Drawing DIY: My 2nd Portrait.

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Hello All,

How are you doing today?
I am happy to see you in my blogpost.

This is my art blog where I'm going to show you my drawing of my second portrait.
I drew a picture of my husbands uncle.


My husband went to his village and sent me some pictures over facebook messenger.
I was getting bored so I though why not drawing something?
Then I drew this portrait.
This is my second portrait drawing.


First I drew the pencil sketch.


Then I started coloring with my poster color.


First I colored the beautiful environment around the man.


Then after I finished coloring the environment I started coloring the man.


Making the face was the biggest challenge for me the picture is big and the man is small in the picture.
So the face is not good enough but I tried to give a nice body sketch especially the fat belly.


Then when finished coloring the man then I gave my finishing touch on the whole drawing.
And this is the final look above.

I'll share more of my drawings in this blockchain.

That's it.

I'm trying to learn such drawings that's why I'm practicing with others work at first.

I'm still learning and trying to do better with my drawing.
So please don't think otherwise and keep supporting me.

Some of my best drawing posts.

About Me.

I'm Sharmin Akter Mim from Bangladesh doing Bachelors in arts in a govt university in our country.
I'm the one and only wife of @ashikstd.
With my little effort, I'm trying to help my husband in this bad time and I'm trying to understand this blockchain.

I want to say goodbye now.

I'm hoping that this post will get some nice view and I'll be trying to do better next time.

Stay safe & stay home for corona epidemic.



Very nice, very colorful.

I tried.

It is really very good dear. Take care of your health.

pray for me plz

yes, sure :) ♥

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