Sad Music but Happy Me!!

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Everything goes so fast, no waiting, no freezing, and all seem so bright! Just one click and it's all there in the blink of an eye. Or even faster. This feeling is new, as I was used to a lot slower response from the tool that served me during the last few years. You know what I'm talking about, right? Yes, that's the feeling when you use your brand new laptop for the first day. I hung out with an old one for a long time and it was the time for this change. Finally.

Screenshot from 2021-10-10 19-29-56.png

In fact, I bought this new one a few days ago, but due to various circumstances, we have not been able to set everything I wanted on it until today. Migraine, work, then migraine again, so it's been a couple of days... But Sunday came, as a perfect day for a SadSunday post I used to publish some time ago, but alas, how sad it can be if such positive excitement rules today? We successfully set everything I needed for now in less time than we thought. All went pretty well, here and there a few things, but all good now.

One of the first things that were installed was the PreSonus Studio One 5 software that I use to record my music. Of course, I already tried it right now and recorded one piece. What a nice feeling not having to lose unnecessary time for trying to get the interface to be recognized by the laptop. It went every time lately with the old one in that way, it was a bit frustrating even to think about recording something. So, the first recording went very well. Also, after editing the video, the upload to 3Speak went in less than 30 seconds! That was nice also!


In the next few days, I will start to sort out from the old laptop the documents I consider that I will need. Tons of music sheets, photos, backups, recordings will or be deleted or stored in the external hard disc. Oh, and the endless list of once bookmarked sites also. I know, it will be time-consuming, as I will want to save many things, but I will try to be efficient and not let myself think in the way: I will need this piano score one day. No, in all that mess I don't even know what do I have. Now I see everything clean and running fast, and I do like it. Good organization will take place! Exciting :))

One of the scores that I have on the old laptop is this Nocturne no. 4 in D minor that I play here. The composer is Dennis Alexander, a retired piano teacher and composer from the U.S.A. It is a nice piece, but I think it will be thing less to save. I recorded just the audio part of how do I play it and added a royalty free video downloaded from pixaby. I tried to find a sad one, at least something to be sad for this #SadSunday post hahaha.

▶️ Watch on 3Speak

This was my Sunday, setting this new thing and playing a bit the piano, and being happy because of that. Well, just happy is a weak word right now, but anyway, let me leave it that way.

How about your Sunday? What nice happened today to you? Or a sad event maybe? Did this piano piece, Nocturne brought you sad or nice musical moments? Plenty of questions, to be easier to choose among them... Hopefully, there will be some soul to see them and maybe answer to one of them... :)

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'Sad Music but Happy Me!!' <- I love very much how it sounds, maybe I will steal it for one of my posts, if you have no objections?.. !PIZZA, hot pizza for you! 👍 I had such a great day today (we have been to the cinema with my wife). feel exhausted and sleepy now.

No objections, but give me the credits hahaha 😅
Use it, for sure, I felt it was a bit strange choice for the title, but at least you liked it :))

Great you went to the cinema! Lately, I love to go to the cinema once a week, when I finish the lessons on time. Usually I choose some less known movies, so we are 5 in the audience 🤣

Thanks for the pizza, it is definitely a happy Sunday 🍕🎶🎶

Usually I choose some less known movies, so we are 5 in the audience

quite understandable! sounds elitist to me, but in my eyes it is rather good then bad thing! last time I felt so when we watched Jarmuch (both of us are old fans of his movies) - there is a special cinema theatre within the famouse 'Angleterre' hotel at St.Petersburg (which is also elitist by default), there one can watch movies with original soundtracks (i.e. in English + subs). It was 'Zombies dont die'. And today we watched the 'Dune'. Actually, I find myself in a cinema 2-3 times a year (or less). Now feel free to lol at me! 🤣

Non lols at you, as I also started with this cinema activity recently. Before it was also 2-3 times per year, lack of time when I could go. But, from this no concerts and no real big social happenings around here, I compensate this with movies at the cinema. And, there are days that I have fewer lessons this year, so I can fit it. Yes, original language but subtitle to Spanish. is what I choose too.

🧐🤩 same attitude. no more comments needed here. lets look if the Engagement bank has left some bonas for us to touch and grab : ))

it says that you engaged too much already today 🤣

Me not so much, as was around this laptop thing and piano, so bad enagager I am today :D

it says that you engaged too much already today 🤣

NOPE! I did not sent a single E token today. it means all the E-tokens available today from the morning, already were used, and no reserve left. ehehe. I came too late, as always! but we can rely on !PIZZA, you know. 10 slices per day :) :) :)

So others engaged and we were setting laptops and went to cinema....well, at least, we have fun 😁

After so many slices of that food, I think I would have to skip some days of having dinner 😅

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

Hola! Felicitaciones por la nueva laptop💚
Me siento muy identificado con lo que contas xq me pasa lo mismo (solo que voy a tener que seguir lidiando con el tiempo de procesamiento de una vieja laptop 😅) Pero que es infinitamente mejor que no poder trabajar cierto?
A su vez tambien tuve que rescatar "cosas" del disco rígido que hace dos meses se rompió y fue un proceso tedioso pero encontré algunos tesoros 😅
Saludos y a revolver los gigas de datos acumulados 💪

Gracias ;)
He estado planeando esta compra ya durante tiempo. No solo tuve problemas para grabar, porque muchas veces no quería reconocer la interfaz, sino también con cosas simples, como si tuviera varios tabs abiertos con enlaces de música, era un desastre. Muy lento y se congelaba. Es una diferencia enorme, merece la pena.

Oh, me imagino que nervios has podido tener cundo se te rompió el disco duro, pero por lo menos, como dices, encontraste tesoros jejeje. Yo espero no tener muchos sentimientos al mirar todo lo que tengo en le viejo, no quiero rescatar todo. Ni la mitad jaja. Bueno, esto días me espaera el trabajo ese.

Espero tú también puedas comprarte un nuevo, lo más pronto, y así poder trabajar con más facilidad y rapidez! 💻

 2 months ago  

I love this tune! And I don't know if it's only me, but I feel it nostalgic but not sad...! 🤔

Anyway, all those things are subjective, the main thing is that people enjoy it. Congratulation on your new laptop! 👏👏👏


Yeah, thanks, it is going soooooooooo fast that a response to your comment is going right now, you see :D

Nostalgic, you are right. But I would not know to draw so strict line between nostalgic and sad... Anyway, happiness is ruling here, so #SadSunday became #NotAtAllSadSunday.

Thanks for the support @ylich 🙂

 2 months ago  

My pleasure! ❤️






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Hey - congratulations on the new laptop!

But more importantly - what beautiful playing really enjoyed it!

regarding happy/sadness - I think emotions that music invokes are very subjective and personal - I often play music that people think is sad, but actually I'm happy. Right now I'm exploring what in music might remind the listener of summer time. I've only just started thinking about this and asking people but I already think the answer is going to be completely different for different people!

Anyway thanks for sharing - enjoy your music!


Thanks @tdctunes , it works very well at the moment, and I hope it will stay this way :))

Yes, it is so personal what music can wake up in us, and also what it evokes in us is personal! The same tune can affect differently each of us, and that is a beautiful feature of music 💙✨

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This is a great melody. I have a tag called #boombox. We're building a music community or fans and artists and would like you to join sometime. My three profiles share all sounds in there for free.


Which ones are your other profiles? One is maybe grapthar? According to your recent comments, you are pretty busy inviting all musicians :)) Hehehe, nothing wrong, but I didn't understand where are you building a music community, and what is the name of it?

It's called Boombox and one day I hope to tokenize it on Hive Engine. My two other profiles are @orbitdrop and @fortpeacesteeamit (not FP Hive). Right now I'm encouraging everyone to post in my tag. Sometime soon I plan to host a giveaway and other events within the Hive community.

Ok, so I didn't guess well for your other account :) Well, seems I am not good at guessing games hahaha.

So it is with the tag. Wishing you a lot of success with the project, it is a lot of work around but yes, why not try to tokenize it one day 👌

Thank you very much. Hope to see you on there soon.

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That was such a cool pleasure to my ears especially I'm hearing before just few seconds from going to bed i felt high as someone's said in the comments section sad but happy me for me it took me to another univers, golden fingers

It is good the music leads you to another universe, probably to dreams as you mentioned you are going to bed. Hope you slept well :)

This Piece is so nice🥺

I mean just so amazing..

My Sunday on the other hand was more or less like a flop, I was suppose to go to church but missed church service cause I woke up late😪

I tried rushing myself to get prepared for church, but it was too late, so I stayed back home lol

Oh, sorry you missed it, but at least, if you slept well and needed that extra sleep, that is good!! This piece, yeah a nice one, came for SadSunday post, but you saw, I was not any sad hahhaha

Hope you will have a great week @pianokills 🤘

I surely is already having a great week already

Thank you so much!😍😘

Then I hope it will stay this way, you having a great week and weekend 😁🎶🎶

Yeah surely
Thanks so much 😊

Hola ,@mipiano

Muy hermosa esta melodía, y el titulo de este post es único como usted😅 yo pase mi domingo un poco triste y feliz,
Día anterior me vacune contra el covid, y sentía un poco de malestar, pero a la vez feliz porque estoy con mi familia y ellos me brindan todo su amor y cariño , quien no puede ser feliz así ? 😅 ME ENCANTO ESTE POST, DIOS TE BENDIGA

Sí, a veces tenemos así días, tristes y felices a la vez. Espero el malestar de la vacuna ya ha pasado y que estas mejor, y claramente, el apoyo de la familia es lo más importante!! Es el tesoro que valioso! Cuidate y gracias por pasar por aquí 😇

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