Building Happiness

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Sometimes it might seem like building success can only happen on top of someone's failure. Life seems to teach us that everything is a competition and some of us take that idea to the extreme. It's completely possible to build your own happiness while also being a positive force for those around you.

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There is the phrase I've been saying for a very long

“There is no value on being a millionaire drinking coconut water somewhere in Bahamas, if there is no one to share the moment with - @chbartist"

In my mind surrounding myself with people who belong to what I call the tribe of good intent is not just important, it's crucial for me to feel accomplished. If my friends are there with me, enjoying their own success, drinking they own pina colada or whatever they choose to drink with their own efforts, that becomes an inspirational blessing for my life.

What is the lie I think we should erase from our minds? The idea that the only way to move forward, to grow is to step over everyone's head. No man is an island on his own, happiness can't be built on someone's misery and these truths are simply unavoidable.

You might be thinking to yourself that there is not enough room for everyone, that there is no way everyone can be successful. There is some truth to that statement, not everyone that tries will achieve, but the idea that success is a ridiculously scarce resource that you are either destined or not to achieve is very, very false.

We can make our own truth, just as much as we decide what success means to us. We have the power to build on our happiness, as long as we are willing to learn the tools we require to do so.

I even go as far as saying that helping others grow can be part of your plan to be happier, to build your happiness. There are lots of arguments for the positive effects of altruism in our brains and I find them to be very compatible with my worldview and experience. Finding the right people to build your happiness with, finding the right people to share, is probably just as important as any good intentions you might put forward.

That is part of my drive everyday and that is what keeps me motivated to share my story.

Until next time wishing you all the best


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to me, i really don't mind being alone, i'm already used to it, and i can be happy without any people around me, maybe people who feel alone are the once who needed people around them, if they can't handle their own happiness when they were alone, so to me being in control over yourself can lead you to happiness and mindfulness. :)

hello @cortexx I also don't think I have issues being alone, I have a select group of people who are close friends and they are in my mind worth more than millions of people around me, and that also can give me joy. But I completely understand your point...

much respect, cheers


@chbartist and @cortexx: I like both perspectives - the one and the other does exist. The one of us who can live both ways is somehow complete and ready for being happy (whatever happiness might be!) and enjoying the life. But as mentioned, we are a so called “group-living animal” and always feel better once we are with other people and are accepted by other people. Thanks for your comments.

Happiness will only be achieve when you are contented with your life. Contentment comes first before happiness.

Beautiful .. amazing words
Be good with others and you will be happier
Great post from you, well done
Thanks for sharing

helping others does build happiness, also helping others is one of the key components on this platform, also Maldives is literally heaven on earth

I think you are a sick person. Happiness and success talk is for brainwashed people.

@havok777 he literally says in the first paragraph "There is no value on being a millionaire drinking coconut water somewhere in Bahamas, if there is no one to share the moment with." Happiness and success is something all humans strive for, even yourself. Maybe you define it differently, but you are pursuing it.

Whatever perceptual bias you have that made you not read past the first paragraph, you should work on it because it is going to make you miss out on Truth. Truth can be found in all places, from all people, but if you start tuning out what you don't like and only focusing on what you like, you are the one who misses out on Truth.

@havok777 I need to comment this before I run out the door to start my day. You said it so beautifully and as we said in our NLP coaching: "Each of us has its own map of life" We are all here to learn from each other and have the right to live as we chose to. I just notice nowadays how people on social media say every little word, especially hostile one without no manners. I'm not saying don't express your thoughts, however,​ think before you speak as well. Just because you are not facing that person face to face, it does not mean​ you can blur​e it out like a cave man or even worse.

Perfectly said @sasharay. All the best!

Thank you @chbartist. To you​ as well!

Perfectly said @anotherhero you managed to explain it possible better than I could to our friend here.

All the best

Amazing @havok777 I'm super impressed with your comment, I will spend all week thinking about it... Its like I just found someone who says that he hates music and that person saying anyone who likes music is a sick person. I'm even impressed on your ability to communicate to, it could become a poetry book one day too... I would call it "the most brilliant mind in the world"

But hey, I respect your choices, no one is perfect and there is room for everyone's opinion..


good; very good impulse!

It's completely possible to build your own happiness while also being a positive force for those around you. - Personally, I think being a positive force to others is crucial for our own happiness!

And you're right, it's more than possible for all of us to be successful, especially because SUCCESS means a different thing to each of us.

Thank you for this great post. We need more people like you to remind us that life has no meaning if you chose to be alone!

hello @corina thank you for reading, I think your comment is so nice I feel like I should use up some poetry as a reply! Its like finding a beautiful field with savory berries.

Much love, success and respect!

Great perspective. I like your reference to the fact that "No man is an island." I agree we need others to get ahead, but without stepping on their heads. I like your coconut quote as well. I've enjoyed making my friends successful on my path to success. There's enough success to go around for everyone. Cheers.

Important point to understand. Wealth and happiness can be created and destroyed.

Yes, a truth we should never forget...


badabim, badabum... wheres Grumpy when its needed?

@chbartist I love that first quote. It's all about who you share your experiences with that determine how enjoyable they are. I also really liked when you said:

You might be thinking to yourself that there is not enough room for everyone, that there is no way everyone can be successful.

This is a perspective I run into again and again in my travels, and I believe it is a result of misleading cultural education (a euphemism for brainwashing).

In religious families, children are taught "We are all born sinners" growing up. In the business world we are taught to be "sharks," and that it is a "dog eat dog world,"or my personal favorite, "It's just business" (he says, forclosing homes of 90 year old women for mispaying their mortgage by 27 cents)

In the end, evil men will make up whatever the heck they want to justify their deeds but where it gets on my nerves is they always feel the need to convince everyone else to believe their delusions. But the really sad thing is, this is a byproduct of an overdeveloped ego, and yet they can't see the clear logic of what you said here:

I even go as far as saying that helping others grow can be part of your plan to be happier, to build your happiness.

Even psychopaths should realize that by helping others they help themselves. By helping evolve all of humanity, you evolve. By helping families become more happy, you live on a happier planet. By ending homelessness you no longer have to look at people laying on the street, etc. etc. ad infinitum.

I totally agree @anotherhero and I tend to repeat this phrase quite a bit...

"Your success, is my success" - @chbartist

Hello @ chbartist. More and more I am interested in reading what you publish. As long as I have the opportunity to have this tool on the internet, here in my country, the thing even for that is not very good. I notice that you must be a selfless and generous person, you say your sentences with a lot of feeling. These are very true, many people have and have a lot of money, but they spend many years without tasting true happiness, and that in the end is very sad. Few people think about the neighbor, I notice that you do it, that is to praise .. Very beautiful your written words.

hola @maribelpitocco thank you for reading along, I'm not exactly sure which is your home country but I suspect you are talking about Venezuela, it saddens me a lot to know what is happening there. I sincerely hope that my words have a positive effect in people's hearts and I'm hopeful that one day the situation in the country changes for the best soon. Its important we remember that for a country to change, the people have to fight and change themselves, they need to not give up and seek the change they wish.


f it's Venezuela, thank you for your good wishes, we need it. You have to change many things, starting with the feelings, conscience, good people are needed, that their actions speak for themselves. The values are sad to mention they have been lost to horror!

I completely agree with this post. How far we go in this life is not only dependent on how hard you work but also how positive you are. I have been around this big blue marble a long time and I've been both up and down. The one thing that has always been a constant in my life is that I had a positive attitude and surrounded myself with positive people. Building others up helps you to increase your own self worth -TRUE - and keeping positive people in your closest circle of friends helps you to progress faster toward your goal - also TRUE. I disagree with only one statement (sort of): 'not everyone that tries will achieve'. There will always be failures; even for the most successful people, but those successful people are who they are because they didn't give in to failure. I guess I would probably amend the statement to: 'not everyone that tries will achieve at that moment'. To quote a cliché - If you fall off your horse you get back on. Thanks for this interesting post. Hope to see more from you in the future.

Thank you @japhofin8or. All the best!

Absolutely! The truth is that we feel more happier when we help others. It is a very unique feeling that we dont get usually doing other things. When we help others we get help and joy too. Thats the law of the universe! We enjoy everything when we share it with others :)

It brings a big smile to my face @hanen that the message resonated with you!

all the best

And thats the aim :)

From my perspective it is sometimes better to be surrounded by animals than a real people


In Eckhart Tolle's book "The Power of Now," he discusses the importance of living in the immediate moment. People will often focus on negative aspects of their past or prolong their happiness until some goal is achieved in the future. When we focus on making the most of the immediate creates the experiences along the journey to our goals.

Very inspirational! Like the great Whitney Houston sang in one of her lyrics: "what's the point in trying so hard to find your dreams, without someone to share it with." Even though she may be referring to having a romantic partner to share a life with, I still believe that the wealth of a man is measured by how much positive impact he has made on society and not necessarily by how fat his bank account is.

If you have, but don't share, then it's as good as you don't have at all. A wealth that adds or brings no value is worthless. We should all learn to share as there is joy in sharing and pride in giving.

Nice words and i think if all of us help eachothers our life would be different, unfortunately some people are affraid to give help or to let anyone learn what they know they might take our places they say.
As for me i think building success is spreading what u know between the people
Thank u for sharing @chbartist

That is very true @rabihfarhat knowledge is a type of currency we can share and its part of paying it forward.. everyone thinks of money, but that is not always the most important thing.

Thank you for reading

Actually i only read the beautiful and attracting posts like yours u have nice words keep it up ur doing great job 👍🏼

Realice un articulo con respecto a la personalidad, la esencia y el ego. te invito a leer. te seguiré con tus comentarios saludos...


¡Hola! @Chbartist, excelente tu post, y pienso que tienes toda la razón en lo que dices, de que sirve tener todo el dinero del mundo si no tienes amistades con quien compartir, momentos gratos y agradables, el mejor regalo de la vida es alcanzar las metas que nos propongamos y sobre todo obtener lo que queremos, que en este caso es una meta que nos ayude alcanzar lo que de verdad y de corazón deseamos, en tu caso que es la música imagino te llena de gran alegría y satisfacción haber logrado esa meta tan maravillosa,a mi siempre me llamo la atención fue el canto pero solo canto cuando me sale del corazón, y también componer canciones, pronto estaré publicando una de las que compongo por acá, Gracias por compartir este post tan completo e interesante.

nice, want to be here to play

You can see in my profile @a-stella. All the best

the title of your interesting articles attracts my attention to read it with the objective of enjoying it. I have really enjoyed it. Besides, it is very useful for one to bear in mind that happiness is real only when we share it. the joy of succees is achieved only when someone builds it with people. One aspect that leads to success is the team work . It seems indeed that you have this great characteristic. Well done

Labrarnos our own destiny, is also seek happiness, surround ourselves with loved ones and enjoy the simple pleasures of life is outcrop our purest feelings .. be happy is also helping the needy without expecting anything in return, only gratitude .. Good post, I follow you.
I invite you to visit my profile and have your support. Thank you.

I agree, we must redefine our definition of happiness. Our friends and family are best source of our happiness and we should always respect them.

Money can buy luxurious items but not friends and family who supports us when we don't have single penny.

I can’t help thinking about how you’re feeling right now, after the amazing performance of your friend “with the most brilliant mind in the world”.

Anyway, we all have our own definition of happiness and success. To some, happiness means helping other people grow, succeed and live the life, others simply find happiness in making someone smile (or making people feel sick, just like your friend here). And if success to you means feeling accomplished by helping other people, some simply measure their success by how happy they are.

And If you ever encounter more brilliant minds who refuse to learn, just understand that the worst possible thing for humans to do is to use up all of our resources and fail. And if they do not believe they can make it, they will not get the resources they need to make it. So don’t be disheartened and let our hopes shape our future.

I hope you’re doing well.

Agree! @cocoland - Thank you for your words. Regards

Thank you @chbartist. Resteemed your story.

great talk
There is no use for money and you live alone
Respect for people and their appreciation is more important than money
A really distinctive picture was a good choice
You are a really wonderful and successful person

He bought his respect with bid bots. See the irony?

You don't really know me to make such allegations, this is something you are assuming. I don't need to buy respect, I can guarantee that and this has always been the case. Respect is something earned by paying with respect, something that you don't really care for. On top of that your comment is very hypocritical who is actually buying their "respect" as you call it is someone who only votes on himself, as the image shows...

You vote 98.8% of the time in yourself, yet I'm the one who does not respect steem, so its narcism and hypocrisy, please... take care of your blog, continue to do your thing keep on voting on yourself and keep on buying yourself the "respect" maybe one day you will achieve what you are looking for.

all the best

For reference this is the report on my account... Yet I'm the one buying respect??? I'm not even at 1% self upvotes and have voted on 2700+ people...

for those who don't understand this picture above is a report on voting habits. this is public information, that is how blockchain works. What is more obvious than this? What is buying "respect"? How am I even having to take time to make this argument... I will stop here, because I have no time to deal with hypocrisy... Im sharing a positive message not hypocritical ideas, Im not one to partake of flags, I like to use my VP to upvote people with positive intentions.

hey there @roselover I'm happy the message resonates with you, thank you for reading.

again awesome knowledge and true words

Very interesting

This is truly inspiring. I don't mind being alone but being surrounded by people you love is something really special and the memories you share with them is irreplaceable by any amount of money. Spend time with loved ones whenever you get a chance. Remember that lost time is gone forever.

Hey man, thanks @chbartist for your take on happiness and conclusions on life itself. I feel you man, you have to find the right people to share your happiness with, or else, you’ll have the resources but nobody to share them with. I like your writing style. It definitely sits down with my style as well. I am quite new to this space but if you could just check out my first ever @introduceyourself post on my channel, I know you would love it.
You would realize how different I am from the crowd.
I’d love to keep connected with you. It is because of thoughts like ours that people who think alike start coming closer to each other.
Thank you for your great content!
Hope you have a great day!!


hello @dexvid thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts with me...

Hope your day started with a positive step forward...


hola amigo, fíjate hace poco publique algo me sentía mal, leí tu escrito y me siento mejor....gracias

awesome photography..

Hello my brother @chbartist, very good your article. I think that it is not for any reason to harm others in order to win either fame, money or something material, because human worth is worth more than all those things. First, you must be "people". We have to get ahead, without harming, rather helping the needy in what one can. As for happiness and success, it depends on what we do daily to grow, since that depends on our personal and spiritual development. God bless you brother!

hello @cesarmvm your words are as right as rain... thank you for reading along and sharing, if you read the type of message i try to transmit.. everyone who takes their time to read and share always get upvotes from me... i do this on Steem because its the way I know i can give back, share with everyone. Its pretty much the opposite of what some users do here, when people give my posts flags I feel like they don't grasp the idea, they say they want to help others, yet they are too busy removing rewards from posts and not upvoting people who interact with them and add value.

This type of post, this message is for people like you, the ones who get it... thank you for reading.

To your order brother @chabartist, and thanks to you for bringing here a true truth and worth the redundancies, and also edifying.

Excelente post y genial fotografía, mis saludos, @chabartist.

No man is an island on his own, happiness can't be built on someone's misery and these truths are simply unavoidable.

Very remarkable sentence. Although one sentence, but when described will be a long text. I like it !!!

Thanks @chbartist

Thank you @seha76 as always thank you for reading... regards

It is beautiful! 🙏

happiness is always a choice and being alone is also a choice but the most important thing in this world is when you are not doing bad and insult other people to make you happy just go and make what you want and what it is comfortable for you.. and after that we can say that we do great in our life...

#life is a choice good luck dear @chbartist i feel what you have now..sorry for my english ...

your welcome @chbartist goodluck for your journey..

You are right, helping others people to grow make you feel happier.
No one is an island of his own. We need each others to grow, we need each others to be happy.
You are not rich to be rich to yourself. You are rich to help others people, people who are not up to ypu, people who does not have enough to acheive their goal or ambition. You are rich to help others, tp make people happy, to make them realised that they should never give up.
A friend we need to grow but we should also be mindful of the type of friends we choose.

Thank you for sharing this great and awesome life write up

thank you for reading @adenijiadeshina all the best to you and yours

It is my pleasure to always read good post

Hello @chbartist, nothing happens by chance and everything has a because of the things and the phrase where you say, which is crucial for you seeing how your friends are enjoying their success with their own effort and it becomes an inspiring blessing for you life, it is something wonderful because we must think, feel and act that if we can succeed each one of us as long as we have the will and we propose it, thanks for sharing, upvoto y reesteem.

Im glad you enjoyed it @primi all the best to you!!

I like your contribution but also the way I develop the content and the way you edit each image, I always follow you to learn every day ... thank you brother keeps it up,

I once heard I quote that read "if you compete with others, you become bitter, but if you compete with yourself, you become better." Personally, I think we should all help and encourage each other to strive to create the best life possible for ourselves. :)

Happiness is inside of you. Just looking for in your heart, you will find it.
Many people waste their time lookin for happiness in wrong thing, a such as the money, friends, partys, jobs, etc. The way to happiness is simple, listen your heart. Being happy is a attitude.

Happiness is as a result of your activities.

Finding a right person in life is very important. It could be life partners or friends. Those who get are lucky. The above mentioned phrase is really encouraging. There should be someone to share the sorrow or happiness.

All the best! @dindar

There are many people who are financially rich but not by their heart. But yours case is exceptional. Hats off to you!!

Success isn't all about money. Most rich people live miserable lives. Now, I am not saying having a fat bank account is wrong, but the most important thing is positively impacting the lives of those around us in every possible way just as you are using this platform wisely @chbartist. Thumbs up for this...

Last year, researchers warned that loneliness and social isolation was becoming a greater public health threat than the widely discussed problem of obesity.

Being alone is good maybe when one wants to have a lone time for studies and reminiscing but one can not find happiness in being alone, no matter how fulfilled that person is. Sharing moments with people is good, for the mind and even for our health as discussed in the external link above.

Nice post, I look forward to seeing more @chbartist

The real millionaire is the person who accumulates values ​​and lives life generating their own welfare, and the most important decides who to share it with, it is not about how much money you can accumulate if at the end you do not have or have next to you great happiness

INEED, my happiest moments are when I’m helping others!
Having a team around would be great, but right now I’m on my own , I’m always looking to build a team but most people I know just want to jump on something when the bus is about to leave , they don’t want to help put the wheels on. I’m looking out for the team players though, and I shall continue to help those who I can.

one of the phrases that is present in my life is "Never build the foundations of your happiness on the misfortune of others". It is necessary to live in harmony with the world, without trampling others while we go through the cain to success. As in an ecosystem, the society in which we live requires each and every one of the beings that make it up. We are designed to live in society, which means that we need to be accompanied. It is foolish to think that a single human being who inhabits our planet can survive and even worse, be happy.
very good post @chbartist. I will follow you.

Thank you @mariallaura. All the best!

@chbartist after watching this picture and reading artical .i have some word of "robert disny" coome in my mind that if you can dream then you can do...
and with friends visted place like this is seems to be amaizing but if go there with a girl friend it is marvollus

Yes of course, it can be a girlfriend too, that is what the article wants to convey...

all the best @ahsanbukhari

hahahaha greeting @chbartist dear i am new here .and dont know how to collect SP or SD, keep me in your special here and must checked my blogs .it will engcourging me .

Que genial! me muero

Success can be different for different people. What you might not consider as success, that is the success for another people.

If you have a dream, you want to do something, then set a goal and work for it. Eventually you will get there.

I'm surprised @therealwolf allows you to use smartsteem and smartmarket still after he said you were blacklisted (unless he un-blacklisted you).

Anyway, @chbartist, I'd like to see a post that you do not send bidbots to. A post that will go to your 3600+ followers and see how active they actually are on your content.

You should probably know that I've had some healthy respectful conversations with @therealwolf and he did his due diligence on this matter. Your comment also shows me that you probably did not read the post in the slightest, since completely from left field. But still I'm responding to you with respect.

I would like to remind you as well, that bots are there to be used(I'm all for transparency), and yes I do use them to reach a bigger audience with positive messages(how evil of me). Maybe you don't want to use bots because you don't have something productive to share or maybe you don't believe in your content, that is something for you to ponder... but yet you have the time to make a sarcastic comment on other people's blogs...

More time spent on your own blog will work a lot better for you...

all the best

I'm sorry if my comment came off as hostile as that was not my intention, but your response is snarky and definitely seems like you got offended for some reason.

The last time I checked on one of your posts was when @therealwolf said you were blacklisted so I was not informed of any change. I just simply don't want to use bid bots on my posts. It has nothing to do with my lack of belief in what I post or nothing productive to share. If I didn't believe in what I posted, I would not post it. It's that simple. I don't spew motivation. I take time to write about science in #steemstem occasionally. If people wanted to see science stuff, they would visit the appropriate tags.

Your comment also shows me that you probably did not read the post in the slightest, since completely from left field.

Yeah, I read the post. That's why I upvoted it, I think you try to deliver good messages. I would loved to have contacted you elsewhere with the same thing I commented but I assumed your contact email on your website is for business inquires so I strayed away from that.

How is my comment sarcastic? I'm genuinely curious to see the engagement on one of your posts that is from your followers without bidbots hitting the post. You seem to get good engagement on your posts as there are usually >100 comments per post.

And to your comment:

More time spent on your own blog will work a lot better for you...

Yeah, I'm aware of this. Too bad I spend 90% of my time at work or in class so I am too bust to work on my blog here. Wish I had the time to work on it though.

@branbello, I apologize for sounding hostile, it was probably a knee jerk reaction combined with miscommunication. Its hard to read between the lines when it comes to text as you know, written words are cold and not easy to interpret. because of your response I can tell you are a good guy, so again I apologize for being snarky...

Wishing you the best, and I sincerely hope you succeed and find the time to build your blog too... (im not being sarcastic or ironic) I'm speaking from the heart, because like you said I try to do my best to communicate with all that follow with the best intentions I can possibly have and always with much respect.

If you work on your blog more (I try to find the time too, its difficult and it takes a lot effort) you will discover how many good people are still on this world even through this platform.

All the best

yes absolutely building success can only happen on top of someone's failure . I have seen some successful people like this.

yes ofcourse building success can only happen on top of someone's failure. I have seen some successful people like this

Agree to an extent.. that our success is a failure of somebody else... but obviously a man can have control over that... and when you realize and give a helping hand to the person falling, you will be a winner.... sometimes losing to someone knowingly is winning.. but you need to position yourself before you lend your hand...

We are all children in nature. What is this beautiful nature filled with our nature? Nature always pulls us towards them.

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Good caption!

Good Job....this post just superb

Single life rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

wow this is very beautiful location , thanks for sharing .

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i build my happiness with my family.

Muy lindo escrito.

The deep blue water, peaceful I'm in love

Thanks a lot for support me!:)

Couldn't agree more :)
Surround yourself with like-minded people and do what makes you feel good!!!

Love it! Success shared with loved ones nothing better!!

We often forget, that our path to success(in every way) is mostly - with a very few people or none at all. A lonely millionaire - kinda boring, but you can also sit on Bahamas and write steemit. The right people - are also changing people. Just like us. One thing is for sure - true success - is only achieved by helping others rise. Happiness thou, can be temporary. Just like unhappiness - anticipated ego scenarios, that under circumstances happen or not. I'd rather choose peace =)

wow the photo was really amazing :)

Make time for the people around you, so they can share in your success!

I think happiness is not a constant and guranteed state of our life. We have to work for it everyday and we have to accept that sometimes we fail, but we have to start again.

That is very true, happiness is relative. but I think if we have someone to share things with, everything is more pleasant

Yes people is what happiness is all about. Surround yourself with good ones and you will always be happy. Thanks for sharing

Hi chbartist,

The challenge for me is the find the right people to surround myself with.

 4 years ago (edited) Reveal Comment