It's On!

It's On!

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Flick the switch hit the button head mutton, make room show’s on full throttle almost gone, now what’s on? What script? Who scripted this pre-scripted response binding bonds tainting veins staining black bands in brains rebranding your strand? Superficial minds so inclined to recline without a spine, blind to serpent vine pincer entwined.

Put it on pause for a sec, stop looking at leaves, branches, trees, forget the forest, don’t rest, flash step back ignore flak from jack crack, expand a demand see the whole plan.
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Have you ever been M Kay’d? I know one who was, but forget that, let me smack you back, you’re Naomi Kay’d a million ways these days chained, few brave too many raving behaved. Right? Let’s get tight an’ I’ll show you the blight always in sight sighted with no respite.
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Alphabet gang-stalking it's you they’re mocking with psycho-babble rabble talking non-stop stopping an’ you’re walking, head rocking double trouble bubble-headed hydra vulgar vulgaris. Get behind in line for false divine shot up, mental rot on the spot.
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Trade in your blade be razor filleted for the upgrade, don’t mind those system glitches stick, stick, stick so many stitches up in your britches. Are you feeling those pin prick pinches? Jacked in, plugged in, network enabled registered mac in black goo stack rack receiver ready enable signal steady. Re-animated in Two-Dee operating artificially, for eternity, fully on repeat don’t speak tweak in the dead universe with mind meld verse.
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Carbon margin marginalizing penalizing people push pulled by puppets, not talking muppets here sheep sheer, look out, steer clear, correct your course, am I speaking code morse? Blame game all the same, show me rearrange, don't estrange reframe rage, this at your age? You'd rather lay labels while unstably unable adorned in fable. Self-explanatory not in the lavatory caught by toilet paper rush stemming mind gaga gush.
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Deflect redirect that expect demand on energy freeze stay free from grinding tyrant tires, liars spitting fires. Poke your brain, don’t abstain, don’t train car line up pile up come ride up with wild wind beat your wings above wrought wreckage bought paid for, now soar!
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Coming out in my speech to all you peeps. I don’t do "isms", "ists", schisms, or divisions so burn your derisions and blind decisions. I’m edgy scary razor sharp, no walk in the park, as told by a mega low maniac who forcibly confined me in a house, with spite, malice and might until I made it right, in spite of his spite.
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So say it sashay it slam it ram it berate me hate me for it won’t negate this state I’ll deflate your malice rate with a hard shower raining down from internal power. Stutter stop, flop, you’re lost your loss use brain floss be the boss in mind of your mind enslaved, here’s your graven grave studded with raven cackle crackle call before you fall!
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All photos taken by Nine with a Pentax digital 35mm camera.
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Dude! I am telling you these would make some really great metal songs!!!!

I need the music for that, so if you can translate the beat in my head into reality, you're ON!

Thanks @unklebonehead!

Love it!



😂My you have a keen eye! Take note of the umbrella shape as well. This is a section of a larger monument. The whole monument clarifies with lightening. 😉


And may God Smite Them With Lightning.

I can't agree more! ZAP!

I'm drunk.

That better have been cold beeeeer!

There are sooooo many goodies in here!

Tell me all about the goodies (no boogers?)....

Thank you @corvidae!

My favorites are

head rocking double trouble bubble-headed hydra vulgar vulgaris

foamin' at the mouth crazy


sheep sheer, look out, steer clear, correct your course, am I speaking code morse?

Code, morse. Milk, chocolate.


Stutter stop, flop, you’re lost your loss

And of course I love how you end with a raven.

foamin' at the mouth crazy

😂 Instant visual, love that!

Code, morse. Milk, chocolate.

I think I want chocolate now.

And of course I love how you end with a raven.

Haha, we talked about ravens and crows, so it stuck in my head to add raven to that, so you inspired the addition. Bet you didn't know that. Those three feathers in the last photo are raven flight feathers found by an old friend and gifted to me.

I wondered if maaaaaaaaaaybeeee there was some connection.
I only have one raven feather. I can't remember where I got it. Huge flight feather.

I have probably a hundred crow feathers. One of which is Bo's!

LOL! Cool that you have a flight feather too. The only way to get those without harming a raven is if they drop them. Yes, totally huge, love the ones I have. They've been most helpful.

I don't have a hundred crow feathers like you, and so cool you have one of Bo's! I think I only have a dozen crow feathers.

I have some underfluffy feathers that belong to Bo and Lorena that I collected last molt. Eventually I want to get some made into earrings. Technically might not be legal though, since crows are a protected bird, so I will have to tell people they are chicken fluffies.

 9 months ago  

It’s funny everyone else is thinking this is a metal song but I totally heard a rapper in there! There’s this badass dude from Boston, my hometown, that has an awesome flow like this! Let me give you a good sample song to check out. Reading the post, I absolutely had one of his beats in my head lol

@dandays what do you think, I think it sounds like Mr Lif!

The Big D&A @dandays (AKA Mountain Biker/Runner) can not come to the PHONE Hive right now as He is in the med bay at the mountaintop military installation recovering from wounds/burns and exhaustion. Since He laid the smackdown on and opened up a can of WOOP ASS on the Java Monsters.

You should see his blackened & bloodied face... what a mess.


I had it in my head as a rap beat. That said, what I like is hearing how others perceive. Gives me a great opportunity to see from other perspectives. I can now see both, LOL.

Drop me your sample song, totally up for that!

Thank you @cmplxty!

 9 months ago  

Yeah different perspectives for sure! Sorry I forgot to drop the song I meant to edit it lol

Mr Lif - Enters the Colossus

I find seeing from other perspectives to be most useful in getting clarity in life, so I appreciate all of that. Thanks for dropping the link, I'll check that out!

Yay! 🤗
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Very good indeed. I can hear how it would be in my head and I do agree with unklebonehead these would make great metal songs!

Thanks @meesterboom! I do need to hear what each of you is hearing in your heads. I'm sure I wouldn't have to lift a musical finger. I can hear a metal song since @unklebonehead mentioned that, but he's better at metal, far better.

My sad little guitar sits with two strings broken and I ignore it.

Aw, dont ignore your guitar, treat the little chap to some lovely new strings and bang out a tune on it. They love being played! In saying that, I haven't played any of mine for a day or so! Must get back to it!

It's an old, old little chap from the early 60's with a honey voice. I have to check if I'm allowed to go into the store to buy new strings. No idea what the rules are anymore here, changes constantly with confusion, so I stopped paying attention unless it's something I really need. My violin is all good with strings, but I've been horrible in terms of learning and practicing that.

They do love being played. What do you play? You have an acoustic, electric or classical?

I have a classical, an acoustic and several electrics. I think I have 7 in total. I have been told I am not allowed to buy any more. I do love it but don't get enough time to play my little heart out.

I rarely know which time to observe these days either. Even though they have removed the restrictions here there are still places that ask you to abide by them. Confusing!!

That's more than I anticipated. I had visualized four or five only. You're all kitted out! I find that's always the case, never enough time to do everything. Have you posted anything you've played? If you have, can you link me please?

It's totally muddled here, worse than mud sliding down a river bank in Spring with hip waders on flying with fishing tackle, lol. Tiresome quite frankly, but maybe my 99 year cycle here has worn time thread bare. (yes, I'm ridiculous, my father taught me well).

I dont think I have ever posted anything serious. I did a Spanish godfather theme once but god knows what that was under. All the rest has been little snippets in posts occasionally.

Muddled muddled muddled. Thats how it is here although it is rapidly progressing to unmuddled because no one is having to obey any rules anymore so they are all just doing as they like! So much for the folk who said this was the start of a new totalitarian world order!

Bass Beat and Nose Snare, Finger Tap Rythm was applied while reading this...

You Mad @ Me Sister..?

Ain't seen you around much. Was wondering if you went to Ottowa.? What a fucking nightmare your little dick tater Kim Jong Terdo has turned out to be for Canada... Aye.?


Bass Beat and Nose Snare, Finger Tap Rythm was applied while reading this...

I need that beat translated into music.

You Mad @ Me Sister..?

You'd have to do something to earn mad (takes some effort and time), so no.

Was wondering if you went to Ottowa.?

Only been there once, long time ago, don't need to ever see it again, eh.

I must confess. I am no beat boxer. I ended the rap song by blowing snot bubbles.


Sounds like syrup in fur. I'll tell you a secret, if you blow them correctly you can create rainbow coloured ones like this:



Can you, perhaps, scream that louder and three times over so I can have a creep shriek?