This is my last post on steemit... I am sorry if I failed

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I understand how difficult is to make yourself known, but I consider myself only a shadow; someone who is appearing and disappearing again. I tried through my life to understand the meaning of life, which this is including love ; I promise you that if you don't do something with love, you will get things done only half.
I tried to learn from the others the meaning of support ,but everything about this word is done wrong (I don't have to get into details ).
Officially, me and greatvideos, we are not together anymore, Looks like I know how to disappoint, but I believe it is not my fault because I can't be understood.
I won't be around anymore but I want to thank to everyone who been in my life, I enjoyed meeting you all.


i hope you will reconsider after some time away. there is no failure, there is only lessons learned and time passed. not all is good, but the man or woman who succeeds has done so after many lost roads and wrong turns. we are all shadows, we are all sun and moon and stars that burn hot and fade. keep creating, keep believing, and know that while sometimes you do not get what you need, it does not mean people have stopped caring.

This. This right here is EXACTLY the mindset that I myself keep and hold myself to. 'Failure' isn't even a thing - it's simply an experience, a chance to learn, to grow, to gain a better understanding of ourselves and the things that we feel that we've "failed" at. We never fail - we only gain an opportunity to improve and learn from something that made us feel as if we didn't do well enough, or do enough in general.

I wish it could be as easy as you say ... But I still want to get the chance to show how beautiful I am ... Probably there must be a right moment , as the right person doesn't exist

Thank you... Probably I am too sensitive, I don't know, but weathever you said it's true; I am not sure about turning back, I always leave everything behind

I understand. I have the same habits, but while leaving is less painful and gives a change of scene, you again start from nothing until the lesson is learned. staying is more painful, yet has more chance of reward for learning, connecting and growing. take a break, meditate, reflect, and do what is right for you!

i am "experienced". having been where you are, I say what I needed to hear. hugs

Exactly. Leaving makes your heart heavy and you store so much hurt inside and it kills. Stay, learn, and one thing about life is, if you haven't learned the lesson, no matter where you run to, you will always repeat the experience.

You have no idea how much your words means to me. You are very wise, I must say

Good, leave it behind, but pick the lessons rather than the hurt. Trust me, I've been burned and hurt by people really close, but that won't stop me from being myself. I am a sensitive person, as you too. Every little thing matters and count with me too. Like he said, it doesn't mean people stopped caring. Please, my friend.

Steemit will be here.. it's not going anywhere. Perhaps even after a breather you'll come back refreshed and see the value shoot up!? Take it easy on yourself 👍

It is not me, but I sense love, it is all of us who should learn something... About life

For sure, we're all doing this life thing together after all.. even strangers exist for chances to share some learning with each other right? Perhaps our exchange is simply to take it easy and in response.. sense the love 💖

I haven't seen you around MSP in a long time, I was hoping you'd be back after a break. Know you are always welcome to come hang around chat, and if you need to take a break from Steemit it'll be here when you get back :)

Why am I not allowed to change things if I can ?
I would like to do my own creation but is not accepted . I can even create your own imagination. I would like to show how beautiful all you are, I wish I can change it; one opportunity, one chance and if I'm wrong I will take one shot,

you should totally try to do your own creations. why do you think it's not accepted? sometimes change comes much slower than we would like. it takes many times trying again and again. the trick is to keep trying, and maybe not care so much what people say. this is near to impossible for me, but I am learning :P

I can see, thank you for your advice; I'll accept it

Dont lose hope my dear sister, what has beginning have end.. Please dont lose hope and dont give up surely the storm will be over one day... I will like you to share your experience withe if you dont mind because "problem share is problem solved" Dont lose hope @artaddict

I hope that whatever it is that makes you feel like you are not valued, it goes into the shadows, rather than you going into the shadows. Sometimes breaks are good for grounding but leaving Steemit altogether because you are having a hard time right now you will miss out on all of the people who love you here. People who care about your wellbeing. Sometimes things don't go the way we want and in those times, know that you have value, always, no matter whether you stay or go off into the shadows. Inside of you, know that you are valuable, whatever others might try to make you feel.

This are emotional decision you are making, try and take a little break to free yourself from the thought you have currently.
To me as a person i believe there are still more that need to be done.
Life does not always go as we expected, all you have to do is adjust to different situation.

Your thoughts are incredible and right. There is something incredible about all of you that makes me feel special. I was sad, and when I am sad I judge the things too fast; but I start to understand and to feel the love again. Thank you so much...

Doing everything with love is the best thing that we can do. And to make that statement true it means love for the self as well as love for the external world. There are times when to take care of yourself, and restore your capacity to love the outside world, stepping away from something might be the best thing. I hope no matter which way your path takes you, you bring love along with you. And there is no need to close doors behind you - if you come back you come back. There will be no shame in that. And if you don't, we will miss you. Much love - Carl

I will keep this in mind, I so much appreciate to see that you care about me; and another person is telling the truth, I see. Thank you for your comment

My six plus decades on this journey has taught me that things can change. No, things will change. Always. Failure is just another word for learning or growing.

I feel like I know you, or someone has same thoughts as yours... But I can't be wrong. You are a wise person and you are able to see the reality. Nice to meet you

You do know me. We are all one. And you are loved.

Thank you for reminding me. I am changing in better. Love should be spread all over the world.
When you hear Cu-Cu singing: twice means" thank you" and three times means" I love you" . You will understand that the birds are speaking

I don'tknow you artaddict but all I can say is, we only fail if we give up. You haven't failed at all and after looking through some of your blog I think Steemit will be the one who loses if you leave. I know this platform can be tough but I surely hope you don't give up.

Whatever your choice I wish you the best of luck but I hope to see you around here still :)

There is no quitting life. There are only lessons and those willing to listen and help you. In time, you will understand the lesson that this new pain is whispering to you.

"There is no quitting life."

I love this so much. Life goes on - it's what we do with the here and now that matters the most. We can shape our own destiny if we truly wish to.

To wish to quit life, is, for me at least, overlooking the greatest gift that we've ever received as a living, breathing human. (And this is coming from someone that has tried to off themselves before in the past).

This is just incredible. You all are telling the truth. All of your words are poems and songs into my ears. I so much enjoy reading , all of your words are real

Hi there! I'm sorry I never had the chance to meet you, so I hope this isn't your last post. I've seen people come and go here on steemit so I understand feeling the need to take a breather. Are you familiar with MSP? Maybe a change in your steemit environment might be the cure to this feeling. I know I would feel lost if I didn't have a solid community who encourage, support and love me when I'm feeling like giving up. You seem to have friends who don't wanna see you go but you definitely have to do what feels best for you. I just wanna say if you find yourself wanting to give it another try with a new perspective and new environment, come join us at MSP and I can help you out. You don't have to figure things out on your own. It's easy to feel like because things fall through that it's time to call it quits but that just means starting over again when a new perspective might be the difference between starting over and transmuting that negative energy in your path. I have faith that you'll be okay and that this too shall pass. Big hugs and lots of love from someone who believes in you and your ability to overcome this obstacle.

Here's and invite to MSP ♥:

I don't personally know you @artaddict, but I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone when it comes to feeling as if we've failed.

We tend to be our own worst critics in life. We set bars for ourselves that are exceedingly high, and while that can sometimes be a positive thing in striving for success and understanding, it can also become completely overwhelming and occupy our every thought. It can completely derail us and bring us to our knees, and for what?

Dwelling on something that we feel we've failed at, or feeling that we've disappointed ourselves or others, only prevents us from focusing on finding solutions and changing so that we don't make the same mistakes or disappoint in the future.

I've disappointed myself and others many times in life. I won't go into full details, but let's just say that my life was a wreck and I totally destroyed myself, everything I had built, and even tore down the people that would've done anything for me. I hurt them bad - but I hurt myself even worse.

It took time, but after doing a lot of self-reflection and gaining a better understanding of myself, accepting who I was, and becoming disciplined on changing and growing into a better human, was I able to overcome the feeling that "I wasn't good enough, that I was a failure".

Also, a huge lesson that I've learned over this past year, is that once you truly love yourself, and accept who you are, then positive energy and true love (in various forms and bonds) will flow your way. The energy we put out, often tends to boomerang back at us with greater intensity.

I feel that you should stay. Clearly, people here in the community care about you, whether you think they do or not. I've only been here a short while but I can already tell that the Steemit community is full of people that would give you the shirt off of their backs if you truly needed it. It's a community with a lot of empathetic, selfless individuals - yes, there are those that may be harsh, and try and tear you down, make you feel as if you "failed", but often times that is simply that person not being happy with themselves as a person, whether they realize it or not.

There is truly support here, and hell, even though I don' know you, if you ever need someone to talk to - I'm here. Feel free to reach out to me at any time, even on Discord (Slothyy#2322).

Remember - people do care about you, and you're not alone. Never let a bad experience or others control how you feel by influencing your emotions - and focus on the fact that everything in life is an opportunity to learn and grow.


So much of the truth you said and well done, you should be proud of yourself. I did learn to accept myself but what about the people that you consider family ? I am used to this feeling of loneless but I learned to accept it as I have no choice. I know how to love, but probably I am too wild for some of the things and makes it a little bit impossible to enjoy it.

The ones that are family, at least in your heart and soul, are always the ones that we allow to impact how we feel, because we've let them come so close to our inner core.

At the end of the day, you're the only one living your life. I have blood family and even best friends that I consider family, that I wish they would reach out to me more often, or try to better themselves, or just generally live happier lives. We can't control anything or anyone outside of our own minds, bodies, and souls.

If the people that you consider family doesn't approve of the person you are or treat you differently because of it, then that's on them. As long as you aren't personally harming them or causing them any turmoil through direct actions, and they're only acting differently towards you because of your personality - that's their prerogative.

Do you, live your life, and be the best "you" that you can be. Naturally, you'll attract those that see the beauty of who you really are, and become people in your life that matter.

I'm closer to some people I've met while traveling than I am with some of my own blood relatives - simply because of the lifestyle I live. You can't let that get to you emotionally or mentally, however disconcerting it may be.

Please dont lose hope my dear can still meet up," i believe when there is life there is hope" Everything has reason, God may have a better offer for you just keep unto him, he his the beginning and the end, he his the starter and the finisher...A proverb said the remaining sun can still dry up the cloth. I will continue to tell you not to lose hope...i will like to forward my fb username to you if you dont mind, i will like to chat with you there.@artaddict

Please dont lose hope my dear can still meet up," i believe when there is life there is hope" Everything has reason, God may have a better offer for you just keep unto him, he his the beginning and the end, he his the starter and the finisher...A proverb said the remaining sun can still dry up the cloth. I will continue to tell you not to lose hope...i will like to forward my fb username to you if you dont mind, i will like to chat with you there. @artaddict God will wipe away your tears of sorrow.

Oh my goodness! My friend. I have been too worried about you, ever since our last conversation. I have tried to reach you and get to talk to you. I am really sorry you are no longer with him. I don't need to psyche you up and say anything on that. Life is not for us to understand most times, because the more we try, the more the understanding slips out of our grasp. Life is to be lived. Worry not about what others are doing, worry about what you are doing. Live for impact and touching lives. I admit it might be frustrating not getting the amount of love you are giving, but be content you are doing your part. You haven't failed anyone. We don't live our lives trying to impress people. If anything, you have been of huge help to me. I enjoy talking with you, reading from you, because you give a whole new perspective to things. I don't intend to tell you not to give up too soon, but consider those who love you, and yes, i do. Your heart is your greatest gift, don't turn it off. I plead with you to reconsider, i don't want to lose my friend in you. You know i am always around to hear you and have you speak youe heart. I might not be able to help due to the distance, but you can be very sure you have a friend in me, and i won't give up on you. It's okay, we all need help, we all need a shoulder to lean on, let me be that for you, please. Try to reconsider. I love you dear. Don't leave too soon.

Don't give up Elena, you will be fine...

Definitely, she will be fine. It is just a phase, and giving up makes it more difficult.

How clever you are ...

I miss you too. :)

I hope after some time away you reconsider I enjoyed your posts. I also enjoyed you as a person please stop by Steem-Art discord sometime. Take care.