks are a nice feature, they're not part of the mirror, they usually aren't. They don't look comfortable to walk on barefoot but provide a nice contrast. All of those masts, too, I'll enter that one in the contest and maybe this next one on the cover.


Or not. Decisions decisions. I should probably use the second one, the one with all the curvy sticks in it. Or cloud heavy left. Either the second one or cloud heavy left for sure. For sure not the contest entry one cuz it's already a contest entry and definitely not the smudgy one.


Decisions decisions...



I agree with others. I wouldn't have noticed the smudge! 😅

Your post is great and you take amazing photos; give yourself some credit! 😊

Hey I remember you, this is a nice surprise. You're the one who had resteem in her signature with the real pretty eyes.

Good morning from wherever I am. Thanks for dropping me a line. I enjoy the voyeurism aspect but that doesn't mean I can't bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla with the best of'em.


Right, that's definitely me. 😅

Good morning, as well, from not so far away! 😊

Nice! It's been a minute since I've been to not so far away. What's it like out there today?

Me too!!!! 😅

Frosty and Cold 🥶

Do your windows have condensation trying to build up from the bottom?

Surprisingly no. Lol.

I didn't even notice the smudge until you pointed it out haha.

Betta fish - nice! I totally see it too. Nice reflection there.

You have a lot of great photos here.

Well that's new.

I've upvoted my own comment before, that's happened like three times. Infuriates me. I've accidentally downvoted to then upvote right back.

But that's the first time I ever double upvoted someone. Thanks for breaking me in. There you go again, being all refreshing.


Yeah I've done that as well. I've also replied to my own comment instead of the other persons before 😂

I've replied to myself so many times they don't count.

The worst though—upvote my own comment. How many times you think you've done that? I know I've done it at least twice, probably three, hopefully not four.

That's pretty hilarious

I double tap you all the time... Fucking fat shaky ham hand fingers.

I'm always hitting the damn Z instead of the periodZ It's right on top of the thingZ

Totally resembles a betta fish huh? I had to look up the spLeLink cuz I had beta with one T but I knew the look.

Thank you Lucky, I appreciate that, thanks for hanging out with me.

I've been back twice now to get that photo back and here I am.. BIG HUGE middle finger to smudges.

Just in case you haven't understood it yet what the fudge this is all about, nobody noticed the smudge.

I want to say congratulation, but I hate when people say that. "Congrats for what?" 😄

I hate when I can't ask congrats for what.

Yoo. Whaddup? I stop by your YouTube page regularly, have you slowed down over there or something else?

I've been back out there twice, Ed, I'm determined to fix it. Both times no dice. Never realized how similar photography and welding are. You only get one shot

My dude. Cheers.

Yeah bro we wanna travel a bit, so I had to let the nanny go, means I have no time for nothing anymore, pretty bleak. Just cleaning, driving, feeding, and other mundane tasks.

You only get one shot

I dunno bro, I though you could always reweld something that has been already welded.

Absolutely my man but it's not the first shot.

That fuckin button is my nemesis man, and I gotta say the long veiny one is always a winner.

Sometimes I make the missus press the button... Seems to be quicker at times

I'll never admit how much time I spend editing these things but the closer I get to the post button the hotter it gets inside like are you hot? It's hot in here... Ima open the window.

I hear a computer will substantially cut my formatting and editing time. I hear nothing but good things about those things.

Did you know I dropped my iPad? Ka'pow! Got the screen replaced. Now the bottom 1/3 of the aftermarket screen doesn't work so I'm extremely limited digitally and can't do videos at all anymore and I don't wanna get a new one here cuz of charging bla bla when we'll be in UK in a couple months and my point is :breathe:

Pretty nice when your biggest compliant is a partially functioning iPad. ;D

Cheers my dude.

I am still working on my last weekends post that never passed the post button qualifications.

I got stories I can make up but getting over the nerves part, actually clicking the button n shit.. I'm a mess.

Your Honesty is appreciated.

If I want liars I will watch the big pharma sponsored news propaganda.



Like duh.. of course I knew that as if!

Going on 5 years and it still does it. Pacing, proofread some God awful number of times, chest is at a rave like boom-boom-boom-boom-boom, wiping my hands on my pants etcetera etcetera etcetera etcetera....

Hashtag MufukinMess.

Amazing pictures, @dandays! I like number of them including the "betta fish" 😁👍. Thank you for participating in the contest again 💞!
Just may I ask you to add your entry picture to your entry comment to the contest post? It could be better for me for not to miss it when the time to choose winners comes. That's because it is not the top one. Thank you ❤️

Of course. Thanks for having me.

I didn't realize that one was fishy looking at the time. Not until I began putting this together did I see it. Pretty obvious now. ;D

Reflections are pretty easy for everyone to do and they're everywhere, thanks for hosting this contest. It gives us something to point at.

Nice photos and a great reflection of the bridge you share with us. Thank you for participating in the Reflection hunters contest! 👏 😎

My pleasure. Thank you for having me.

I'm not sure if that's a loop or a movie but I watched at least 3 minutes.

Now that is quality gif'n.!! @dksart

Take notes @dandays


That paper airplane was smudged...


Dammit! I was hoping no one noticed.

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This is a nice surprise you guys.

Thank you.


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They need one of these for allergy meds...



Come on now, you're not supposed to call attention to the smudgy spots! Just act like they're supposed to be there and in the unlikely event that someone notices, just ask'em when's the last time they got their eyes checked?

Ecency beat me to this one (by a lot), but there'll be a 500 for ya directly.

You're the best Jethro, I'm not worried about it. It isn't often I see those encouragement votes but one thing they don't do is suck. I was putting this one together in my head when you mentioned the tag.

Don't call attention to the smudges—noted. Now that you mention it, I've been pretty honest lately, I need to lie more.

Hello dear friend @dandays good afternoon
It is good that you have been able to publish, and let us know these beautiful images of reflections. excellent shots
enjoy the weekend

My pleasure.

What a nice comment. Coming from an author with 80k posts and 6 years under his belt, I'm flattered. Thank you! And thanks for sharing this with your followers.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

You have been using a cell phone this whole time on Hive/Steemit??? Yeah spell check is wonky for you too on the Quantum leap device?


The photos here were amazing. One photo was even 2x spot on...

Spring is right around the corner! Can you feel it?

Life is beautiful. Your pictures did a great job displaying that. Ripples in all.

The photos here were amazing. One photo was even 2x spot on...

You spotted that eh?

You have been using a cell phone this whole time on Hive/Steemit???

"Guilty!" I have an iPad too, I use it for my video editing and digital art. But I dropped it awhile back, destroyed it, got an aftermarket screen but the bottom 1/3 of it stopped working so this phone is it. I've been shopping laptops but no sense getting one now when we're going over to a 240v charging culture in a couple months.

I really appreciate your support dude, thank you. I was pleasantly surprised with the images too. I've been back twice now to capture that pier one and all I got are words. That and this screen shot of the page I landed on when I clicked the rippling water link: 👊🏼



Beautiful photos!! Thanks for sharing them with everyone 📸 📹

My pleasure. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Welcome to your second week on the blockchain, joint wasn't the same without you.

Did you say SEVEN?! Geez. If you were a dude I'd say you got huge balls.

Playing. You have a beautiful family. Don't be a stranger. 💖

Thanks for welcoming me into my second wk There’s soo much too learn also lol yes Seven and Thanks 🙂
lol aside from my fiancé I am one of the manliest men I know 💪😎🤣

Atta girl.

Shoot me a line if you get stumped. I don't know everything but I'll teach you everything I know.

Thanks 🙂

Hey! I actually think all the pictures are amazing, even the first one with the smudges (I would not have seen it if you haven't pointed it out). The more I looked at them in details, well the more I am impress with the symmetry and the positionning. Stuff that I don't usually look at, I just took it for granted I guess. Congrats and I wish you a great success with the contest.

That was a nice message, thanks Peg. Is it as bad where you are as the media paints all of Canada right now? They make it sound pretty bad.

Several people said they wouldn't have noticed. I've been back twice now trying to get that photo back and have been unsuccessful. Another note worth mentioning about photography is each click is a lot like welding. You only get one shot.

Cheers @pegarissimo.

Only one shot, nice, love that expression. I don't think it is as bad as they make it look in Canada (didn't really notice anything out of the ordinary, we are good sheeps and are alrwady use to it). We do have a bunch of truckers that make alot of noise, a little extrmist maybe, so for sure the news will use that and start painting as many fences as they can 😁.

Nice. I haven't heard that narrative many times. Always nice when you stop by Peg, glad we all made it through this.

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