Sunshine, rainbows, and rocks

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Ainaži Northern pier and beach

Some of you might have noticed how spaced out my posting here on Hive has been lately. I hope it is not being perceived as me losing interest in this place. It is not the case at all. I have missed posting and being involved with the community more. But life has been a bit chaotic and hectic, and I had to drop some things so that some other stuff could happen. I have managed to collect a bunch of adventures that I still would like to share here. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

There have been a lot of changes in my life this year. I have my place now. I am learning to deal with most things on my own. I got a new gardening plot too. I think I managed to create the most successful garden in my life so far this year! I can’t wait to write about it here. A ton of my energy and time went into it. I tried my best to document everything, of course.

At the same time, not everything has been a cakewalk. My energy levels were quite depleted and still are sometimes. I felt like a game character whose power has been drained, and I still try to make the jump. My creative side suffered a lot because of that. I stopped all of it for months. I had ideas for projects. I even gathered materials for them, but it just did not seem like the time at all. Instead, they just sat in the corner sadly and got covered in dust while I was dealing with people and meh situations. None of which I like very much.

After about six months or more of emotional rollercoaster rides, I finally painted again. First four days, it was all I wanted to do. I am working on two things at the same time now and it is not bothering me one bit. I just want to paint. It is great! I will be participating in Inktober this year also. Call me crazy after the last time. It is one of the two things. The other one, I will reveal later! Spoilers, I think it is one of the most fun things I have ever worked on!

It was after this awesome day at Ainaži, the inspiration struck me again.


The day was perfect for a beach day. One of the last hottest days of the summer. Almost no wind and no horse flies this time around, yay! The sea was calm and quite shallow in this spot. You would need to walk for a while to reach any kind of depth there. And the sea bottom has almost no rocks. Everything was tidy and clean. There were plenty of trash bins all over, changing facilities, and sunbathing beds. Not so many people were roaming out and about, surprisingly. Perhaps, the nearby event kept them all away that day. It was exactly what I needed to recharge a bit.


It was a lovely time without much care in the world. While listening to tiny waves crashing on the coastline, enjoying tasty watermelon and snacks, and floating about in the salt water.



This pathway leads directly from the parking lot to the beach.




The Northern pier is located near the border of Estonia. If you look on the left side of it, you see Latvia. You look on the right side of it, and that is Estonia.

It would be a shame to pass on stopping by the Northern pier while in Ainaži. Piercing into the Baltic sea the Northern pier is all made out of rocks. Perhaps, that is where all the rocks had gone? It has been here for many decades now, as the carvings and strange shapes in the rocks will tell you. It has been around longer than me and even my parents. Which is a strange feeling if I think about it now.

I was fascinated by the different shapes and markings, the sea, and likely many storms imprinted into the rocks. And the bright yellow and gray moss that was growing on them in some very odd patterns turned even more so vibrant and pronounced in the setting sun.







Hello neighbors, Estonia! ^^


Hello, my dear Latvia! <3




The closer you get to the sea part of the pier, the more unstable the rocks become. At some spots, the pier had even fallen apart. That is an indication of how powerful natural forces can be here. The Northern pier has fought many great battles with the northern winds. That is for sure!


About here was the bit where I regretted my shoe choice of the day. Sandals without ankle support are not something I would recommend anyone wearing while walking on some pretty shaky rocks.





Talk about the golden hour! Look at that moss! All those yellows! So pretty!





The moss decided to mimic bubbles on this one.


The sunset was pretty amazing too!



I hope you enjoyed the photos in this post! I am happy I can finally catch up and share them.

Oh, and @lemony-cricket and I are going to #Hivefest this year! I have missed the in-person events so much! I have never been to the Netherlands, but I am excited to roam there soon! And to hug some of you! You know who you are!

Will you be there?

Song of the day: Abroad - Be Mine Again


But life has been a bit chaotic and hectic, and I had to drop some things so that some other stuff could happen.

I can relate to this pretty easily. Sometimes our to-do list is so crowded that we have to drop somethings to get done with the other, else everything remains incomplete.

think I managed to create the most successful garden in my life so far this year! I can’t wait to write about it here.

The thought that you invested time in something that is worthwhile and that yielded that best result is so pacifying. Even if your were a bit away from hive but you managed to do something that made you happy.

My energy levels were quite depleted and still are sometimes. I felt like a game character whose power has been drained, and I still try to make the jump

Isn't it that happens with all of us when we are over worked. Perhaps, breaks are more important that we deem them to be.

It is good to know that you finally got a perfect environment for your inspiration. The pictures are quite beautiful especially all those that have golden and orange shade in it . They are making my heart say, "I wanna go there. I wanna go there." Hehe.

Have a wonderful day 🌹

Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment @amberkashif :)

It was tough to stop posting for a while. I felt guilty for taking the time away. I felt very unproductive at times. The garden was the only fulfilling experience. And very healing when it was not going so great otherwise.

I agree. Breaks are indeed important. I just did not realize I needed one. I was not aware that I was close to hitting my limits on certain things.

Yay, it makes me happy to know that the photos I captured in this post are inviting and you enjoyed them!

I hope you have a wonderful day as well! And thank you so much for visiting my blog! :)

Sometimes is good give a break. Come back with fresh new ideas.

Love your photography style. An amazing sunset. Love it.

Have a great weekend
See you soon

I think we need to take breaks with courage.

Some months ago, I was passing through the similar kind of feeling. Juggling between things and dealing with so much, still having the feeling of unfulfilled. The reason was simple. I could do some while couldn't do some other properly. My mind and body was all in strain. Apparently it was a break from things that was unable to do at that time but actually it was not. Though I was not doing those things (especially activity on hive), yet I was feeling guilty.

Then, I had a discussion with a very sweet friend , @dreemsteem . She helped me understand the importance of break without having guilty feelings. I felt better.

Though, still the guilt feeling come accross at time, yet I am now more consciously aware of my thought processing in this regard. So I get a better control and modification of them in a positive way.

I hope you will have wonderful days ahead @m31.


I like that "cake-walk word. 🙂, well, I think most of us are. Let's not just hope to have a naily road.

I was moved by the words you were using. I think you're having fun with your garden. That's nice.

Ahaha, yea no naily roads hopefully. The not the cake walk ones already were prickly enough xD

Aww, that is nice to hear that you were moved by my words. The garden was glorious and I am already going through my photos of it and thinking how to formulate the story about it better. It recently was hit by lower temperatures though :( And a bunch of my plants died, but that's just how it goes. It is autumn after all already.

Happy to see you around as I always look out for your updates.

Aww, that is so sweet! Thank you!

Yea, I am not planning to abandon this place any time soon. It literarily changed my life and some of my dearest friends I met trough here.

How are you doing? I hope all is going well?

Your own place! Excellent! Got to see pictures..

Sorry can't make HiveFest, leaving for India on a long trip in a few hours. Otherwise would have been cool.

Rocks seems not in-situ. Looks igneous? I am unsure because of the light. But looks light colored and felsic

Yea, it has been great to have my own space to be myself, undisturbed, and unaffected by others. Maybe it sounds a bit strange, but that is something I needed for the longest time.

Ahhh, that's sad, though traveling in India must be amazing too. I am still to explore that part of the world. Maybe next time you will be able to make it!

Sounds like it. I am not sure if the light colors are not the exposure of sea water, salt and stuff, but then again, I am not the Earth scientist like you. Some of the darker ones did remind me of something volcanic.

Isn't it soothing to be able to go back posting here knowing people will understand that not posting does not mean lack of interest? Hive is like a safe coccoon where you can return after you get more order in your real life.
I am happy to read about you getting your own place to stay and regaining the artistic mojo. Creative block is heavy, it feels like you have nothing to create. Painting for days in a row and on multiple projects, you're on a roll!

Face to face events are the best. I wish I could have been able to attend the Hive fest this year. It is in my mind to be able to meet some of you in real life. Hopefully next year I will find a way to make it possible. Have you managed to go , how was it?

It depends. Sometimes there can be a bit of expectation from people to have some sort of consistency. While I understand why it could be important, sometimes it comes along with a bit of judgement also if one does not keep up with it. However, I agree with you. It should be our cacoon where we can return to once we have figured stuff out, once we have sorted ourselves. It can be a lot on people's plates at times. Too much in fact.

It was so great to paint and paint, but then I got more busy again, also have been sick for the past I dunno how many days so I had to drop it again. Hopefully not for long.

Aww! I really hope to meet you one day! The Hivefest was great! It can be overwhelming at first, but Hivians are truly some of the coolest and nicest people I have ever met in my life. Some of my dearest friends I have met through the event and Hive. You would fit in the bunch perfectly! Maybe next year! That would be awesome!

Consistency is important, but the thing which is more important is your own mental health and well being. So I think it is alright to take a break if this is what the soul needs. Those who matter will not mind and those who mind do not matter.

I would be so stoked to meet in real life some people from Hive, it would be my first time meeting new people from a blockchain. I can't wait for it next year as I am sure my life will be much more on a stable secure rythm . Sending hugs your way🤗

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Aww, @rozku! Thank youuu! Hope you summer was great and the autumn will be as great! :)

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I feel like you see the world with similar eyes to me in some ways. The fact you've made a post like this expressing such an intrigue in rocks in a way that makes them so much more fascinating than the every day person tends to consider. Whenever I get the chance to see a cliff edge or a coastline slowly sinking into the sea, my mind instantly zooms out of time and imagines the sheer force of motion that pushed them upwards, taking note of the grain direction, realising how those layers were once horizontal deposits of life, now somehow at a 45 degree angle.

I brought a rock home weeks in advance from up a mountain thinking it was pretty cool and a good birthday gift for a friend. Turns out it wasn't, so I had to act like it was a joke gift haha... Damn took me ages to find just the right rock.

But yeah, it's nice to go out and appreciate surroundings for what they really are, something I can't wait to be able to do again one day after so many years!

(I meant to comment days ago before pay-out... but oh well!)

Back at Uni one of my professors had a similar thing. He could talk about a pile gravel for an hour straight and it would be fascinating at the same time. Some people would laugh at it. I pitied them for the lack of imagination. While my imagination always runs wild, trying to picture places and processes in nature as they formed. Or like studying old maps of a town and then walking in that town and realizing that the streets I am walking used to be a part of the old fortress, for example. Seeing things that are not immediately visible.

Aww, I am so sorry to hear about your rock. :( I sometimes bring small rocks home from places and they sit around the house. And a few of them even serve as cool looking door stops. But yea, I guess it is not for everyone.

I hope you have a bunch of such traveling/wandering soon! And that you will share about it here! :)

Aww, I am so sorry to hear about your rock. :(

This is my favourite condolence of the year hahaha =) Glad we're on the same wavelength geologically speaking

Pretty hard to travel these days but I'll try a couple more times before I finally head back to UK =D

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See you next year!

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