What Does Hive Mean To Me? Initiative.

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Our FIRST Initiative on HIVE!

To what I refer to as HardFork 23, the rebranding of STEEM to HIVE with improved decentralization (minus the ninja-mine) & I would like to know everyone's thoughts on what HIVE is for you & what you want it to become.

What is HIVE to you?

What do you want to see HIVE evolve into?

What do you think about having a large funded DAO for future HIVE development?

What does HIVE mean to you?

  • Please write a whole post sharing your thoughts; there are no right or wrong answers.

10 posts (shared on Twitter or other social media) will be rewarded with 100% upvotes. Even if your post isn't in the top 10, upvotes will be given in lesser amounts to active participants.


  • Share your HIVE post to Twitter. Comment below with both your Twitter & HIVE post link.
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  • The title of your HIVE post should be "What Does Hive Mean To Me?" & the main HIVE tag or one of the first 5 tags should be #hiveimpact
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I have participated in the contest. I wrote an article with it as well.

My post URL: https://hive.blog/hive-100421/@surpassinggoogle/zymibhii

Here is my Twitter share: https://twitter.com/surpassinggoogl/status/1243110703382188035

Because I don't use other social media, I am unable to enter this (or any other) competition you run. Others do, so thank you for promoting our community by encouraging creators to put out content that makes a good impression.

Free speech isn't just a luxury. It is as necessary as air, water, and food for survival. It is easy to grasp that preventing people from understanding what helps them or hurts them causes them to fail to do the former more often, and to do the latter more often. When existential matters are at hand, it's a matter of life and death.

There are very few ways a blockchain can improve the lives of it's users that matter more than censorship resistance, particularly as other social media platforms increasingly censor their users and misinform them with propaganda. Hive became necessary when Sun Yuchen, an agent of the CCP that is the most flagrant censor and source of insipid propaganda in the world, gained the ability to govern Steem at will.

Steem is today completely censored at his sole option, presumably dictated by the Chinese Communist Party.

To me, Hive is proof that truth and facts are core features of freedom, and that oppressive tyranny will destroy our lives if we don't keep them. It is utterly necessary that Hive resist the ability of stake to weigh excessively on governance if it is to continue to resist censorship, and it is a matter of life and death today, with martial law being imposed on every corner of the world: Hive may be our best chance to survive pandemic, totalitarian despotism, and financial collapse ongoing today.


I responded to that post there. While you may agree with me that even now the distribution of Hive results in enough centralization to create a hegemony of oligarchs who possess the majority of stake in Hive, you may not agree that oligarchy is preferable to the simple autarchy Steem has become.

I remain convinced Hive remains over-centralized due to the dramatically unequal distribution of stake, and find the hegemony of a financial oligarchy unsatisfactory, as well as almost certain to be temporary due to the inevitable growth of monopolies in inadequately regulated capital systems, which Hive certainly is.


Your last sentence is awesome! I think we need a spoonful of centralization to keep the tyranny of the majority in check.

I can't see how DPoS can be expected to avoid some centralization due to differences in influences differences in stake effect. I am unaware of anyone actually proposing 1a1v, which would leave owners of large numbers of socks in control of Hive, or 1 user 1 vote, which I don't think anyone knows how to implement anyway.

I have proposed 1t1v, or applying VP to HP used to vote for witnesses such that voting depletes VP 100% and it does not recharge at all, in order to limit the 30x multiplication in the weight of witness votes from accounts with more HP, and make all tokens held by stakeholders equally influential on governance.

However, that alone cannot secure Hive from being attacked by the same mechanism that centralized governance of Steem in the total control of one person, and more needs to be done to prevent Sybil attacks from that vector.

That's an interested idea with reducing vp to vote witnesses.

I feel it could lead to more centralization.

I think allowing people to vote for between 7 and 15 witnesses makes the most sense. Going to low makes it too easy for a group to block all changes in order to het their ideas passed. Another idea is to fix witness payment to hbd to give them a more certain income. Extra funding stuff or increased support when necessary can come from dao.

I will show the math of 1t1v.

If you have 1M Hive, and I have 100 Hive, you'd expect our influence on governance to differ by 999,900 Hive. If we each had one vote, that is how it would be. However we have 30 votes. So, you vote 30x and exert 30M Hive influence on governance, while I vote 30x and exert 3000 Hive influence on governance.

The difference between our stake is 999,900 Hive. The difference between our influence on governance under the current system is 29,997,000 Hive.

"I feel it could lead to more centralization."

Given the above discussion of stake and influence on governance, I am unable to understand how making each token only able to vote once for governance could lead to centralization more than multiplying each 30x to make the tokens held by substantial stakeholders worth 30x more than tokens held by equals.

Can you explain please?

Can you explain please?

My pleasure =p

Currently one army (person group whatever) needs >50% of all hp to attack the Hive network. Thet will vote top 17~30 witnesses. There is nothing that can be done.

To elect 4 to stop a hardfork, an army also needs > 50%. Alternatively they could stop a necessary hardfork until they 'negotiate'. This is also called extortion (proxy.token helped justin do it).

If we have 1t1v, >85% ensures 17 top 20 witnesses and a certain hard fork. Its safer.

However >20% ensures 4 top 20 witnesses and blocking a hardfork until the extortion is paid. Its now 2.5× easier to do an extortion attack and well within the means of potential alliances.

Sure doing nothing or extortion is less severe than a rogue hardfork, but they could also wait until they find a critical exploit that desperately needs patching before acting. We could experience this before and after every hardfork.

We could change the amount of consensus witnesses from 17/20 to 11~12/20 to address this issue. Or require 51~70/100. In anycase the entire equation needs to be rebalanced if the vote weights change to prevent a blockage attack.

I appreciate the substantive reply. I don't agree that blocking a HF is centralization of governance, however.

What I do agree on is that it appears that using stake alone to influence governance seems to be impossible to secure against both vectors for attack. There's far too many financial assets available to known censors for any mechanism based on financial assets alone to prevent censors from imposing greater stake on Hive.

I have become convinced that those that are advocating adding rep, or some other metric, to stake to effect governance are on the right track. I'd very much like to hear more discussion of means of preventing stake alone from being able to effect governance, because with that system in place, all that prevents those better funded censors from undertaking to destroy Hive as Steem has now been is the effort to do so.


Epic. I did not realize that steem was actually taken over by the CCP. We must be on the right path.

I feel that right path is where our enemies are aiming their most potent weapons. As a result, I believe it is critically important to better secure the governance mechanism of Hive than simply by delaying powerup, and removing the founder's stake to HPS.

I am confident free speech is an anathema to censors, who have already spent more money censoring people than all the value of all Hive tokens combined. As a result I expect they are today working to do to Hive what was done to Steem.

I think they hate our freedom, and want it dead.


"...I don't use other social media..."

Same here.

You blew it. You and all new-old witnesses don't care about decentralization or democratization. Your only goal is even bigger control over the blockchain what you have lost. Suddenly ninja mined stake is not the only problem, you need to get rid of every member who think different. Even that is not enough. That's the way to go! You will be remembered as the greatest guardians of the freedom - or maybe not.


Who exactly did they get rid of? I think some of what confuses me when I see others complaining about stake making something centralized is the entire premise of a stake based system is larger stakes allow for greater input. I fail to understand how it would not work in that fashion and continue being a stake based system.

I know some are upset that they didn't get an airdrop due to their support of the Sun takeover of the Steem blockchain, and perhaps this happened to you and why you are here saying what you are. If so, the fact you are indeed here and speaking out against one of the more respected large stakeholders contradicts the idea that those who speak differently were/are gotten rid of. I know on Steemit Sun decided I can't see posts from many I follow, as well as vote for others who he allowed me to see. Now that seems a clearer case for getting rid of people.

Best of luck in however you decide to push forward, whether it is to continue on the Steem blockchain where you still have whatever stake you held before this fork, or decide to come here and cultivate a new garden on soil that will be just as rich as those who helped you on the other chain. Or maybe you do both.

What part you don't understand? Sun didn't get my support. I was voted for 4 witnesses @blockbrothers, @coingecko, @quochuy and @triple.aaa which were all qualified for hive airdrop.

It would tick me off if it's true that @blockbrothers got a hive airdrop after supporting Justin Sun as a witness for his hostile takeover. That would not be right!

Can you prove this assertion?

This is a wonderful initiative to get people more involved, educate themselves and find out exactly why they are here!

HIVE Post : https://peakd.com/hive-148441/@simplifylife/what-does-hive-mean-to-me-resilience

Tweet : https://twitter.com/simplifylife_11/status/1242920304311070721

Love that we're picking up where we left off and I'm definitely going to participate in this one. Quick suggestion for @peakd developers, it still says "steem.dao" instead of Hive. We're still tweaking, so I understand.

That's a Hive backend developer thing. They didn't switch accounts because that's a pretty big update. But they have plans to change it in the future and do a few other things.

Awesome. Everything will be sorted out as time goes on.

Hive is a decentralized reset and a chance to have another go.

Wow. @theycallmedan this is one of a kind Initiative on hive blockchain. Good to see this awesome initiative. I will surely make it a point of duty and participate. Thanks again.



A positive idiological reset. Those who value decentralization over centralization. The great split. Looking forward to this.

Hello there @theycallmedan, I was definitely expecting the hive version of this contest and definitely here it goes, I'll be dropping my own soon. Cheers!

I knew this coming, great stuff!

@tipu curate

I'm going to write a post about this, it really means a lot to me, so I have many thoughts and feelings that I want to share.

What about using quora for the spread of HIVE? Already there are tons of posts out there about steemit authored by current hivers.

I'll do a 3Speak later, I'm in.

I posted about HIVE a few days ago but I edited it a bit to include this additional discussion!


I have posted my thoughts. I encourage others to do the same, but keep posting other content to add value to this platform.

Well this felt like a perfect first post to make here on Hive.

Honestly hive saved our stake, with all the uncertainty Justin Sun brought to steem and even Ned when he was around but made so many wrong moves. No longer beholden to steemit inc or held at gunpoint feels good.

I must say if you asked me 12 months ago would the majority of the community come together and deliver on an ideological dream then I would have laughed at you with all the infighting going on. Seems we just needed a common enemy. Amazing that we are here. Thanks also for all your hard work Dan; your an important piece of this puzzle.

Blockchain is where I was born. Here I will remain!

happy to participate and share my thoughts of the Rise of Hive:

  • HIVE.jpg

Hi Dan, I think my first post here already touches that, but its never too much right, well here's a more explained one. Thanks



I wanted to write about this for some time and you encouraged me
Here is my perspective from Hive-newbie's point of view:
post: https://peakd.com/hiveimpact/@kreur/what-does-hive-mean-to-me
tweet: https://twitter.com/OScz5/status/1242627856376750080

Why are we doing this again? Just move on and be normal. Stop flooding the blockchain with this stuff.. no more circle jerks!

I think it is good and curate to know the opinion of HIVE users and also to promote it. I, for example, would like to know about developments expected by HIVE users

Yes, which there is a section in Steemit Hive called "dev" that you can freely navigate to and see what is happening. It's quite a magical thing when you start looking through the ether of Hive and manually curate authors and look at the different tags that exist on the blockchain.

Maybe someone can create a UI (whether it leverages "communities" or "tags") to give us more of the Reddit level of use-able searchability? Right now, it just sucks to find anything.

The Trending section blows and will apparently never get fixed (maybe that's a priority on Hive!?!!?).

I understand that you might want to know things without having to search, but that's not how Hive was built.. it needs to be changed before you'll see that..

Speaking of changes.. can someone with Peakd give me the option to look at "new" posts without having to edit my URL every time to say "/created"? I love being able to default with seeing who I'm following (LOVE IT!), but I also enjoy scrolling through new posts to manually curate people who I may not know and may be new to the blockchain. Thanks! @peakd

Thank you for your kind and extensive commentary. I usually do my own curates. Of course, this takes a long time but is rewarded with great satisfaction; in this way I've met many users

Hi @theycallmedan, My entry for this initiative:

Hive Post


This was fun to create, my 1st time responding to something like this.

Hive is the future and I'm excited to be here with all of you guys!

Here's My Hive Entry.

Here's My Tweet

ps. Seems that I didn't use #hiveimpact as first few tags and I just found out it's impossible to edit the first ones afterward.

@theycallmedan, how is @blockbrothers a witness here on HIVE, when they left our side to go and be a witness for Justin Sun on steemit? This is a travesty!

This makes me feel like I don't want to be here anymore if we're treating @blockbrothers like they are good guys. Do you know why they are witnesses on HIVE and why they got an airdrop of hive? How is this fair?

This seems totally wrong!!!

Such a great way to kick start initiatives on Hive Dan! Here's my entry..

Hive Post > What Does Hive Mean to Me? | A REBOUND OR FRESH START?

Twitter Post > https://twitter.com/NjorogeElsie/status/1242789584259383297


Hey there @theycallmedan !

Here is my contribution to this great initiative you started. I really like that idea and could not withstand to be a part of it ;)



Best wishes,

You're an inspiration @theycallmedan! Thank you for another great initiative!

My entry on PeakD - right here

My Tweet - right here

If you're reading this message right now (no matter who you are) - remember that you are wonderful!*
Let those wonders out and shine your light!

with love, @spellmaker

I really like this new house, sir. I also promote a new house hive in steem and also here it is really good, and very interesting

I also invited Justin sun to share his feelings about what #hive means to him on Twitter

Here is my tweet link :- https://twitter.com/sumit_10698/status/1242860261213483008?s=21

Hive link :-https://hive.blog/hiveimpact/@sumit1998/what-does-hive-mean-to-me-opportunity-of-life-time

Hive means to me a second chance to get it right and learn from our mistakes, while creating a new platform on our terms.

It also means a safe place where I can share this memory of my dear grandmother, who passed away, yesterday: https://peakd.com/hive-174578/@yahialababidi/in-memory-of-my-remarkable-grandma-1920-2020

She was an activist, educator and party animal :)




Thanks for another shot to show you what we think about stuff. Here is my Tweet and here is my post It is also great to see so many comments I will find time today to see what others are saying.

Decided to take part. Not normally something I do. I'm also a quick straight to the point guy so it's a short read.

Post: https://peakd.com/hive-174578/@shmoogleosukami/what-does-hive-mean-to-me-opportunity

Tweet: https://twitter.com/ShmoogleOsukami/status/1242903173716721666