Digital Portrait of Captain America.

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I hope you're having a great day.

Welcome back to my blog where I'm going to share a digital portrait of the famous MCU character Captain America that I successfully digitalized with a little skill that I have with Adobe Illustrator.

Let's see the completed art.


This is the digital portrait of the famous MCU character and I've found the reference photo here.


There's the real photo that I tried to digitalize.


I used Adobe Illustrator CS6 to do this. I used the pen tool for the main parts of the art but I had to take help from some other tools as well.

At first, I went for the hair and the beard and I really enjoyed working on the beard and the hair of Captain America which is not normal for every character. Then I Worked on the face and then the costume.


At first, I worked on the hair and the beard-mustache where I used only two colors for color shading. First, I did the black color and then I worked on the brown color and then I arranged back the black color and then I got this awesome hair and beard-mustache with a part of the shape of the nose.


Then I worked on the face where I used around seven-eight colors may be to give the face a perfect shade. I didn't have to/couldn't work much on the eye as the eye is so black as a shadow in the original picture so it was easy for me. I was confused about the lip and the nose thinking they might not give a nice look but I think they're also perfect.


Well, then I worked on the costume of Captain America. This look with the costume is from Avengers Infinity War, I guess and I like it. Making the costume was kinda easy and fun for me as I didn't have to work on the whole costume. First I divide the whole costume into two parts and then I worked on one part. When I finished working on one part, I reflexed that part and I got the whole costume... that means I only had to work on half of the costume. After I made the cost7ume a whole, I gave it a gradient shade and made the upper side of the costume darker which got blended with the beard of the character like it is in the original picture. At this point, my work has been done but then I've thought of giving the portrait a nice background.


I was looking for a background with the shield of Captain America and I've found a fantastic one in Wallpaper Access. Finally, I liked and used a photo from this page as the background of this portrait and I think it's perfect for the portrait.

So... I just presented you with a digital portrait of Captain America that I digitalized.

I hope you liked the art.

And if you really like it then don't forget to let me know how it is, and if you find anything wrong with my work, then please let me know about those as I need to know where I'm doing wrong.

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"The End"

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Nice art. Captain America is my favorite hero. 😍

Thanks bro... and yeah, Captain America is one of the best.

hello dear friend @ashikstd good afternoon
congratulations on the skill and knowledge you have
you do beautiful things, excellent digitization tarabjo
I appreciate that you let us know the step by step of creation
have a great night and a happy rest

Hey, my friend @jlufer
Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and letting me know about my work.
Actually I kinda enjoy working on these things and I think this is the best one I did till now.
I appreciate your fantastic comment.
Stay safe and stay happy.

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